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U.S./Russian relations at an all time low. Is a nuclear exchange imminent?

The destruction of a civilian Russian transport, Flight 9268, leaving Egypt with a destination to Moscow has resulted in confusing and multiple claims of ISIS terrorism, a bomb planted on the aircraft, a British missile attack due to satellite analysis, and much more.

ISIS has publicly claimed responsibility for the downing of the Russian aircraft via a targeted missile attack, but Western sources claim otherwise.

On top of this, the Russian liaison, Mikhail Lesin, sent to the U.S. to co-investigate the shooting down of this civilian transport with U.S. intelligence agencies was found dead by an apparent heart attack in his hotel room.

Russia immediately recalled its key ambassadors to determine if there was any foul play in his death. According to a report by a Russian source, the plane was the result of a missile attack and has satellite photos to prove it.

ISIS is definitely U.S. supported, but they do not have the capability, not yet, to down Russian aircraft – only the British and the U.S. have that capability. Again, Barry Obama hides behind terrorists to accomplish his aims.

The killing of Osama bin Laden: The true story.

Obama lied to the American public when he said that discovering the location of Osama bin Laden and the subsequent raid was a “unilateral” U.S. effort, the result of excellent CIA intelligence and Seal Team operational effectiveness.

Key fact: Obama was up for re-election in a few months and he was needing a “boost” because of his low ratings.
Another Key Fact: Seal Team 6 was wiped out in a “freak accident” to avoid any “leaks” of what really happened.

Here is the real story from extremely credible sources. News source: Democracy Now.

Let me say a few words about character.

The dictionary defines “Character” as the mental and moral qualities of an individual. But character is much more than just what we try to display for others to see, it is who we are even when no one is watching. Good character is doing the right thing because it is the morally right thing to do.

You may not know this, but Obama cheated his way through his higher education. Few of his fellow students remember ever having seen him in class, yet he passed. He had Bill Ayers of Weather Underground fame, write almost 90% of his memoirs , “Dreams from My Father,” which Ayers later admitted.

Obama is intellectually and morally, a fake. His lies have caught up to him continually, but still the American media, most of the public and the powers-that-be, support him. He is a liar and psychopathic in his world view.

Then there is the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor for the last 20 years at the Trinity United Church of Christ on Chicago’s south side at the time of his candidacy for president. Wright has a long history of advocating tearing down America. If you thought the Iranian chant “Death to America” is bad you should attend one of  Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s “pulpit” lectures. He even married Obama and Michelle and “baptized” their children. Believe me Obama had help in his climb to the top, especially from the gay community.

We and the rest of the world really deserve Barack Hussein Obama because we know this, or should, and yet do nothing about it. One exception – Putin.

Even Obama’s new name is an in-your-face declaration of his intention to destroy America. His real name is Barry Soetoro and he was born in Africa to African Communist parents, his chief political adviser, Valerie Jarret is an Iranian Communist, his African/White House public liaisons are members of the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist group, and he does not think Jesus’ Teachings on the Mount are relevant to a modern society, only Islam and the Koran can guide us.

All of this is documented in my previous posts and those of others more credible than I. Do your research.

JS: Jesus Save us.

U.S. to stop fighting ISIS, instead going after “anti-government” individuals and organizations in the United States

Orwell’s “1984” is really here. It’s the government against the people of America.

In a way, this new strategy by the Obama administration is a good thing, because all the recent exposés: the Hillary files on the War in Iraq being contrived, Russia making head way in destroying ISIS in Syria, the unexpected popularity of Donald Trump, a definite outsider; have laid to waste the plans and timetables of the New World Order elite. They are being forced to change their plans midstream and they will make mistakes.

In a recent article posted on Activist Post, October 22, 2015, by Luke Rudkowski, some significant changes in the U.S. Policy against ISIS are described.

No joke.

No joke.

“In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks down the latest news with ISIS and the DOJ announcement that it will go after anti-government groups instead of ISIS itself. Just to clarify it’s not only us standing up against this propaganda, but a wide range of amazing independent journalists.”

If you follow the current confusion of who is fighting whom in the Middle East, be assured of one thing. Obama says one thing and means another. His administration was never serious about eliminating ISIS but rather strengthening them in order to take out Assad, the current president of Syria.

This also means the alternative media (little me and my bigger friends and patriots) and the few remaining truth-seeking mainstream journalists are the new targets on his “hit list.”

I am neither worried or scared. Why? Because I am a former Marine Captain – Vietnam, Mustang, Corporal).

In the old “Corps,” the Marine Corps before pussies (I don’t mean women just a few males who were “scared”) were allowed, there was a story about a platoon commander in combat who was surrounded by the enemy who outnumbered his men 50 to one. They had almost no ammo, were tired and hungry from days of siege. He calls his commander in the rear to explain his situation, “Sir, we are outnumbered, without ammo, and we have them just where we want them! Ahua!! Fix bayonets!

This is the American spirit that will arise if Obama tries to confiscate our weapons. Collectively, Americans have more weapons the than the U.S. military, then some. Deer hell!

If Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage die from cancer or a heart attack anytime soon, you will know this poor excuse for an American president, Barack Hussein Obama, will have been behind their demise.

Killing your opponent is no longer a big deal among radical Muslims or corporate elites who stand to lose millions of dollars if their agenda is exposed.

Luke Rudkowski runs an independent YouTube channel called “We Are Change.

JS – Justice Served

Do guns kill people or psychologically disturbed individuals that have given up on the American dream?

Whose fault is it that more and more disturbed individuals are committing either suicide or mass murder in America?

If you ask gun control advocates, the fault lies in little-to-no regulation in gun sales. The federal government and its alphabet soup agencies, i.e., FBI, ATF and DOJ are the advocates for more stringent (binding, demanding) gun control laws.

If they had their way, they would probably want America to become like England where citizens and police are not allowed to own or carry guns. Whether Obama would disarm police agencies as well, is questionable, since he seems bent on militarizing local law enforcement. Besides, studies show that England’s overall crime rate is higher than in the U.S. (Total crimes per 1000).

Violent crime is higher in the U.S. than in England, according to comparative statistics, but in my humble opinion that is not due to an armed citizenry or the availability of guns, but other factors that I shall elaborate upon below.

Interestingly enough, England has a greater problem with drug abuse than the U.S. which is incredible to me, because I thought the U.S. was the drug capitol of the world. When people cannot act out, they internalize their frustrations and abuse themselves. That’s why drug abuse is called a victimless crime.

If you ask those that are against additional gun control, it is the fault of the mental health system (please!) and the failure of the gun purchase background check system to thoroughly screen and identify individuals who should not be allowed to acquire guns, Dylann Roof the Charleston church shooter, being the most recent example. In other words, it is the failure of the system to work as it should.

6a00d83451c64169e201310fca35b9970cI adhere to neither poor excuse as these are but symptoms of a greater underlying cause. Let me try and explain.

Now, this topic is not just of academic interest to me, as I have over seven years of experience working in the criminal justice system, specifically, in rehabilitation and crime prevention. At one point in my career, I was executive director of a county-wide juvenile crime prevention program in California that was considered for federal project model status due to its effectiveness in reducing juvenile crime in target areas.

How you ask? Simply, our program strategy was to provide youth with positive activities such as recreational programs, after school activities, family consultations and implementing police community programs that improved relations among law enforcement, families and youth. At one point we funded a boxing program in the middle of a high crime rate area which served to reach youth that would otherwise have been in gangs. In addition, I have a Master of Science in Corrections from Pepperdine University.

Well, enough of my qualifications to address this topic.

To me, a family that is economically secure, has adequate and inexpensive healthcare, and is part of an extended familial or community support group, is less likely to experience dysfunction and anti-social behavior.

It is the failure of our excessively large, overburdened systems of government to provide jobs for heads of household, an adequate living wage, free single-source healthcare, and opportunities for education and training that do not indenture (a legal contract that reflects a debt or purchase obligation; in historical usage, an indentured servant) an individual for life in order to repay their educational costs.


(click to enlarge) Note that this figure does not, however, include benefits for veterans, which came to $127 billion in 2011, or about 3.5 percent of the federal budget. If you count those benefits as “defense spending,” then the number goes up significantly, thus we are looking at approximately 20% of the federal budget.

Hell, considering how much we spend on defense (more than 17% of our national budget, in reality double that amount if you consider secondary industries that support military operations), we should be able to provide free healthcare, free housing and free education, and a guaranteed job, to all our seniors, families and youth. Life does not stop when you reach 65 years of age nor does ambition when you decide to follow your dream.

These “law and order” advocates whether they be on local city councils or in the United States Congress and the Presidency are playing on the fears of citizens in order to create and expand ineffective programs that only serve to limit our liberties and instill disrespect for law enforcement in general.

We are expanding the federal government’s power, contrary to the Founding Father’s intention that government be limited in scope. Originally, it was to defend our nation from foreign powers, not to interfere with the family’s right to determine their family values. It was to institutionalize freedom, not eliminate it.

If the American public abolished the federal government’s role in our lives, we would not only survive but prosper as we would learn to self-reliant and work together. We all have become welfare recipients, depending on the government to survive. If Social Security were to terminate tomorrow, I would survive, because I have skills and friends. Some, the physically  or mentally disabled, should be taken care of, but not through checks in the mail but by their families that receive adequate subsidies. We now spend more on mental health hospitals than we should, if only we would recognize the importance of family in the aging and death of loved ones.

I live in a southwestern state where crime and corruption is a major problem. I read and watch on local news how local councils hire “consultants” at exorbitant rates to study the problem of police abuse, corruption among not only non-profits but public agencies.

Any fool knows that to prevent crime and corruption, you encourage and protect individuals who are whistle-blowers. But that doesn’t happen – they get fired by their supervisors or are prosecuted. There are so many hands in the pie that no one wants to acknowledge mismanagement.

To quote a former Bill Clinton economic adviser, “It’s the economy, stupid!”

Now, I am not a Bill Clinton fan for many reasons, but under his leadership, we balanced the budget and eliminated the deficit and even developed  a monetary reserve. We started a recovery that subsequently stalled due to the stupidity of political administrations that followed. That said, I will never forgive him and Hillary for allowing drugs to enter the United States while he was governor of Arkansas during the Iran/Contra scandal.

Just search “Mena Airport + Drugs” to find the truth.

Bill Clinton a smart guy, but totally unethical, if not criminal in character. By the way, Clinton is not a Rhodes Scholar from Oxford, as popularly believed. He did receive a scholarship to go to Oxford, but he dropped out before graduating, just another example of the media covering up for a “rising star.” Yet, many refer to that time in his career as proof that he was an “intellectual.” Bullshit, he was an opportunist who let his private parts over-ride his common sense.

Barack Obama, is attempting to convince the American public that we need gun control, when, in effect, we need a strong vibrant economy. No matter how many statistics this president cites or “successes” he takes credit for, we are on the verge of total economic collapse in the United States.

For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported, the number of people outside the workforce in July increased 144,000 over June’s record when 93,626,000 were not in the workforce. July’s labor force participation rate however remained the the same as June at 62.6 percent, so obviously unemployment statistics are skewed to falsely project an image of prosperity. My gauge to determine prosperity is how many homeless people I encounter begging for change and there are many and it is growing.

The dollar is losing its value and our national debt is cited as $16 Trillion!!! Obama just keeps printing money through the Federal Reserve with nothing behind it – not gold, not silver, not shit. China owns the U.S. in more ways than you realize.

He is attacking veterans as unstable and potential domestic terrorists, but it is Obama and his predecessors (big Bush and mini Bush) that have sent them into harm’s way, then subsequently failed to provide for their re-integration into society after suffering trauma in war-torn countries. Yet, if you think about it, it is not the veteran suffering from PTSD that commits these horrendous crimes like Aurora, Sandy Hook or the Boston Marathon bombing, but young radicalized misfits that are angry at American society, and with good reason – America is an international bully that kills thousands of innocent civilians through the use of drones and house-to-house invasions.

I am also of the firm belief, that this administration, like the two previous Bush administrations have used false flag events to justify their foreign intrusions for political purposes, as well as to limit our constitutionally guaranteed rights of Freedom of Speech and the Right to Bear Arms.

You may call me a conspiracy theorist, but I am convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that George W. Bush and “friends” were responsible for 9/11. Those “friends” being the royal family of the oil rich Arab Republic, a family that has personal business dealings with the Bush family. He should have been arrested for crimes against humanity, and after a conviction, Nuremberg-style, have the distinction of being the first president executed for treason.

I don’t think that torture, spying on innocent citizens and limiting our liberties are characteristic of a free and open society. Do you?


Charity begins at home then migrates into the community


Heads up people, it looks like gun confiscation is being pushed again

I just watched a PBS special (Frontline) that covered a number of controversial issues of concern to many citizens, i.e, the Lyndon Johnson legacy in terms of the Civil Rights Act, and the power of the NRA gun lobby. Actually the special was first aired in January of 2015, but was re-aired last night.

Since starting this blog, I have been consistent in my opinion that LBJ was part of the conspiracy to kill JFK. This “documentary” implies that Johnson was solely responsible for the passage of the Civil Right Act and that JFK and Johnson were a “team” of sorts, where history shows Johnson hated JFK and reversed many of Kennedy’s edicts and policies once in office, the most important being the Vietnam War which Kennedy wanted to end.

It was John and Robert Kennedy that had pushed for the passage of civil rights legislation, not Johnson. Johnson perhaps feeling guilty for his participation in the assassination and wanting to leave a positive legacy may have pursued Kennedy’s dreams, but in no way do I see him as a champion of civil rights. LBJ was a Southern Democrat who advanced politically in Texas and the U.S. Congress by catering to the “good old boys.” In reality, he had Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and liberal progressives breathing down his neck and knew it was matter of time before the country would demand equal rights for Blacks, so why not take credit for it?.

"From my cold dead hands"

“From my cold dead hands”

An accompanying video (Gunned Down: The Power of the NRA) portrays Obama as a concerned gun control advocate (he even tried to shed a tear during one of his “eulogies” for the victims of gun violence, but his tear ducts which are tied to human emotion just wouldn’t cooperate), and as a victim of the National Rifle Association (NRA), a “menacing gun lobby” that is at the root of the many shootings that occur in our schools, malls and military installations because of the NRA’s advocacy of the Second Amendment (the right to bear arms).

The featured “historians” in this biased piece even malign Charleston Heston as former leader of the NRA, calling his success while president of the NRA the result of his aura as “Moses.” A really cheap shot, pun intended.

To me this government “propaganda,” that’s all I can call it, is a red flag that we are inching closer to gun confiscation and ultimately martial law. I will be posting more about how PBS and other foundation funded programs are becoming corporate controlled media pushing the Illuminati agenda of destroying the Constitution of the United States, amendment by amendment, civil liberty by civil liberty.

I am very disappointed in Frontline, which has done quality work in the past with regard to government abuses; however, on this issue, it follows orders or the funding stops. There is a line in the sand that even reputable journalists do not cross.


I have a new nominee for the Democratic Party and it isn’t Hilla the Hun, Hillary’s nickname on Capitol Hill

Téa Leon, as a female Secretary of State that saves the world weekly

Téa Leon, as a female Secretary of State that saves the world weekly

If you watch the television series, “Madam Secretary” you already know that Téa Leoni is an excellent actress. This obvious portrayal of a female Secretary of State is a not-so-subtle smoke screen for Hillary Clinton to become President of the United States.

I decided not to watch it because it smelled of another media brainwash by the corporate globalists who want their “woman’s candidate” in power which in reality is a no vote for woman’s issues.

Nonetheless, the quality of the scripts were so good and with Leoni as the lead, I started following it. It actually follows current events and, of course, the U.S. is the good guy in global politics and foreign nations are an inconvenience. Russian officials are no doubt laughing at the gullibility of the American public.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during a luncheon in honor of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the State Department in Washington November 24, 2009. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas (UNITED STATES POLITICS HEADSHOT)

Hillary Clinton, candidate for President of the United States

I wish “Hilla the Hun” was like McCord, the character that Leoni plays, I really do, but Clinton is a reverse mirror image of McCord. Let me recap.

(Oh by the way, for you history disabled students, Attila the Hun was a Cossack/Mongol conqueror of the known world in his time, much like Alexander the Great. You don’t know who Alexander was? O.K. Let’s skip the history lesson, just keep “texting” your life away.)


  • Whitewater Development Corporation scandal while Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas
  • The “suicide” of Vince Foster, a Clinton insider, who knew too much
  • Her “clean-up” of Bill Clinton’s constant affairs through intimidation and pay-offs
  • The Benghazi fiasco and the cover-up for terrorists using an anti- Muslim video
  • The current email scandal that she delayed until she had to time redact “sensitive” documents and classify others related to Benghazi with Obama’s help.
  • The Clinton Foundation is soon to be the subject of federal investigation, I believe. Bill and Hillary have been receiving sizable donations from foreign governments for their “alleged” charities. It seems to me to be a “pre-payoff” when Hillary becomes president. No doubt, her reluctance to turn over her private server, besides the Benghazi fiasco, is the trail of illegal donations to their foundation.

So who is my recommendation for the Democratic Party’s nominee to run against the Republican champion? Elizabeth McCord, a fictional TV Secretary of State.

She may be a figment of the imagination but I am convinced she could do a better job than Hillary the Hun, but ONLY if she follows the scripts created by the series’ writers.



George W. Bush’s legacy – the “torture” president

Probably the most immature, vindictive and unqualified president in U.S. history

Probably the most immature, vindictive and unqualified president in U.S. history

After 9/11, the CIA was able to get George W. Bush and his administration to authorize the torture of detainees at secret sites across the world. It was a highly secret operation and once uncovered as the result of released photographs of detainee treatment at Guantanamo, the CIA and President continued to maintain that the program was producing valuable information.

About this time, the movie blockbuster, “Zero Dark Thirty,” was released. It was a movie based on CIA provided internal documents. In fact, the CIA initiated the release of information to the producers and director of the movie. The objective? To convince the American public that “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques” (EIT) worked and led to the capture and murder of Osama Bin Laden. This all in light of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into CIA interrogation techniques and their ineffectiveness.

Never mind that we were violating the Geneva Convention, or that virtually no valuable information was obtained by these techniques. As a matter of fact, it was recently discovered that information leading to Bin Laden’s capture and assassination was the result of information received from Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the ISI, not the CIA’s interrogation techniques. Obama mislead the public in his announcement that Bin Laden was dead due to U.S. efforts.

Here is a copy of a PBS video entitled “Secrets, Politics and Torture,” which effectively tells the story of how our government violated human rights (torture and death), lied and subsequently tried to cover up their use of brutality.

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What is a domestic terrorist?

Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez killed four unarmed Marines

Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez killed four unarmed Marines

The FBI, which is responsible for investigating “Domestic Terrorism,” has officially declared Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez a domestic terrorist.

Never mind that Abdulazeez’s father was on the FBI radar a few years ago for “possible ties to a foreign terrorist organization” or that Abdulazeez, recently spent four months in Jordan and kept a pro-jihad blog urging Muslims to ‘submit to Allah’. He was also a martial arts fighter. Sound like a familiar pattern? You know, the Boston bombers.

Another justification for this classification of Abdulazeez as a domestic terrorist is the fact that he was a “naturalized” (sounds like homogenized) American citizen.

So what is a naturalized citizen?

In the United States, a foreign national can become a naturalized citizen if they have been a legal resident of the United States for at least five years and are over the age of 18. In addition, applicants for naturalization must demonstrate “good moral character,” as well as a knowledge of the English language and the history of the United States.

My question is, how many naturalized Muslim terrorists are intentionally here to disrupt and kill Americans? Aren’t we told that increased surveillance is necessary to prevent terrorism? Of course, except those terrorists that the government facilitates and allows to happen for political ends, like 9/11. The FBI has a history of creating terrorist plots just to claim credit for protecting America and to justify a growing budget. I trust them just about as far as I can throw my pet elephant.

To me, Abdulazeez, was a foreign Muslim terrorist, plain and simple, and the FBI should have known that and prevented the loss of American lives. You should ask, why did he target Marines, the pride of America? To use the term “domestic terrorist” puts him in a category associated with American patriots who defend the Constitution. You may, of course, logically ask why?

Because the Obama Administration is increasingly, if not daily, labeling states like Utah (Mormons are Mormons first and U.S. citizens, second) and Texas, like other Southern states, that display the rebel confederate flag, as potential terrorists. Veterans and doomsday preppers have fallen into this category, as leaked FBI documents have shown, as have organizations like Oath Keepers (a truly patriotic grassroots organization) and motorcycle clubs, whether “Hells Angels” or a group of lawyers who like to ride.

Did you know that the Colorado FBI handed out, as a potential indicator of terrorist activities, to military surplus stores, a “Communities Against Terrorism” brochure?

The alarming list contained in the brochure suggests that suspicious activities includes insisting on paying with cash or if the “suspect” demands “identity privacy.” If you went into a military surplus store previously, don’t alter your appearance such as by shaving, changing your hair color, or your style of dressing because that too may make you a domestic terrorist.

Think about it, how many America citizens prefer using cash? Senior citizens and people who don’t trust online or electronic banking, with good justification. And then there are citizens angry at government or corporate intrusion (one and the same) that refuse to give a zip code, phone number or email address because of the spam that inevitably arrives or fear of NSA spying. Well, that’s me, me, me!

I am now an official FBI “potential” terrorist and therefore subject to a visit to see if I have guns, a copy of the Constitution and a blog entitled indepenceday.pro.

This sly approach to eventually confiscate our guns, arrest and detain without probable cause, is a prelude to martial law, which I have foretold for several years now. The one Muslim we should incarcerate and deport immediately is Barack “Insane” Obama, an undercover terrorist extraordinaire. His terrorist cell is located in the White House, which Obama has filled with Muslims and Communists.


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Alien disclosure already exists but the majority of the population is still not aware, nor should they be as the corporate controlled media is not allowed to report it

The Sirius Documentary

The videos below will hopefully give you a better understanding of the myriad (great number) of world problems, whether they be social, economic, environmental, or scientific, that plague our times.

The GOCE space craft is already in service

The GOCE space craft is already in service

There is, in reality, a “shadow government” that is in control of unheard of technologies which has an agenda that aims to establish a worldwide social order that controls the activities of its subservient populations, essentially eliminating our culture which heretofore has been based on the family unit and our right to determine our own future, the future of our children, our communities and nation.

Congress is a sham representing its own interests not the people’s, the president a puppet of the corporate elite, and the Supreme Court a group of shyster lawyers who do not interpret the law but create it.

The indications are that in this New World Order, permission will need to be obtained to do what we now do naturally and freely, and a mandatory daily work regimen which is enforced by a monitoring and surveillance system that runs 24/7. It will be beyond Orwellian, it will be global incarceration and control.

Now keep in mind that this “shadow government” is and has been working with specific alien species for mutually beneficial purposes since World War II. You may have heard me mention or have read about Majestic 12, the secretive committee that administers the development of unearthly technologies most of which have NOT been shared with the Congress (majority and minority leaders being the exception) or the Office of the President (Obama is the exception).

"Tall Whites" also known as Nordics

“Tall Whites” also known as Nordics or Swedes

This invisible government has its own air force, navy, special forces and a secret space program you would not believe- Mars and Moon bases and beyond.  Why the Pluto flyby? It is a PR stunt, a public space program to make Americans (the stupid, uninformed public that never questions its government) and the world believe we are really transparent and that we are learning about space using rocket engines.  Really?  Rocket engines based on fossil fuel technology? The secret government has been using hyper-dimensional craft for decades using a propulsion system (reverse engineered) that enables travel in space almost instantaneously.

As a side bar, recent revelations in Edward Snowden’s NSA’s internal documents indicate that the alien race know as “Tall Whites,” with whom the U.S. government has a cooperative agreement, is the same alien group that worked with Hitler during and prior to WWII helping them develop over one thousand technologically advanced submarines that played havoc with U.S. and western powers warships in the Atlantic and Pacific.

Incidentally not all of Germany’s submarines were accounted for after the war. It was reported that a good number of them went to Antarctica where the Third Reich established a base, and to add substance to that theory, “google” Admiral Byrd’s personal diaries. In 1956, Byrd led a naval operation to Antarctica, including, U.S. destroyers, aircraft and military personnel. This was initiated by U.S. intelligence that was never disclosed and everyone associated with the “invasion” was sworn to secrecy.

You must have also hear of the Foo Fighters during WWII over Germany. And I don’t mean the popular rock band.

WW II - Foo Fighters - 06

“Foo Fighters” often were reported by B52 bombers going over Germany, almost as if they were gathering intelligence on the mission and direction.

These “Tall Whites” are situated near an Air Force base in Nevada and a narrative by one of the airmen who worked with them can be seen at this link.  Believe or not.

Most everything this “shadow government” has done has not been to benefit mankind but to increase its wealth and continued control of the planet.

The fact that less than 1% of the population controls 90% of the wealth should tell you something.

These globalist/Illuminati bankers are traitors to mankind and should be treated as such. My biggest concern is what the aliens will do once we become George H.W. Bush’s “New World Order.” These human traitors believe they will hold positions of authority in the New World Order, but they may be in for a surprise as the alien cultures that dominate subservient planets do not share power with its residents, they use it. I am reminded of the science fiction TV series of several years ago, “V”  V standing for alien visitors. Beware of aliens bearing gifts.

Many scoff at the idea of programs like the “Simpsons,” “The Family Guy” and Fantasy/Science Fiction blockbusters and “aliens are here” type TV series as having predictive messages, but actually it’s true, because the alien ethos (belief system) require they notify their intended victims of what is to come. It’s kind of like telling a deer, it is about to be shot.

It is a universal cosmic law, and we need not do anything but watch or hear the message – just not responding gives them tacit (implied) approval, and demons definitely need your approval, tacit or not, to possess you. This is why the Bible warns us against dabbling in the occult, for good or evil purposes. Once you open the portal to an alien/demon dimension, you know not what will come through. The Genie in the bottle or rather the Jinn in the bottle.

They stand at your door with persuasive gifts and say, “Can I come in?” Now, who would refuse shelter to a stranger who offers health, long life and happiness? I’ll tell you who – a cautious and God-fearing person who does not want to lose his soul and family.

The Spanish conquistadors did the same thing with the Pueblo Indians in the Southwest, and also with the Aztecs and Incas in Latin America by reading them “El Requerimiento” or the Requirement of 1518. It was an ultimatum – make the Spanish King your guardian or die. It was read in Spanish to indigenous people who did not understand Spanish. How cool is that?

Real or fantasy?

Real or fantasy?

There is little time left to avoid this dooms-day scenario and to do so, you must stand up, say no, and take back control of your governments. There are things you can to short of violent rebellion and I will discuss these in a future post.

In addition to Dr. Steven Greer’s documentary I have included a video interview of a now deceased high level assistant to President Eisenhower (who was the last president to have any degree of knowledge or control over the alien agenda) who describes President Eisenhower’s concern with the growing arrogance and independence of Majestic 12, the committee set-up by President Truman to oversee the alien/US exchanges, and which resulted in Eisenhower threatening to send the 1st Army to take control of Area 51, unless they complied with his requests. You will find it interesting.


It shouldn’t matter – but it does

Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.

Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.

Frank Marshall Davis, Communist Part member and mentor to Obama

Frank Marshall Davis, Communist Part member and mentor to Obama

It shouldn’t matter that Obama’s father of record, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., and his childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, were both card carrying Communists, this according to FBI files.

In fact, many have suggested Davis was Obama’s real father, certainly the resemblance between the two is undeniable, and further Davis had greater influence on Obama during Obama’s formative years. At the time, Davis was a propagandist for the Communist Party in America and a recruiter, the implication being that Obama’s mother was one of his recruits.

Neither should it matter that his mother was member of a radical Muslim group called the Subud Cult of Indonesia.

Loretta Fuddy, the Hawaiian heath official who “verified” and produced Obama’s birth certificate was leader of the Hawaii Subud chapter and knew Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother, quite well. She had been hired by local authorities only three months before she produced Obama’s forged certificate. Loretta Fuddy died under mysterious circumstances later. She died in a plane crash, being the only passenger to die out of dozens.

It shouldn’t matter that the family of Obama’s chief White House adviser, Valerie Jarrett, are hardcore Communists, this according to FBI files. Asked by a reporter about Jarrett’s role Obama replied, “I run everything by her.”

It also shouldn’t matter that Obama has a history of Marxist activism while a sophomore at Occidental College in Los Angeles in 1980.

Stanley Ann Dunham in a high school photo

Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother in a high school photo.

It shouldn’t matter that more than a few of his past friends or associates were well aware of his prolific (definition: great frequency) homosexuality and how willing he was to shine multi-covered lights (the rainbow symbol) over the White House after the Supreme Court’s favorable decision on gay marriage.

It shouldn’t matter that he has been critical of Christianity to of all audiences, Christian groups, referencing the Crusades and the Inquisition, or that he praises the religion of Islam at every opportunity as a holy institution that goes beyond the mission of Christianity – or that he criticizes the Bible and its authors

It shouldn’t matter that he is good friends with Bill Ayers, the infamous leader of the Weather Underground, which was responsible for the explosion of several government buildings during the 1970’s. Ayers, who has said if he could gain control of the White House would purge Democracy and establish a Socialist society.

It also should not matter that many claim Obama’s book, “Dreams From My Father” was authored by Bill Ayers who is his philosophical mentor. Ayers himself, admitted he wrote Obama’s biography, extensively the core of Obama’s book. Obama offered the book as evidence that he was an intellectual heavyweight worthy of the Oval Office despite his relatively thin resume. Did you know that Obama never once, while editor of the Harvard Law Review, had a bi-line under his name.

A website called Dreams of my Real Father (http://www.obamasrealfather.com/breaking_news002/), recently posted alleged photos of Obama’s mother in a fetish and bondage magazine, the photos having being taken by Frank Marshall Davis. Obama in his book, “Dreams From My Father” references a mentor called “Frank” who shaped his view on life.

Further, it shouldn’t matter that he was a faithful follower of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright who issues anti-American rhetoric weekly from his pulpit in Chicago Ill. Obama later distanced himself from Wright, but Wright officiated the Obama wedding and baptized his children. The Rev. Jeremiah Wright church is also described as a meeting ground for the Chicago professional Gay Black community.

Now what DOES matter, is that this president has violated the Constitution time and time again. It further matters that he has positioned himself through special legislation with the help of both parties and Presidential Executive Orders to become the dictator of America once he declares martial law, which he seems ready to do as the massive military exercise of Jade Helm seems to indicate.

He has continued to allow NSA to track our every movement and monitor our conversations to identify those who are dissenters, the first to be rounded up when he makes his move to totalitarian tyranny. That will include our aging and recent veterans, current military leaders who disagree with him (he is still purging them), his political opposition, and every citizen organization and militia that fights for the first (Freedom of Speech) and second (Right to bear arms) amendments.

Judicial Watch (JW), a first-rate organization that peels back the onion layers of corruption and gets to the truth, released a story revealing that the father, maternal grandfather and father-in-law of Barack Obama’s Senior Advisor, Valerie Jarrett, “were hardcore Communists under investigation by the U.S. government.”

Judicial Watch (JW), a first-rate organization that peels back the onion layers of corruption and gets to the truth, released a story revealing that the father, maternal grandfather and father-in-law of Barack Obama’s Senior Advisor, Valerie Jarrett, “were hardcore Communists under investigation by the U.S. government.”

In comparing all the promises presidential candidate Barack Obama made while campaigning for President, with the accomplishments in his nearly two terms of office as President, he is either totally incompetent as a political leader or never intended to keep those promises to begin with.

At a recent White House press conference celebrating Gay Pride Month, Obama got mad at a heckler, stating, “Hey, listen, you’re in my house.” Guess what Dumbo? The White House is not your house. It belongs to the taxpayer and the residing president is nothing but a guest, a visitor, until the next Dumbo comes along.

Gun control and confiscation; higher health costs that benefit Big Pharma; free trade agreements that like NAFTA, will eliminate jobs in America; the militarization of local law enforcement; supporting terrorism overseas (ISIS and Al Qaeda) through training and equipment; porous borders that allow sick uneducated immigrants, criminals and terrorists to enter the United States providing shelter and passage to select states. These are part of the agenda Obama has pursued since day one.

What is his real intent? One thing is for sure, he is turning America into a Banana Republic. All it is going to take is a false flag event of sufficient size and destruction to warrant martial law, just as Bush did with 9/11.

Tell me, where has the supposedly free press and Congress been with all of this? Are you beginning to see that the American people, average citizens and patriots, are out in the cold?

God, I hope you wake up before it is too late.


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Even after Obama’s purge of high ranking military officers who disagreed with him, many in the Pentagon continue to disobey his insane orders

Essentially, the article below reveals that, unbeknownst to the American public, Russia and the U.S. have already started a limited war in the arctic regions with casualties on both sides. This article implies that the Russian aircraft were apparently gaining advantage and Obama authorized a limited nuclear strike at undisclosed targets.

The Navy captain ordered to carry out the nuclear attack, Captain Healther E. Cole, under the authority of a fail-safe protocol put into place by former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, (before he was ousted by Obama because he was against a war with Russia) prevented the nukes from being launched and as a consequence also prevented World War III and the loss of millions of American lives.

At the time of the article by Sorcha Faal, Captain Cole was missing, her whereabouts unknown; however a recent article in Military.com which I found using key words indicates she was fired from her post pending further investigation.

Also key in nullifying the attack order was Major General Dana J.H. Pittard, who was initially allowed to continue in his role as the Army’s Deputy Commander for Operations in the Middle East, however, a recent search of his status, as revealed by a June 21, 2015 Washington Post article, shows that he was also relieved of his command but the reason given was for showing favoritism to fellow Army Military Academy graduates in a military contract. The article mentioned he was being considered for demotion as well.

I should mention that General Pittard was considered a rising star in the military with an exemplary record.

You may recall that General David Petraeus, now retired but former International Security Assistance Force Commander and CIA Director, was given two years probation and a $100 fine for giving classified (secret) information to his lover/biographer, Paula Broadwell, while General Pittard, who was trying to save lives from a nuclear holocaust, is drummed out of the Army on false charges, in my humble opinion.

For background on the unprecedented firing of high ranking military career officers under the Obama administration go to “Over 137 High-Ranking Military Officers Fired at Unprecedented Rate–Military Purging?”

The source of the article below is a Russian intelligence conduit I have used before, whatdoesitmean.com edited by Sorcha Faal.


US General Who Stopped World War III After Massive “Arctic Sky Battle” Targeted For Death
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Major General Dana J.H. Pittard

Major General Dana J.H. Pittard, relieved of his duties and probably demoted

A new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin is warning today that United States Army Major General Dana J.H. Pittard has been “targeted for death” by the Obama regime due to this military leaders “central role” in preventing an American nuclear first-strike against Russia after the US and NATO suffered massive losses in the 15 March 2015 “sky battle” over the Arctic Region against Federation forces.

According to this report, General Pittard was “critically integrated within the actions” taken by US Navy Captain Heather E. Cole on 16 March 2015 in the aftermath of this “sky battle” when she refused to authorize a Obama Presidential order authorizing a “limited” nuclear strike against the Federation, and which we reported on in our 19 March report, Top US Commander Under Arrest For Refusing To Fire Nukes At Russia.

Navy Captain Heather E. Cole was relieved of her duties as commander of Strategic Communications Wing 1, based at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma

Navy Captain Heather E. Cole was relieved of her duties as commander of Strategic Communications Wing 1, based at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma

As to how Captain Cole was able to subvert the Obama regimes plan for a nuclear first-strike against the Federation, SVR experts in this report explain, was due to a critical Permissive Action Link (PAL) failure thus allowing her to abort this planned attack.

In their previous report, the SVR explained that PAL is a security device for US nuclear weapons whose purpose is to prevent unauthorized arming or detonation of the nuclear weapons and that the critical failure in this instance was an added security measure ordered by the former US Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, prior to his being forced out of office last February over his refusal to have any part in an attack against Russia. The SVR further explained that Obama’s new Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter, was not aware of Secretary Hagel’s PAL security changes thus allowing Captain Cole to abort this planned nuclear attack.

Most critical to note though, this report continues, was that the “unexpected weak link” in Obama’s 16 March plan to attack the Federation, that Captain Cole was able to exploit, was actually designed by General Pittard…who in the late 1990’s was a military aide to President Bill Clinton entrusted with the “nuclear football” [the briefcase containing codes for launching a nuclear attack] and whom Secretary Hagel assigned to devise the new PAL security measures due to his vast knowledge of this system.

As to the 15 March Arctic “sky battle” that precipitated Obama’s planned 16 March nuclear strike against the Federation neither this new SVR report nor the previous one provides exact details as it remains highly classified.

From American independent news sources, however, one can glimpse the terrifying implications of this battle between US-NATO and Federation forces on 15 March that nearly caused World War III…

“Vladimir Putin, appearing to be in robust good health, surprised the world by meeting with the president of Kyrgyzstan, on March 16, following 10 days of unexplained absence, while his 38,000 soldiers, 56 ships and submarines, 110 planes and helicopters practiced their military readiness in the Baltic and Arctic regions.

The day prior, on March 15 though, the military airwaves began to buzz with greatly heightened numbers of top priority messages and the website Defcon Warning Systems dropped it’s many years normal status of DEFCON 5, to DEFCON 3. The moderators of the privately owned Defcon Warning Systems site are not quick to draw their guns, and are very conservative when it comes to changing the site’s alert status.

Twitter exploded with tweets regarding a ‘skirmish’ that was taking place in the Arctic between Russia and the United States. They mentioned not only this battle taking place, but listeners heard American pilots crying about “Heavy Losses”.

This new SVR report, with only a slight glance, refers to this massive Arctic “sky battle” by simply noting that a “gross provocation” of the Federation by the Obama regime did lead to “loss of life” and was what led to the 16 March Obama order to launch a nuclear first-strike against Russia and was undoubtedly a deliberate “provocation for war”.

And as Captain Cole was arrested on 17 March for her failure to launch this nuclear first-strike (and hasn’t been heard from or seen since), this report continues, General Pittard is now, likewise, under attack for his role in preventing World War III.

Though still listed on the US Army’s official website as being the Deputy Commanding General – Operations US Army Central (USARCENT) Coalition Forces Land Component Command (CFLCC) stationed in Kuwait, SVR intelligence analysts in this report note, the Washington Post News Service is reporting today that he was, in fact, recalled to Washington D.C. in April, 2015, a few weeks after Captain Cole’s arrest, and is currently existing under threat of prosecution/demotion for “made up” crimes and is now having his impeccable reputation slandered by the Obama regimes propaganda press.

As the outright killing of one of America’s top generals would not be acceptable, this report concludes, General Pittard appears to be facing being suicided by the Obama regime…and as best exampled by the Clinton’s regime suiciding of the US Navy’s top officer, Admiral Jeremy Boorda, who in 1996, after he discovered the plans for the 11 September 2001 attacks being made and informed Israel, was suicided with the excuse being that he was humiliated by the press because he wore the wrong ribbon on his uniform.

Sorcha Faal

Hollywood blockbusters and the CIA’s influence on producers, directors and screen writers

An article found on The//Intercept, which focuses on the stories of Intelligence whistle-blowers like Edward Snowden, goes into background of the making of the blockbuster movie, “Zero Dark Thirty,” which grossed $132,820,716 after it was released on December 19, 2012.

cia-tortureEssentially, the message of the film was that Bin Laden was captured due to the effectiveness of torture on Bin Laden’s known associates, but it was really a CIA propaganda film to justify the violation of Geneva Convention rules of war which for decades had been the standard for prisoner treatment. A sort of brake on man’s inhumanity to man.

The use of torture has been determined by experts in and out of the military as an ineffective method of intelligence gathering. In fact, the Senate Intelligence Committee, headed by Senator Diane Feinstein, (of whom I am not a fan due to her personal ties to corporate interests), concluded after an almost five-year investigation that intelligence garnered by torture was totally unreliable and only served to strengthen the resolve of terrorist groups to continue their activities.

As recently as early May of this year (2015), investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh, discovered federal documents that the story of the Bin Laden raid and his assassination was based on lies and intentional deception on the part of the Obama Administration.

Add to this that Seal Team Six died in a freak helicopter crash after the raid on the supposed Bin Laden compound. Add that that is the opinion of numerous European leaders that Bin Laden died in 2002 due to kidney failure. Obama told us Bin Laden’s body was buried at sea per Islamic tradition. First of all being buried at sea is not an Islamic tradition and why give America’s greatest enemy a ritual burial like the Viking burial of a king?. Something very fishy here, pun really intended.

So what is the truth? It is obvious that it does not come from governments, foreign or domestic.

Author Comment:

The CIA has been a rogue agency for decades. It has been strongly suggested by many expert researchers that the CIA played a major role in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The CIA has been the most vocal federal agency in delaying the National Archive records being released concerning the assassination of Kennedy. Why?

Perhaps it’s because approximately 1/3 of the over 3,600 documents relating to the JFK assassination are secret internal documents belonging to the CIA. Now a “document” could be over 100 pages, so the amount of documented, previously secret information could number over 50,000 pages of information just for the CIA alone.

Below is an interview that discusses the more than 50-year moratorium on the release of the JFK assassination records.

Why hide this information if Oswald was the sole culprit? It would appear the conclusion  of a single shooter by the Warren Commission was a lie and there was a government conspiracy to assassinate a popular president who would not play ball with the globalists, the intelligence agencies and corporate interests.

Prominent among the suspected conspirators were the Bush family and their Nazi banking associates (grandfather Prescott Bush was a known Nazi sympathizer and supporter). Photographs of the people present in Dealey Plaza where Kennedy was shot show a suited, tall gentleman who looks exactly like George H.W. Bush.

Remember, Herbert Walker Bush (GW’s and Jeb’s father) was Director of the CIA for several years before becoming vice president under Ronald Reagan and ultimately President of the United States. It was George Herbert Walker Bush who introduced us to the concept of a New World Order in a campaign speech for a second term which he failed to get.

If you have any doubt that George H.W. Bush is a psychopathic control freak (who is also a pedophile), research Chip Tatum, a former CIA assassin who saw the light.

Here is the official trailer for the movie “Zero Dark Thirty.


Why has the United States become an enabler for terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda and ISIS? What’s the real agenda?


The Benghazi scandal, hidden email records not accessible to the public, the Clinton Foundation scandal that involves failure to disclose the receipt and use of funds, yet Hillary Clinton claims to be totally transparent and should be elected president. Why? She’s a woman and the glass ceiling must be broken. Obama is a Black person and has he improved the status of the Black community? I think not.

The following story which appeared in Infowars.com on May 18, 2015 was written by someone I consider to be one of their best writers and researchers, Steve Watson, While Mr. Watson was only reporting on the discovery by Judicial Watch of documents through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that pulls the veil on what really happened at Benghazi,  it nonetheless will get little attention by the mainstream media because they are a highly censored, corporate and government controlled medium – no longer a free and independent press, if Brian Williams and George Stephanopoulos  are any indication.  (Williams lied about his war correspondence experience and Stephanopoulos  failed to report his almost million dollar contribution to the Clinton’s supposedly charitable foundation, now under scrutiny. He was Bill Clinton’s former speech writer.)

What it clearly shows is that the United States, in its desire to destroy the al Assad regime in Syria, was funneling arms and ammunition from Libya, through Turkey and ultimately into the hands of ISIS. It also clearly shows that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama knew about the planned attack and allowed it to happen to cover their illegal support of a terrorist organization.

The State Department went as far as to describe the attack as a spontaneous reaction by Libyans to an anti-Muslim video, knowing fully at the time it was a total deception. Yet another example of the lies and spin coming out of Washington D.C., particularly the Obama regime.

You be the judge.


Administration knew about gun running, knew attack was planned, not spontaneous, knew rise of ISIS was a threat

by Steve Watson, Infowars, May 18, 2015

Judicial Watch has obtained and released documents today that conclusively prove that the Obama administration lied and engaged in spin over the Benghazi attack on the US consulate on September 11, 2012.

Fox News reported on the documents, obtained via FOIA request, noting that they reveal three key facts.

  1. The US had full knowledge of gun running from Benghazi to Syria before the attack.
  2. The Obama government knew shortly after the fact that the attack was planned at least 10 days in advance, deliberately to coincide with 9/11, and was in retaliation for a drone strike that killed an Al Qaeda strategist.
  3. The rise of ISIS and the establishment of a caliphate was predicted by US intelligence in 2012.

The three facts are key, because they reveal that the Obama administration lied and deliberately attempted to spin the facts concerning the Benghazi attack, during which four Americans were murdered.

“The Obama administration says it was a coincidence that [the Benghazi attack] occurred on 9/11. In fact, their intelligence said it wasn’t a coincidence, and in fact, specifically the attack occurred because it was 9/11,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said.

A Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) memo dated Sept. 16, 2012, and shared with the National Security Council, the State Department and the CIA, stated that “The intention was to attack the consulate and to kill as many Americans as possible to seek revenge for the [U.S.] killing of Aboyahiye (Alaliby) in Pakistan and in memorial of the 11 September 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center buildings.”

Despite this knowledge, the President and countless administration officials lied and said that the attack was a spontaneous response to a viral YouTube video about the Prophet Muhammad.

Another DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) memo from around the same time predicted the rise of radical militants who would eventually form ISIS. This information was disseminated in intelligence circles almost a year and a half before Obama played down the extremist threat, referring to ISIS as the “jay-vee” squad – (meaning they were insignificant and not worth worrying about – Independence Day editor edits).

A third DIA memo, dated Oct. 5, 2012, conclusively proves US intelligence agencies were fully aware weapons were being transferred from Libya to Syria before the attack, a fact that Hillary Clinton denied having any knowledge of under oath.

Clinton was questioned by Senator Rand Paul about the gun running program in January 2013, more than three months after the DIA memo was issued.

Clinton told Paul “I do not know. I don’t have any information on that.” when Paul, rightly as it turns out, accused the Obama administration of running guns to Syrian rebels.

Yesterday, Paul again repeated sentiments that Clinton’s role in Benghazi attack should “forever preclude her” from running for the presidency.

As highlighted in the Fox News piece, former CIA Director Mike Morell recently dodged questions about the gun running, saying he “Can’t talk about it,” but suggesting that CIA agents were tracking the movement of weapons, and that the US government was supporting the program.


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.com and Prisonplanet.com. He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.

Text-to-speech function is limited to 100 characters

What in the world is going on?

This is a summary of recent alternative news articles as it is impossible for me to cover everything I would like to share with you. Just click on the link if the topic interests you.


Editor Opinion: This is another indication of Obama’s character, a chronic liar.

A Russian intelligence source states this paramilitary organization is Obama’s attempt to create a national police force (Nazi-style SS) that now numbers 100,000.

Is Jade Helm 15 a military exercise to protect Americans in case of invasion or a martial law rehearsal to destroy America and create a new world order?

The following interview of Dave Hodges, a popular and controversial talk show host, is conducted by Sheila Zlinsky, an equally popular and outspoken activist. Here are some topic highlights from this rather scary interview.

  • Obama’s Background: The history of an African Communist family
  • What is the real connection between the radical Weathermen Underground (and Bill Ayers, its founder) and Obama?
  • The connection of the Jarrett family (Valerie Jarrett is Obama’s most trusted political advisor) to the Weathermen Underground and how Timothy Geithner, the former Secretary of the Treasury (architect of the Great Depression and bank’s bailout), is related to the CIA’s MK Ultra mind control program and Barack Obama
  • How already identified dissidents (journalists, congressmen, veterans against war, etc.) will be rounded up just before martial law goes into effect. It’s called an extraction drill.

NSA has done it’s job of identifying anyone who criticizes the government. Did you know that anyone one who owns a motorcycle is automatically included in a FBI database as a potential terrorist? That includes doctors, lawyers and accountants who ride a Harley. Hey, I used to own a Yamaha 370, do you think?


Valentina Lisitsa is a virtuoso concert pianist and not afraid to speak her mind


Valentina Lisitsa, pianist, born in the Ukraine currently under pressure to restrict her political views.

Valentina Lisitsa is an Ukrainian-born virtuoso pianist.

As talented as she is beautiful, she has played at major and prestigious concert halls throughout the world; however, Lisitsa now finds herself in an international controversy due to what some “establishment-types” consider “offense political comments” she made on her Twitter page. It was apparently so disturbing to Canada’s Toronto Symphony Orchestra board of directors that they cancelled all her scheduled performances. Ouch!

I should note that more and more the citizens of the world are we losing their freedom of speech and suffering reprisals for speaking their minds. If it is not in line with prevailing political thought it is considered inappropriate, unpatriotic and almost illegal. Canada is no exception. As a political puppet of the former British Empire, it still maintains its loyalty to the British Crown and, of course, their “Western Allies” which include the United States, another puppet of your majesty. For additional perspective on Canada’s rising oligarchical rule see, “The New World Order is making its move – some are fighting back.”

So what was so offensive that the Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO – sounds like TSA, No? Yes?) decided to cancel Valentina Lisitsa’s scheduled concerts? She merely stated that there were two sides to the current Ukrainian crisis and that the Ukrainian government’s disregard for the safety of the Eastern Ukrainian people caught in the middle of a war between pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian forces was unacceptable and would not easily be simply labeled as unavoidable “collateral damage.”

If you have followed my posts regarding the Ukrainian conflict you will know that the recent coup that replaced the previously Russian-allied government of Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych with the more pro-NATO/Western Allies government headed by Arseniy Yatsenyuk was supported by the United States which provided armaments, even jets to the Kiev headquartered government of the Ukraine.

The Ukraine was formerly part of the Soviet Union (see “The beginning of World War III? Ukraine pits U.S. against Russia”) and many still identify with the Russian culture and speak the Russian language as opposed to the native Ukrainian dialect. As a country divided culturally and politically, it was bound to have its conflicts and possibly a civil war, but as many political observers note, what business is it of the Western powers, specifically the United States, to interfere with what essentially is a family matter?

I will go a step further and suggest it is the U.S. through its clandestine CIA that goes around fomenting civil unrest to dispose legitimately elected governments due to its desire to control resources and put into place governments that support U.S. policies.

So why is the Ukraine so important to U.S. strategic purposes?

Let me try and explain. The United States and its global partners which include England, Canada, some NATO countries (although Germany and Spain, important European Union members, are starting to move away from the dangerous and aggressive stance of the United States and NATO allied countries), want desperately to punish and isolate Russia.

Putin has politically outmaneuvered many of his enemies and this angers the Western Block to the point of total frustration and stuttering, if not saliva spitting.

The new BRIC economic banking network which Russia, China, Brazil and several African countries have formed have put into peril the control the International Monetary Fund (the IMF), the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and the World Bank’s hold over the emerging and Third World countries. These financial institutions are the equivalent of mafia-style loan sharks who will kill you as soon as look at you. This tactic by the U.S. led international banks is well documented by John Perkins’ “Confessions of an economic hitman.”

Just as JFK did not want Russian missiles in Cuba during the Cold War which brought us to to brink of nuclear disaster, neither does Russia’s Putin does not want U.S. missiles positioned across its immediate border, within the Ukraine.

The other issues that complicate the standoff in the Ukraine are the oil routes which Russia depends on to service its European customers, and the desire of the United States to control the Middle East oil reserves as well as Israel which has become the one that bites the hand that feeds it. There is no lost love between Obama and Netanyahu and “Bibi” is more popular among Congress members than is Barry Soetero, aka Barack Obama. The Congressional invitation for Netanyahu to address congress and the undermining of  Obama’s attempt to negotiate a nuclear treaty with Iran (with which I totally disagree) are glaring examples of how this regional conflict could escalate into World War III. The final bell has rung and both fighters need a knockout to win; however, in this case a knockout is a preemptive nuclear strike.

So as not to lose the focus of this post, Valentina Listsa is no one’s fool. She has called a spade a spade and the powers that be do not like it. Their rebuttal? Pressure the Toronto Symphony Orchestra to ostracize Listsa for her opposition to the creation of the New World Order that requires the subjugation of Russia and its former satellite nations.

So I say, “You go, Valentina!” I am going to buy some of your music and listen to it’s delicate delivery even as the world goes to hell in a hand basket!

“In the space of five years she has gone from almost quitting the business to being one of the Internet’s most watched classical musicians, dubbed ‘the Justin Bieber of the classical world’ for the reported 43 million visitors to her YouTube channel.”  The UK Telegraph.

Truth and Consequence: We know the truth but where is the consequence?


The world has changed drastically since 9/11 but the the worst change is that politicians have found the new fears to be a solid platform for attempting to take away the rights of American citizens in the name of security.


In the video below, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange.org is seen interviewing congressmen Walter Jones and Thomas Massie on releasing the 28 classified pages from the 9/11 Report, the result of an investigation by Congress that has been stifled by both the Bush and Obama administrations for the past 10 years. The report actually proves who sponsored the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York.


Immediately after 9/11, dozens of Saudi royals and members of the bin Laden family fled the U.S. on 6 chartered airplanes in a secret airlift authorized by the Bush White House even though all air traffic had been halted by the FBI. According to Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, The planes were chartered by either the Saudi Royal Family or Osama Bin Laden himself.

Those who have read the report, and its missing classified 28 pages, say it identifies Saudi Arabia and elements within al Qaeda as responsible for 9/11.

Since the Bush family had close personal and business ties with the Saudi Royal Family it implies prior knowledge by certain Washington insiders that might have gone as high as the Office of the President and certainly the Neoconservatives that dominated the global politics of Washington during the Bush Administration. Given that, why did George W. Bush decide to invade Iraq and why are we fighting in Afghanistan today?

Release of these critical, previously redacted 28 pages, could implicate many high level officials and puts into question the legitimacy of the war on terror and the subsequent invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

Watch Amy Goodman of Democracy Now call for accountability at a recent discussion on The Bush Doctrine and Combating Terrorism.


The final battle for the heart and soul of America has begun

1AHere’s a bit of advice. What I am about to tell you, in addition to other tidbits of information I have shared in the past, can only be obtained from alternative news media. There are all kinds of alternative sources for news besides the alphabet soup networks and New York Times, and by that I don’t mean the rants of angry middle aged men and sensitive housewives who decide to start a blog (I include myself in that category), yet may God bless them for spreading the word far and wide, but there are also scholarly works requiring years of research and analysis.

Glenn Greenwald, and his fellow journalists, recently started an online newsletter appropriately named The Intercept. Greenwald, as you may know, is the eloquent and courageous journalist that helped distribute the Snowden files which rocked the Intelligence community and put the globalists against the wall, at least momentarily. Other popular alternative media sources include Huffington Post, Veterans Today, Drudge Report, Boiling Frogs, ProPublica, Democracy Now, The Nation, Infowars, Activist Post, Common Dreams, Underground World News, Rolling Stone Magazine online and hundreds if not thousands other sources. All good, well researched, and the only portals to the truth that the mainstream media can’t, won’t, and isn’t allowed to tell you. It’s not all conspiracy theory dearest, much of it is conspiracy fact. The world is not as it seems, at least not as seen through the lense of the no-longer free and independent mainstream media.

O.K. here is the latest.

At the End of Our Time

The final elements for a coming civic war in the United States and subsequent martial law are being placed into motion this coming year. Two clear signs, although there are others, are the 1) federalization of local police in major U.S. cities, starting with Minneapolis, Fort Worth, Pittsburgh, Stockton, Birmingham and Gary, IN, all plagued by racial tensions; and 2) planned military exercises in the Southwest, specifically, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado with the sole purpose of training a select group of Army Green Berets, Navy Seals, Marine Special Operations Command, the 82nd Airborne Division, DEA and FBI in the fine art of what they call “mastering the human domain,” a coded phrase for civilian control under martial law. These particular states were chosen, in part, due to their independent nature and mistrust of Obama’s policies, but also for their strategically central location in the Continental United States.

(JS Note: Here’s an update on the number of states included in the planned military exercises – Daboo77).

Obama will occasionally do something to keep his liberal base happy (hopelessly romantic Democrats and Progressives), but it is never anything of substance and his track record is one of selective enforcement of the law. Laws are meaningless if not enforced.

His job is, and has been, the subjugation of the American spirit and independence, thus fulfilling the desired goal of the radical Muslim Brotherhood (which are many in and around the White House). In essence, he has appointed radical jihadist to his cabinet.

I will tell you what few have yet deduced. Barack Hussein Obama, the Manchurian Candidate, was placed into office with the help of the globalists, New World Order advocates and corporate elite (one and the same), but his secret is that he is really a radical Muslim at heart (if you have studied his family history and associations in college and later, you will know this) which is why the globalists have begun to criticize him and why the Republican Party continues to be a thorn in his side. He will either be assassinated by his mentors or he will start World War III and establish himself as king and guardian of the world – a Muslim world. He has been totally underestimated by everyone. In either case, the powers that be will be sure to appoint the next president through no choice of the American people.

Video source: https://www.youtube.com/user/Dahboo777


World domination under the guise of national security

A military operation gone bad in the Philippines left 44 police officers, 18 members of the Islamic community and numerous civilians dead. The culprit? The United States government in collusion with the highly unpopular president of the Philippines, Benigno Aquino III.

Countries that are a priority for intervention under Obama's new plan

Countries that are a priority for intervention under Obama’s new plan

Apparently, the U.S. has decided that it has the right to take its false war on terror anywhere in the world. There is no judge or jury, just killings of “suspects.” Well, the congress in the Philippines and its people are outraged as many have raised questions about the U.S. role in the operation, in a country with a long history of U.S. military domination—and grassroots resistance. The U.S. has denied any direct involvement in the operation.

The failed operation took place in January of this year in the Mamasapano municipality in the southern Philippines and was aimed at arresting two alleged terror suspects with U.S. bounties on their heads. One of the suspects, Zulkifli bin Hir, was killed, but at a high price in innocent lives.

The people in the Philippines are demanding the ouster of their president and U.S. meddling in their government's activities.

The people in the Philippines are demanding the ouster of their president and that the U.S. stop meddling in their country’s affairs.

Contradicting prior U.S. claims, a Philippine government investigation released Tuesday in Manila suggests that the U.S. secretly had a hand in a failed commando raid in that country that resulted in a bloodbath and set in motion an ongoing political scandal.

This act of interference in matters of sovereignty is consistent with Obama’s previous request to Congress to authorize a three year-period of no geographic limitations on the war on terror ( its called Authorization for Use of Military Force or AUMF). If passed we become like Nazi Germany, only global in reach. It is literally another blank check for military conflict, worldwide.

Philippines ObamaA Philippines news outlet listed the casualties and demanded the government provide financial support for the grieving families for the rest of their lives.

These are the names of the fallen soldiers who fought against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and lost their lives. Body counts don’t do them justice.

1. Sr. Insp. Ryan Ballesteros Pabalinas
2. Sr. Insp. John Garry Alcantara Erana
3. Sr. Insp. Max Jim Ramirez Tria
4. Sr. Insp. Cyrus Paleyan Anniban
5. Sr. Insp. Gednat G. Tabdi
6. Insp. Joey Sacristan Gamutan
7. Insp. Rennie Tayrus
8. SPO1 Lover L. Inocencio
9. PO3 Rodrigo F. Acob Jr.
10. PO3 Virgel S. Villanueva

11. PO3 Andres Viernes Duque Jr.
12. PO3 Vitoriano Nacion Acain
13. PO3 Noel Onangey Golocan
14. PO3 Junrel Narvas Kibete
15. PO3 Jed-In Abubakar Asjali
16. PO3 Robert Dommolog Aliaga
17. PO3 John Lloyd Rebammonte Sumbilla
18. PO2 Amman Misuari Esmulla
19. PO2 Peterson I. Carap
20. PO2 Roger C. Cordero

21. PO2 Nicky DC Nacino Jr.
22. PO2 Glenn Berecio Badua
23. PO2 Chum Goc-Ong Agabon
24. PO2 Richelle Salangan Baluga
25. PO2 Noel Nebrida Balaca
26. PO2 Joel Bimidang Dulnuan
27. PO2 Godofredo Basak Cabanlet
28. PO2 Franklin Cadap Danao
29. PO2 Walner Faustino Danao
30. PO2 Jerry Dailay Kayob

31. PO2 Noble Sungay Kiangan
32. PO2 Ephraim G. Mejia
33. PO2 Omar Agacer Nacionales
34. PO2 Rodel Eva Ramacula
35. PO2 Romeo Valles Senin II
36. PO1 Russel Bawaan Bilog
37. PO1 Angel C. Kodiamat
38. PO1 Windell Llano Candano
39. PO1 Loreto Guyab Capinding
40. PO1 Gringo Charag Cayang-o

41. PO1 Romeo Cumanoy Cempron
42. PO1 Mark Lory Orloque Clemencio
43. PO1 Joseph Gumatay Sagonoy
44. PO1 Oliebeth Ligutan Viernes

There is a culture of mistrust and disdain for veterans in the V.A. and in our government

elf hanging

Service members committed suicide during 2012 at a record pace: more than 349 took their own lives across the four branches, according the Department of Defense. This is on top of the 22 per day among veterans which may be more according to a CNN report in November of 2013.

A March 9, 2015 article in the the IndyStar out of Indianapolis Indiana describes how a V.A. hospital manager, Robin Paul, a licensed social worker who manages the hospital’s Seamless Transition Integrated Care Clinic at the Roudebush Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Indianapolis mocked the mental health problems of returning combat veterans in an email to her employees.

The email was accompanied by the following photos:

  • A toy elf hanging himself with a string of Christmas lights with a note saying, “Out of Xanax, please help!”
  • The elf looking between a female doll’s (barbie) legs with a reference to a pap smear test
Robin Paul

Robin Paul

The elf was described as a naughty elf in the STICC clinic but there is little doubt the elf was identified as a veteran patient, a fact that Paul did not deny after being interviewed by the IndyStar reporter responsible for the article. She did apologize but the damage had been done.

Out of XanaxThe article was quickly picked up by numerous alternative news media outlets but to my surprise few if any mainstream newspapers covered the story. I know because I researched the recent articles of both the New York Times, the Washington Post (it did ran the story on 3/10/15 in an obscure section), and San Jose Mercury News for any reference to the story – there were none. I have often made reference to the lack of a free press and the reluctance of the mainstream media in the United States to run anything that would seriously embarrass the current administration.

The only reason Obama recently signed into law the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act was due to the pressure of veterans groups like the American Legion (2.4 million members), the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (400,000 members) which are relentless about serving our nation’s veterans. However, if you study that bill/law you find it is to “study and research” viable alternatives to preventing suicide among our veterans, establish a resource website and hire a VA Suicide Director. It provides little to no direct services to veterans suffering from PTSD. Again, just another layer of bureaucracy and little of substance for the troops on the ground.

If you have had any experience in politics, you know that to study or send a proposed piece of legislation to committee really means, ‘we’re not serious about doing anything right now, but to satisfy your concerns we are going to study it. Oh by the way, be sure to go to our new website’.

(Editor’s Note: There were some errors in the statistics provided in the first article dated 3/9/15 which have since been corrected in this article.)

Veterans account for 1 out of 5 suicides nationally although they represent only 10% of the population. The estimate for veterans is often quoted as being 22 veteran suicides per day but may be higher according to a recent CNN report. On top of this alarming rate is the suicide rate among existing service members, that is, active duty personnel currently in the military, all four branches. In 2012 there were 349 suicides according to the Department of Defense. More than half of the suicides and apparent suicides were among Army personnel.

Obama, put your money (really our money) where your mouth is. Just quadruple the number of psychiatrists at V.A. hospitals and establish a month long program for all returning war veterans so they can better re-adjust to civilian life. Better yet, guarantee a job for all returning veteran just like FDR did with the American people during the Great Depression (1929-39) where between 13 and 15 million were unemployed. Asking the private sector to voluntarily hire veterans is like asking a rich, profit motivated, ambitious person to make friends with a homeless person. It just won’t happen.

In a recent post you may have read my criticisms of President Obama for not having the courage to really do something substantive about our V.A. medical system. One observation I made is that his recent appointment of Robert McDonald as Secretary of Veteran Affairs, a cabinet level position is purely political not remedial. McDonald did serve in the Army for one tour of duty but his claim to fame was as CEO of Proctor and Gamble for several years. McDonald as it turns out lied about firing those directly responsible for the inefficiencies in medical treatment of veterans. He also lied about having served in Special Forces to a homeless man which was caught on camera by a CBS reporter. Nonetheless President Obama continues to support McDonald in light of various veterans groups calling for his ouster. See my post about Fukushima which elaborates on the military’s lack of concern for its service members and VA Secretary Mcdonald’s pattern of lies and misrepresentations.

The military does not like veterans claiming PTSD as a disability and all too many service members know that to request psychiatric help is a obstacle to a career and promotion within the military. Now the rich and famous in all fields have their private psychiatrists and that’s O.K., but for Johnny America who was exposed to the ravages and immorality of war, who may have returned without limb(s) and with major emotional trauma, well he is denied those services. All veterans and returning soldiers need is a supported transition period from military to civilian life, a job and a government that will not shut the door in their face.

Did you know that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Obama’s DHS, has listed Christians, anti-abortionists, protect-our-borders advocates and veterans as potential terrorists? They call them single-issue antagonists. In the case of veterans they say that returning war veterans who are “radicalized” fit this category. That means that a soldier who criticizes the military’s practices in Iraq and Afghanistan, one who is a conscientious objector, one who joins a veterans advocacy organization is “radicalized.” I guess, by definition I am a potential terrorist for writing this blog and for being a Vietnam veteran. However, in my mind the only domestic terrorists are the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of our government.


The Fukushima catastrophe changed the world


Steve Simmons was honorably discharged from the Navy for medical reasons last June. His complaints began about a year after he returned from Japan when his muscles began to fail and his hair began falling out by the handful. Four years ago, he competed in triathlons and hiked in the mountains. Now, he can no longer walk — and nobody can tell him why.

Germany’s SPIEGEL, a well respected and still a relatively free press, ran a story on the aftermath of Fukushima on American soldiers and sailors who were exposed to radiation during the Fukushima disaster. I say free press as the mainstream media in the United States is reluctant to run stories critical of the Obama administration. In Europe the Guardian of the UK and Spiegel are two notable examples of a free press that gives no quarter.

I dare say, the deference the New York Times and the Washington Post show the White House does not have anything to do with their admiration of Obama’s policies or executive prowess, but more to do with their fear of retaliation. If you follow the television series, House of Cards with Kevin Spacey, you’ll know what I mean.

The White House has no reluctance in calling major network news outlets asking that they not run a story or balance the criticism with their version of the story which more often than not for this administration, is a coverup.

A crew of 4,500 men and women, who served on the USS Ronald Reagan on March 11, 2011, the day the worst nuclear meltdown in history took place on the east coast of Japan, were exposed to almost lethal doses of radiation and the Navy refuses to accept the responsibility.  The USS Ronald Reagan was on its way to South Korea but when the news broke that Fukushima had blown, they were diverted to a humanitarian mission named Tomodachi which in Japanese means “friends.”


In March of 2011, the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan rushed to Japan to help after the disastrous tsunami. Since then, many sailors from that ship have fallen ill, possibly as a result of exposure to radiation from the Fukushima nuclear meltdown. They will soon have their day in court. Note that these sailors are not wearing radiation protection suits as they scrub the contaminants from the deck.


Here are the highlights:

  • Twice as much radioactive material was released as during the Chernobyl accident in 1986.
  • The disaster drove 150,000 people from their towns and villages, poisoned entire landscapes for centuries and killed hundreds of thousands of farm animals.
  • It also led countries around the world to rethink their usage of nuclear energy. Nuclear plants are in a state of disrepair worldwide and too close to population centers or fault lines particularly in the United States.

I should note that the damage to Japan’s fishing industry and the population centers surrounding the nuclear reactor is but a small portion of the damage this event has and will continue to have on countries halfway around the world. For more information about the “Wigner Effect” go to my post,  Fukushima’s “Dust of Death” is blanketing the world.

Essentially, the radiation is affecting commercial aircraft that fly into the westerly winds from Japan affecting vulnerable metal parts, electrical systems and plastic compounds found on all aircraft and scientists suspect that the recent rash of crashes, pilot illnesses and mishaps are the result of the radiation that is continuing to spread, initially within the United States and Canada, but increases in radiation have been recorded as far as Europe. Fukushima has not been capped and continues to spew its plutonium poison into the atmosphere and oceans. Here’s a tip: Don’s eat fish or drink milk anymore.

The Spiegel article focused on Petty Officer Leticia Morales who, along with dozens of other soldiers had her thyroid gland removed due to the toxic radiation but the Navy will not admit to that. Here is an excerpt from the story.

“It has been a painful experience, and not just because of the poor state of her health. It has also put her into conflict with her deepest convictions. The military she serves has told her that her mission on the coast of Japan was not dangerous to her health, but she is sick all the same. Morales joined the Navy when she was 19-years-old to give her life structure and a purpose, as she says. She spent a significant chunk of her youth in homes and at foster families because her mother was not able to care for her and her siblings. She only got to know her father as a grown woman. After joining, she went to basic training in the Nevada desert and then headed out onto the water.”

The United States government spares no cost to build and deploy hi tech weapons, fighter planes and military vessels and, in an instant, is ready to send our sons and daughter to war and harms way, but when it comes to the medical treatment of its “finest,” it finds reasons not to accept responsibility and provide the necessary treatment as veterans have discovered in the V.A. Medical Center systems across the United States. First the process of applying for benefits is complex, discouraging and may take up to a couple of years before approval. Once approved, waiting times for treatment is much too long as the recent scandals have revealed.

Obama recently accepted the resignation of former V.A. Secretary, retired U.S. Army general, Eric Shinseki because of his inability to rectify the long standing problems of meeting veterans medical needs and appointed Robert McDonald, who was an Army Captain after which he served as CEO of Proctor and Gamble.

Robert McDonald served in the Army for only five years but had an extensive career as an executive for Proctor and Gamble, from 1980 to 2013. He did not see any combat, misrepresents himself and  achievements.

Robert McDonald served in the Army for only five years but had an extensive career as an executive for Proctor and Gamble, from 1980 to 2013. He did not see any combat, misrepresents himself and achievements.

While he made several well received promises to Congress during his Senate Confirmation Hearings its seems Mr. McDonald is a liar.

On a February 15, 2015 airing of Meet the Press, McDonald claimed that 60 Veterans Affairs employees had been fired due to the VA’s wait time scandal. Later, he backtracked and clarified it was only 8 employees that lost their jobs.

On February 23, 2015, McDonald admitted he misspoke to a homeless veteran on January 30, 2015 about his serving in the U.S. Army special forces, a conversation that was recorded by a CBS television news crew accompanying him during a nationwide count of homeless veterans. “I have no excuse, I was not in the special forces” he told The Huffington Post, which first broke the story. The Huffington Post reported that “special operations forces” includes the Army Rangers and that McDonald had not served in a special forces unit. He had completed a Army Ranger course in survival but that was all.

Well, here again is a President who rewards corporate sector employees at the expense of American soldiers. Hell, even I could do a better job than those politicos who are more concerned with public relations than protecting our troops. I think it is time for Obama to take full responsibility and resign. He doesn’t even salute properly and in my opinion mocks the honor of our brave men and women in their service to our country.


Whistleblowers that work in Intelligence or journalists who report on government surveillance will be hunted down

All it takes is one solitary citizen to light the spark of moral conviction that changes the world

9-1 a

Edward Snowden was immediately hunted and would have been arrested had he not left the country seeking asylum, but executives within Wall Street and CEO’s of money lending institutions, to this day are still not the subject of criminal prosecution for the abuses during the Great Recession of 2007-2008.

Most of you, upon hearing that our government is either negligent, corrupt or ineffective will say, “Tsktsk!” reflecting your disapproval,” or even go as far as saying, “Those bastards! They’re at it again.” Yet few of you will pick up the phone to call your congressman, or write a letter to President Obama telling him to get off his ass and keep all those promises he made, or boycott a company that is producing a product that is harmful. Sign a petition or join a picket line? Ya right!

We are just not made to deviate from the pack or are we? If you have watched movies like “Hunger Games,” “Divergent,” or “Equilibrium” you see yourselves reflected in the mindless, compliant, fearful people who would rather stay out of mind and out of harm’s way. It is the defiant, courageous leader, like Michael York in the 1977 futuristic movie, “Logan’s Run,” that leads the people back to the surface and to independence from controllers who determine everything, even your own life span. Yet history belies this stereotype.

I browse the Internet daily for interesting topics to cover in my posts and subsequently research in-depth the items I choose to present; one, to make sure there seems to be some validity to the story and secondly, because I hope to wake-up my audience to do something, anything, not just be that mindless, complaint, fearful citizen that waits for others to take up their cause like the superheroes in the Avenger movies. Here’s one view of the potential for change that might surprise you.


One spark can start a firestorm of change

One individual can change the world. It is not an army of resistance fighters, or one brave leader who sacrifices his life for the cause, no, it is just one, solitary, concerned citizen that can make the difference. Heroes are made not born. As a Marine war veteran I know from experience that courage comes unexpectedly and from within. It is the danger you face that guides your actions not your status or rank.

Democracy was born because its time had come. The world was ready to accept a different way of governance and one individual stood up from the crowd and said, “Let’s do this!” and the spark caught fire, spread across the countryside, through the valleys and mountain tops and across the world. Yes, my dear friend, you can be that spark.

Here is a documentary by Robert Greenwald, founder and president of Brave New Films (BNF), who is an award-winning television, feature film and documentary filmmaker. The film is about whistleblowers, ordinary people who loved their country but through an act of moral conviction told truth to the powers that be. Edward Snowden did not intend to be an international infamous or famous whistleblower (depending on your view) as it was his choice to work in the field of Intelligence, but what he found he could not keep to himself. He felt that you and I needed to know that our privacy was being violated.

I am of the firm opinion that David Carr along with other brave journalists before him was murdered by the Obama Administration.

I am of the firm opinion that David Carr, along with other brave journalists before him, was murdered by the Obama Administration.

As you watch the film you will also notice that David Carr, an award winning New York Times journalist (he was also a contributing writer for The Atlantic Monthly and New York Magazine) is interviewed about the plight of the whistleblower and you should be aware that he was one of three journalists who mysteriously died a few weeks ago, in his case the day after he featured Edward Snowden and two other journalists who brought Snowden’s story to the world. Carr had publicly lauded Snowden for his courageous act. Hours before he died, David Carr hosted a panel with Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald and film director Laura Poitras who produced the Academy Award winning documentary, CITIZENFOUR, the story about Edward Snowden.

You can read that story in my post, Three award-winning journalists died within 24 hours of each other. All three had a connection: They were investigating the truth behind 9/11.

I have supported Mr. Geenwald’s efforts in bringing the truth to the American public and I hope you will do likewise. If you can’t support his work with a donation, at least watch this video and drop him a line. He would very much appreciate it.

Below is a short minute and a half clip on the documentary, “CITIZENFOUR.” Show your support by buying a ticket when it arrives at your local theaters.


Obama cries as he bids farewell to Eric Holder

Obama and Holder

Obama and Holder

Last Friday, February 27, 2015, Obama cried as he bid farewell to Attorney General Eric Holder his “friend” and loyal supporter.

He said, “Having good men in a position of power and authority, who are willing to fight for what is right, that is a rare thing, a powerful thing. That’s something that shapes our future in ways we don’t even understand, we don’t always imagine. It made me very proud.”

holder1Apparently what is right is prosecuting more whistle blowers than all previous attorney generals combined; the Fast and Furious scandal which allowed thousands of guns to be smuggled from the United States to the drug cartels in Mexico; for lying to Congress and withholding subpoenaed documents; for failing to prosecute the CEOs of any financial institution for illegal bank practices during the Great Recession of 2007-2008, calling them too big to fail; defending the NSA’s vacuuming up of all of our phone calls, and the mass surveillance of us on the Internet, invoking the doctrine of “State Secrets” to get away with it; and disproportionately hiring more Democrats than Republicans as U.S. Attorneys.

If I was a mafia boss, I would cry too if I lost my best consigliere.


Endless war?

Afghanistan, Syria, wherever Isis goes,Obama goes. Photo illustration: DonkeyHotey / Flickr via Creative Commons

Afghanistan, Syria, wherever Isis goes Obama goes. Photo illustration: DonkeyHotey / Flickr via Creative Commons

President Obama has sent Congress a formal request to authorize military force against the Islamic Caliphate six months after the U.S. began bombing Iraq and Syria in an attempt to push back the advances of the so-called terrorist group, ISIS.

That’s like asking the principal’s permission to fight an ethnically different kid in the schoolyard but the fight actually took place yesterday and you didn’t do very good so now you are asking the school administration for help to make sure you don’t lose the fight tomorrow or the next day. That would be embarrassing since you are suppose to be unbeatable, at least that what you tell your friends. No matter that the U.S. funds ISIS through back channels which means this whole thing is an elaborate hoax to create an atmosphere of fear and panic thus making it easier for you to sell weapons and security systems to other nations (like computer systems with “back doors” to facilitate surveillance), not to mention the taking of our personal liberties, one by one, starting with gun control.

Don’t believe it? Watch me prove it in a subsequent post.

The resolution Obama submitted to Congress imposes a three-year limit on U.S. operations. (But when have we ever left a country we have invaded? Besides Obama is a compulsive liar.)

The proposal also requests the following:

  • No geographic constraints on military actions.
  • Opens the door for ground combat operations in limited circumstances.
  • Covers military action against the Islamic State as well as “individuals and organizations fighting for, on behalf of, or alongside [ISIS] or any closely-related successor entity in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners.

QueenSnowWhiteSome brown shirts might see this as Obama seeking to include Congress in the decision making process, but like the witch that gave Snow White the poisoned apple, there was something in that offering that would undoubtedly help the evil queen get what she really wanted.

Unlimited geographic constraints? Hum, let me see, what exactly does that mean? Well, that essentially means if Obama thinks ISIS or its “closely related successor” is operating in Ferguson MO, in Brazil, in the Congo or the North Pole, he can just send in U.S. troops. (Must be the limited circumstances clause.) And what does all this talk of successor entities, individuals and organizations fighting for, in behalf or along side ISIS really, really mean? In my view it translates into endless war against an enemy we created. Defense contractors and senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham must also be really happy now.

Now boys and girls, do not complain to your elected representatives as they will not listen to you.  They are too busy listening to the corporate reps (especially weapons manufacturers) that give them large contributions and arrange for perks all year long. Do not protest or write a letter to the editor, as you will only be added to a list of dissenters and be the first to enter a concentration camp near your home after martial law is declared. As a matter of fact, do not even think about it at all, as you have much bigger fish to fry, like betting on the next NFL game or buying that bigger screen TV. Oh ya, you need to get a new smart phone because the one you have is getting dumber, I mean out of date, and you need to look really cool in Starbucks pretending you are buying or selling. Let me see, what else?

Source: Democracy Now

Heads up out there.


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Norman Solomon, executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy and author of several books, including “War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death.” According to Solomon, “The White House policy is explicitly endless, perpetual war.”

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