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The Myth of Thanksgiving Day: The history of North America is a history of imperialism and cultural genocide.

Each November, Americans celebrate a mythical version of U.S. history.

Thanksgiving Day’s portrayal of the experience of Native Americans wherein the the Pilgrims offer good will and food to the indigenous populations in New England is what is taught in American classrooms. Sorry, you are misguided.

To hear about the true story of native peoples’ plight – from genocide to reeducation – Abby Martin interviews Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, renowned indigenous scholar and activist, about her most recent book “An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States.” http://multimedia.telesurtv.net/v/the…

The following video is a brief history of the efforts of the Unist’ot’en First Nation peoples in British Columbia in resisting the creation of three gas oil pipe lines through their lands. Aho, Mitakuye Oyasin!

So while you gather with your families to enjoy a nice turkey dinner on Thanksgiving Day later this week, in a heated home, say a prayer for all the indigenous people of the world who are still suffering from poverty, abuse and discrimination.


Baby horses that exhibit autism-like symptoms subject of new study that may shed light on autistic children

Mare with foal

Mare with foal

th (12)

University of California, Davis veterinary specialist John Madigan has been studying foals (recently birthed horses) that show no emotional bond to its mother and even refuse to nurse.

Known as neonatal maladjustment syndrome or NMS, it has been discovered that an unusual treatment can often remedy the problem – squeeze the foal until it falls asleep thus reducing the amount neurosteroids in the blood, a process that naturally occurs when a newborn child is squeezed through the birth channel.

For more on this fascinating study go to “Study of baby horses’ behavior triggers new autism research.”


Grandma was a prepper!

Why Prepare? I believe we simply want our immediate family and friends as well as others to be prepared for the possible worst case scenario. It’s like buying car, life or house insurance. We pay now to give us a sense of security, just in case. For those of us old enough to remember the Great Depression (almost but not quite), or the Dust Bowl where hundreds of thousands of people were without work, food or shelter, the possibility of a repeat performance is still quite real.

buggy and wife

Darlin” lets go to town and get you those curtains for the kitchen. We should be back by nightfall if the Indian don’t see us.

For the young man or woman in today’s society, it’s hard to imagine that life could be anything but air conditioned homes, malls, grocery stores and cars that take us everywhere almost immediately. A trip to the beach today from an inland city may take two or three hours, but in the Old West it was a matter of weeks if not months on horse back or buggy. Really dad, did you have to walk to school in the rain and snow? Yep.

Related to this idea that those that have gone through difficult times are most likely to appreciate the abundance and ease of less troubled times is the experience of the Jews during Hitler’s Third Reich. Many a Holocaust survivor remembers the days leading up WWII and the segregation of Jews from the general German public as a systematic restructuring of society, a fascist society, where freedoms were curtailed and surveillance became the norm. Can you see the similarities of a pre-Hitler government and the direction our nation is headed under the Obama Administration? NSA, Constitutional infringement, consolidation of power in the Executive branch – the signs are present.

Develop your plan and practice it. Nonetheless, while you may read of all the dangers facing today’s socjiety – nuclear war, pandemics, earthquakes and grid loss – few of us have a clue of what is needed, much less have, to survive any number of natural or man-made catastrophes. I have mentioned in earlier posts that I am taking a break from civilization and living in a Southwestern state without electricity or running water. Now the nearest city is about 30 miles away, but in effect I am simulating a real isolated “depend-on yourself” scenario to test out some theories. The experience is to prepared myself for the possibility of someday having to “bug-out” of my comfortable existence as well as have available for my immediate family a refuge should the need arise. I hope the need doesn’t arise.

Prepare for the coldest weather

Prepare for the coldest weather

So how does one live without the amenities of an advanced civilized society? To make a long story short, very simply and efficiently. You will have to learn with essentials and forget the luxuries of life, ice just being one example. Before telling you what I have discovered about survival in a non-urban environment, let me describe to you what I consider to be the two main phases of survival after a catastrophic event.

As obvious as it sounds, the first is short term survival (six months to a year) and the second is long term survival (approximately one year until the day you die). Oh yes, I forgot to mention, that survival in a post-apocalyptic world is best accomplished outside a city or metropolitan setting. Why? Because, in the cities the culture of the gang and mob will predominate. People will be like cattle, once spooked they will trample everything in their path. Military authorities, if they do not imprison you, will hunt you down as rioters and malcontents (you think?). Food and water will become reasons to kill for and those who have arms and ammunition (for however long) will become the warlords over the rest of the unprotected and weak. “Red Dawn,” my friends.

That being said, the saving grace for those that decide to stay within the confines of a town or city will have one advantage – only one. You can decide to band together for mutual protection, survival and organize into a basic tribal society where the welfare of the whole supersedes the welfare of the individual. I will not go into a discussion of whether a dictatorship or democratic form of government is best under the circumstances. I just hope you do not forget your basic human values and use some form of objective justice to decide the fate of others.

Lighting and warmth I have found that living in the backwoods, desert or mountains, when nightfall comes, the lack of light can be frightening and even dangerous.

Lamp and stove combination

Stove and lamp combination. Requires accessories

At present I have several propane tanks that provide light in the early evening hours before bedtime and with that light will come visibility to do things otherwise impossible – cooking a meal, keeping curious animals from your camp or shelter. I plan to rent a large propane tank from a supplier for future use, but I will never be without smaller, more portable gas containers. In the short term propane gas is a good substitute for electricity but how about when the supplier is no longer able to service your needs? You can also have a dependable gasoline generator like a eu2000i Honda Inverter Generator that can power a light, small fan, TV, and electronic equipment. Then again, what if gasoline is in short supply and how much gasoline can you store in your shed? You can also “parallel” two inverter generators to provide more power, if need be. Hondas are good quality generators, quiet and efficient, but they will cost you $1,000 each. I would recommend buying a shed where you can store your gasoline, propane tanks and other flammables like kerosene for lamps. It will keep the items out of the hot sun and the fumes in check. Keep in mind; these are Phase I or short term solutions. How about after a year or two? Pot bellied stoves and your average camp-fire is the best alternative and will cook your food and keep you warm at night. However, collecting firewood is an ongoing chore and sometimes a problem, depending on where you live.

Old faithful

Old Faithful

In an urban area, wood frame houses, and scrap wood is easy enough but treated wood can be a hazard especially indoors. In rural areas, your search for wood will eventually take you farther and farther away from you campsite. You will note that farmers and people that live off the land always have plenty of wood stored for cold nights and winter months. It is more valuable than gold in a cold climate.  Always collect what you see or run across for a future day.   A word to the wise, always pay heed to safety warnings on the use of appliances, especially propane.


Using a rigged rain coat or tarp you can also collect rain water

Water and Food.  I currently have access to a underground well on the property that I am living on. Some are not so lucky. A near-by stream, lake and reservoir become life savers in that situation. How will you transport the water to your campsite? Remember seeing people in Africa carrying tin containers of water from a water source miles away to their hut? What about water purification? Some commercial water suppliers will put a tank on your property and refill it periodically. Learn how to setup a rain barrel so when it rains water can be siphoned into a 50-gallon plastic container. A lot to think about.

I could go into more detail but I am only interested in having you start thinking of the possibilities. You can buy bulk dry foods from any number of survival distributors (expensive), but I have found supermarkets have dry food packages, canned goods, even powdered milk that can be stored for several months without concern. I am fortunate that my son-in-law is in the military and he gave me several cases of old fashion MRE meals used by combat troops. Not a four course meal, but it will last forever and keep you alive.

Last resort.  So you have survived for six months are there are no supplies available. Mayhem rules the day and bartering is no longer an option. What then lieutenant? OK, I am not going to pretend that everyone can learn these skills overnight, but what if nothing else works?

Small game trap

Small game trap

36" Avenger .40c Blowgun with Darts. $12.72 on Amazon

36″ Avenger .40c Blowgun with Darts. $12.72 on Amazon

Go to a hardware store (Harbor Freights has all that stuff cheaper) and buy yourself a small animal trap. Find a rabbit trail and bait he trap. The next morning, or later that evening, check the trap. Animals go out at dawn and dusk. Maybe you’ll be lucky. Here’s another tip. Buy some wild bird seed, hang it in a bush or tree. Cover you self with some camouflage and sit down on your camp stool near by. Either buy an air rifle and a blow gun and wait. After about 10 tries you may get lucky. Bird stew. Boil some water, dump the bird in the hot water for a minute, pluck the feathers, gut it and chop it into tiny pieces. That’s how grandma did it.

Having a .22 rifle or 12 gauge shotgun for self defense is one thing, but you do not want to draw attention to yourself with loud noises. An air rifle or blow gun is quiet, efficient and the pellets and darts don’t cost as much. If you are clever enough you can make your own pellets and darts. Well, I hope I have given you a reason to prepare and some small steps to begin your journey as a prepper.

Good luck my friend.


Yellowstone Alert

There are reports that the Pentagon is moving missiles situated near the Yellowstone Park area and adjacent areas in Wyoming.

According to official reports the Pentagon plans to remove 50 nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missiles from their silos over the next four years but not eliminate them from the U.S. arsenal nor remove their nuclear capabilities, a move aimed, they say, in complying with a 2010 nuclear arms treaty with Russia.

tmp_Screenshot_2014-05-17-12-34-11-11569906551Given the recent reports that the ground at Yellowstone is rising due to volcanic activity and the migration of bison and elk from the park, it would not be unreasonable to assume that the government is taking precautionary measures in the event of a Yellowstone eruption.

Of course, as in many predictable natural disasters, there is a downplay of the seriousness of the situation and consequently little civilian preparation. When it blows it’s up to you to get out and for others to be prepared.

You should also be aware that there is a gag order on USGS, the earthquake reporting agency, regarding Yellowstone. It is in effect under the current administration, but started under the previous Bush administration.

Remember, an event of this type will also affect the entire Southwest, Midwest and parts of the East Coast with ash and atmospheric cloud cover that will adversely affect many agricultural areas across the U.S.

Mary Greeley
Published on May 16, 2014

History Channel documentary: Yellowstone! Eruption

Heads up




They Live!

1 live

War is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength …

I remember seeing a movie called “They Live, ” a 1988 sci-fi movie by John Carpenter, who directed a number of horror, science fiction films in the 1970s and 1980s, many of which developed a cult following, i.e., “The Thing,” “The Fog,” and “Starman.”

The story line follows a nameless drifter referred to as “Nada”, who discovers the ruling class are in fact aliens concealing their appearance and manipulating people to spend money, breed and accept the status quo with subliminal messages in the mass media. Using accidentally discovered sunglasses, he is able to “see” that many people in authority are actually aliens who are using mankind as mindless slaves to promote their secret agendas. By exposing their existence, he is able to start a rebellion against these aliens who use the media and mind manipulation to hide their existence.

Egyptian-inca-elongated-skullsThe world of ufology and archeology come together in some rather interesting ways, not very different from the theme of the movie as you will see in the videos that follow.

The first video introduces a little publicized anomaly known as the Star Child Syndrome which are a series of elongated skulls that have been found in Egypt, Mexico and Peru, all associated with the advanced civilizations of the Pharaohs, the Mayans and Incas. While DNA analysis shows the presence of some human DNA in these artifacts, there are DNA packages that have no known human origin, the skulls themselves showing characteristics that include neck lengths one half the size of normal human anatomy, cranial bone composition that shows a different biochemical composition more like dental material and skull thickness much less in size although of greater hardness as compared to normal human cranial bone material.

h depositphotos_3854678-Egyptian-hieroglyphs-and-human-figures

Egyptian hieroglyphs


Olmec baby figurine, Mexico


Nefertiti statues

Statue de Nefertiti









The hypothesis (or proven fact, depending on your belief system) is that these beings originally established colonies on Earth and by the virtue of their advanced technologies were the “gods” of ancient times that accomplished feats that we with our modern technologies are still unable to accomplish, the pyramids being the most notable in terms of the construction and placement of stone blocks with near geometric perfection.  Although, they once roamed the world freely, they now inhabit cities under the ground and deep in ocean canyons, Antarctica being the site of their major bases.


“Pyramidal “staircase” underwater explored by scuba divers near Bimini in the Bahamas

However, the hypothesis does not stop there as legitimate scientific evidence exists that this race of advance beings may have been with us since time immemorial guiding (misguiding?) the evolution of human society and that governments have entered into agreements with these aliens (not extraterrestrials as they consider the earth their home as well) exchanging technologies in return for permission to abduct and experiment on the human genome for the general purpose of strengthening their genetic code.  Many of the ruins from these cultures are underwater and one in particular is still visible the in Bermuda area off the coast of Florida near North Bimini island in the Bahamas.


Mythical centaur


It seems however, that the abductions our government approved have resulted in the unprecedented kidnapping of millions of humans and the creation of animal/human/alien hybrids much like the Greek mythologies we read about in history books.

There is a well documented confrontation of alien beings and U.S. military commandos that took place at Dulce, New Mexico in November of 1979. One need only “google” Dulce + underground bases + aliens to get detailed  information on this secret operation.  The military personnel that participated in the battle describe how they found hundreds of human/animal hybrids kept in cages that pleaded to be released; however, not everyone was able to be saved before the alien base was destroyed. The ironic thing is that a truce was later established and the continued cooperation of alien visitors and the U.S. government continued. They had what we wanted – alien technology.

Follow these links to see videos on the Dulce, New Mexico underground base.  Keep in mind that this huge underground base was jointly occupied by U.S. government personnel and the “greys”; however, they are compartmentalized with access to the lower levels where aliens had their laboratories were restricted.

John Lear and Dulce
Phil Schneider Speaks Out

Further more, a number of whistle blowers in top secret government projects are reporting that these aliens are becoming more and more visible in political and financial circles as if in preparation for total disclosure and the assimilation of our culture into theirs. – a New World Order, to use a term common to the globalist Illuminati agenda.

Following is a video presentation by Karen Hudes, a World Bank whistle blower who has recently been describing how this “second species” (Homo Capensis) has already infiltrated the banking systems of the world and are not planning to improve the plight of humanity but rather reduce the population to a more manageable level and use mankind as a natural resource in their plan for a world take-over.

The planned reduction in population size is said to be massive and may involve pandemics, EMP explosions effectively taking us back into the Dark Ages, nuclear wars and artificial earthquakes – technologies that exist today but are kept secret from the general public.


Papal hat (mitre) very similar to Egyptian headdresses

I am not suggesting that everything I am saying is true beyond a shadow of a doubt, but what is true is that a growing number of world leaders, whistle blowers and even representatives from the “second species” who disagree with the genocide planned by the more aggressive aliens and are coming out with warnings about this alien agenda, not the least of which is Paul Hellyer, the former defense minister of Canada.

Vatican insiders have described a masonic cabal infested by Satanic ritual, child sexual abuse, trafficking and even child sacrifice.  Pope Francis, Pope Benedict are currently being charged by the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) in Canada  of being participants and members of the Circle of Nine, a satanic order that has close ties with the alien species we have been discussing.

What if Yellowstone did erupt?


Yellowstone National Park

On Sunday, the worst earthquake in about 30 years rattled the Yellowstone super volcano. Overall, there have been at least 25 significant earthquakes at Yellowstone National Park since Thursday, but it is the 4.8 earthquake that has many observers extremely worried. Could such a large earthquake be a sign that the Yellowstone super volcano is starting to roar to life after all this time? And if it does erupt, what would that mean for the rest of the country?

As you will see below, a full-blown eruption at Yellowstone would be absolutely catastrophic. It is estimated that such an eruption could dump a 10 foot deep layer of volcanic ash up to 1,000 miles away and render much of the nation uninhabitable for years to come. In essence, it would instantly bring the United States to its knees.

It is true that it is normal for Yellowstone to experience up to 3,000 earthquakes a year. But most of those earthquakes are extremely small and nothing to worry about.

But the 4.8 earthquake that struck on Sunday is definitely raising eyebrows – especially considering what else has been going on at Yellowstone lately.

For example, the scientists that monitor Yellowstone are telling us that the area where the earthquake was centered has been experiencing “ground uplift” in recent months…

A University of Utah release said that the quake area had experienced a “ground uplift” since August and that “seismicity in the general region of the uplift has been elevated for several months.”

I don’t know about you, but the fact that the largest volcano in the U.S. by far has been experiencing “ground uplift” is not very comforting to me.

And there have been reports of strange animal behavior around Yellowstone as well. For example, the following YouTube video of numerous bison literally running away from Yellowstone has gone viral…

The following video is a “what if” analysis of the consequences if the Yellowstone Caldera erupts.

Source:  Before It’s News, Monday, 3/31/14

The disposable society

You buy something that doesn’t work perfectly, you return it to the store and get a new one.  You buy food-to-go, get full then throw the rest sway, enough to feed a family of three.  You get a cute puppy, it grows up and does not obey your commands, so you get mad and take it to a shelter for someone else to take care of.  You adopt a child hoping to find love, instead you find love is really hard work, commitment and consistency, things you do not possess.

In the end, we are a disposable society, never content with what we are given, always looking for the easiest route, something for nothing.  Nothing worth having is easy, but it is the most satisfying experience you can have.


USA Freedom Act will not go far enough

This video goes into a discussion of proposed USA Freedom Act.  I agree with the gentleman that it is fool hardy to raise one’s hope that NSA and the Obama Administration will allow a bill of this nature to stop their plan to take away our Constitutional liberties.

The Great Beef Escape

Fool me once …

We are talking about individuals that even if caught with their hands in the cookie jar will continue to lie, steal and misrepresent their real purpose.  Look at George W. Bush and what happened after it was discovered that it was he that authorized the NSA’s surveillance of American citizens after 9/11.  Did it stop the surveillance?  No.  Did it result in the prosecution of Bush and his co-conspirators?   No.  Did it anger the people of the United States to take immediate action?  No.


An animal whose purpose is to feed us.

Like cows, we continue to munch on our hay, content to know we are an invisible member of the masses who will not be affected by the screeching sounds coming from the adjacent slaughter house.  I for one plan to leave the pasture and find a valley where the owners cannot find me.  I will be the maverick that will survive, at least for a while.

One day in the life of the planet

On Wednesday, February 5, 2014:

  • Selena Gomez is in need of rehab for emotional trauma and possibly drug addition
  • Nearly a million people are without power in the Northeast as severe snow and ice storms hit overnight
  • Charlie Chaplin’s only novel to be released
  • States look to rein in government surveillance
  • Catholic watchdog group demands the Pope expel all priests accused of sexual crimes
  • Deputy Czar says pot less dangerous than alcohol
  • West Virginia residents desperate for clean water after coal mining pollution
  • Iraq faces possible civil war as religious factions fight over control
  • Cancer rate will surge 57 percent in next 20 years
  • Obamacare will lose jobs due to employers not able to maintain fulltime employees and layoffs
  • A 20 year sanitation worker is fired for accepting a $20 tip
  • France plans law to restore GMO crop ban
  • U.S. firms lax with data security, Illinois official tells Congress
  • 18-foot long Burmese python found in Florida Everglades
  • Man gets first prosthetic hand that can feel
  • Bill Nye, the Science Guy, debates creationist over evolution
  • One-third of kids killed in car crashes were unbuckled

What might a visitor from outer space conclude about our civilization if all they could see is a summary of the news every day?


Well, based on the sample above, they might say that we usually put the fox in charge of the chicken coop, our federal government has become overpowering, we do not know how to prepare for natural disasters, our emotions rule us more than our intellect, we still do not know the true origin of our species, we rush in without considering the consequences of our actions, we are always inventing ways of augmenting our natural abilities, we take either/or positions rarely negotiating middle ground  for the common good, we have a fascination with the rich and famous, we love our children but provide them little supervision, and we act irresponsibly when it comes to our environment issues.


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