» NYPD finds bombshell emails on Anthony Weiner laptop implicating Clintons in “pay to play” money laundering, child sex rings, subversive ties with ISIS and Saudi Arabia INDEPENDENCE DAY

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NYPD finds bombshell emails on Anthony Weiner laptop implicating Clintons in “pay to play” money laundering, child sex rings, subversive ties with ISIS and Saudi Arabia

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Breaking Bombshell! FBI NYPD Insiders Leak Expose Hillary’s Pedophile Sex Ring
Wednesday, November 2, 2016 18:41, by Nesara.


Preet Bharara, prosecuting attorney in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York.

Editor’s Note: Nesara, the author of the article below, is a political observer and blogger who closely follows the Obama Administration and the Clinton’s rise to power.

According to his sources which include a number of American patriots who work within the New York legal system, such as Superior Court Judge Anna von Reitz, it was Preet Bharara a U.S. Prosecuting Attorney for the Southern District of New York who blew the whistle on the Clinton’s as a result of the NYPD sting operation on Anthony Weiner, estranged husband of Huma Abedin who has been Hillary’s chief aide since Hillary’s time as Senator from New York.

It appears Weiner, who as you may recall resigned from Congress due to his propensity for exposing his private parts on the Internet, was copying Huma’s State Department files to his personal laptop for reasons unknown at the present time, although it is suspected that treasonous spying was a motivating factor.

Of the 662,871 emails lifted from Weiner’s computer, 11,112 emails are Huma’s from her days at the State Department. What the NYPD found was certainly more than they expected. They were so shocked they threaten to hold their own news conference and present their evidence if the FBI did not reopen the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

It seems there was an internal revolt in the FBI due to FBI Director Comey’s refusal to recommend prosecution for Hillary Clinton. According to FBI insiders, Comey has stacks of letters of resignation from his Clinton email investigators due to the politicizing of the FBI by the Obama Administration. Comey, a devout Catholic, now has another opportunity to redeem himself and prove that the FBI is an independent judicial arm of the government. Time will tell.


Anthony David Weiner is an American politician and former Congressman who served from January 1999 until June 2011.

Anthony David Weiner is an American politician and former Congressman who served from January 1999 until June 2011.

All of the following information was given to us by our insiders who have specific first-hand knowledge of the Hillary Email scandal.  It seems that things are about to heat up.  We are told that of the 662,871 emails lifted from Weiner’s computer, 11,112 emails are from Huma and “pay to play”- including those to the Saudis and Israelies. All this means Huma was the principal one Hillary USED to communicate with foreign leaders via email for inside information and deals via Huma’s computer.

It has been established through many avenues, but mainly through Wikileaks, that the Clinton Foundation was just a farce set up in order to perform Pay-to-Play games with multiple entities, including foreign nations.  Pay-to-play nations include: Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Kazakhstan, and the Ukraine.

Furthermore, we are told by one of our insiders that one email unequivocally confirms ISIS was created by the CIA and Israeli Secret Intelligence services, with help from Joe Lieberman, John McCain and Lindsay Graham!

An NYPD insider said the content they viewed did include State Department TOP SECRET emails. One file  was called “Life Insurance”.  The second email was titled “DNC Nuclear arsenal”.

A third file, I’m sure Hillary definitely DOES NOT want released was a file labeled “Intimate” …  according to this NYPD insider, this file contained x rated photos of Huma and Hillary with a TEENAGER.


NYPD detectives were sickened by what they saw, according to our insider, and they have threatened FBI field agents that they would leak this information, if the FBI did not “step up and take off the kids gloves”.  At that point, 13 of the FBI agents in NYC are also threatening to leak the information.

As you can imagine, the scandal has the entire Obama Administration in full panic. We are told there are emails that could send Loretta Lynch (U.S. Attorney General) to prison, as well as Bill and Hillary.

Even MORE!

The following information comes straight from an FBI anonymous source, who is the senior analyst who posted on 4chan (4chan is a simple image-based bulletin board where anyone can post comments and share images anonymously) in early July of this year:

Jim Comey learned that some of his own investigators were tipping off both Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, thus making his job impossible.

Comey sent a letter to congress knowing that ultimately, it would expose Loretta Lynch as a dirty actor and the bread crumbs would lead directly to Obama.  The State Dept is terrified now.  As a result Comey has assembled a small team of 40 agents, whom he  has declared the “Untouchables” after the famous federal agent, Eliot Ness.

Comey has clamped down on all FBI agents and he expects a full scale war between FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ), the White House and the State Department.  He has confirmed and understands that many sitting senators, congressmen, lobbyists and power players are going to be indicted and prosecuted. One of the main targets of the probe is the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative.  Among the targets under investigation are John Podesta, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, CNN, ABC, NBC, etc.

As it turns out, Weiner, Huma’s husband, had been forwarding Huma’s emails each time she came home and left her computer open.  Huma appears to have been in touch with Saudi actors, and therefore, ESPIONAGE is strongly suspected.

"So help me God," FBI Director Comey.

“So help me God,” FBI Director Comey.

Comey and his 40 “Untouchables” are now preparing to take down the largest corruption ever witnessed in American History…  which, is what I think MUST happen if Comey is planning to stay part of the FBI.  He lost so much respect and so much credibility with the first Hillary investigation, it would take something of this magnitude to allow him to face the public again.

The Pentagon has internal players and outside players they call “creatives”. Creatives are civilians who tend to be geniuses, malcontents, extreme hackers, or otherwise demonstrate brilliance in other useful areas.  A Pentagon program called Cicada 3301, which we have reported on previously, was created by several of these talented civilians.  The program is now used to  allow thousands of honest Government people to report on their corrupt superiors, using what is called a DEAD BOX whistle blower encryption method so  the non-corrupted Government officials can report corruption and still remain safe.

I’ve heard it said “A vagina almost took down Bill, now will a Weiner take down Hillary?” LOL!
Again, thank you to all of the insiders, the whistleblowers, the good FBI agents,  the good CIA agents, the good NYPD officers and the non-corrupted government officials who want to see the truth exposed! Without these brave, wonderful and morally erect individuals, our country would still be in the corrupted darkness.

Update: A number of alternative news outlets have identified that behind the amazing revelations by WikiLeaks are a number of U.S. intelligence agencies (NSA and CIA) that do not want to see Hillary occupy the White House. A spokesperson for this effort is STEVE PIECZENIK,an intelligence specialist with over 30 years of experience in both government and international intelligence cooperatives has been on a number of programs informing the public of the Clinton criminal activities and how this “counter-coup” is progressing.

What this means is the the hacking of Hillary’s private server was conducted by U.S. intelligence agencies not Russia. Why? One can only speculate that these intelligence agencies, while having no love for the likes of Edward Snowden or Julian Assange, nonetheless view Hillary a too psychotic and unstable to run the country. They may want to spy on innocent American citizens but do do want to deal with the very real possibility that we might go to war with Russia or China. That’s how unstable Hillary is.

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