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French freedom of speech?

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The latest reports coming out of France is that 54 people have been arrested for – get this – apologizing for terrorism in
the wake of the shootings at the satirical weekly magazine, Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

Now you may recall millions of French and their supporters filled the streets of Paris about a week ago to 1) laud French freedom of
speech even if the target of their humor was the Muslim prophet Muhammad and 2) to support unity by declaring themselves Jews,
Muslims or “Charlie,” referring to the political satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo.

French comedian Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala, also known as just "Dieudonne", attends a news conference.

French comedian Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala, also known as just “Dieudonne”, attends a news conference.

One notable example of the French government’s new crack-down on free speech was the arrest of controversial French comedian
Dieudonne. His crime? Writing “Je suis Charlie Coulibaly” or translated, “I am Charlie Coulibaly” on his Facebook page. Coulibaly was the name of one of the Paris gunmen. It sounds contradictory, don’t you think? Freedom of speech for one and not the other?

Captured Paris gunman being shot by French authorities.

Captured Paris gunman being shot by French authorities.

Well, perhaps not if you adhere to a growing theory that perhaps the whole incident was pre planned by French factions that want to reduce the influence of Muslims in French society. In case you do not watch French TV or read French newspapers, you should be aware that the French government and a significant number of their population is against the cultural visibility of so many Muslims, particularly women in burkas or hijabs (head veils).

Muslim women are expected to wear head gear hiding their faces.

Muslim women are expected to wear head gear hiding their faces.

The association of terrorism to the Koran or the Muslim faith has stereotyped many moderate Muslims who hate terrorism as much as the next guy. The line between what is terror and freedom of speech has been blurred so much we run the risk of repeating the atrocities of past wars and even genocide.

As to the theory of a false flag or staged attack here are some observations by some alternative media outlets:

  • The picture of world leaders, hand-in-hand leading thousands of Frenchmen appears photo-shopped according to some. No one was able find a street with those characteristics in the part of Paris where the rally took place.
  • The video of the police shooting, point blank, the reclining gunman shows no blood or reaction, something one would expect from an execution style assassination. An AK47 is a powerful weapon yet no splatter, no rounds hitting the pavement, and the typical “second pop” associated with an AK47 is not part of the video’s audio. A blank or other ammo would seen indicated.
  • Benjamin Netanyahu was apparently not intentionally invited to the rally by the French President François Hollande, yet he joined the rally and moved into the front row to been seen as present and supporting the French. Netanyahu has long carried a grudge against the French president for recognizing the Palestinian government.
  • The French newspapers were quick to identify the perpetrators of the attack as ISIS which intentionally or unintentionally are
    attacking enemies of Israel (Syria primarily). So that certainly puts Netanyahu as having vested interest some way. How? Your guess is as good as mine.


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