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Austin Bomber is a warning to parents. He said in a confession, “were sorry but not” ??

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Parents don’t know their children. They are isolated, distracted without purpose and you, dear mother and father do not know how to bring them back. You are still trying to deal wth your own issues. Grow up!!


Mark Anthony Conditt, the Austin bomber behind a string of blasts in Texas over the past month, said he wished he “were sorry but I am not” in what police labeled a recorded “confession,” a Thursday report said.

Sources familiar with the context of the recordings told the Austin American-Statesman that Conditt called himself a “psychopath” and said he thought he’d been disturbed since he was young.

In a news conference Wednesday, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said in the approximate 25-minute phone recording, the suspect described seven explosive devices he created, including the one he detonated during the deadly confrontation with police. Manley described the message as “the outcry of a very challenged young man talking about challenges in his personal life.”


The Statesman, according to sources, said the recording was 28 minutes long and began with Conditt saying, “it’s me again.” He then went on to attribute authorities’ ability to track him to his appearance at the FedEx store in South Austin, in which he was caught in surveillance images dropping off two suspicious packages.
austin_ surveillance4

Surveillance photos show Mark Anthony Conditt dropping off two suspicious packages on Sunday from inside a South Austin FedEx Office store, where authorities said he shipped the two items with explosive devices inside.

Of the two packages he dropped off at the location, one exploded on a conveyor belt at a FedEx sorting facility outside of San Antonio in Schertz on Tuesday, while the second was intercepted by authorities later that day at a facility near the Austin airport.
austin_ surveillance5

Conditt reportedly credited authorities’ ability to find him due to the fact that he went to the FedEx store.

In the recording, the suspect said if he believed the police were on his tail, he’d enter a packed McDonalds and set off an explosion, the Statesman said. He reportedly also recognized the impact the explosions had on those who were injured and family members of the deceased.

The Statesman, citing sources, said Conditt didn’t provide a reasoning for who was targeted in the blasts. Manley made a similar comment during Wednesday’s news conference saying “there was no reason given for why he selected” the affected individuals.

The Austin Police Department said in a tweet Thursday that the second roommate who lived with Conditt was released from questioning. Conditt’s other roomate, who was also detained Wednesday, has already been released.

“Their names will not be released because they are not under arrest at this time,” police said.

The second roommate that was questioned has been released. Their names will not be released because they are not under arrest at this time. APD PIO

— Austin Police Dept (@Austin_Police) March 22, 2018

KXAN reported new photos of Conditt’s Pflugerville home, showing a number of boarded up windows and shards of broken glass in the pavement.

VP Mike Pense and Rex Tillerson, fired Secretary of State implicated in pedophilila ring and may soon be arrested and housed at Guantanamo Bay

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The alternative media on the Internet is a buzz with stories that key high ranking officials in Washington D.C. are the subject of sealed federal indictments that charge them with pedophilia or running pedophilia rings.

President Trump is astonishing. Here is man who is the subject of ridicule, character assassination, and criticism on a daily basis, yet he still fights back and harder they do. Many of you may have heard Trump was targeted 7 times for assassination. Fortunately, the President no longer depends on the Secret Service given their track record.  Instead he uses Delta Force, Seals, and Blackwater, a private firm to provide his intel and security. Otherwise Trump would be dead by now.

Unbeknownest to most, he has been preparing very quietly in the background until he has the evidence and the tools to prosecute and sentence the leaders of the Deep State Cabal, the likes of Hillary and Bill Clinton, Obama, Comey, Lynch, and many others in the FBI, State Department and Department of Justice, all hold overs from the corrupt Obama Aministration. Michelle or Michael will be visiting Barry Soetoro in Guantanamo every week-end until he is released for being a “model prisoner” before too long.

President Trump has recently signed three key Executive Orders modifying the Military Code of Justice in order to prosecute and sentence civilian violators of human rights abuses, and treason  within a military tribunal procedure.

He has ordered the expansion of the Guantanamo detention facility in Cuba to hold and process thru thousands of high ranking officials in the United States government who have been determined to be involved in human trafficking rings to include children and women.

It is also rumored that over 5,000 sealed indictments are ready to be issued this week-end, among them possibly the Clintons; the Podesta borthers; his own Vice President, Mike Pense, Rex Tillerson his former Department of State Secretary; and perhaps a few more surprises.

The Bush, Clinton and Obama connection to 9/11

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The are a few people that know the true story behind 9/11 and Field McConnell is one of them. It involves advanced hidden airline technology (auto-pilot technology that takes over an aircraft without the pilot’s knowledge), patents, and an elaborate lie that involved the U.S. military, Saudi Arabia, and Bush/Clinton/Obama cabal, among others.

9/11 has only been one of their attrocities. Others include ….

1) The murder of Pat Tillerson, 2) the downing of the helicopter in Afghanistan that carried several SEAL Team 6 members killing all 37 passengers aboard and 3) many other military units to include entire jet squadrons that became expendable in order to hide the truth of the cabal’s treasonous subversion. All of the Malaysian Airline disappearances were all subversive activities conducted by the U.S. government under Obama to hide their intervention in world politics.

Never leave any loose ends is the motto of the “Deep State,” even if it means killing the assassins that committed the assassination.



Clinton Foundation is not a legally organized charity and its records cannot viewed without a warrant, however …

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The Clinton Charity Network, which includes the Clinton Foundation and its supporting entities, does not have the status of a normal 501(c)3, or non-profit organization in the U.S. which pays no federal taxes, which essentially makes the Clinton Foundation a secret organization accountable to no one except Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Victoria Clinton. Without non-profit status,  it becomes a for-profit entity subject to taxation for the Foundation and its contributors. Yet they have paid no taxes. Why? Because intelligence community has refused to expose the felony-level crimes of the Clinton family. The have protected Hillary from the get-go, and they have worked at removing Donald Trump from the get-go. Comey, McCabe, Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page were among the culprits, but they have not been prosecuted or charged with any except making a “less than truthful statement.” Are there degrees of truth?

Operating a charity, as a personal slush fund, is a crime of tremendous proportions. Bill and Hillary Clinton, to include Chelsea, have been in the business operating a fake charity operation since Bill Clinton left office in 2001. They used the IRS to cover their crimes, yet punished the right wing conservatives for being too political. Too political!!! The IRS, State Department, DOJ and FBI are too political!!!

As a side note, the Wounded Warriors charity, whose commercials you have frequently  seen on TV with endorsements by many celebrities, was recently exposed as a fraud charity that gives little to the veterans but millions to its operatives, a staff of six who receive high salaries and million dollar bonuses.

Even Trump has praised this charity, which tells you that government endorsements mean nothing unless they are vetted and investigated thoroughly. I worry about  the Donald because he shoots from the hip and doesn’t alway know who he is shooting at. Overall, he is performing a necessary service, he is making the rats, Democrats that is, on the Washington D.C. boat abandon their sinking ship.

Aftermath of Haiti Earthquake.

For example, the Clinton Foundation, under the legal cover of the United Nations, raised 15 billion for the earthquake-ravaged island of Haiti. Practically zero, nada, maybe less than one-half of one percent went to rebuild Haiti. It did, however, make the Clintons very wealthy.

By the way, if you think the United Nations is a legitimate institution concerned about human rights, infringement on national boundaries, sex trafficking, and drug abuse.  Take another look.

UN staff rape women, traffic women. traffic children, turn a blind eye to genocide, murder, spread diseases like Ebola, Swine Flu and many other manufactured viruses that are aimed and reducing world population figures, especially in third world countries and inner cities all over the world. If you want a reference, watch the 2010 movie featuring the “Whistleblower” featuring Rachel Weiss. based on a true story.

In Africa it is the United Nations, NATO and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and in America it is Planned Parenthood that pursue an a rsixal agena agenda of , there is no other term to describe it, except destoycian  of native clulcuot

People of dark color are targets by the people with blue eyes, fair skin and blond or white hair. Why? I don’t know. Perhaps you will find the answer and let me know before I die.

JS aka George Martinez

Take an interest in politics and trust your instincts, not your elected officials

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It amazes me that the general public so easily take sides

s in any contest. Democrat or Republican, liberal  or conservative. It’s almost like we are cheering for our favorite sports team, the other teams being the subject of attack and ridicule.

The fact of the matter is that life is not an “either/or” decision.  There are as many solutions are there are stars in the night sky. Each party has good and not-ao=goosolutions for our country’s problems. No one party is better than the other. There are elements of good in different and opposing factions, just like there are elements of bad in opposing factions.

Here’s a suggestion. Learn as much as you can about an issue of interest to you. Never accept the choices presented you in the ballot box. Instead let the general populous set the example for Congress.

Let’s eliminate racism and unfairness on the local level at a federal veel. Let us form organizations that bring together people of different color, ethnicity, and income and religious background. Let the homeless man or woman, business leaders, government officials, middle class men and women, young and old,  sit together at a civic roundtable to first of all decide what we need as a society not what Washington wants.

After deciding what is important to us, let’s form a detailed plan to reach our identified objectives.

In other words, we the people determine the goals, develop the plan, and then take immediate action to implement the plan. This is called participatory democracy. What we have now is a collection of special interests that care little for the welfare of the whole.

That is the true meaning of “We the People.”

George Martinez

You had a homosexual president and a transgender first lady in the White House for eight years. You ignorant people!

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Obmma ha a history of selling his sexuaal favors to white rich men in Chicago, Illinois for years.

Breaking Fox News: Obama is about to be fully exposed.

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Hillary while in India contines to attack Trump and shows her physical inability to serve in any capacity

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This sppech is significant in two ways. First she is calling married American women being unduly influenced by the Republican-leaning husbands. Hey, could I have told my wife and daughters which party or candidate to vote for??

No way Jose, and my name is Jorge.

Secondly, she is addressing a embedded culture, whether Hindu or Muslim, that considers women second class citizens who are required to obey fathers, husbands and brothers.

The principal strategy of the Democratic/Communist Part is to divide and conquer. It’s an old Machiavellian concept. Hillary is an expert in this type of sabotage.

Here’a another take:

Conor Lamb (D) versus Rick Saccone (R): The race for a house seat in Congress.

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Tomorrow we will know who will be the Congressional Representative of 18th District in Pennsyvania. The Democrats are estatic that Lamb is leading  Republican Saccone in the early voting. But something is wrong here. It’s an instinct, but it has to do with the character of the Democratic Party.

To me, Conor Lamb looks too much like John Kerry, former Secretary of State who obeyed every order of the globalist agenda. Remember when Kerry testified before a senate committe criticizing the Vietnam War? A young good looking Naval boat captain who later became a globalist under the Obama administration. He was later expose for showing cowardice while in Vietnam. He was being primed to become president, pretending to be like John Kennedy who was also boat captain. These candidates for global power are prepared years in advance.

Conor Lamb has pretended to be a moderate agreeing with many of Trump’s policy positions, but when has a loyal Democrat gone against his party? Never.

It is a new strategy or maybe not – It seems like he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Huff and puff, I will blow your house down.

He touted his service as a Marine veteran. To me, a true veteran is one who fought for his country. WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq. He was an attorney who prosecuted other Marines who were accused of rape and sexual harassment. He never saw foreign combat or set foot on foreign soil while a Marine officer. I know this because I am a former Marine officer who served in Vietnam during the Tet offensive. Yet the Mainstream Media pictures him as heroic a patriot. Really? Really?

His family has a long history of political activism in Pennsylvania and he is a proclaimed devout Catholic. Sounds good?

But he attended a Catholic school run by the Brothers of the Christian Schools, an institution with a history that involves pedophilia priests. Was he a victim perhaps or did he accept that philosophy?  We have a right to know his true history.  Look at his eyes and posture. He lacks a soul. It’s too staged.

He has refused to support Trump’s call for a return of coal as a clean and legitimate source of energy and that makes me question his stance on other pro-conservative policy issues. How many politicians have you heard saying they will serve America but only serve themselves.


Dan Burisch and Majestic 12

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Dan Burisch was a scientist that worked at Area 51 at Groom Lake in Nevada and was later authorized to reveal some information about alien craft and its occupants as part of an official disclosure program.. However, he got a little carried away and shared more than he should have and as a consequence disappeared from public venues. He has not appeared in public for several years.

Below is an article from Taboodada, an alternative media blog. Majestic 12 was a top-secret committee appointed by President Harry Truman after the crash at Roswell, NM. It’s mission was to collect data and determine the agenda behind the increasing visitations by extraterrestrials.


Science, Technology
S-4, J-Rod & the Testimony of Dan Burisch
June 19, 2013 taboodada

Regarding The S4 facility at Groom Lake, Project Aquarius, Looking Glass, Clean Sphere, and the interaction between Dr. Dan Burisch and the Extra-terrestrial named J-Rod

Area 51 in Nevada

Hostilities between the CIA and the NSA regarding control of majestic operations involving extra-terrestrials originated with the 1953 Kingman Arizona crash and the creation of Project Pegasus.

Among some of the projects under the Project Aquarius umbrella were: Project Galileo- which dealt with the propulsion system of extra-terrestrial and future terrestrial vehicles: Project Sidekick- that related to a weapons programme: Project Looking Glass- Dealing with the physics of seeing the effects of an artificially produced gravity wave on time: and Biological Defense Operations which Dr. Dan Burisch served in the capacity of Senior Scientist.

Dr. Dan Burisch (AKA Dan Crain) in 1985 received a Bachelor Degree in Biological Sciences, and a Bachelor Degree in Psychology the following year. In 1989, Dr. Edward Teller arranged for Dan to attend classes at the State University, Stony Brook where he earned a Ph.D. In Microbiology. In 1991 he was deployed as a Bio-warfare expert during Desert Storm, and in 1994 accepted an offer to work on a Programme called Project Aquarius at a top secret underground military facility known as S-4, approximately 12 miles south of Groom Lake. It is the mostly highly guarded airspace in the U.S.

Dr. Dan Burisch

At S4, Burisch received a “Q” level clearance, and worked under the direction of the Naval Research Laboratory, and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Area S-4 is a 5 level facility with the 1st floor being above ground and 4 subsequent levels underneath.

It is highly oppressive working environment patrolled by armed military personnel, and compartmentalised, where the employees are segregated according to their commissions. No interaction between the departments is allowed. These sections are comprised of: The Avionics Lab, Propulsion Systems Lab, a bio-containment area and the Briefing Room which houses, tissue samples, film reels, and hardware specifications for the sensitive experiments being conducted at the facility.

Area S4, Floor 1 contains 9 hangar bays that contain: Two similar flying craft- in Hangar Bay 1 is the P45 alien flying disc described by Bob Lazar and in the bay next to this a duplicate, possibly a terrestrial reverse engineered craft. It measured 52 feet in diameter, and 16 feet high.

In Hangar 3 is the Roswell Craft. According to Dan Burisch’s testimony the F-22 Raptor was modeled after this craft. In the Hangar next to this the P-52 Orion craft. The 5th Hangar was vacant as was 9, while Hangar Bay 6 contained a man-made F-22 conversion or a replica of the Roswell ship. The 1953 craft was retrieved at the Kingman Arizona crash site.

Hangar Bay 8 contained a black isosceles triangular shaped craft, this was an Alien vehicle who’s exterior configuration looked as though it were composed of a black liquid mercury.

The P45 alien flying disc

The P45 had a smooth polished aluminum exterior. It had 3 different levels incorporating a lower bay: where 3 gravity amplifiers were housed: a mid deck or cock-it with 3 chairs and an anti-matter reactor.

The upper-deck was the navigation department. The propulsion system used Element 115, that were machined into triangles at Los Alamos, transported to S-4, loaded into the anti-matter reactor, and the target substance bombarded with protons. When a proton is plugged into a nucleus of an element of 115 it bumps its atomic number up to 116 decays and releases anti-matter providing the power source in a near perfect thermo-electric generator.

In 1953 there was a Flying Saucer crash retrieval at Kingman Arizona where 3 extra-terrestrial bodies were recovered. One died on impact, 1 went to Los Alamos, and the third was delivered to Area 51, S4. As a side note in 1954 president Eisenhower met with representatives of the P52 Orions at Edwards Air Force Base for the purpose of signing a treaty and was given something named the “Orion Cube” (AKA the Yellow Book) in exchange. The Orion Cube was an 8×8 inch square cube that was a quantum viewing device that when activated allows access to holographically recorded history and future probabilities.

Crashed UFO found in Kingman, AZ.

Something called a Primary Looking Glass Device is housed in S4 Level 2. On either side of this device are 2 Einstein-Rosen Bridges (wormholes) and a series of galactic Positioning Codes that function as a compass.

Also on level 2 are 2 Star-gate jump-pads, the Project Side-kick storage facility, and Weapons Research and Development. Made up of six electro-magnetic fields

The Looking Glass device with its height adjustable rotating cylinder when injected with argon gas, allows the forward and reverse warping of time/space by scientists. Housed inside this ring are multiple permanent electromagnets consistent with six electromagnetic fields that form above this device, revealing the probabilities of future events. The secondary function of this device, when positioned at a 45° angle and tuned to a slightly different frequency it can function as an Einstein-Rosen Bridge.

B2-Spirit was modeled after the craft recovered from the Roswell crash

The Clean sphere measures fifty-two feet across, and is domed by a 2 inch thick plexiglass clear bubble which forms the containment area where the extra-terrestrial biological entity (or EBE) known as J-Rod would be tested. The Dome would be hydraulically raised from the level below which made-up the EBE’s quarters.

All interaction was conducted this way to prevent cross-contamination. The clean sphere was filled with regular amounts of oxygen and nitrogen with 5% more hydrogen due to the J-Rod’s lung capacity. The Military referred to J-Rod as an Ambassador, the entity however considered himself a captive and was poorly treated throughout his 50 year tenure.

This area was a quasi-embassy representing the Zeta Reticuli star system.

Dan Burisch would take tissue samples from the entity, who relayed to him telepathically, that he was a human from the future who was sent to Earth from a planet near Zeta Reticuli to find a cure to a genetic neuropathy defect.

During these interactions Burisch would be required to wear a positive pressure suit to keep out bio-contaminants, not unlike what the astronauts wore on the Apollo missions. The entity known as J-Rod was 3 ½ feet tall, large dark wrap around eyes, four digit hands and feet and elongated arms. The name J-Rod was derived when linguists asked the entity what his name was, he pointed to the letter j on a keyboard which is the 10th letter in the alphabet and the – key which when investigated was the number 5 in Egyptian\ Mayan Hieoglyphs.

Scientists took this to represent that he had come from a star system 15 light years from Earth. The EBE’s real name is Ch’el’ah.


An artist’s rendition of Burisch interacting with J-Rod via thought transference.

Nothing in this world is what it seems

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John DeSouza is a former FBI investigator who decided on his own to explore the world of the paranormal and the unexplained. He curiosity was peaked by tips and clues he came across while he worked as a field agent. He covers a lot of ground in this interview to include what was really found in Antarctica, the behind-the-scenes leaders of the world, and alien technology.

You will never hear this on CNN or the New Times

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This insider information is no longer novel or debunked. There is just too much of it and from reliable sources. Listen to this video and be prepared to be shocked.


Get Over It America!

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I am a former Marine Captain who volunteered to go to Vietnam.

I know what it means to give or risk your life for your fellow Marines. I was in so many combat situations while assigned to the 3rd Recon Battalion and the 3rd Marines Infantry Division that I needed counseling and therapy for PTSD for many years after becoming a civilian.

“Hello, my name is George and I am alcoholic” was m y intr0ductory comment at a typical AA meeting.

I was not a good husband and father when I came back from Vietnam. I am still trying to make some corrections and I am glad to report that my children are coming back.

Fortunately through the Veterans Affairs health services, I was able to develop coping skills to deal with the effects of seeing the carnage, while “in-country.”  That is a term that most of you will not understand, except for Vietnam veterans whose experiences, most bad, some good, will understand. The good was the comradeship we developed in life-threatening situations and the disdain that met us when we returned home.

I understood what Jane Fonda wanted to accomplish by going to North Vietnam in 1972  which earned her the nickname ‘Hanoi Jane’

In fact, I do not really disgaree with her. The difference is that I went to war because my nation required it. I was a college student when the anti-war movement on campuses nationwide errupted. I knew, as an intelligent critical  thinker that the Vietnam War was a political war. We had no quarrel with North Vietnam, but political forces backed by corporate interests wanted another war. Yet I volunteered. Why?

I’ll tell you why.

It was because my grandparents who were from Siloa, Guanajuato, a small village in Mexico, came to America for a better life. The Mexican government was starving their own citizens, Just like they are doing now today.

Mexico is a corrupt state and it must be either charged with human rights violations or labeled a terrorist state becuase they permit Muslim jihadists to enter our country from the south.  We spend more money in the Middle East and Africa to reduce human right violations than we do in pressuring Mexico to take care of its own citizens. The Mexican government and its presidents are run by the drug cartels and the wealthy families who reap the profits while the poor people suffer from sub-minimum wages. Their presidents are despots. They kill journalist who expose their corruption, just like Russia, almost every day.

President Trump is  great negotiator, so I recommend that he unconditionally demand Mexico pay for the border war, or we should invade Mexico and make them stop the drug trafficking and human violations including child trafficking and drug trafficking. Mexico is MS13, a cruel mafia-style criminal organization that wants to destroy American values and standard of living.

Here’s the punch line.

Like him or not, Trump is our president. He may not be the “slick” Obama you love. He just tells like it is. He is not “presidential,” but he is “passionate.” He is getting the job done and Obama got us into swamp.

Ok, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, Green Party, and rebel Republican extremists get behind Trump, please.

He has a chance to really make America great again. Support him, give him a chance, If he does not produce, then don’t re-elect him. I will be the first to demand he not be re-elected. I will fight against him with all my power.

If you insist on trying to destroy the last chance for freedom on planet earth. you will suffer the consequences – The lost of privacy, blind obedience and total control in your daily life, thought processes and values will be the result.

George Martinez

The truth of planetary mind control

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The attack on Trump knows no bounds

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President Trump tore into “fake as hell CNN” tonight as he campaigned in Pennsylvania for a special election congressional candidate.

Trump: “Fake as hell CNN. The worst. So fake. Fake news. Their ratings are lousy.” Examiner (@dcexaminer) March 11, 2018

Recent ratings show Anderson Cooper’s CNN show ranks 24th for cable news shows.

FEBRUARY RATINGS FOX Has 15 Of The Top 20 With Hannity At #1 CNN Tanked With 1 In Top 25 At #24 Anderson Cooper Also Down 19% From Last Yr…



This powerful free office program can replace Microsoft Office and other free programs will protect your privacy at no cost

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5 free programs you may not have heard of until now
By Kim Komando | The Kim Komando Show

As the saying goes, the best things in life are free: love, friends, and great software that works almost as well as a paid product. If you’re like me, you have probably shopped around for certain apps or programs, and then you balked at the price tag. “Is this really worth $200?” you ask yourself.

Sometimes, you have to bite the bullet. But other times, there’s a free option that will get the same results. Most people know that there are very capable free alternatives to Microsoft Office. If not, you definitely need to tap into these free alternatives to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other programs everyone seems to use.

Click here to download this excellent free Microsoft Office alternative now that is available for both Windows and Macs.

Free software isn’t advertised as widely as paid software, so you may never have heard of the brand that could radically improve your digital life. Still, they’re out there, waiting to be discovered. From cybersecurity to photography to screen-sharing, the perks of t hese programs can’t be overstated.

Here are five helpful options, available for download whenever you like.
More on this…

Tricky Apple scam is targeting victims with fake emails
Dangerous malware targeting Adobe Flash for Windows, Macs, and Chrome OS
10 coolest things your Google Home can do

1. Free tool stops creepy online tracking

When I say “creepy ads,” you almost certainly know what I mean: those ads that follow you from one website to the next, echoing the searches you recently ran on Amazon or Google. All you did was look up “canvas bags” once, and now little pictures of canvas bags are popping up in the margins of your browser.

This kind of targeted advertising is based on “cookies,” tiny files that your computer downloads without your knowledge. You can disable cookies, but an enormous number of popular websites use them to function. You can’t even log onto Facebook without accepting the burden of cookies.

A free extension called Privacy Badger is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, and it’s designed to spot third-party scripts. Basically, it will automatically stop your computer from downloading a cookie or tracker. This will prevent unwelcome software on your computer, plus it’ll kill the targeted advertising that seems to read your mind.

Click here to learn more about how it works and download Privacy Badger.

2. Turn your tablet into a second monitor

Many office workers are accustomed to working on a dual-screen setup, and they know how helpful this is for multitasking. You can move entire windows from one screen to the next, juggling several programs at the same time.

But what if you could do this at home? Duet gives you this ability, connecting a PC or Mac to an iPad or iPhone. The touch-screen will continue to work, or you can use your mouse or trackpad in both screens.

Meanwhile, the connection between the two devices is your tablet or phone’s regular charging cable. When these cords and connectors are in good condition, they two machines communicate effortlessly – unlike similar setups that use WiFi.

Click here to learn more about Duet and download it to your desktop.

3. Tinker with Windows 10 security settings

For the record, I don’t think “O&O ShutUp10” is the best name in the history of branding, but let me tell you: This is some useful software for Windows users. The program is designed to help you organize the security settings on Windows 10.

Like all technology, using Windows is a delicate balance between efficiency and security. Windows 10 can easily access your email, your calendar, and your location, among countless other points. Gathering this information can help you in different ways, but it also makes you vulnerable to data collection.

O&O ShutUp10 lets you manually tinker with your security settings, so you can decide what your computer accesses and how it uses the information it gathers. The tool also rates whether certain security settings are recommended, guiding you through the process. This is handy because most of us have no idea what settings strike a perfect balance between privacy and convenience.

Click here to learn more about O&O ShutUp10.

4. Free alternative to Photoshop

Photoshop has become the industry standard for image manipulation, and most serious photographers use Adobe products to perfect their landscapes and portraits. But Photoshop is also complicated to use, and the creative cloud requires a subscription service that gets expensive over time.

One of the best alternatives is GIMP. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill free photo editor: GIMP can add many of the textures, layers, and special animations that Photoshop can. Its arsenal of painting and drawing options can help you illustrate as well.

GIMP has a very different interface from Photoshop, and some people scratch their heads over its workflow. But generally speaking, GIMP is a lot simpler to use. It’s also free to download, and the software is regularly updated. GIMP has come along way since its clunky inception, and more and more Photoshop users are making the switch, or even cutting their teeth with this zero-cost alternative.

Click here to learn more about this free option to pricey Photoshop.

5. Know if someone is watching you through your webcam

A hacked webcam is the stuff of horror movies: Most desktops sit in bedrooms or living rooms, and there are lots of intimate moments that a stranger could see. Laptops move around, and a stranger can watch your entire day transpire, anywhere the device is opened up. Worse, you may not have any idea that your computer’s camera is being used as an invasive periscope. Hacked webcams are notoriously hard to diagnose.

Spying is bad enough, but when those images (and audio) are captured, they can be duplicated, manipulated, and spread around the Internet faster than you can say “Photoshop.” Once your images are out there, they are almost impossible to delete.

This is why developers created Who Stalks My Cam, a program that not only determines whether your webcam has been hijacked; it does so in real time. The program runs continuously, so the moment your camera is compromised, you’ll be alerted. Who Stalks My Cam then works to defend your camera from intruders.

Click here to learn more about this essential webcam security software.

Note: Who Stalks My Cam only works for Windows. The Mac equivalent is Oversight, which works very similarly. Oversight monitors your webcam use, and it also keeps track of which apps have permission to access your camera. Click here to learn more about Oversight.

As an alternative, you could cover your webcam with a piece of black tape. Band-Aids and Post It notes are also popular. But what about your device’s microphone?

For this, you need to bring out your inner McGyver to a set of cheap earbuds. Click here to learn the steps to secure your microphone from snoops.

What other tech tips will improve your daily life? Call my national radio show and click here to find it on your local radio station. You can listen to the Kim Komando Show on your phone, tablet or computer. From buying advice to digital life issues, click here for my free podcasts.

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You should be afraid of the CIA, NSA and FBI and you very own congress

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Facebook asks users if pedophiles should be allowed on platform

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What Obama Did Instead Of Attending Billy Graham’s Memorial

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FBI informant testifying before congressional committees that Russia bribed Hillary to the tune of 6 million in order to get Uranium One deal

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The “collusion” was not between Trump and the Russians but between Hillary and the Russians

An FBI informant connected to the Uranium One controversy told three congressional committees in a written statement that Moscow routed millions of dollars to America with the expectation it would be used to benefit Bill Clinton’s charitable efforts while Secretary of State Hillary Clinton quarterbacked a “reset” in U.S.-Russian relations.

The informant, Douglas Campbell, said in the statement obtained by The Hill that he was told by Russian nuclear executives that Moscow had hired the American lobbying firm APCO Worldwide specifically because it was in position to influence the Obama administration, and more specifically Hillary Clinton. Source: The Hill. By John Solomon – 02/07/18 08:18 PM EST

The national media giants are against any conservative efforts, even if has benefited the poor and middle America.

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YouTube, owned by Google, is closing down all the most influential conservative channels

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YouTube has finally decided it will not allow conservative opinions on its forum and this includes Info Wars, Alex Jones. They hate that his coverage of the mainstream media’s “fake news” is influencing public opinion against the democratic agenda. In reality, it is a restriction on free speech and the Second Amendment.