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Psychopaths that become our political leaders

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Barbara Bush and and George Herbert Walker Bush, 41st President of the United States.

I and many others are aware of the deep psychosis that runs in the Bush family dynasty (the evidence is everywhere), but never will you hear it covered in the mainstream media which is controlled by the CIA on a worldwide basis.

George H.W. Bush’s father, Prescott Bush, was a traitor and helped Hitler come to power before and during World War II. George Herbert (Bert) Walker, George H.W. Bush’s maternal grandfather was also a longtime supporter of Hitler.

Prescott Bush, like Henry Ford, were Nazi sympathizers with Ford receiving a medal from Hitler for his production of military trucks and equipment. The Ford plants in Germany used Jewish slaves who had been rounded up for extermination. Prescott eventually got caught, given a slap on the hand and never officially charged with betraying his own county for money. See “How Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler’s rise to power,” The Guardian, UK, Saturday 25 September 2004.

George H.W. Bush during the time he worked at and ran the CIA, actually participated in the conspiracy to assassinate John Fitzgerald Kennedy and later, cover it up.  After becoming president he still maintained his control of the CIA’s role in overthrowing oil-rich sovereign nations in order to steal their resources, gold and open the doors to giant oil companies that took over the function of oil refining and distribution leaving in their wake toxic residues, not to mention the chemical toxins injected into water tables on which the natives depend. He also introduced into American society a constant flow of heroin and cocaine that has become a plague not only for the poor of this nation but the wealthy elite who make opiates their drug of choice.

This all started with the Iran/Contra scandal under Ronald Reagan (“Daddy” Bush was V.P. at the time) but continued under Clinton and Obama. I am not sure where Trump fits in all of this, but he is certainly aware of the high crimes and treasonous behavior of his predecessors.

George H.W. Bush is also a pedophile who not only rapes young children but participates in satanic rituals that include blood-letting and child sacrifice to Baal, another name for the devil or Lucifer. His son, GW, an intellectual retard who no doubt was abused by his own father, was responsible along with Dick Cheney, for 9/11 –  plain and simple.  Jeb Bush, H.W.’s other son, also worked in his father’s drug and arms running operation. He did this during the time Jeb Bush was president of a Bush owned Texas bank that established offices in Columbia expressly for the purpose of laundering drug cartel money from which they profited substantially.

David Icke has it right in this video, but it is time for you to do your own research.

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