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Here we go again – Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conspiring with yet another corporate giant to give them more profits

The article below is from Common Dreams. You may have seen my other posts regarding the federal government’s collusion with large corporations, for example, “The federal agencies and the corporate interest connection” in which I discuss the vaccine industry, autism and the CDC. Now we have Roundup, probably the most popular weed killer more than likely the cause of various types of cancer, at least according to the World Health Organization of the United Nations. You had better start buying your groceries at organic markets.

Shit, baby. JS


Published on Tuesday, May 03, 2016 by Common Dreams, Nadia Prupis, staff writer

EPA falsely tries to cover up that Monsanto weed killer causes cancer

A since-deleted analysis posted the agency’s website shows it is relying on unpublished reports from groups linked to biochem industry.

“Industry has been manipulating this process for years.” (Photo: Anztowa/flickr/cc)

epa-logo-1The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) used industry-funded research to conclude that the herbicide chemical glyphosate is not likely to cause cancer in humans—contradicting findings by the World Health Organization (WHO)—according to an analysis the EPA posted to, then swiftly removed from, its website on Friday.

“EPA’s determination that glyphosate is non-carcinogenic is disappointing, but not terribly surprising—industry has been manipulating this process for years,” said Nathan Donley, a scientist with the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD). “The analysis done by the World Health Organization is more open and transparent and remains the gold standard.”

The agency’s since-deleted analysis (pdf), which includes an October 2015 memorandum from its Cancer Assessment Review Committee (CARC), states:

The epidemiological evidence at this time does not support a causal relationship between glyphosate exposure and solid tumors. There is also no evidence to support a causal relationship between glyphosate exposure and the following non-solid tumors: leukemia, multiple myeloma, or Hodgkin lymphoma.

Groups cited in the analysis include private biochemical firms like Inveresk Research International, Nufarm, and Arysta Life Sciences.

WHO reported the exact opposite in a groundbreaking March 2015 study, which prompted a wave of measures against the use of the chemical. California placed it on the state’s public ‘cancer list‘ in September, while workers around the country lined up to sue Monsanto for conducting what they called a “prolonged campaign of misinformation” to convince farmers, consumers, and the government that its Roundup line of products was safe to use.

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As CBD points out, because the studies cited in the EPA’s analysis are unpublished, they have not been subject to public scrutiny. In addition, they focus on testing glyphosate as a singular ingredient, rather than looking at the effects of herbicides available in stores.

“Most products containing glyphosate have other ingredients that can make the pesticide more dangerous,” CBD said.

Nor is this the first time that the EPA has been caught using biased research to approve of dangerous chemicals. Last November, the Intercept‘s Sharon Lerner reported that the agency used Monsanto’s own research to determine that there was “no convincing evidence” glyphosate was an endocrine disruptor.

An EPA spokesperson said Friday that the document was posted to the website prematurely and was removed “because our assessment is not final,” and that the agency would release a completed, peer-reviewed analysis by the end of 2016.

Meanwhile, as the agency played damage control on Friday, a lawsuit was filed in San Francisco alleging that glyphosate residues in Quaker Oats discredits the food company’s claims that its product is entirely natural.

“Glyphosate is a synthetic biocide and probable human carcinogen, with additional health dangers rapidly becoming known,” the lawsuit states. “When a product purports to be ‘100% Natural,’ consumers not only are willing to pay more for the product, they expect it to be pesticide-free.”

The news comes just as advocacy groups including Friends of the Earth and Beyond Pesticides plan a rally outside the White House on Wednesday to deliver 400,000 petitions to the EPA calling for a ban on the chemical.

EPA is currently undertaking a “registration review” of glyphosate, a process which determines whether chemicals can be used safely for the next 15 years based on scientific evidence.

“We shouldn’t gamble with the risk of cancer and must take appropriate precautions until we get a conclusive answer about the true dangers of glyphosate,” Donley continued. “The indiscriminate drenching of farms, ball fields, and backyards with glyphosate needs to end.”

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One world citizen’s opinion: A perspective on mankind’s stupidity and ignorance

Let me put some of the posts I have recently published into some perspective.

8db7be984cfb21b5c6701dd9b6a1bb62_400x400Subjects like immigration, refugees, the New World Order (NWO), globalization (UN), the current presidential elections, secret operations like Chemtrails, the growing problem of Autism and exotic virus-carried diseases like Ebola and Zika (which are patented), the collusion of government with major corporations, the Supreme Court’s decision (Citizens United) allowing corporations to make almost unlimited contributions to politicians who support their agenda, etc., etc., and etc. Well, here’s an overview.

There are about five families, descendants of the old royal bloodlines who control most of the money, resources and power on the planet. These people, I will call them globalists or Illuminati, have been concerned for some time now that the concepts of a Democracy and a people’s Republic; and that which goes along with it, i.e.sovereignty and independence; will rid them of their monopoly on wealth and power.

They are the prime ministers, legislators, bankers, CEOs, intellectuals, and managers of Wall Street, and they could care less about the masses of poor ignorant world citizens who only want to be able to care for themselves and family. Humble people, not overly ambitious just people who need security, physical and financial. These globalist are the elitist of this world, elitist meaning the selfish of this world.

8db7be984cfb21b5c6701dd9b6a1bb62_400x400You may have heard the term “Oligarchy.” An oligarchy, is a society that is controlled by a select few major corporations, plain and simple. To draw an analogy, it’s like the OCP in the movie “Robo Cop,” the corporation that took over the Detroit Police Department due to the rising crime rate by using robotized weapons. Sound familiar? It is also similar to the theme of George Orwell’s “1984,” where a corporation monitors and controls an entire continent in order to spread its influence and control. These are Oligarchies. Today examples are the CDC, Monsanto, BP Oil, and the Federal Reserve which controls all the money, yet they are a private corporation refusing audits or accountability.

Now when people are no long able to self-govern, the oligarchy controls everything from health, jobs, education welfare, illness (in some cases creating illnesses and panhandling their expensive treatments), and grows to such a proportion that even minor bureaucrats seem like dictators. Government bureaucrats act like the money or service they give you belongs to them not you, so they treat you like shit. Welfare, motor vehicle departments, the IRS, police, city councils, state legislatures, etc., etc., and etc.

Like me say a few things about the presidential elections.

As you may have learned if you are following the Trump versus Republican Establishment Party, elections are rigged both at the voting booth by using electronic voting machines which can be hacked easily (I know, I was an Elections Officer) and in the party political system where “delegates” ultimately control who becomes their candidate.

Boy, do Trump and Bernie Sanders know this and so should you.

Since both parties, i.e., Democrats and Republicans, depend exclusively on corporate contributions that means that major corporations control the world. Are you with me so far? Oligarchies, that’s right.

_67278977_67278976So where does the issue and problem of immigration and refugees come in? Chaos, the elimination of national sovereignty, the kinds of things that oligarchies want in order to establish their control over your lives – martial law. Obama is one of the key players in establishing a globalist New World Order. He would be King.

Sorry, I have to stop. The guy next to this paragraph who has a crown, makes me want to vomit,


There is a strong tie between autism and vaccines but the media and the CDC deny this in light of strong evidence

The attack on the American family continues by the rich globalists.

Bill Gates of Microsoft, the CDC, Big Pharma and everyone who profits from this invasive population control strategy promotes vaccines, especially in Africa.

Robert De Niro has a child with autism. He produced a film about the correlation of vaccines and autism at his film festival, the Tribeca Film Festival. He later reversed his decision to show the film due to pressure from “critics.”


Celebrities Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy are outspoken critics of childhood vaccines, despite overwhelming medical evidence of their benefits.

De Niro is not the only high profile actor or media personality who has refused to have their children vaccinated. Mark Zuckerberg is another one, as is Jim Carrey, journalist Katie Couric, comedian Bill Maher, and Robert Kennedy, Jr.



The vaccine/autism connection: CDC whistle blower admits agency coverup

Reprint of an article by Jefferey Jaxen in Activist Post, August 26, 2015

There are moments in history where morality and justice demand a better way. Times when status quo normalcy hangs heavy in the air. As good men and women stand idly by with admirable intentions, evil people succeed and prosper. The political process and the rule of law in the United States has hobbled along sick and impoverished for years. It now appears to be dead in a dishonorable gutter.

cdc-swinefluIt has officially been over one year since the senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention publicly admitted that he, and his co-authors (DeStefano & Boyle), committed research fraud. Not a finger has been lifted in the name of justice.

The reason this is still being written about today is because of the tireless work of parents, often times single parents in severe financial strife, keeping the story relevant on social media, through word of mouth in their communities and constant communication to their representatives. One can only imagine that political representatives, upon hearing the depth and scope of what is potentially at stake, have curled into balls of inactivity preferring to pass the problem on to the next office holder.

To a public thoroughly left in the dark to sift through rumors and gobble up crumbs of info, it appears that congressman Bill Posey, representing Florida’s 8th District, is the only person with honor and integrity left holding an official position. And that, unfortunately, has not been enough to turn the tide of apparent corruption at the CDC’s vaccine division, lack of momentum at the Justice Department and U.S. House of Representatives. It is approaching one month since Congressman Posey stood before the U.S. House of Representatives and delivered further bombshell evidence from personal statements, previously not available to the public, from the CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson. In fact, Congressman Posey has been in possession of these documents since it was reported on September 8th, 2014. Sadly, Posey’s plea to the House of Representatives has fallen on deaf ears even as he concluded “I beg, I implore my colleges on the appropriations committees to please please take such action.” After attempting to bring the proper attention to Dr. Thompson’s statements and their larger impact on medical freedom, the gloves are now off.

autisticUnlike the notorious whistleblowers of recent times, Julian Assange and Bradley Manning who were simply releasing information of crimes that had been committed. Dr. Thompson differs in the fact that his whistleblowing involves crimes he is admitting participation in. Dr. Thompson, as it stands today, from your own admissions, you are a criminal and should be punished. According to your own admissions, you and your co-authors participated in actively concealing (destroying) key data to commit research fraud concerning a link between vaccines and autism-like symptoms in children. Furthermore, you remained silent for years while children’s lives were destroyed, according to your own admissions. How you are still a free man at this time is anyone’s guess. Your courage to speak the truth is admirable, and may the weight of your sentence, and soul, reflect that.

Currently, Representative Posey has offered his entire set of documents given to him by Dr. Thompson to any and all members of Congress for review. This is not acceptable. Given what is at stake, the opportunity to put eyes on these documents does not belong solely to the ‘good ole boys club.’ The fact that We The People need to beg our representatives to care enough to look at these documents from Posey is pathetic.

Furthermore, the crimes admitted to by Dr. Thompson continue to affect our communities daily while we wait for our representatives to care. Just because you begged the U.S. House of Representatives to look at the case Mr. Posey doesn’t mean that we will do the same. The precedent has already been set by the likes of Assange and Manning for lesser crimes with smaller scopes of implications. We The People demand that all documents in your possession, that you are already willing to give to representatives, be open sourced immediately online for the public to access. The American population consists of amazingly talented, active and retired lawyers, doctors, investigative journalists and medical researchers that will passionately consume every page with pleasure. In addition, since no justice is being served, Dr. Thompson is requested by The People to submit himself to a live interview, via YouTube, Livestream or other live-streaming platform.

Investigative Journalist Jon Rappoport has been the first to honestly report on the CDC whistleblower and has continued to do so to this day. It is fitting that Mr. Rappoport, a 30-year veteran reporter and Pulitzer Prize candidate, conduct the live interview. Dr. Thompson has expressed concern that he does not want to lose his tenure and retirement from the CDC by risking testimony or submitting to interviews outside of an official subpoena. This can be solved by a simple IndieGoGo campaign to accommodate his financial needs in the event he is fired or let go from the CDC. The price tag of our children’s health, the health of future generations and the rule of law will raise whatever capital needed. Name your price Dr. Thompson.

Jefferey Jaxen is an independent journalist, writer, and researcher. Focusing on personal empowerment and alternative health, his work reveals a sharp eye to capture the moment in these rapidly changing times. His personal page is located at JeffereyJaxen.com.

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Dr. Andrew Moulden: Every Vaccine Produces Harm

U.S. children are sicker than any other country in the world due to our policy of multiple vaccines

You may have heard that vaccines have a close correlation to autism and that mercury is a known carcinogen which is contained in most vaccines. Less known is that vaccines have more than acceptable levels of aluminum. The same aluminum that is used in chemtrails.

Here is a woman who has, like many others who are coming forward who used to work for Big Pharma and the CDC.

Again, you be the judge. Research it and find out the truth. Be proactive not passive.

Polio related virus spreading across America: Obama is too busy, and CDC and the media are downplaying its seriousness

polioDM_468x707The Obama Administration has been mysteriously silent about a potentially serious outbreak of a polio-like virus that hits children and teenagers and incapacitates limbs with little likelihood of recovery as there is no vaccine or known treatment.

“A mysterious polio-like syndrome has affected as many as 25 California children, leaving them with paralyzed limbs and little hope of recovery.

“I don’t believe we’ve ever had an outbreak this extensive before,” says Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious diseases expert at Vanderbilt University.” NBC News

This outbreak was noticed about a year and a half ago but apparently California has been the hardest hit, in terms of the disabilities. Reports state nearly 2,000 American children in the US States of Colorado, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Iowa, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Georgia have been struck down by the polio enterovirus in the past month,

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