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Russian lawyer announces that Snowden will be granted three year asylum extension

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AFP, a French news outlet reported that Edward Snowden was given an extension of three years by the Russian government with travel. (?) The decision gives the former NSA contractor the option to remain in Russia through August 2017 and, potentially, to take up Russian citizenship should he extend his stay for one year beyond that, lawyer Anatoly Kucherena told reporters.

Until this is verified, it implies that Snowden may be allowed to travel within Russia or possibly to other countries under the protection of Russian sovereignty.  It is still unclear, but if Snowden can travel outside Russia it will be interesting to see the U.S. response to a Russian “secret service” escort wherever he goes.

It may be Russia’s response to the economic sanctions the West (the U.S. really)) has imposed on Russia over the Ukraine.  Since the return of Snowden to U.S. jurisdiction has become a priority for the Obama Administration, it is a diplomatic slap in the face for Obama.



A German protester shows a photo of the former NSA consultant Edward Snowden in Berlin, 8 May 2014 (Photo by Adam Berry. AFP)

This release you will find in the Europe section of the Washington Post but certainly not the front page. Few major media will carry this story because our government does not want to publicize it. This is just another reason for you to support alternative news media. Don’t let them cover up the truth!

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