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What is ANTIFA and did they cause the Seattle train wreak?

Unconfirmed reports state that ANTIFA accepted the responsibility for the recent Amtrak train wreak south of Seattle, Washington. The reason given was to protest the continued use of fracking to pump oil. Keep in mind this segment of track had been in development for several years and it’s inaugural run had been much publicized in the Washington state area.

Only time will tell is there is any truth to this report, but exactly who or what is ANTIFA? The acronym stands for anti-fascism. According to statements made by its leadership they will fight against any organization, group or nation that promotes fascism and use any means, even force, to accomplish it’s end.

The best way to determine who or what an organization stands for is to find out who is funding them. For some time now, there has been speculation that the infamous George Soros is behind their development. Here again there is no evidence, yet, this previously unknown radical group is all of a sudden demonstrating a rather sophisticated approach to their stated goals, so it is obvious they are getting support from somewhere. That many of them wear terrorist-style masks makes one wonder their true origin.

Paid or subsidized protesters are often used in political fights such as they were during the 2016 presidential elections. If this is the case, this might be another tactic by the “Deep State” to disrupt President Trump’s policies and decisions. But please note that ANTIFA’s activities are not limited to the United States as they have a large presence throughout Europe.

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