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Our government as well as many of the governments of the world are controlled by the Central Intelligence Agency.


The CIA is supposed to gather intelligence with regard to national security from foreign sources. The FBI, on the other hand, is charged with gathering intelligence from within the borders of the United States in the name of national security.

NSA or the National Security Agency was created as a check to the growing power and scope of CIA activities within the United States as well as internationally. But even the NSA has started to become a rogue intelligence agency seeking to monitor ALL communications worldwide. Snowden only showed us the tip of the iceberg.

Think about it. It is like mind reading. They know all, can manipulate all. Why? Because they can. Technology has overcome its worse enemy, morality!

We are now seeing a complete take over of our democratic republic by the very organizations we established to protect our national security. The guard dog is turning on its masters.

Former Lt. Col. Dan Marvin, a CIA whistleblower


The landmark event which demonstrated, to those concerned with our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms, the pending demise of our Republic, was the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

There has been so much research and disclosure surrounding this event that only fools still believe Kennedy was assassinated by a lone gunman, actually there were multiple shots from many directions that killed JFK.  Together with our “Shadow Government”, the CIA planned, executed and attempted to cover up the truth of JFK’s murder in order to maintain their influence in every function of government as well as the private sector, beit Hollywood films, and the mainstream media; economics, IRS, or public education.

The video below is but one peek into the longstanding corruption within our intelligence agencies who no longer “protect and serve” but instead kill for power and profit.

Lt Col. Dan Marvin was part of an elite special forces unit (Green Beret) trained to conduct assassinations for the CIA. Before he dies he decided to share his knowledge of the JFK assassination and the role of the CIA in the greatest crime in American history.


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