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Sinead O’Connor Suicidal After Exposing Catholic Church Pedophile Ring

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Major concerns have been raised for the wellbeing of Sinead O’Connor following her suicidal breakdown after she exposed a Catholic Church pedophile ring.The Irish singer set alarm bells ringing in 2016 when she went missing in Chicago whilst in town for a David Bowie tribute. Police searched for her for 2 days after she went missing in the Wilmette area following reports that she had suffered suicidal bouts of depression.She was eventually found by police, but concerns for her safety had been growing since she revealed information in 2013 about the sexual abuse she and others had suffered as children at a Catholic Church school. Her revelation explained her previous cries for help throughout her career.

CDN reports: O’Connor made headlines with controversial outbursts throughout her career including her ripping apart of a photo of Pope John Paul II during a 1992 Saturday Night Live television appearance.

By Jay Greenberg |@NeonNettle.

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