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Former DNC chairwoman, Donna Brazile, calls Hillary Clinton “a cancer” in the Democratic Party.

You may recall that Donna Brazile, a high official within the Democratic Party, was caught giving Hillary Clinton’s campaign advance questions to a presidential debate in order to give her an advantage over Trump.  After this, and other improprieties by the then DNC Chairperson,  Debbie Wasserman Schultz, it became clear that Clinton had undue control over the Democratic nomination process, giving Bernie Sander no chance at becoming the party’s nominee, even though many argued that most Democrats and many moderate Republicans wanted Bernie Sanders as their choice. Debbie Wasserman had been a previous coordinator of the Hillary Clinton campaign and once she became DNC Chair had entered into agreements with DNC key officials to give Hillary operational control of the DNC, and its funds. The party at the time was apparently operating in the red and Hillary promised to give the party an undisclosed amount of money in exchange for their total allegiance to her. The majority of the directors of the Democratic National Committee had apparently not known of this back door deal.

It now seems Donna Brazile is revealing the truth behind the 2016 Presidential Elections via her memoirs, “Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House.” In the book, she claims that Hillary was “a cancer” in the democratic process.

Donna Brazile, Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Bernie Sanders

I recall the many mainstream news talk shows in which Brazile staunchly defends Hillary Clinton and attacks the Republican nominee, Donald Trump. I remember thinking, “Oh my God, another store bought minority who licks the boots of the white-controlled political structure.” Don Lemon is another coconut.  As a Black political leader, Brazile was supposed to represent the Black community which was in the midst of a growing confrontation with local law enforcement who were killing young Black youth without proper justification.

If anything, the Democratic Party has betrayed the disenfranchised minorities in America. Instead they allowed themselves to be compromised by big business, big Pharma and foreign interests. There is no one who is the voice and champion of the poor, Black and Latino communities that have suffered discrimination and persecution by the court system, law enforcement and the prison system. I still remember that talk show (Arsenio Hall Show, 1992) where Bill Clinton put on his sunglasses and played an amateurish jazz melody. making him the first “black president” in America. How do you like “dem” apples Obama? You were the second Black president.

In actuality, Bill and Hillary Clinton maneuvered legislation through Congress, “The 3-Strike Law,” that filled the prison system with blacks and other poor minorities. America has never recovered from that modern form of enslavement. The plantation system is still operational. Do you think the greedy Clintons really care about Blacks. Grow up.

Do you know how many blacks and Latinos are serving life sentences for having a baggie of marijuana in their possession? If smoking a joint is a crime then half of all police officers in the United State should also be in jail because they are the worse abusers along with their use of alcohol and domestic violence. They are pyschos selectively enforcing the law in favor of their own and at the expense of the poor.

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Hacker releases more damaging emails showing Democratic Party officials sought to derail Sander’s campaign and make Hillary the front runner,

hillary-nixonOn September 23, hacker Guccifer 2.0 released more documents obtained from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

Last week, WikiLeaks directly released files from Guccifer 2.0 through their Twitter account. Among them was a high-profile donor list revealing the pay-to-play appointments of several ambassadorships and other positions by President Barack Obama. On September 15, Guccifer 2.0 released several DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) memos on a WordPress site, including one from Ohio dated December 9, 2015 that referred to Hillary Clinton as the Democratic presidential nominee before the primaries began, even though Sen. Bernie Sanders was just a few points behind Clinton in most polls. “With former Governor Ted Strickland and Secretary Clinton on the ballot, there will be a boost from the top of the ticket,” read the memo.

5 Times Debbie Wasserman Schultz Violated DNC Rules and Stacked the Deck in Favor of Clinton

5 Times Debbie Wasserman Schultz Violated DNC Rules and Stacked the Deck in Favor of Clinton. She resigned as Chair of the DNC after being exposed.

Based on many similar memos and documents released by Guccifer 2.0 from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and DCCC, it appears the Democratic Party leadership felt strangely self-assured Clinton would be their presidential nominee before a single vote was cast. The Clinton campaign and DNC have not disputed the veracity of any files or documents leaked, rather they have portrayed themselves as the victims of Russian hackers to divert attention from the content of the leaks.

Guccifer 2.0’s latest release includes a dossier file of DCCC Chair Ben Ray Lujan, a Democratic congressman from New Mexico. The extensive file includes hundreds of pages of statements, speeches, financial data and weak and strong points in anticipation of his re-election bid this November, and likely to prepare his political career for bigger ambitions. Among the weak points listed in the dossier is nepotism, as Ben Ray Lujan’s father, Ben Lujan Sr. was the Speaker of the New Mexico House of Representatives, and helped Lujan initially get elected to congress. Lujan’s cousin, Michelle Lujan Grisham, also serves in congress for a separate district in New Mexico.

One document provides talking points for Lujan to make a call to controversial New Jersey Democratic donor George Norcross in March 2015. “We need Mr. Norcross’ help in recruiting top targets such as State Sen. Van Drew, to run in NJ-2.  Ideally, he would call the recruits that we feel are the best and encourage them to run,” read the memo. “Likewise it would be ideal if he could mention his support when asked by others in his powerful circle. This will help to validate our candidates with the political and donor classes.” In a 2013 article, Philadelphia Magazine called Norcross “the man who destroyed democracy.” The DCCC memo reveals the Democratic Party has not only embraced wealthy donors influencing the political system but aggressively courts their input in pushing for their mutually preferred candidates.

Another memo dated April 2016 details a congressional race in Utah and notes, “Trump is extremely unpopular in Utah. Public polling has shown that Hillary Clinton could beat Trump in the very conservative state.” The memo provides further evidence the Democratic Party developed their short-term and long-term strategies with Clinton in mind as their nominee. Sanders wasn’t mentioned at all as a possible option or alternative; strategies incorporating him as the potential nominee were never discussed in these memos.

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Fighting Hillary who is not fighting for us

camerasEmpire Files by Abby Martin:

“As the flailing Hillary Clinton camp steps-up its attacks on Bernie Sanders, her poll numbers continue to drop—and for the first time, have her losing to Donald Trump in a general election.

On the cusp of the Democratic Party Convention, millions of Sanders’ supporters are wondering what to do other than vote for a ‘lesser of two evils.’

To gain some insight, Abby Martin interviews Kshama Sawant, an open socialist who just won re-election to Seattle’s city council—who also ran an insurgent campaign against the party establishment—about her advice to the Sanders’ movement, and how struggles like the Fight for 15 can keep advancing regardless of the presidency.”

One world citizen’s opinion: A perspective on mankind’s stupidity and ignorance

Let me put some of the posts I have recently published into some perspective.

8db7be984cfb21b5c6701dd9b6a1bb62_400x400Subjects like immigration, refugees, the New World Order (NWO), globalization (UN), the current presidential elections, secret operations like Chemtrails, the growing problem of Autism and exotic virus-carried diseases like Ebola and Zika (which are patented), the collusion of government with major corporations, the Supreme Court’s decision (Citizens United) allowing corporations to make almost unlimited contributions to politicians who support their agenda, etc., etc., and etc. Well, here’s an overview.

There are about five families, descendants of the old royal bloodlines who control most of the money, resources and power on the planet. These people, I will call them globalists or Illuminati, have been concerned for some time now that the concepts of a Democracy and a people’s Republic; and that which goes along with it, i.e.sovereignty and independence; will rid them of their monopoly on wealth and power.

They are the prime ministers, legislators, bankers, CEOs, intellectuals, and managers of Wall Street, and they could care less about the masses of poor ignorant world citizens who only want to be able to care for themselves and family. Humble people, not overly ambitious just people who need security, physical and financial. These globalist are the elitist of this world, elitist meaning the selfish of this world.

8db7be984cfb21b5c6701dd9b6a1bb62_400x400You may have heard the term “Oligarchy.” An oligarchy, is a society that is controlled by a select few major corporations, plain and simple. To draw an analogy, it’s like the OCP in the movie “Robo Cop,” the corporation that took over the Detroit Police Department due to the rising crime rate by using robotized weapons. Sound familiar? It is also similar to the theme of George Orwell’s “1984,” where a corporation monitors and controls an entire continent in order to spread its influence and control. These are Oligarchies. Today examples are the CDC, Monsanto, BP Oil, and the Federal Reserve which controls all the money, yet they are a private corporation refusing audits or accountability.

Now when people are no long able to self-govern, the oligarchy controls everything from health, jobs, education welfare, illness (in some cases creating illnesses and panhandling their expensive treatments), and grows to such a proportion that even minor bureaucrats seem like dictators. Government bureaucrats act like the money or service they give you belongs to them not you, so they treat you like shit. Welfare, motor vehicle departments, the IRS, police, city councils, state legislatures, etc., etc., and etc.

Like me say a few things about the presidential elections.

As you may have learned if you are following the Trump versus Republican Establishment Party, elections are rigged both at the voting booth by using electronic voting machines which can be hacked easily (I know, I was an Elections Officer) and in the party political system where “delegates” ultimately control who becomes their candidate.

Boy, do Trump and Bernie Sanders know this and so should you.

Since both parties, i.e., Democrats and Republicans, depend exclusively on corporate contributions that means that major corporations control the world. Are you with me so far? Oligarchies, that’s right.

_67278977_67278976So where does the issue and problem of immigration and refugees come in? Chaos, the elimination of national sovereignty, the kinds of things that oligarchies want in order to establish their control over your lives – martial law. Obama is one of the key players in establishing a globalist New World Order. He would be King.

Sorry, I have to stop. The guy next to this paragraph who has a crown, makes me want to vomit,


Bernie is being cheated by the vindictive Witch of the West, Hillary Clinton

_83025136_f0aa961f-d1a1-46c6-9bbb-f7e87b6cc71a - CopyIn the movie “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” (1939 -wow!) we have a wicked witch who laughs a lot (don’t you notice how Hillary mockingly laughs when cornered on a political issue or is accused; oh yes, don’t forget her barking like a dog to ridicule her critics).

Now it’s hard to imagine Bernie Sanders as Dorothy played by Judy Garland in that movie, an innocent misguided teenager that wanted to leave home because someone wanted to take her dog away, but certainly their temperaments are similar (a dog called Toto, a dove that landed near Bernie during a speech), but who wins in the end? Dorothy or the Wicked Witch? “I am melting!!!”

If you don’t know the answer, you are an unwise and inexperienced person. The greatest films came out before you were born, babe. I’m sorry. Science fiction is great and exciting, but how about some moral lessons in what you watch. The rest is mind control. It’s doesn’t address our need to get along together, to help each other. It’ just about winning.

Vote Bernie – Get the “Burn”

Simple. A non-corporate environment.

Not flashy, young or worried about looking good, but committed to the American public. “Grandpa Bernie.”

It is time to fight back: Take back our government from the rich and powerful

Published on Wednesday, January 27, 2016
by Common Dreams Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

No Endorsement Yet, But Plenty of Clues from Sen. Elizabeth Warren. In speech lambasting big money in politics, ‘Warren came as close as she has—or perhaps will—come to officially endorsing Sanders.’

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren back similar agendas that include breaking up big banks, reducing the role of money in politics, and a $15 minimum wage. (Photo: AFGE/flickr/cc)

Senator Elizabeth Warren, the only Democratic woman in the Senate who hasn't backed the former New York senator.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, the only woman in the Senate who has not endorsed Hillary.

With days to go before the critical Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary, pundits are abuzz about one potential endorsement in particular—one they say could actually sway voters: that of progressive luminary Elizabeth Warren.

Many are pointing to an impassioned speech the senator from Massachusetts gave on the U.S. Senate floor last week, in which she offered what Salon described on Tuesday as a “not-so-subtle endorsement of Bernie Sanders.”

The speech, which marked the sixth anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, lambasted the “flood of hidden money that is about to drown our democracy.” It called for citizen-funded elections, stronger financial disclosure laws, and a “full-blown” Constitutional amendment to restore authority to Congress, individual states, and the American people to regulate campaign finance.

But “[t]he most revealing part of the speech was the end,” wrote Salon staff writer Sean Illing, when “Warren came as close as she has—or perhaps will—come to officially endorsing Sanders.”

“A new presidential election is upon us,” Warren said. “The first votes will be cast in Iowa in just eleven days. Anyone who shrugs and claims that change is just too hard has crawled into bed with the billionaires who want to run the country like some private club.”

As Illing argued: “The subtext here is clear: do not listen to those who say we have to be prudent and accept that fundamental problems like financial corruption or campaign finance can’t be solved in the short or medium term. The knock on Sanders, fair or not, is that he’s too idealistic, too detached from the realities of Washington. Part of Clinton’s appeal to voters is that she’s pragmatic and experienced. She may not be as progressive as Sanders, but she can get more done in Washington.”

Warren appeared to be rejecting that line of thinking—to Clinton’s detriment—according to Liam Miller writing at the Huffington Post this week:

Although the occasion for her speech was the anniversary of Citizens United, in mentioning the election and the imminent voting in Iowa Warren leaves no doubt that her closing words are meant for that greater context, even as she identifies Clinton’s appeals to pragmatism as a complete betrayal of the Progressivism she had once courted. That may well be the ball game for Clinton; having failed to win over Progressives, Warren’s endorsement could have shored up Clinton’s eroding support long enough to survive the Iowa Caucuses. Instead, Warren has delivered a scathing rebuke.

Reporting on the speech, United Press International noted that Warren “has promised to endorse someone” and “is the only Democratic woman in the Senate who hasn’t backed the former New York senator.” Her recent remarks suggest she’s not going to do so, UPI continued, given that Clinton “has received substantial financial backing for her present bid as well as her 2008 run.”

What’s more, Greg Sargent wrote for the Washington Post earlier this month, “Warren is also surely mindful that a Clinton endorsement would disappoint a lot of Sanders supporters — who make up her own national base, too — as well as progressive groups that have backed the Vermont Senator.”

Watch Warren’s full speech below:

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License

Even the “demi-gods” of talk radio, like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage are reluctant to criticize Obama on the issue of his preferential treatment of Muslims as opposed to Christians

This morning (9/17/15), Rush Limbaugh, criticized Obama, as he usually does Monday thru Friday. His coverage of the 2nd Republican debate was not bad, not the best, but better than the thousands of ignorant commentators on AM/FM radio across America.

Rush and Michael have sharp minds, sharp tongues and sharp analytics, but not always comprehensive and honest in their perspectives as presented in their rants of “America is going to hell!”

But this particular morning, as it related to a subsequent report about a young Muslim who was arrested for bringing a suspicious brief case that held a digital clock to his high school in Irving TX, Rush fell short of calling Obama a radical Muslim plant, which he is of course, if you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear (that’s called discernment) – a dangerous, evil subversive who can only be described as a Manchurian Candidate placed into a position of power to weaken the power, moral and military might of the United States.

The Illuminati hundred year plan is either to eliminate 90% of humanity for servitude) or create cyborg (trans-humanistic robots) that obey their every command (sorry baby, the technology is already here and some are in high office are clones to promote this)

The prime directive, protect your masters and destroy their enemies. They have a deadline and that is a subject for another post, soon to come.

I am really disappointed in Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage for not really sharing how really dangerous this administration, this president, has become. These roadio show icons, THEY ARE BACK TO BACK on AM radio across the United States with millions upon millions of listeners. (I love their rhetorical passion, but they do not act, they incite. They would never physically lead the charge against the forces of evil and conquest. They should use Joan of Arc, a warrior woman, as an example but don’t. Cowards do that.) Why is that?

Because they have sources of funding they do not want jeopardized, thus their hesitation on very important issues. So if the problem continues. It’s not their fault, it’s their sleeping constituents (mostly Republicans), those uneducated masses that are asleep, their listeners.

Bullshit, bullshit and more bullshit!

Why would I say that Rush fell short of calling Obama a radical Muslim?

Because the very next day after Ahmed Mohamed‘s story came out, the Obama White House called the parents of this apparently innocent boy to invite them to the White House.

Poor boy, he wants to be a scientist and the high school is racially profiling him. I don’t doubt that, but what about the racial profiling of Blacks, Hispanics and homeless people (many who are war veterans) who are arrested or shot by police like in Albuquerque, Los Angeles, Boston, Phoenix, etc., rather than helped? Shoot first, shelter later.

Radio talk show hosts contribute to the problem by not sticking their necks out and actually doing something, like support the right candidate for president, and I am talking about Bernie Sanders.

Sure he is a declared Socialist, but what is Social Security? Medicare? Veterans benefits? Socialism, assholes. It called taking care of others who can no longer contribute to the economy or pay high taxes. It’s called taking care of your aging mother, father, veterans of the the Korean, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan wars, a disabled child or cancer ridden relative. Rush, you make millions but what if your parents had no other source of income than a merger Social Security check?

Bernie is advocating for all these things. And still, and still the media promote Hilla the Hun, the former Secretary of State who was at the center of the Benghazi, e-mail and Clinton Foundation scandals. She’s a lesbian bitch who thinks she deserves to be president because she put up with her sexually addicted husband for years.

This is how pervasive the “buyout” is in the mainstream media, liberal or conservative. The mainstream media (CBS, ABC, CNN) and the Republican and Democratic parties are in the same bed, each trying to satisfy each other financially and literally, sexually.

Even Jesus was tempted by Lucifer, after all he was given human emotions and feelings so that his Father could understand what was occurring, but. always he stayed in touch with his mission and never doubted his love for God.

Rush and Michael in no way resemble Jesus Christ. I know Jesus and he is my friend and mentor/ideal. And Rush, you are no Jesus Christ, even though you tell your audience daily how good you are.


The corporate sponsored candidates in both the Democratic and Republican parties are starting to fear the candidacy of Bernie Sanders

Bernard "Bernie" Sanders is the junior United States Senator from Vermont and a candidate for the Democratic Party's nomination for President in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Wikipedia

Bernard “Bernie” Sanders is the junior United States Senator from Vermont and a candidate for the Democratic Party’s nomination for President in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Wikipedia

It has been said that anyone who poses a threat to the entrenched “good old boy” system of political favors, corruption and greed is first ignored, then ridiculed and subsequently fought tooth and nail until destroyed.

That means going into the candidate’s past starting with their childhood, then high school, then college, then work history and each and every speech, essay and endorsement that candidate has made, all in search of damning information. It’s called smear tactics.

Well, thus far they have tried to ignore Bernie Sanders without success, tried to ridicule him to no avail, and now we must await the fight to the death. Hillary has already sent her researchers into Bernie’s legislative history to find any fact or incident that they will interpret as filth, incompetence or worse, anti-American. Hillary the Hun is on the attack. She is off the leash.

The time has come for average, god-fearing and loyal Americans to kick out the cabal of billionaires that have for the last forty years tried and succeeded in increasing their wealth at the expense of the poor and middle class.

Here is Bernie’s recent speech in Madison WI, 7/2/2015. You should see what this man stands for because he stands for you.

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What is more surprising than Donald Trump leading in the polls? It is Bernie Sanders drawing tens of thousands of supporters to his campaign speeches

100,000 people have come to recent Bernie Sanders rallies. How does he do it?

100,000 people have come to recent Bernie Sanders rallies. How does he do it?

Bernie Sanders does not deny he is a Socialist. He is proud of saying that in progressive countries around the world, like Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Norway and New Zealand, socialism has resulted in model healthcare systems, near full employment and a lack of the social problems that plague capitalist societies.

There is much talk about Trump and Sanders being a contest between Capitalism and Socialism. But I see it more that they are genuine and sincere about their beliefs and are not the run-of-the-mill professional politician that will tell you whatever you want to hear just to get elected (then forget you, baby!).

I find Trump funny and entertaining and even intelligible sometimes, but I find Sanders serious and committed to a life-long philosophy of true democracy. One in which the wealth is shared not hoarded (a supply or accumulation of wealth that is hidden or carefully guarded for preservation, future use, etc.) by the ruling elite.

Trump is only in it for the money and the attention (all actors are) – and one-liners do not a president make. Compassion, knowledge and wisdom are necessary, not just publicity for the next “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Here is my preference for the Republican Party candidate – Senator Ted Cruz. He is not afraid of the establishment, but works within it.

For the Democratic Party candidate – Bernie Sanders.  He is anti-establishment and hopes to change business as usual. He has a proven record and his life is an open book.

Now, that would be a real contest, a real challenge to our belief system, because no matter who you think you are, you will be required to become involved to prove it. Either way, we would wind up winning for once.

If you like Hillary Clinton, the Wicked Witch of the West, you are a fool. If you like Jeb Bush, the Wolf who ate Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother, you are an imbecile. How could the Bush Crime Family Syndicate believe we would ever accept another German-Nazi crook in the White House? They think they are sharp? My Marine K-bar is a lot sharper.

My only advice to these two current presidential candidates, one Republican and the other Democrat is, if elected, get rid of your secret service and hire a totally new security mechanism (to avoid assassination); require the resignation of every cabinet member upon election and put trusted Americans in positions of influence (this will get rid of the neocons and hawks from positions of power); remove every foreign ambassador from the State Department and replace them with seasoned, capable diplomats who know what they are doing (currently, ambassadors are appointed based on how much they contributed to the campaign of the current president).

Further establish a judicial court higher than the Supreme Court to decide if an action that is questioned by the American people, is contrary to the will of the people or in support of the corporate oligarchy and demand reparations (repayment for damages, physical or psychological) to those abused by government entities and the corporate oligarchy that object.

It should be called the America’s International Court of Justice, Fairness and Equality.

I just call them as I see them.


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