About Me

I have been retired for several years now and enjoy the luxury of pursuing my hobbies and interests, this blog being one. My educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Social Welfare from San Diego State University and a Master of Science in Corrections from Pepperdine University. My professional experiences include several years as a Marine officer with a military occupational specialty in Reconnaissance.

I joined the Marine Corps to specifically go to Vietnam. While others waited for the draft, I volunteered. In Vietnam I served as both a platoon leader and company commander. I was in Vietnam during the “Tet Offense” which resulted in thousands of deaths among North Vietnamese soldiers and the Vietcong and our military service men and women from all branches. To say it was a life-changing experience would be an understatement.

Upon my return to the United States and while still on active duty I was the Commanding Officer of the Recon School at Camp Pendleton, a somewhat demanding and prestigious position.

Upon my return to civilian life I worked as a probation officer and juvenile delinquency counselor for the counties of San Bernardino and Ventura in California. I later edited and published two bilingual (English/Spanish) community newspapers where I developed a love for writing and investigation. My true love, however, is teaching. I have taught business and computer classes to senior citizens, learning disabled youth, Spanish-speaking students and individuals who were in need of training to successfully compete in the labor force. To be able to positively influence others less fortunate was extremely rewarding, particularly working with disadvantaged youth from poor neighborhoods.

I enjoy playing the guitar (classical and folk), playing the native American flute and listening to 60s “oldies but goodies” and the FM Wave radio station. I also like growing herbs.  They smell so good and are good for you.

I enjoy meeting new friends, especially those who seem shy or withdrawn. I am a good listener and an excellent counselor and friend.

I have two daughters, one son, and five grandchildren. I am single having been divorced for some 20 years now. I like my solitude and freedom, but a street fair, Indian pow wow, or classical concert/opera/ballet will find an eager participant. Oh yes, I love huevos rancheros, tacos and chile rellenos.

One thing I get asked alot is whether I would accept contributing writers for my blog. I have personally modified the WordPress theme over years and I do all the writing myself except for obvious excerpts where credit is given to sources. The blog is my wife and I can not share her with others. If I ever consider having a human mistress, she will have to be intellectual, kind and compassionate to a fault.

As my mentor and former guitar teacher used to say, “Jorge, adelante, siempre adelante!”