Mind Control is real and has been used by the United States government for over 70 years

Mind Control is real and has been used by the United States government for over 70 years

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How Facebook influences your thinking and behavior.

Mind control takes many forms. There is the  medical research that was conducted by Nazi Germany’s Josef Mengale, the “Angel of Death” on programming individuals for the purpose having them become mindless slaves. Then there is the more systemic media form of mind control that involves the control of major media outlets, the infiltration of universities and educational institutions, commercial marketing and advertising, and social media to influence our youth.

The film industry has alluded to its existence through movies such as the “Manchurian Candidate” and the Bourne film series. You need not go far to find futuristic movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu to find science fiction movies that are no longer fiction but reality.

If you use the television set to “baby sit” your children you have already have entrusted the future of your descendants to a well organized propaganda machine that has as it primary mission the creation of a “dumbed-down” slave society. Your school’s curriculum is designed to “brainwash” your child into believing that parents are not responsible for their social and familial values. Instead government programs and mainstream media will guide their development, careers and ultimate purpose.

Child programs all convince the viewer that fathers and mothers are to be “tricked” and resisted rather obeyed and respected. The attack on the male role model is especially frightening. The commercial advertisements picture him as incompetent, out-of-touch buffoon who is only good for the paycheck that he brings home. (Why are men on TV always such fools?) He can’t fix anything in the home. Whenever, the “Kardashians ,” MTV, “Survivor” and other mind changing paradigms, I switch to either the Discovery, History or National Geographic channels.

“But Dad everyone has one of these!”  “Dad, I’m going away for the weekend with my friends. Can I have the car and some money?” “Mom, can you help me get birth control?”

Respect and obedience in the home has been targeted for subterfuge.

Cathy O’Brien was the victim of the CIA’s MK Ultra project which targeted psychologically damaged individuals for use as political couriers, sex slaves, assassins, and controlled vulnerable political leaders. I first became aware of Cathy’s story some 15 years ago and and I revisit it here because government mind control is still relevant especially as we progress through the age of terrorism.

The “War on Terror” is compilation mind control, subversion and fake news. Stop listening to CNN, ABC, BBC, NBC, MSBC and start listening to Fox News and One America News (OAN). Get to know the alternative media like The Drudge Report, Infowars, Newsbud, RT, and Zero Hedge. They can all be found on YouTube. There are hundreds of legitimate alternative news sources that have reliable excellent sources of information,

Here is Cathy O’brien’s story.  Again, this posted interview has been removed from YouTube, God know why. Below it I will post an earlier video by Cathy that provides the same information.

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