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When Al Franken decided to run for political office I found it strange that a Saturday Night Live regular would totally change careers. Now I can understand that a former wrestler and Navy Seal like Jesse Ventura would enter politics. I can even understand that Ronald Reagan would want more than being a two-bit actor and seek the highest office in the land, but Al Franken? Oh well, he seemed like a nice guy but Dr. Jekyll had his Mr. Hyde hiding beneath the surface.

I have come to the conclusion, after many years of observation and thought, that sexual deviants whether they be rapists, pedophiles or homosexuals usually help each other find safe houses or environments where they can enact their incurable fantasies. In this case, however, the safe house is the House of Representatives and Senate of the United States Congress. There they can be close to their prey and use their influence to intimidate potential victims.

Were I a biblical prophet, I would say that Sodom and Gomorrah is about to be visited by the avenging angel, Gabriel who destroyed those two cities leaving no survivors or witnesses to the Lord’s wrath. The two cities in this case are Hollywood and Washington D.C.


Keystone XL Pipeline spills 210,000 gallons of crude oil in South Dakota

“The Keystone pipeline was temporarily shut down last Thursday, after leaking about 210,000 gallons of oil into Marshall County, South Dakota, during an early-morning spill.

TransCanada, the company which operates the pipeline, said it noticed a loss of pressure in Keystone at about 5:45 a.m. According to a company statement, workers had “completely isolated” the section and “activated emergency procedures” within 15 minutes.

Brian Walsh, a state environmental scientist, told the local station KSFY that TransCanada informed the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources about the spill by 10:30 a.m.” …

The Keystone pipeline system is nearly 3,000 miles long and links oil fields in Alberta, Canada, to the large crude-trading hubs in Patoka, Illinois, and Cushing, Oklahoma. It was completed in 2011. The entirety of its northern span—which travels through North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Illinois—would stay closed until the leak was fixed, the company said.

The Atlantic, Nov. 16, 2017, by Robinson Meyer.

Native Americans in the United States have demonstrated in the capital to protest against the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline.

The above is from an Atlantic Magazine online article that details the story.  The pipeline has been the center of controversy for some time now due to environmental activists and Native American tribes who saw the pipeline as a potential hazard to the ground water table in addition to a violation of sacred lands protected for decades from commercial exploitation.

The TransCanada Company, who owns the pipeline, has a website which states the following:

“The Keystone XL Project is a proposed 36-inch-diameter crude oil pipeline, beginning in Hardisty, Alberta, and extending south to Steele City, Nebraska. This pipeline is a critical infrastructure project for the economic strength and energy security of the United States. Enhanced standards, powerful technology and independent reviews will ensure that Keystone XL is built and operated to uphold our fundamental commitment to safety and the communities we serve.”

Ya right! You lying, mother fuck__g  ass h___s!!!

But here is the kicker. This is not the only major spill from Keystone. In April of 2016 there was a spill of 17,000 gallons also in South Dakota. Who knows how many other spills have occurred that the public was not made aware of. Caca! Merde!  Ебена мать! Mierda!

The Clintons: The Bonnie and Clyde of American Politics

Bonnie and Clyde on left and their car after being ambushed by police.

Bonnie Elizabeth Parker (October 1, 1910 – May 23, 1934) and Clyde Chestnut Barrow also known as Clyde Champion Barrow (March 24, 1909 – May 23, 1934) were American criminals who traveled the central United States with their gang during the Great Depression, robbing people and killing when cornered or confronted.

They were killed in a police ambush near Sailes, Louisiana. A contingent of officers from Texas and Louisiana set up along the highway, waiting for Bonnie and Clyde to appear, and then unloaded a two-minute fusillade of 167 bullets at their car, killing the criminal couple.

After years of financial fraud and corruption in Arkansas during which time Bill Clinton served as Attorney General and later governor, and then after Bill Clinton became president and Hillary became a U.S. Senator and Secretary of State, the trail of murder, sexual deviancy (both Bill and Hillary, besides being bisexual are also pedophiles, facts that are still being uncovered) their crimes are finally catching up with them.

The Clintons have, without a doubt, proudly assumed the title of the Bonnie and Clyde of American Politics.

No one is above the law.

I must say that Bill did have some talent as an administrator having put America in the black (describing a financial statement that ends with a positive assessment) but that does not excuse him for literally attacking and raping women, especially young women to satisfy his lust and desires.

As for Hillary, there are absolutely no redeeming qualities as the video below will demonstrate. In this video, a former Secret Service agent who served in the White House during the eight years that Bill and Hillary lived there, paints a true picture of Hillary, not the self-proclaimed defender of women’s rights or champion of the poor and disenfranchised, as she is fond of saying.

No matter what you may think of Donald Trump, he is seems to be addressing at least one campaign promise. Put Hillary in prison. Rumors are the the Trump Administration has been biding its time to gather the evidence needed to put Hillary and the Deep State that has “hunkered down” in Washington D.C. behind bars. It is currently rumored that over 1,000 indictments have been prepared by the Department of Justice under Jeff Sessions that will put the Clintons out of business.


Wake up Neo!

You live in an illusion of a democracy that cares about you, that protects you, that nurtures you and has your interests at heart. Nothing could be farther from the truth, my friend.

From childbirth you are conditioned to obey authority, to work tirelessly, to sideline your true ambitions, to feel guilty and ashamed and to die without fanfare or recognition. You, my friends are the cattle of the rich and powerful. If you become a maverick who fails to heed the rules of the game you are rounded up, isolated from your friends or family, and punished to serve as an example of what happens to those that do not comply.

Meanwhile everyone else is fattened and readied for the slaughter house where they finally realize that life is a lie, that there is no justice, fairness or freedom, just manipulation and deceit. At the doors to the gas chambers you are told you will be washed, fed and cared for, then the hiss of poisonous gas fills the room and all is lost because you failed to rebel, to question, to stand firm in the face of adversity. Wake up, Neo, before it is too late!!

This, my friend is the matrix of propaganda, mind control, and ultimately death. Welcome to hell on earth, your cubicle has been prepared.

Joe Biden is a not-so-secret pervert and pedophile. The U.S. Congress is second only to the Catholic Church in the number of protected child molesters.

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The public face of politics. A smile, a lie, a cover for greed and corruption.

Joe Biden, who has a reputation as a bungling, foot-in-your-mouth politician, is much creepier than you would ever imagined. The videos you will see, public videos, show Biden touching the breasts of children as young as nine years old while their parents desperately try and put themselves between Biden and their children.

Ex-Secret Service agents assigned to the Bidens tell of Weinstein-level behavior including Biden walking around naked in the Vice-Presidential mansion and inappropriately touching female agents assigned to protect him. Who protects the female agents from Biden, is the question?

In 2009, a Secret Service agent allegedly shoved Biden after he cupped his girlfriend’s breast while the couple was taking a photo with him. According to former Bernie Supporter turned Trump fanatic and political insider Cassandra Fairbanks, the situation with the Secret Service agent and Biden got heated enough that others had to step in to prevent the agent from hitting the then-Vice President.

The agent was suspended for a week.


Guess what folks? Biden is no doubt going to be the Democratic Nominee for President in 2020. Hey why not? We had a rapist whose wife was a member of a pedophile ring, then a homosexual married to a transgender all from that party. The party of the poor and downtrodden. Ya right!

A sixth woman accuses George H.W. Bush of inappropriate sexual behavior.

Texas woman Roslyn Corrigan claims that former President George H.W. Bush groped her when she was just 16 years old.. She is pictured here (left) with George H.W. Bush and her mother.

Texas woman Roslyn Corrigan claims that former President George H.W. Bush groped her when she was just 16 years old.

According to Corrigan, the groping occurred in November of 2003 at an event in The Woodlands, Texas. This is the sixth woman to publicly accuse the 41st president of grabbing her butt without consent.

Speaking to Time magazine, Corrigan, who is now in her early 30s, said, “My initial action was absolute horror. I was really, really confused. The first thing I did was look at my mom and, while he was still standing there, I didn’t say anything,” she said. “What does a teenager say to the ex-president of the United States? Like, ‘Hey dude, you shouldn’t have touched me like that?’”

Like the other five incidents, Corrigan claims it happened when she was posing with Bush for a photograph. Bush was then 79 years old.

“As soon as the picture was being snapped on the one-two-three he dropped his hands from my waist down to my buttocks and gave it a nice, ripe squeeze, which would account for the fact that in the photograph my mouth is hanging wide open,” Corrigan told Time. “I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, what just happened?’”

Bush spokesman Jim McGrath told Time, “George Bush simply does not have it in his heart to knowingly cause anyone harm or distress, and he again apologizes to anyone he may have offended during a photo op.”

That is not a denial.

Roslyn Corrigan met the former president, then 79, during a November 2003 event in Texas where he was meeting CIA employees including her father
Corrigan, who was 16, claims when she stood next to him for a photo he ‘dropped his hands’ from her waist to her buttocks and ‘gave it a nice ripe squeeze’

The preceding excerpt is from article in that appeared in Breitbart, “Sixth Accuser: Woman Claims George H.W. Bush Groped Her When ‘I Was a Child’ “

George W. Bush is a Satanist and a pedophile. While Director of the CIA he oversaw the research into mind control now commonly known as the MK Ultra Project. MK Ultra is the basis for the movies, The Manchurian Candidate and Bourne film series as well several other spy and assassin movies. I have covered in some detail the history of the Bush family dynasty which includes being Nazi supporters, treasonous conspiracy against the U.S. government during Franklin D. Roosevelt administration; drug trafficking and maintaining a pedophile ring out of Washington D.C. during the Reagan years.

Whistle blowers from Bush’s past can attest to the man’s proclivity for murder, sexual deviancy, and Satanic ritual abuse. He is not a Christian but a worshiper of Lucifer as are many of our nation’s political leaders. Pedophile goes hand-in-hand with Luciferian Doctrine. A number of media and film celebrities are MK Ultra victims some groomed since childhood. The “mind controller” seek out young talented individuals who are then recruited and programmed to do whatever is ordered whether it be serving as sex slaves, assassins, or secret couriers. Particularly desired as mind control victims are Native Americans who naturally have a spiritual connection with nature and an ability for telepathy and channeling.

Below are two videos dealing with the unusual relationship that Robin Meade, a CNN morning news broadcaster, and George H.W. Bush have that certainly fits the mind control profile.  Meade suffers from chronic anxiety and blackouts.

Trump honors Vietnam veterans in Da Nang, Vietnam: Veteran cries on his soldier.

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President Donald J. Trump is on a 14 day East Asia trip that started in Japan and will end in the Philippines next week.
President Trump attended the APEC Summit in Danang, Vietnam on Friday and Saturday.

On Saturday President Trump delivered a speech in Da Nang, Vietnam on Veterans Day. Behind him stood several US veterans from the Vietnam War.

President Trump delivered another outstanding speech in honor of the US veterans:.

I’m very honored to be representing our country, and I will say that, when you speak of honors, one of my great honors is to present the people standing right behind me — great, great warriors and veterans of the Vietnam War.

Our veterans are a national treasure, and I thank them all for their service, sacrifice, and patriotism.

To each of you with me today, you are the heroes who fulfill your duty to our nation. And each of you, under the most difficult conditions, did what you had to do, and you did it well.

My administration, as you all know, is committed to rebuilding our military and honoring the hard work and sacrifices of all veterans. We’re extremely proud of what we’ve done with the Veterans Administration. Dr. Shulkin has done an amazing job with choice and accountability and so many other things that we are doing and in the process of doing. The Veterans Administration is a whole different place.

Our accountability efforts in Vietnam are very, very important to all of us. We will not rest until all of the 1,253 missing veterans are returned home. I want to thank the government of Vietnam for their assistance in our efforts.

Today, I’m signing a proclamation to honor the veterans of the Vietnam War.

During his speech President Trump asked the veterans if they had anything to say. They took turns speaking and thanking the president for the work he is doing.

And then one veteran began crying. President Trump hugged him.


The FBI Special Agent who knew Osama bin Laden would attack America but who instead of being taken seriously was fired by the FBI

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John P. O’Neill (FBI Counter-terrorism expert, Obsessed with catching Osama Bin Laden, Suspected Clinton/Bush/FBI complicity in the cover-up and protection of Bin Laden) — Died in the WTC on 9/11

Ever since hearing of John P. O’Neill, Chief of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Section and his tragic story, I have discovered that nearly everyone who had prior knowledge of 9/11 has either been arrested for leaking that information in spite of whistleblower laws; further has seen his or her careers destroyed by the American Legal System; or been murdered but made to look like an accident or suicide. The same pattern that followed the assassination of JFK.

There should be no doubt among reasonably intelligent and aware individuals that the official 9/11 story, like the JFK “sole shooter/single bullet” theory, does not match the facts as later determined by expert architects, transportation regulatory bodies, forensic scientists, demolition experts, and actual witnesses to 9/11 such as firefighters, police and people in the streets who described a series of demolitions going off throughout the buildings. Sorry folks I hate to break your bubble of ignorance, but the George W. Bush Administration in cooperation with the Saudi Royal Family, Israel’s premier intelligence agency, Mossad, and wealthy globalists were responsible for this crime against humanity.

After 9/11 the Bush administration gathered up all the metal beams from the debris and shipped them off to China as scrap metal (beams as everything associated with the destruction of the towers were critical evidence, as such Bush committed a felony and interfered with a criminal investigation). Also ignored by the Bush administration was the discovery of nano-thermite, a weapons grade incendiary that could ony be produced by the United States military. Thermite is the only substance that can burn through construction beams, not jet fuel. Less we forget, Bush, in violation of a quarantine on commercial airline traffic, gave permission for serveral charter planes full of high ranking Saudi officials and prominent members of the Bin Laden family to leave the country in the wake of 9/11. The Bush family had close personal and business ties with the King of Saudi Arabia and the King invested in the oil drilling projects the Bushes attempted in Texas earlier in George H.W. Bush’s career.

Then there is the missing 28 pages from a congressional bi-partisan committee that both the Bush and Obama administrations withheld. Background on this investigation is detailed bhe House Intelligence Committee in July 2016 finally released the missing 28 classified pages from a 2002 congressional investigation into the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks. The long-secret pages detail evidence linking Saudi Arabia to 9/11 uncovered in the immediate aftermath but it should be noted that these previously withheld pages were severely redacted (blacked out) as being too sensitive. Transparency my ass!

When John O’Neill insisted on warning not only the FBI but the White House, his superiors decided that rather than being an asset and an effective special agent he had become a liability. Before 9/11 the FBI was dominated by the Criminal Division which dealt with federal crimes within the geographic jurisdiction of the U.S.  The CIA was the agency that dealt with threats from foreign enemies.

I am telling you now that 9/11 was a government sponsored false flag operation that was part of a series of false flags (ongoing) that would enable the neocons that surrounded Bush to further take away our civil liberties and to declare martial law as a precursor to the establishment of a New World Order.

As a side note, Hillary Clinton is currently in England promoting her book in which she blames everyone but herself for losing to the Presidency. Interesting enough she is also criticizing the Brexit Referendum which effectively takes England out of the European Union. You see regional governments like the EU are the first step toward a one world government that essentially eliminates the need for sovereign states. For the U.S., Hillary proposes a Common Trade Agreement which will basically eliminate borders between the Americas.  Soon we’ll have an America’s Congress and an America’s Executive Branch and the drug trade from Mexico, Central America, and South America will increase.

The tragedy is that John O’Neill, after being ousted from the FBI, took a job as Head of Security for the Twin Towers. No doubt he was given a letter of recommendation by his supervisor and asked to apply. O’Neill was in the Twin Towers on that fateful day and before he was killed by falling debris he managed to save several people who were trapped in upper floors.  John O’Neill was a true hero and patriot who had the misfortune of working for a president who was a psychotic serial killer and in my view, should be tried and executed for the murder of 3,025 unsuspecting Americans, just for starters.

The CIA and NSA want WikiLeaks founder, Assange, to be “suicided.”

A while back I wrote a piece about the Russian commercial anti-virus software, Kaspersky, that had been accused by Microsoft of harboring a “backdoor” thus allowing hackers easy entry to PCs running Windows Operating System. For a while Microsoft had bundled new PCs with Kaspersky. Well guess what? According to recently revealed WikiLeaks documents dealing with the total arsenal of weaponized cyberware and field operations belonging to the CIA, called specifically, Vault 7, it was the CIA that immitated the Russian code and blamed it on the Russians, not the other way around.  For a more detailed discussion click on this link:  The Vault7 dump released by WikiLeaks details the CIA’s alleged “hacking arsenal,” across 8,761 documents and files that provide details into a variety of exploit tools and capabilities.

The following article extract is written by Aaron Kesel, Activist Post, November 9, 2017:

WikiLeaks has released Part 1 of its new Vault 8 series following its popular and widely distributed Vault 7 series which exposed CIA spyware and malware capabilities …The new release “will enable investigative journalists, forensic experts, and the general public to better identify and understand covert CIA infrastructure components,” the international whistleblower coalition wrote.

The CIA’s master virus control system known as “Hive” was exposed previously last April by WikiLeaks.

“Described as a multi-platform malware suite, Hive provides “customisable implants” for Windows, Solaris, MikroTik (software used in Internet routers), Linux OS, and AVTech Network Video Recorders, used for CCTV recording.

The release of Hive followed with wide-scale blowback against the CIA when security firm Symantec linked the agency and a hacking group Longhorn to 40 targets in 16 countries with many more expected to come. Longhorn has been active since at least 2011, according to Symantec, infiltrating targets in the financial, telecom, aerospace and natural resources industries. It has the markings of an intelligence-backed state attacker.

“The tools used by Longhorn closely follow development timelines and technical specifications laid out in documents disclosed by WikiLeaks,” a Symantec statement said.

The latest leak is the CIA’s master infrastructure source code + logs for that malware control system created by its Embedded Development Branch (EDB.) and expands on the use of obfuscated spoofed tools to implicate another party in a cyber attack.

This latest release exposes that the CIA wrote code “to impersonate Russia’s Kaspersky Lab anti-virus company.”

“If the target organization looks at the network traffic coming out of its network, it is likely to misattribute the CIA exfiltration of data to uninvolved entities whose identities have been impersonated,” WikiLeaks said in a statement.

In July, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ordered all government agencies to stop using Kaspersky-related security products and remove them from computers, citing “information security risks presented by the use of Kaspersky products on federal information systems.”

It’s worth noting that Kaspersky was named in the infamous Trump dossier compiled by Fusion GPS under the behest of former spook Christopher Steele.

The same firm that was coincidentally connected to a Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya who set up a meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., through Rob Goldstone, a music publicist and personal friend of Trump Jr.

Then there is the fact that Hillary Clinton herself approved the dossier and helped fund it along with the DNC and RNC, according to journalist Edward Klein.

“Hillary approved Podesta’s decision to pay for the dossier by funneling campaign funds through Marc Elias,” the strategist said, referring to the lawyer who represented both the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

“The dossier was delivered to the Clinton campaign by the opposition research firm Fusion GPS in the summer of 2016, and Hillary read it and was thrilled by its salacious content,” the strategist continued.

She bragged about it so openly that many of the people in her Brooklyn campaign headquarters were aware of the existence of the dossier. Hillary referred to it as her ‘secret weapon’ that would ‘blow Trump out of the water.’

Former DNC interim head, Donna Brazile, even stated on The View that she knew about the dossier before the presidential election. “I asked one question on November 4th and I was told that I did not need to know and so no, I did not know,” Brazile said.

Is all the propaganda and setups of U.S. president Donald Trump to paint him as colluding with Russia finally falling apart? WikiLeaks seems to play a major part in the destruction of the narrative that alludes to have heavy CIA involvement since the effort is so sophisticated and vast that indicates it was a potential clandestine operation. At some point, people have to start questioning the breadth of coincidences and realize as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said: “In politics, there are no accidents,” None Dare Call it Conspiracy, by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham.

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Hillary facing indictments based on testimony by Tony Podesta, brother to Hillary campaign manager

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The Podesta brothers are collectors of tortured children and cannibalism art. Weird no?

Art in Tony Podesta’s home.

Democrat lobbyist Tony Podesta is in police custody after being arrested last night, with arrest warrants also issued for Hillary Clinton and John Podesta, who are “turning themselves in” on Monday morning. In a shocking turn of events, three key Democrats have been indicted, yet there’s a total mainstream media blackout. Arrests records confirm that 74-year-old Anthony, founder of the Podesta Group, brother of John Podesta, and a major player in the Pizzagate scandal, was arrested last night.

Just days ago, Tony Podesta stepped down from the Podesta Group after probing conducted under the authority of special counsel Robert Mueller led to an investigation by the Justice Department. Tony is currently in custody with the US Marshals with the Podesta brothers’ lawyers pleading with Mueller to keep the indictments sealed. According to sources within the US Marshalls office, Anthony Podesta surrendered himself late on Saturday under the terms that it’s kept hidden from the press. John Podesta and Hillary Clinton have negotiated the same deal but will surrender themselves on Monday morning.

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The U. S. military is causing more casualties than enemy fire due to corrupt military contractors, unsafe equipment, and poor intelligence

Armour piercing rounds that contain depleted uranium.

You love your country, you serve your country, you go to war, you return home, within one year you are dead because the Veteran’s Administration improperly diagnosed your illness, did not treat the real cause and failed to honor your claim for disability.

The U.S. uses ammunition rounds that contain depleted uranium in Iraq and Afghanistan causing a syndrome called, Gulf War illnesses or GWI. A wide range of acute and chronic symptoms have been linked to it, including fatigue, muscle pain, cognitive problems, rashes, and diarrhea.

In addition, the allied NATO forces use open burning pits combined with jet fuel to burn every type of waste in these toxic open-air dumps, including batteries, appliances, vehicles, plastics, dead animals … even human body parts.

Remember the scandal that occurred when Humvees were being blown to bits due to poor design and inadequate protection? Not until the families of injured soldiers complained about the Humvees did the Pentagon finally increase the production Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles. American troops have a 300% better chance of surviving an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) or road side bomb with the MRAPs than the Humvees.

Though these violations of basic safety procedures are serious enough, when combined with severe PTSD as evidenced by the current suicide rate among returning veterans which is 22 suicides per day it becomes a national shame and disgrace. Presidents and Congress eagerly send our young men and women to war by waving the American flag in front of them but where is the waving flag when it’s time to heal our veterans.

Toxic burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As a Marine officer in Vietnam, I clearly recall the droplets of Agent Orange that drifted over our equipment, bodies, and clothing. Of course, the Veteran’s Administration made it virtually impossible for veterans to claim any form of disability based on Agent Orange. It is still not considered a service-connected disability although there is a direct link between diabetes, diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage), ED (erectile), and select forms of cancer. New studies are establishing correlations between Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange and their children who are showing higher rates of cancer, hypertension and neurological diseases than the general population.

U.S. soldiers secure the area next to a damaged U.S. mine resistant, ambush protected vehicle (MRAP), after a roadside bomb explosion during an operation in the area of Al-leg, some 40 miles south of Baghdad, Iraq on March 7, 2008. (Photo: AP)

And while my disappointment and anger at our own government for failing to take care of their own service men and women, my anger is nothing like the anger I feel toward our military leaders and their bosses on Capitol Hill who have ignored the scientifically based reports that these conditions are directly tied to our military operations in the Middle East. These men and women usually have spouses and children who depend on them. When they become unable to maintain their role as a bread-winner it causes tremendous feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, and depression.

Let me make something perfectly clear. You or I have no arguments with the common people of Russia, China, North Korea or Syria. It is the corrupt and greedy leaders of both Western and Asian nations, especially oil-rich nations who do not cater to American Imperialism.  Why kill our sons and daughters so that your children stay safe and rich?  Why do the wealthy elite hate us? Were we not the ones that took care of your children, cooked your meals and picked your farm fields?

The time is coming when the masses will rise against their corrupt leaders. They have proven their incompetence, their lack of compassion and overt racism. “The last will be first and the first will be last.”

Hillary Clinton State Department Covers-Up Sex With Underage Prostitutes

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Hillary Clinton’s State Department was accused of another massive coverup in 2013 but as usual Hillary managed to walkaway unscathed. There many crimes were swept under the rug to save Clinton’s chances of being elected President in 2016.  A State Department whistleblower subsequently said that Obama’s cronies had been covering up the crimes of her security detail, and that of the Belgian ambassador who was accused of soliciting prostitutes, including girls who were minor children.

“A chief investigator for the agency’s inspector general wrote a memo outlining eight cases that were derailed by senior officials, including one instance of interference by Clinton’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills.”

Hillary Clinton is not worthy of public office.

Hillary “loves” little girls

A chief investigator for the agency’s inspector general wrote a memo outlining eight cases that were derailed by senior officials, including one instance of interference by Clinton’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills.  Any mention of the cases was removed from an IG report about problems within the Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS), which provides protection and investigates crimes involving any State Department workers overseas.

US Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman, with his wife in Brussels, was investigated over claims he solicited prostitutes.

“It’s a coverup,” declared Cary Schulman, a lawyer representing the whistleblower, former State Department IG senior investigator Aurelia Fedenisn.“The whole agency is impaired.

“Undue influence . . . is coming from political appointees. It’s coming from above the criminal- investigation unit,” added Schulman, whose client provided the document with the revelations.

Some of the revelations were first reported by CBS News.

Among the bombshell findings:

  • A DS agent was called off a case against US Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman over claims that he solicited prostitutes, including minors.
  • The agent began his investigation and had determined that the ambassador routinely ditched his protective security detail in order to solicit sexual favors from both prostitutes and minor children,” says the memo.
  • The ambassador’s protective detail and the embassy’s surveillance detection team . . . were well aware of the behavior.
  • Undersecretary of State for Management Patrick Kennedy ordered the investigation ceased, and the ambassador remains in place, according to the memo.
  • Former Begian Ambassador, Howard Gutman

    Gutman was a big Democratic donor before taking the post, having raised $500,000 for President Obama’s 2008 campaign and helping finance his inaugural.

  • A damning internal memo claims the State Department called off an investigation into allegations that U.S. Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman repeatedly trawled overseas public parks in search of prostitutes, including minors.
  • At least seven agents in Clinton’s security detail hired prostitutes while traveling with her in various countries, including Russia and Colombia.
  • Investigators called the use of prostitutes by Clinton’s security agents “endemic.”
  • The liaisons with prostitutes allegedly occurred in the same hotel where Clinton slept, according to sources familiar with the incident.
  • But the agents involved got little more than a wrist-slap. Three were removed from the security detail, given one-day suspensions and reassigned.

UDATE:  In a more recent story that was given exposure in CBS Morning News, State Department career diplomats are leaving the Foreign Service or retiring early leaving . My guess is that so many political campaign contributors like Howard Gutman receive their “pay-offs” through appointments to ambassadorial posts and consequently incapable of representing U.S. interests abroad.  As for the career diplomats who are leaving the Foreign Service isn’ that what rats do when the ship is sinking?

According to the news report, the U.S.’s ranks of diplomats are losing key leaders at a “dizzying speed” as the State Department struggles to recruit talent amid a hiring freeze and sinking morale in the Trump administration, according to a new essay from a top ambassador.

Sixty percent of the agency’s career ambassadors, the highest rank for diplomats, have retired or quit since January. Nearly half of career ministers — the next level down and equivalent to the military’s three-star generals — are gone too, down to 19 from 33. The next-level minister counselors have seen their numbers drop by 62 diplomats, to 369, since Labor Day “and are still falling,” writes Ambassador Barbara Stephenson, the president of the American Foreign Service Association union.

Without these leaders, the U.S. could face a diminished role on the world stage, unable to keep up with the increasingly aggressive foreign policies of rising countries like China, she argues.


Harvey Weinstein hired former Israeli Mossad agents to discredit his accusers

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Harvey Weinstein allegedly hired an “army of spies”, including former Mossad agents, in an attempt to stop accusers from going public with sexual misconduct claims against him, according to a report in the New Yorker.

Among the private security agencies hired by Weinstein starting around autumn 2016, the magazine claims, was Black Cube, which is largely run by former officers of Israeli intelligence agencies, including Mossad. Another was corporate intelligence giant Kroll.

The report, published on 6 November, alleges that two Black Cube investigators met with actor Rose McGowan, who later publicly accused Weinstein of rape, to obtain information.


The New Yorker has recently spilled the Hollywood beans by reporting that the much-debated Weinstein hired Mossad agents to continue his sexual adventures. It states:

“According to dozens of pages of documents, and seven people directly involved in the effort, the firms that Weinstein hired included Kroll, which is one of the world’s largest corporate-intelligence companies, and Black Cube, an enterprise run largely by former officers of Mossad and other Israeli intelligence agencies.

“Black Cube, which has branches in Tel Aviv, London, and Paris, offers its clients the skills of operatives ‘highly experienced and trained in Israel’s elite military and governmental intelligence units…’

“Two private investigators from Black Cube, using false identities, met with the actress Rose McGowan, who eventually publicly accused Weinstein of rape, to extract information from her. One of the investigators pretended to be a women’s-rights advocate and secretly recorded at least four meetings with McGowan.

“The same operative, using a different false identity and implying that she had an allegation against Weinstein, met twice with a journalist to find out which women were talking to the press. In other cases, journalists directed by Weinstein or the private investigators interviewed women and reported back the details.”

One of the investigators went by the name of “Diana Filip,” who turned out to be “an alias for a former officer in the Israeli Defense Forces….Two sources with knowledge of Weinstein’s work with Black Cube said that the firm creates fictional companies to provide cover for its operatives, and that Filip’s firm was one of them.”

This has been going on since last year, and the Weinstein Company means to tell us that they knew nothing about? No, this doesn’t add up at all. Consider this:

“Last fall, Weinstein began mentioning Black Cube by name in conversations with his associates and attorneys. The agency had made a name for itself digging up information for companies in Israel, Europe, and the U.S. that led to successful legal judgments against business rivals.

“But the firm has also faced legal questions about its employees’ use of fake identities and other tactics. Last year, two of its investigators were arrested in Romania on hacking charges. In the end, the company reached an agreement with the Romanian authorities, under which the operatives admitted to hacking and were released.”

There is more here than meets the eye and ear: “Weinstein also enlisted other journalists to uncover information that he could use to undermine women with allegations. A December, 2016, e-mail exchange between Weinstein and Dylan Howard, the chief content officer of American Media Inc., which publishes the National Enquirer, shows that Howard shared with Weinstein material obtained by one of his reporters, as part of an effort to help Weinstein disprove McGowan’s allegation of rape. In one e-mail, Howard sent Weinstein a list of contacts. ‘Let’s discuss next steps on each,’ he wrote.”


Shimon Peres, Arnon Milchan, and Benjamin Netanyahu (left to right)


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Harvey Weinstein hired ex-Mossad agents to suppress allegations … › Arts › Movies › Harvey Weinstein
9 hours ago – Harvey Weinstein hired ex-Mossad agents to suppress allegations, report claims. Harvey Weinstein allegedly hired an “army of spies”, including former Mossad agents, in an attempt to stop accusers from going public with sexual misconduct claims against him, according to a report in the New Yorker.

Harvey Weinstein’s Army of Spies | The New Yorker
1 day ago – Ronan Farrow reports on how Harvey Weinstein, facing allegations of sexual assault and harassment, hired private investigators to track actresses and … by former officers of Mossad and other Israeli intelligence agencies.
19 hours ago – Harvey Weinstein hired several private security agencies to investigate several women accusing him of sexual assault and the journalists working on the stories, the New Yorker’s Ronan Farrow reported Monday. … Among the firms hired by Weinstein include the Israeli firm Black Cube …

Harvey Weinstein Hired Investigators to Spy on Accusers, New Yorker …
1 day ago – According to the report, Weinstein hired Black Cube, a firm run by former Mossad agents, to collect information on Rose McGowan, who has …

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15 hours ago – Former Mossad agents hired by Harvey Weinstein posed as women’s rights advocates and secretly recorded meetings with the actress Rose …

Report: Harvey Weinstein hired ex-spies to track accusers…/harvey-weinstein-paid-ex-spies-and-private-detectives-to-f…
20 hours ago – A new report details how Harvey Weinstein hired private security firms to … by former officers of Mossad and other Israeli intelligence agencies, …

Harvey Weinstein hired private spies to silence accusers, journalists ……/harvey-weinstein-hired-private-spies-to-silence-accu…

14 hours ago – Harvey Weinstein hired private spies to silence accusers, journalists, report … intelligence firm whose leaders include former officers of Mossad, …

Weinstein allegedly paid ‘army’ of investigators, ex-Mossad agents to ……/weinstein-allegedly-paid-army-investigators-ex-mossad-agents-to-…

21 hours ago – Harvey Weinstein reportedly hired private investigators to target and suppress any negative information about him with regards to sexual …

Harvey Weinstein Hired Former Spies and Private Investigators To …
7 hours ago – Uploaded by Wochit News

As women continue to accuse disgraced former studio head HarveyHarvey Weinstein Hired Former Spies …

Stanley Kubrick in a shocking posthumous interview exposes the U.S. falsification of the moon landing 16 years after his death

This interview was conducted in 1999 by T. Patrick Murray. In this interview Stanley Kubrick of 2001 Space Odyssey and Eyes Wide Shut fame states he was approached by Richard Nixon to create a video of a moon landing when in actuality it was impossible to go more than 1,000 miles from the earth due to the Van Allen Belt that surround the earth’s atmosphere. While technology has overcome some of the difficulties presented by the Van Allen Belt, in 1969 it was virtually impossible to go beyond the limit imposed by this radiation belt. Kubrick required that this interview not be published until 15 years after his death. Ironically, Kubrick died just days after he gave this interview.

I must warn you that the interviewer, Murray comes across as somewhat unprofessional in his questioning and demeanor, nonetheless, the content of the interview cannot be denied.


Sexual predators roam the studios of Hollywood looking for victims

Kevin Spacey, an award winning actor who has been exposed as a pedophile.

On November 3, 2017, Tyler Durden, contributing writer for the well respected Zero Hedge alternative news outlet, wrote an article providing additional details of Kevin Spacey’s proclivity for very young men some as young as 14 years of age. In fact, many consider him to be a pedophile..

“Though Netflix pulled the plug this week on House of Cards after actor Kevin Spacey admitted to sexual assault on a 14-year old, it appears that Spacey’s character Frank Underwood – a Machiavellian figure who wielded power by any means possible – may be a truer reflection of Spacey’s actual personality and behavior than many in the film industry would care to admit.
Yesterday multiple cast and crew members of the now defunct Netflix series came forward to tell CNN that Spacey created a “toxic” atmosphere on set in which his aggressive sexual behavior was something, as one camera assistant said, “everybody saw” – but which few formally complained about for fear that their careers would end.

The CNN story was published the same day that yet another man has come forward to say he had a sexual relationship with Kevin Spacey at the age of 14 – which included an attempted rape – while Spacey was an adult working on Broadway. Similar to now substantiated allegations against powerful movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, the floodgate of accusations has now opened against Spacey, and it is likely that more will continue to emerge in the coming weeks. Both embattled figures, who were until very recently among the most powerful in Hollywood, now say they are “seeking treatment” in isolation as accusations are quickly turning into police investigations in different parts of the globe.”

The article went on to say that Spacey’s sexual deviancy is so well known in Hollywood and Broadway a skit in the “The Family Guy” referenced it in a 2005 episode as can be seen below.

The article went on to quote the accusations by several crew and production staff of the “House of Cards” regarding Spacey’s predatory behavior.

“Meanwhile, the testimonies from the House of Cards cast and crew couldn’t be more shocking. One detailed account given to CNN from an unnamed former production assistant appears to have taken place in Maryland, near the House of Cards filming location:

The former production assistant who spoke with CNN said Spacey sexually assaulted him one afternoon when the assistant was assigned to drive to an offsite location to pick up Spacey and bring him to the “House of Cards” set, which is located about 30 miles outside of Baltimore.

The production assistant says that when he and Spacey were just minutes away from the set and while the car was moving, Spacey, who was driving, put his hands down the production assistant’s pants. The production assistant told CNN that the touching was nonconsensual.

“I was in a state of shock,” he said. “He was a man in a very powerful position on the show and I was someone very low on the totem pole and on the food chain there.”

The production assistant asked that what happened next in the car not be described, for fear that it would identify him.

Once they had arrived on set, the production assistant says he helped the actor take his belongings from the car to Spacey’s trailer on set. While the two men were in the trailer, the production assistant says, Spacey cornered him, blocked his exit and made inappropriate contact with him.

“I told him, ‘I don’t think I’m ok with this, I don’t think I’m comfortable with this,'” the production assistant said. That’s when the actor became “visibly flustered,” fled the trailer, got in his car and left for the remainder of the day, according to the production assistant.”

What is shocking about this type of behavior, which is pervasive in Hollywood and Washington D.C., is the fact that those who should be condemning this abuse have remained silent for so long.


The CIA and Mind Control

There are FOIA documents available for each subproject, explaining the who, what, where, when, why and how of each. The CIA’s Management of Officially Released Information (MORI), has assigned ID numbers to each document, allowing the reader to trace and verify the information.

There are hundreds of hours on You Tube videos dealing with the U.S. government’s secret mind control project, MK Ultra. The CIA was in the forefront of this research but make no mistake, other foreign super powers were also developing mind control technologies for their own political purposes.

Although early Congressional hearings headed by Congressman Frank Church ordered the project disbanded, the CIA secretly continued its research into this area and to this day continues to use it as a tool for its black projects all over the world.

It was Hitler who first authorized its development with Dr. Josef Mengele at the helm of this new area of research. Hundreds, if not thousands of Jews in concentration camps were subject to the cruel and often fatal experiments to further the development of this human weaponization. You can get a clue as to its use in the movies, The Manchurian Candidate, and the Bourne Supremacy.

The 2012 Aurora shooting by James Eagan Holmes was a CIA false flag operation.

Mind control was used for a number of purposes to include terrorism, intelligence gathering and the creation of sex slaves for high ranking politicians and corporate executives. Listed as sex slave “controllers” were Richard Nixon, Bob Hope, Henry Kissinger, George H.W. Bush, Senator Robert Byrd, Bill and Hillary Clinton and many others.

Below is a clip from an interview of one such MK Ultra victim, Cathy O’Brien, who describes her experiences with Bill and Hillary Clinton.





Former DNC chairwoman, Donna Brazile, calls Hillary Clinton “a cancer” in the Democratic Party.

You may recall that Donna Brazile, a high official within the Democratic Party, was caught giving Hillary Clinton’s campaign advance questions to a presidential debate in order to give her an advantage over Trump.  After the this, and other improprieties by the then DNC Chairperson,  Debbie Wasserman Schultz, it became clear that Clinton had undue control over the Democratic nomination process, giving Bernie Sander no chance at becoming the party’s nominee, even though many argued that most Democrats and many moderate Republicans wanted Bernie Sanders as their choice. Debbie Wasserman had been a previous coordinator of the Hillary Clinton campaign and once she became DNC Chair had entered into agreements with DNC key officials to give Hillary operational control of the DNC, and its funds. The party at the time was apparently operating in the red and Hillary promised to give the party an undisclosed amount of money in exchange for their total allegiance to her. The majority of the directors of the Democratic National Committee had apparently not known of this back door deal.

It now seems Donna Brazile is revealing the truth behind the 2016 Presidential Elections via her memoirs, “Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House.” In the book, she claims that Hillary was “a cancer” in the democratic process.

Donna Brazile, Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Bernie Sanders

I recall the many mainstream news talk shows in which Brazile staunchly defends Hillary Clinton and attacks the Republican nominee, Donald Trump. I remember thinking, “Oh my God, another store bought minority who licks the boots of the white-controlled political structure.” Don Lemon is another coconut.  As a Black political leader, Brazile was supposed to represent the Black community which was in the midst of a growing confrontation with local law enforcement who were killing young Black youth without proper justification.

If anything, the Democratic Party has betrayed the disenfranchised minorities in America. Instead they allowed themselves to be compromised by big business, big Pharma and foreign interests. There is no one who is the voice and champion of the poor, Black and Latino communities that have suffered discrimination and persecution by the court system, law enforcement and the prison system. I still remember that talk show (Arsenio Hall Show, 1992) where Bill Clinton put on his sunglasses and played an amateurish jazz melody. making him the first “black president” in America. How do you like “dem” apples Obama? You were the second Black president.

In actuality, Bill and Hillary Clinton manuvered legislation through Congress, “The 3-Strike Law,” that filled the prison system with blacks and other poor minorities. America has nevered recovered from that enslavement. The plantation system is still operational. Do youu think the greedy Clintons really care about Blacks. Grow up.

Do you know how many blacks and latinos are serving life sentences for having a baggie of marijuana in their possession? If smoking a joint is a crime then half of all police officers in the United State should also be in jail because they are the worse abusers along with their use of alcohol and domestic violence. They are pyschos selectively enforcing the law in favor of their own and at the expense of the poor.

Related Article: Former Interim DNC Chair Calls Clinton Joint Fundraising Agreement A ‘Cancer’

The ‘War on Terror’ has cost US taxpayers at least $1.46 trillion since September 11, 2001

The “War on Terror” declared by George W. Bush after 9/11 has cost the American tax payer nearly a trillion and a half ($1.45 trillion) dollars since 2001. This according to a Department of Defense’s cost of war report. That 74-dossier report was released by The Federation of American Scientists’ Secrecy (FAS) News, a non-profit research institute that monitors government secrecy.

As you many of you know who follow my posts, I firmly believe, as do a majority of Americans, that 9/11 was in inside job. By “inside” I mean that elements within the United States government had prior knowledge of the attack and in all probability participated in the planning and execution of 9/11. Furthermore, that these elements collaborated with foreign allies to change the landscape of U.S. foreign policy from one of negotiated peace and benign global leadership to constant escalating war, anywhere, anytime – and without the need for approval by the United States Congress.

The best evidence suggests that Saudi Arabia, a long time ally of the United States and Israel conspired to blame terrorist organizations for the attack on the Twin Towers. The elements within the U.S. Government were the “Neocons” or Neo-Conservatives that view America’s destiny as being the greatest superpower in world history. It’s empire building, folks. Among the neocons that surrounded and influenced Bush were Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Condoleezza Rice, and Donald Rumsfeld.

Having said that, it seems plausible to assume that those responsible for the attack sought to create a an unstable world situation that would give justification to the invasion of sovereign nations of the Middle East and control over their natural gas and oil reserves. Not since the colonial conflicts among European powers throughout the 15th and 16th centuries has a superpower fought to control the the world and all its occupants so aggressively. Truly an Orwellian nightmare.

Below are some statistics on the rise of terrorism and its causes since September 11, 2001.

This excerpt comes from the Center on Research on Globalization:

Our Wars In the Middle East Have Created More Terrorists

Security experts – including both conservatives and liberals – agree that waging war in the Middle East weakens national security and increases terrorism … Killing innocent civilians is one of the main things which increases terrorism. As one of the top counter-terrorism experts (the former number 2 counter-terrorism expert at the State Department) told me, starting wars against states which do not pose an imminent threat to America’s national security increases the threat of terrorism because:

One of the principal causes of terrorism is injuries to people and families. And top CIA officers say that drone strikes increase terrorism (and see this)

The Iraq war wasn’t even fought to combat terrorism. And Al Qaeda wasn’t even in Iraq until the U.S. invaded that country.

Furthermore, James K. Feldman – former professor of decision analysis and economics at the Air Force Institute of Technology and the School of Advanced Airpower Studies – and other experts say that foreign occupation is the main cause of terrorism

University of Chicago professor Robert A. Pape – who specializes in international security affairs – points out: Extensive research into the causes of suicide terrorism proves Islam isn’t to blame — the root of the problem is foreign military occupations.

These statistical charts show the dramatic increase in terrorism throughout the middle east and Asia since 9/11.

Middle East












  • Who really benefits as the result of the War on Terror?
  • Are the people of the countries most affected by ISIS suppose to forgive the U.S. and its allies for killing non-combatant families, women and children?
  • Why is the U.S. failing to acknowledge that returning servicemen and women are seriously ill due to exposure to toxic nuclear weaponry (depleted uranium rounds) and PTSD (manifest by the suicide of 22 veterans per day)?
  • How many congressmen receive substantial contributions from the Military/Industrial Complex in exchange for favorable contracts?
  • Why did the U.S. provide arms and ammunition to ISIS after Muammar Kadafy of Lybia was murdered?
  • Why does the Trump administration want no limits on war authorization (2018 National Defense Authorization Act)?

The evolution of America from a democratic republic into a fascist bastion of war and corruption

Category : opinion

” In 1933, Marine Corps Maj.-Gen. Smedley Butler was approached by a wealthy and secretive group of industrialists and bankers, including Prescott Bush, George W. Bush’s grandfather, who asked Smedley Butler to command a 500,000 strong rogue army of veterans that would help stage a coup to topple then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.” The plan was to assassinate Roosevelt if he resisted.

“The conspirators were operating under the umbrella of a front group (financial backers) called the American Liberty League, which included many families that are still household names today, including Heinz, Colgate, Birds Eye and General Motors, (including Prescott Bush) .”

The preceding quote is from the Hartman Report with references to the Congressional Record, the McCormack-Dickstein Committee – a precursor to the House Committee on Un-American Activities. General Butler was the most decorated Marine Officer in the Corps history and a true patriot.  He pretended to hear out the conspirator’s proposal and later met in secret with congressional representatives of the Dickstein subcommittee to expose the plot to overthow the government and possibly assassinate Franklin Roosevelt.

I have covered in previous posts (Merchants of Death: The Bush Family Crime Syndicate) the criminal activities of the Bush family to include Prescott Bush’s support of Hitler’s Nazi Party during WWII, George H.W. Bush’s involvement in the drug industry that started with Iran/Contra not to mention his moral debauchery with regard to human tracking and pedophilia. Let us not forget 9/11, which I firmly believe was a Bush Family initiated conspiracy. Can you imagine that George W. Bush asked Henry Kissinger to head a panel to look into the attack on the Twin Towers? Kissinger, the architect of the Vietnam War and a war criminal according to many international judicial bodies. My God! This family is beyond a doubt one of the most corrupt bloodlines in world history so it is no surprise to me that in the wake of the Weinstein scandal of rape and sexual perversion in Hollywood, that “Daddy” Bush is starting to draw attention to his own personal character or rather the lack of it.

To date, four women have come forward accusing the 41st president of inappropriate sexual harrasment, which is really only the tip of the iceberg. I hope to God this man and his family is fully exposed for what they are, devils in disguise. And don’t believe for one second that Barbara Bush, like Hillary Clinton, was unaware of her husband’s moral turpitude. Prescott Bush, George H.W. Bush and his son, George W. Bush were all members of the secret Skull and Bones Society at Yale as was John Kerry, GW’s Secretary of State. That society was know to have bizarre rituals of initiation and allegiance to what only be described as pagan dieties (the Egyptian god, Osiris and the Goddess Eulogie). Their goal was to place “Bonesmen” in key positions of power throughout America’s government.

Related Article:  Former Maine Senate candidate claims President George H.W. Bush groped her, brings accusers total to four


National Public Radio (NPR) the jewel of liberal progressive news? I don’t think so!

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Despite its mandate to be unbiased and serve the public interest, NPR steers clear of that in its one-sided kind of “journalism.” It’s careful to shy away from all controversial topics that may be sensitive to corporate interests that include those providing it funding support or might wish to.

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