Former DNC chairwoman, Donna Brazile, calls Hillary Clinton “a cancer” in the Democratic Party.

Former DNC chairwoman, Donna Brazile, calls Hillary Clinton “a cancer” in the Democratic Party.

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You may recall that Donna Brazile, a high official within the Democratic Party, was caught giving Hillary Clinton’s campaign advance questions to a presidential debate in order to give her an advantage over Trump.  After this, and other improprieties by the then DNC Chairperson,  Debbie Wasserman Schultz, it became clear that Clinton had undue control over the Democratic nomination process, giving Bernie Sander no chance at becoming the party’s nominee, even though many argued that most Democrats and many moderate Republicans wanted Bernie Sanders as their choice. Debbie Wasserman had been a previous coordinator of the Hillary Clinton campaign and once she became DNC Chair had entered into agreements with DNC key officials to give Hillary operational control of the DNC, and its funds. The party at the time was apparently operating in the red and Hillary promised to give the party an undisclosed amount of money in exchange for their total allegiance to her. The majority of the directors of the Democratic National Committee had apparently not known of this back door deal.

It now seems Donna Brazile is revealing the truth behind the 2016 Presidential Elections via her memoirs, “Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House.” In the book, she claims that Hillary was “a cancer” in the democratic process.

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I recall the many mainstream news talk shows in which Brazile staunchly defends Hillary Clinton and attacks the Republican nominee, Donald Trump. I remember thinking, “Oh my God, another store bought minority who licks the boots of the white-controlled political structure.” Don Lemon is another coconut.  As a Black political leader, Brazile was supposed to represent the Black community which was in the midst of a growing confrontation with local law enforcement who were killing young Black youth without proper justification.

If anything, the Democratic Party has betrayed the disenfranchised minorities in America. Instead they allowed themselves to be compromised by big business, big Pharma and foreign interests. There is no one who is the voice and champion of the poor, Black and Latino communities that have suffered discrimination and persecution by the court system, law enforcement and the prison system. I still remember that talk show (Arsenio Hall Show, 1992) where Bill Clinton put on his sunglasses and played an amateurish jazz melody. making him the first “black president” in America. How do you like “dem” apples Obama? You were the second Black president.

In actuality, Bill and Hillary Clinton maneuvered legislation through Congress, “The 3-Strike Law,” that filled the prison system with blacks and other poor minorities. America has never recovered from that modern form of enslavement. The plantation system is still operational. Do you think the greedy Clintons really care about Blacks. Grow up.

Do you know how many blacks and Latinos are serving life sentences for having a baggie of marijuana in their possession? If smoking a joint is a crime then half of all police officers in the United State should also be in jail because they are the worse abusers along with their use of alcohol and domestic violence. They are pyschos selectively enforcing the law in favor of their own and at the expense of the poor.

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