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Knowledge is power only if it is the truth.

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I have authored this blog for nearly three years attempting to identify news stories and issues that might be of interest to my readers. My criteria for the selection of these stories, usually political in nature, has been my own personal objects of interest.  Thus far, the feedback from my readers has been positive and my interpretations and opines on the subject matter presented seem to touch a nerve of relativity and common concern.

But something is wrong and it was not until recently that I was able to put my finger on the dissonance I was experiencing.  It all centers around the methods of communication used in reporting news. For example, news brokers like AP, Reuters, UPI, and Bloomberg News are all brokers of news providing content for a fee or at least common license credit naming the publication, the date published, the writer and a link to its source or URL (Internet address).

You read a newspaper, go online to read a blog or magazine you will often see these news services identified as the originating source and are usually copyrighted. It is not unusual for the same story, word for word, to be transmitted through several news outlets meaning that a news source will take the content from another news source which in turn took that content from another source, ad infinitum,  that is called the “originating” news producer.

So, there is very little original investigative reporting, just a regurgitation of news that may or may not be based on fact and or simply conjecture. Pretty dangerous, don’t you think? Especially, when you consider the current controversy on the existence of “fake news” versus honest, objective journalism.

Why does the media hate Trump? Because he has called their bluff and is not afraid to call a spade a spade, or in this case, a fake news organization no matter the power and influence that organization purports to possess. CNN has seen it readership decline due to the public’s growing awareness that they are totally biased and care not about journalistic ethics.

What the American public is being told is well packaged and controlled by a handful of news corporations that own and control the content of daily programming.

The co-hosts at CBS This Morning on Thursday interviewed a New York Times correspondent on the Wikileaks document release, yet somehow avoided mentioning that this same journalist offered to let the Clinton campaign have “veto” power over what he published. See article, “Shame: CBS Ignores NYT Journalist’s Offer to Let Clinton ‘Veto’ Parts of Story.”

Have you noticed that national broadcasting programs like the Today Show, CBS Evening News, PBS, Entertainment Tonight and many more competing TV news channels, i.e., ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN all seem to cover the same “talking points” every single day as if they all got the same memo about their reporting topics.

These news corporations are approximately six in number and range from General Electric, News Corp., Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS. Another way of looking at this method of communication is 232 media executives control the information diet of 277 million Americans. Considering the total population of the United States is approximately 318.9 million people (2014) that is mucho opportunity for brainwashing.

Their studios all look the same, their sponsors pretty much the same, and the dress styles of their “TV personalities” are like something out of a Sears catalog which to some serves as a mirror of our times, recording for future historians today’s desires, habits, customs, and mode of living. The same cleavage-showing dresses, the same traditional red and blue patriotic ties, and most of all, the same corny, often subtly racists jokes, and ridicule of women’s and men’s competitive natures, as if the turmoil that plagues our workplaces, families, and relationships doesn’t exist for them as perfect examples of what America should be. Give me a break, clones.

Commonly referred to as the “mainstream media” these corporate barons dictate to us what is worth knowing and what we should think about the events of the time. The Alternative News community, of which I am a member, is often at odds with what Rush Limbaugh calls the “drive-by media,” a collection of left-wing dominated news providers like CNN, Fox News, the Washington Post and New York Times who are only concerned with ratings, money generating advertisements and what is politically correct. To hell with what the people want or need, just so long as they keep buying the cheap, inferior products they sponsor.

Wake up man (or woman) and trying thinking on your own for a while. Try not buying junk as well. You could live comfortably with just half of what you spend per month. Mankind and herds of cattle have much in common.


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