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Disclosure: A fact, especially a secret, that is made known.

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Thousands of extraterrestrial craft have been shot down by air forces around the world since the initial UFO craft crashed in the deserts of New Mexico in 1947.

Roswell is often mentioned as a singular event, but there were four other sites where ET crash sites were found due to the development of a new experimental radar system at White Sands NM.  The truth of the alien presence on earth has been hidden by world leaders following the lead of the United States, the sole world power after WWII and the demise of the Soviet Union.

At first, the secrecy was maintained until an investigative body (the Majestic 12 committee appointed by Preisident Truman) had determined where they came from, and the purpose for their visits. Later it became an opportunity for the U.S. military industrial complex and the political elite to profit as a result of reverse engineering anti-gravity propulsion systems.  Night vision opticals were the result of studing the ET lenses that covered the eyes of the “greys.” IC’s or integrated circuits were the starting point for our modern day computers. Binary code was also a product of reverse engineering.

What is at issue is, “free” energy for the entire planet, the cure for cancer, HIV and heart conditions, which incidentally is caused by a reduction of the ozone layer (damaging ultraviolet light) and toxic electronic bombardment via computers, mobile phones (5G) and toxic food products as well as and other life-threatening diseases; longevity; and the demise of the fossil fuel industries which destroys the most beautiful and diverse ecological system in the universe.

In essence, we are visited by alien species because we are among the few pristine planets, not yet destroyed by the  onslaught of technology which ignores natural biological evolution in favor of artificial intelligence.  They are trying to learn from us and we from them. How can we avoid the mistakes of the past and the future?

Below is a presentation by a disclosure activist who has studied this phenomenon for decades.


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