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After World War II, both Russia and the United States sought to increase their war technologies but recruiting the Nazi scientists who had worked in Hitler’s rocket programs, their mind control programs and most intriguing of all, the progress they had made in anti-gravity aircraft based on their intimate knowledge of extraterrestrial technology. This transfer of highly sophisticated technologies was termed the “Paperclip” program.

It was the CIA, created by President Truman, that was charged with the mission of studying and developing these advanced technologies. Very early, the Nazi-infiltrated CIA began to shroud the “Black Operations” in total secrecy.

This hidden or “shadow” government is the true power behind the thrones of our legislative, judicial and executive branches of our government, At its core is the CIA who has its own sources of funding, most coming from illicit and illegal activities, i.e., drug, prostitution, human trafficking, pedophilia networks, and political assassinations.


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