It shouldn’t matter – but it does

It shouldn’t matter that Obama’a claimed father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. and his mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, propagandist of the Communist Party USA, were both card carrying Communists according to FBI files.

In fact, many have suggested Davis was Obama’s real father and influenced him during Obama’s formative years.

Neither should it matter that his mother was member of a radical Muslim group called the Subud spiritual cult of Indonesia.

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Freedom of the press is gone

The video below depicts the recent Congressional testimony of Sharyl Attkisson, former CBS news reporter who was the subject of censorship and surveillance by the Obama administration.

We are in grave danger and unless you wake up my friend you will soon regret you trusted or believed this enemy of American Democracy. He is a Trojan Horse waiting for you to fall asleep, a Manchurian Candidate that was prepared years ago, an assassin with a blood lust, and you elected him.

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