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Everybody was gunning for Donald Trump in last night’s GOP Debate in Houston Texas including Illuminati kingpin H.W. Bush!

In what will go down in history as a gift from God, H.W. Bush was caught red handed on live television threatening Donald Trump with a satanic throat cut gesture!  This was definitely a gift from God because literally they only showed Bush for a few seconds when he did the death gesture unaware he was on TV!

All mainstream fake news outlets have scrubbed this satanic cut throat gesture from their videos but a patriot captured it on his cell phone from his DVR!

We all know how Barbara Bush has been very vocal about “hating Donald Trump” as they wheeled her out to support drug kingpin Jeb Bush in his failed run for puppet President for the Federal Reserve.  Everybody is against Trump now so we know he’s the one!

Trump is the only one to state he would arrest Bush over 9/11 and put Hillary in prison!  Fox News has been exposed as a mouthpiece for the Jewish mafia and has been bleeding viewers furiously as they ramp up blatant attack after attack on Donald Trump and push their New World Order stooges Rubio and Cruz, although Cruz is still a serious contender!

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