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Its called an ELE or Extinction Level Event.

Earth and comet collisions

That is what a growing number of asteroid and comet observers are predicting will occur during a window of opportunity between September 15 through 28.

According to unofficial sources (agency whistle blowers), a “Super Comet” will hit earth approximately 200 miles off the coast of Venezuela and Brazil.

The comet is approximately 2.5 miles wide and, in fact, was intercepted by the Rosetta Spacecraft on November 11, 2014 when subsequently a lander vehicle set foot on the comet. Earlier in the decade, on March 2, 2004, the European Space Agency had launched the Rosetta Spacecraft aboard an Ariane 5 rocket from Kourou, French Guian. Its mission was to study Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko, a 3 x 5-kilometer wide Jupiter Family Comet that orbits the Sun once every 6.45 years.

My first question upon learning of this near impossible feat was – Why this comet? And did NASA know something then, that would demand an upfront look? Actually landing on the comet?

It is important to note that this comet does not have a stable orbit. When it passes Jupiter, its orbit is modified due to gravitational pull and to date it has not been a NEO or a threatening Near Earth Object, but that may have changed and it is possible that NASA and other space agencies worldwide know its current path and where it will hit in September of this year.

Remember the movie “Impact,” made into a TV mini series? The government did not tell the public until the last minute to avoid panic. Of course in the movie, the danger is averted and everyone is happy but that may be cinema wishful thinking.

The probability that this comet will hit earth, may be why the Jade Helm 15 military exercises, planned to start July 15, 2015 and end September 15, 2015, are being held.

If you have not been following Jade Helm 15 controversy, which are urban training exercises being held across the entire Southwest to include Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California you will not make the connection. These states are within proximity to the area of predicted impact, that is, the Gulf Coast.

It may also be the motivation for Pope Francis’ planned address to the United States Congress and the United Nations in September of this year. No Pope has ever addressed our Congress before. Why now?

Let me do some speculation here and that’s all it is, but it’s based on scientific probabilities from previous impacts in the earth’s history according to scientific interpretation.

A celestial body of that size and speed will cause Tsunamis world wide, but certainly it would devastate the the coastal areas of countries that border the Atlantic Ocean, if comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko hits the earth where predicted (basically, the Caribbean near Puerto Rico).

A future map of the United States
A future map of the United States

Secondly, it will probably trigger earthquakes worldwide (not only due to the impact but to the comet’s gravitational influence) and in the case of the United States it means that two major faults, the New Madrid fault line which runs northeast to southwest across several states, and the San Andreas in California both of which will probably be affected, among other fault lines. I have most of my family in Southern California.

The New Madrid fault line is a 150-mile (240 km) long fault system, extending into five states, stretching southward from Cairo, Illinois; through Hayti, Caruthersville and New Madrid in Missouri; through Blytheville into Marked Tree in Arkansas. It also covers a part of West Tennessee, near Reelfoot Lake, extending southeast into Dyersburg. It is southwest of the Wabash Valley Seismic Zone.

Of course, the San Andreas fault line which divides California vertically, starting in San Francisco and ending in the vicinity of San Bernardino and Riverside may most likely be affected due to its overdue date of plate displacement.

Then there is the Yellowstone Caldera in Montana whose geysers have now become totally unpredictable (Old Faithful is no longer faithful) and is beginning to bulge. During the last five months, station NRWY GPS has recorded about 3.5 inches of lift at Yellowstone. This is just part of the growing concern by seismologist studying Yellowstone. Animal life is beginning to leave Yellowstone.

In line with biblical prophesy, earth change visionaries and others, this means that a major gap may appear in the Midwest, essentially creating a gulf of water that divides the United States. California may become a series of islands like Hawaii or disappear entirely. Hawaii will be devastated,

More importantly, for those that survive the immediate effects of the impact, the infrastructure within the United States with be so damaged that the electrical grid will undoubtedly go down in most places, people will starve due to destroyed transportation routes and the lack of electricity (cash registers and gas stations will not be able dispense and eventually run out), chaos and violence will result (Mad Max), and the economy will no longer be functional. The dollar will be worth 2 cents or less.

It means that those who do not have at least a three to six month supply of food and water will be at risk – an understatement.

Small arms for self-defense and hunting will be essential. Get to know your neighbors for mutual support. During Katrina, the Department of Homeland Security started to go door to door confiscating guns from citizens and, in effect martial law was enforced for New Orleans. Be prepared for this by storing your weapons and food in a safe place and DO NOT give them up!

Could this be why the government has been stockpiling food, ammunition and building underground facilities throughout the United States? We are the last to know. It would be nice to know beforehand, so we could prepare too – Que no?

Did you know that the IRS and Social Security have been stockpiling weapons and ammunition for the past decade? Strange, don’t you think?. Do they think we will attack those federal offices out of anger for screwing us since birth? Well yes!

Additionally, .22 caliber bullets are no longer available to the general public – The government has restricted their availability to families and individuals. Just try and buy some .22’s at your local gun shop and you’ll know what I mean. Try Walmart, but only on Thursdays and there is a waiting line.

You may have also heard of several Walmarts stores closing due to “plumbing problems” and subsequently barbed wire erected around these closed facilities. Many are speculating that they will serve as food and equipment distribution centers for the military. Home Depot and Target stores have also been mentioned as serving the same purpose.

I have embedded three videos, one is more factual in nature showing actual photographs of the comet along with the sounds that the Rosetta Spacecraft recorded, the second is a bit more spiritual and biblical and relates to prophecy and the third is a UFO encounter that involves a warning of a pending asteriod hitting this year.

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Video link:

The following link is a YouTube video about a BBC program about the end days in which September 2015 figures prominently. End Day

This link came from The Mystery of the Iniquity, a very informative Christian website run by Virginia Patrick. If you find the Vatican’s secrecy, UFOs and the coming of End Days interesting you should visit this site.


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