Libertarian Ron Paul: Syrian nerve gas attack was a false flag attack to keep U.S. on a path of war and profits for the military/aerospace/intelligence complex

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Former congressman Ron Paul weighed in on the alleged gas attack which took place in Syria and noted how the deep state will use this likely false flag to push the US into another senseless war. By Matt Agorist, April 10, 2018, The Free Thought Project   As the Free Thought Project reported this week, late…

Obama has given himself the authority to arrest and detain American citizens for whatever reason he deems neccessary

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DEFENSE OFFICIAL’S WARNING DESTROYS MEDIA CLAIMS THAT ONLY “CONSPIRACY THEORISTS” BELIEVE MARTIAL LAW COULD BE DECLARED IN THE NEAR FUTURE By Alex Thomas In a stunning revelation published by a mainstream news outlet, an anonymous Department of Defense official has revealed their belief that a DoD Directive outlining military support to civilian authorities is the…

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