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The Democratic Party versus Republican Party is not about opposing political philosophies it is about New Age Paganism versus Christianity

I have on several occasions talked about the lack of a moral foundation in this country.  Our Founding Fathers, while masons, also made sure that Christianity was the foundation of this new republic. The motto, “In God We Trust,” is found on our currency, and it is the official motto both the United States and the State of Florida. Ironic isn’t it? The worst school shooting in American history took place in Florida just weeks ago. How Godless is that?

Something happened to our faith in a higher spiritual power that guides our thought and behavior as Americans as we spread our wings.  The turning point was the end of World War II when Americans become extremely properous with a dream of a two car garage, a white picket fence and a beautifully manicured lawn and unbridled purchasing power (credit cards).  It become the age of “Keeping up with the Jones.” It further got hijacked by the New Age Movement that stressed the importance of individual success as opposed to an empahsis on being our brother’s keeper. Competition substituted unity among peoples, cheating became an accepted tactic for winning, and greed the motto of Wall Street.

For the past 20 years or more, schools have become breeding grounds for bullies. These bullies, either through a lack of parental guidance, or uncensored TV shows, films, and the mainstream media, have desensitized our aversion to violence and sexual abuse. Sick children like Nikolas Cruz are bombarded with violence in shows like “Breaking Bad.”

Sure, I love the action and the “shoot ’em up” thrillers featuring Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone, but to an isolated, hurt and impressionable youth it is a spark for unbridled violence. I can put things into perspective as a former Marine officer who saw intense combat in Vietnam. Not so for our youth.  They think it’s OK to kill people who oppose them. I saw a recent article about a mother who left her children unattended while on vacation. If you look at her picture you see a beautiful, sexy women who did not want to handicapped with dependent children as she sought her pleasures. Total irresponsibility.

School boards and superintendents nationwide have chosen to turn a blind eye from the total lack of discipline in our public schools. Did you know that the Sheriff of Broward County and the Superintendent had a policy of not engaging or arresting students who committed crimes on campus? Why to be able to brag that the crime rate in their district was almost non-existant. He is also catering to the Muslim community in Parkland and if you click here you will see his total disregard of American values in favor of Islamic values.

How about the vindictiveness of young people who use social media to embarrass their own friends, who start a rumor for the sensationalism it generates in the “in-crowd.”  It is not unusual to hear about suicide by innocent victims of unfounded allegations.

Ever since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, a Catholic, there has not been a single president that has been a spiritual leader to the American people, except perhaps Donald Trump. Now President Trump is no angel, I am the first to admit that, but he is a leader that truly understands that we must change our direction, militarily, spiritually and economically.

Prescott S. Bush — the father of President George H.W. Bush and grandfather to President George W. Bush — dug up Geronimo’s grave in 1918 with the help of several other “Bonesmen,” as members of the society are known, and stole the warrior’s skull, two bones and some riding gear from his grave at Fort Sill, Okla.

Did you know that Prescott Bush, the leader of the Bush dynasty, George H.W.Bush and his son George W. Bush were members of a pagan worship society called Skull and Bones? John Kerry was also a “Bonesman.”

Their obssession with the skulls of dead Indian chiefs, their prayers to Eulogia, the goddess of eloquence and bizarre iniation rites are telling of the character of these so-called national leaders.  Prescott Bush was also a Nazi supporter throughout the WWII and even participated in a failed military coup against President Franklin D. Roosevelt! Intergenerational traitors! 9/11, 9/11, 9/11!

Did you also know that new members of Skull and Bones are assigned secret names, by which fellow Bonesmen will forever know them. Some Bonesmen receive traditional names, denoting function or existential status; others are the chosen beneficiaries of names that their Bones predecessors wish to pass on. The leftover initiates choose their own names. The name Long Devil is assigned to the tallest member; Boaz (short for Beelzebub) goes to any member who is a varsity football captain. Many of the chosen names are drawn from literature (Hamlet, Uncle Remus), from religion, and from myth. The banker Lewis Lapham passed on his name, Sancho Panza, to the political adviser Tex McCrary. Averell Harriman was Thor, Henry Luce was Baal, McGeorge Bundy was Odin. The name Magog is traditionally assigned to the incoming Bonesman deemed to have had the most sexual experience, and Gog goes to the new member with the least sexual experience. William Howard Taft and Robert Taft were Magogs. So, interestingly, was George Bush.

There is much more but let’s look at the Clintons for a moment. Insiders to the Clinton political machine have described Hillary as a satanic worshipper, frequently visiting a witch coven based in New York City. Public reports of their visits to Haiti describe their visit to voodoo doctor.  One former aide who admitted killing enemies of the Clintons who has since become a whistle blower, stated that Hillary would use voodoo dolls and stick pins into them to make her enemies sick or die.

None you know the extent to which pedophilia plays a role in the political process in Washington D.C. It almost a pandemic!! It is almost requirement to be a sexual deviant able to run for office with party suppport. It simple.  If you have skeletons in your closet, you are more likely to do what party bosses want you to do. It’s called blackmail. Don’t believe for one second that our intelligence agencies are not in collusion with the Democrataic Party to insure compliance. In my opinion the middle and upper management of the CIA, FBI and NSA should purged and patriots should be put in prison.

I have not yet gotten to Hussien Obama, the worst of the worst. His time will come. Just one note. As a young communist in Indonesia, he was a jhadist who assassinated the enemies of Islam upon demand. How do I know this? You have neither the time or I the space to tell you whole truth because you are an ostrich, a tall skinny bird.  You bury your head in the sand because you feel guilty when confronted with reality.

JS aka George Martinez

Trump honors Vietnam veterans in Da Nang, Vietnam: Veteran cries on his soldier.

President Donald J. Trump is on a 14 day East Asia trip that started in Japan and will end in the Philippines next week.
President Trump attended the APEC Summit in Danang, Vietnam on Friday and Saturday.

On Saturday President Trump delivered a speech in Da Nang, Vietnam on Veterans Day. Behind him stood several US veterans from the Vietnam War.

President Trump delivered another outstanding speech in honor of the US veterans:.

I’m very honored to be representing our country, and I will say that, when you speak of honors, one of my great honors is to present the people standing right behind me — great, great warriors and veterans of the Vietnam War.

Our veterans are a national treasure, and I thank them all for their service, sacrifice, and patriotism.

To each of you with me today, you are the heroes who fulfill your duty to our nation. And each of you, under the most difficult conditions, did what you had to do, and you did it well.

My administration, as you all know, is committed to rebuilding our military and honoring the hard work and sacrifices of all veterans. We’re extremely proud of what we’ve done with the Veterans Administration. Dr. Shulkin has done an amazing job with choice and accountability and so many other things that we are doing and in the process of doing. The Veterans Administration is a whole different place.

Our accountability efforts in Vietnam are very, very important to all of us. We will not rest until all of the 1,253 missing veterans are returned home. I want to thank the government of Vietnam for their assistance in our efforts.

Today, I’m signing a proclamation to honor the veterans of the Vietnam War.

During his speech President Trump asked the veterans if they had anything to say. They took turns speaking and thanking the president for the work he is doing.

And then one veteran began crying. President Trump hugged him.


Ohio State Supreme Court Justice just called for the release of all those in prison for Cannabis

Ohio Supreme Court Justice William O’Neill in a recent speech said cannabis should be legalized and all non-violent cannabis offenders should be released from jail.

By Justin Gardner

Amid the seemingly constant bad news about rising international tensions and the crushing police/surveillance state at home, one bright spot remains. Cannabis decriminalization keeps on sweeping the U.S. – as, according to polls, almost no one believes cannabis should be illegal.

It is well known that the war on drugs serves no purpose but to enrich and empower the police state and the corporatocracy (remember the movie “Robo Cop?”) -JS). On the other hand, cannabis legalization has provided tremendous benefits to the people.

Medical cannabis is proving to successfully treat an ever-growing number of physical and mental ailments, without the side harmful side-effects of pharmaceutical products. While it is not a panacea, medical cannabis is giving life to children where before they were expected to die, allowing children to finally stop having debilitating seizures, and allowing war veterans to find treatment for PTSD where none other exists, to name just a few.

Freedom is even greater in the eight states that have legalized recreational cannabis use. If this weren’t enough, legal pot is providing incredible economic boosts, such as in Colorado where the cannabis industry is boosting the economy more than any other industry.

More and more of those in government are getting it, and they’re not afraid to speak out or even act in the noblest of manners, such as Georgia Rep. Allen Peake who skirts the law to distribute Colorado medical cannabis to suffering children in his state.

Add Ohio Supreme Court Justice William O’Neill to the list. In a recent speech, the enlightened judge said cannabis should be legalized and all non-violent cannabis offenders should be released from jail.

“The time has come for new thinking,” O’Neill said. “We regulate and tax alcohol and tobacco and imprison people for smoking grass.”

O’Neill says legalization and prisoner release would generate $350 million that would be used to treat drug addiction instead of criminalizing it, as well as create a mental health network to combat addiction.

“Treat addiction like the disease it is in the name of compassion,” he said.

O’Neill is pondering a run for Ohio governor, but won’t make a decision until the end of the year. Even if he doesn’t run, his remarks inject some much-needed substance into the race, and should spur the candidates to put their positions on the record.

Ohio legalized medical pot in Sept. 2016, although legal sales won’t begin for at least a year. Ohio will have dispensaries and cultivation centers to provide medical products for a host of qualifying conditions.

O’Neill’s call to legalize all cannabis use, like alcohol and tobacco, and release non-violent cannabis “offenders” is a natural progression in rational thought. As far as drugs go, we know that alcohol and tobacco use kills hundreds of thousands of people every year, while no one has ever been known to die from the use of cannabis.

How can the State logically defend the legal status of more dangerous drugs (with little to no medical benefit) while a harmless, medically beneficial one is illegal? If there is no rational basis, and cannabis was completely legalized, then it follows that there is no rational basis for holding non-violent users and sellers of a natural plant in jail.

Pretty simple, but too many politicians still cling to the injustice of prohibition, even though we know the drug war was started to oppress minorities and suppress political dissent. They continue supporting the War on Drugs even though it has not achieved any of its stated goals, after five decades and $1 trillion being spent.

If Justice O’Neill ends up running for governor, his chances will certainly be boosted by calling for the freedom and economic boost that is legal cannabis.

Justin Gardner is a peaceful free-thinker with a background in the biological sciences. He is interested in bringing rationality back into the national discourse, and independent journalism as a challenge to the status quo. This article first appeared here at The Free Thought Project.

Hang the greedy bastards – bankers, that is.

When taking the White House, President Donald Trump vowed to do a “big number on Dodd-Frank,” the sweeping banking legislation put in place by the administration of President Barack Obama in response to the 2008 financial crisis. President Trump called Dodd-Frank “a disaster” that has impeded growth by making it harder for banks to lend to consumers and small businesses.

So what is the Dodd-Frank Act? It was a response by the Congress to the 2007-2008 financial crisis which resulted in the largest bailout in banking history. The banks in collusion with the Federal Reserve made the American public pay for the misconduct and greed of the investment and commercial banks. The trillions of dollars that were needed for the bailout were just printed, no backing, no gold standard – in essence, it was a counterfeit operation and you are still feeling its effects, primarily through the devaluation of the dollar. The U.S. dollar is no longer a valued currency.  Russia, China, and IMF are calling for a new global currency, the Yuan being a good possibility.

To add insult to injury, the government declared most of the banks that stood in line for the free giveaway as “too big to fail.” There were literally no CEOs, bank presidents or trustees that were ever prosecuted or sent to jail.

Whatever the Dodd-Frank Act actually did to prevent future financial disasters is questionable but it at least established some regulatory oversight mechanisms that would make it difficult for the large banks to abuse their lending practices.

As far as I’m concerned, whatever the Congress and Executive branch enact with regard to the deficit, the Federal Reserve, and bank regulation is merely another loop hole for the robber banks, which are totally in control our system of governance. For Trump to gut Dodd-Frank or rescind it, is not a viable solution, it is just another con to keep the banking elite in a lifestyle of excess, luxury, and gluttony. Deregulation is a not a good thing, it is the “trickle down” theory disguised as a free market economy.


Two Months Into Presidency, Two Months of Broken Promises

Sorry Trump supporters (I know, I was one), Trump has not drained the swamp, in fact, it has gotten muddier and deeper. Goldman Sachs executives are everywhere like termites. Wouldn’t go golfing the first 100 days? Nope, he’s been 13 times in two months. Will repeal Obamacare immediately. Sorry again, he’s going to wait until the insurance payments double or triple again. He will distance himself from his businesses. Has he really? When do foreign relations merge into personal gain?

Report: How Trump Is Profiting From the Presidency and Empowering Lobbyists and Big Donors

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Donald Trump has failed to keep his pledge to “drain the swamp,” instead turning over the government to lobbyists and big donors and enriching his own bottom line, a new report released today by Public Citizen and Every Voice shows.

The report, “Broken Promises: How Trump Is Profiting Off the Presidency and Empowering Lobbyists and Big Donors,” analyzes the two months since Trump committed to uphold a set of ethical promises. The conclusion: The Trump administration is clouded by corruption and conflicts, and Trump has filled his administration with the same major donors and Wall Street executives he claimed he would fight if elected.

“The ethics commitments made by the Trump administration exactly two months ago were painfully inadequate, yet we at least imagined that the fanfare with which they were announced would cause someone to feel accountable to implementing them within the government,” said Lisa Gilbert, vice president of legislative affairs for Public Citizen. “Sadly, they have been unable to effectively follow even these milquetoast commitments, and the Trump administration is well on its way to becoming the most scandal-ridden administration in history.”

“Every day that Donald Trump refuses to take his conflicts of interest and the threat of wealthy special interest influence in his administration seriously, he fails the millions of voters who supported him because of their sincere belief he’d reduce the power of lobbyists and big donors if elected,” said David Donnelly, president and CEO of Every Voice.

“In just two months, he has shown himself to be everything that on the campaign trail he expressed to hate about Washington – a self-dealer more interested in helping his friends and big donors than creating a democracy that works for all of us.”


In January, Trump released a plan in response to criticism about the conflicts of interest created by simultaneously overseeing the government and owning a business empire that has properties in countries that the U.S. negotiates with and whose bottom line is affected by federal rules. Trump has failed to uphold even the weak promises in his plan to keep his business interests separate from his presidency:

Trump promised: To “isolate” himself from the management of the Trump family businesses.

In reality: Trump’s business partners were invited to his inauguration; a Kuwaiti Embassy event at a Trump hotel raised questions about violations of the foreign bribery clause of the Constitution; Trump’s rollback of environmental protections will benefit his golf courses.

Trump promised: That the Trump businesses will not pursue “new” foreign deals.

In reality: After a decade of inaction, the family businesses restarted a Dominican Republic project; a fight over trademarks of Trump’s name in China was settled weeks after his inauguration, with the country approving the trademarks shortly after Trump asserted U.S. support for the “One China policy”; a businesswoman with ties to Chinese intelligence just bought a penthouse from Trump.

Trump promised: To donate foreign profits from his Washington, D.C., hotel to the U.S. Treasury.

In reality: He has not donated these profits; the Trump Organization announced that the donation would be made at the end of the year. It remains unclear how the profit will be calculated, and the money received from foreign entities that isn’t profit still violates the emoluments clause of the Constitution.

Trump promised: To appoint an independent ethics officer for the Trump businesses.

In reality: He appointed a loyal Republican election lawyer and a longtime attorney for the Trump family business. It’s not clear whether vetting is actually happening.

In addition, the report discusses how the ethics executive order that Trump signed scales back Trump’s ambitious pledge to reduce the power of lobbyists and, compared to the Obama administration’s ethics executive order, significantly weakens ethics oversight in the executive branch.

Trump appears to have fulfilled his promise to reinstitute a five-year ban on executive branch officials lobbying the government. However, the ban excludes lobbying activity on “rulemaking, adjudication and licensing” – nearly everything the executive branch does – making the lobbying ban virtually meaningless.

Trump issued a lifetime ban against senior executive branch officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government. However, the ban does nothing to prevent outgoing appointees from capitalizing on their White House experience via business dealings with foreign governments – a situation that is not unlikely considering Trump’s Cabinet of corporate CEOs.

Additionally, Trump promised to ask Congress to pass a five-year lobbying ban and block lobbyists for foreign governments from spending in U.S. elections. He has done neither. Click here to see full report.

JS, Blog Editor

The man behind Trump is a white supremacist whose primary goal is global war

Steve Bannon has been propelled over the last year from an alternative media propagandist (Breitbart News) to the chief political advisor to one of the most highly contested presidents in recent history.

A womanizer who disrespects women and his closest aide, a wife beater.

His influence within the White House is so strong many have commented that Trump’s one-sided policies on immigration, trade, regulation and the environment are nothing but an abandonment by Trump of his promises to rid Washington of corruption, cronyism and insider dealing. In fact, his nominees and appointments are being called “Trump’s Corporate Cabinet” referring to the number of representatives who find a welcome mat at Trump Towers. Among them are former and current executives from Goldman Sachs, Exxon, and the Koch Brothers industries. The last time I looked the swamp was still there but there were more crocodiles than before.

While the ousted political left, for whom I have little admiration, decried the selection of Steve Banon, a former Breitbart executive, as an indication that the Trump Administration would lead the country toward continued division and conflict rather than unity and multiculturalism, many on the right are also beginning to see the negative effects James Bannon is having on the character of the American culture. Like it or not, we are a nation of immigrants.

I had hoped that Trump would become a stabilizing force that would not only bring prosperity to the American economy but also heal the wounds of racism, social division, and religious bigotry that characterized the Obama Administration. I believe I was mistaken and misjudged Trump. We may have substituted one despot for another.

The following analysis by Abby Martin, a well-respected TV and Internet journalist, is a good picture of what we can expect from the Trump Administration in the future.

God, I hope Trump can get his act together before we actually initiate the third and final World War. I hope he doesn’t listen to the advice of Prince, former CEO of Blackwater, and instead, listens to the American public who are tired of war.

Russia’s secular society is still affected by a tradition of Orthodox Christianity, pro-nationalistic and pro-Kremlin attitudes.

What does the acclaimed book, “Dr. Zhivago” and the musical “Jesus Christ, Superstar” have in common? Besides being the source of two very popular movies they share a common bond of being major media productions that the artistic, cultural community in Russia disdains for their anti-Russian religious values and political stereotypes.

I present these comments in light of the current accusations by the Democratic political left and the CIA that Trump conspired with Putin to sway the American electorate away from Hillary Clinton and in favor of Donald Trump. In actuality, the U.S. has a long history of promoting anti-Russian propaganda, spying and hacking their institutions in both the private and public sectors in order to isolate Russia from the world community.

President Obama meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington on Sept. 30, 2013. (Associated Press) According to the Washington Times Obama authorized $350,000 to anti-Netanyahu groups to affect the Israeli election outcome.

In addition, it spies on many other nations, even close allies like Germany. Under the Obama Administration, U.S. tax dollars were used to affect the Israeli elections to keep Benjamin Netanyahu from being re-elected as prime minister.

According to an L.A. Times article, “The U.S. is no stranger to interfering in the elections of other countries,” the U.S. has a long history of attempting to influence presidential elections in other countries – it’s done so as many as 81 times between 1946 and 2000, according to a database amassed by political scientist Dov Levin of Carnegie Mellon University.

These accusations on the part of the Obama/Clinton “cabal” are like the “pot calling the kettle black.” WikiLeaks has already admitted that the hacked emails of the DNC were not “hacks” at all but copies that a Democratic insider had provided them due to his disgust of the nomination process which cheated Bernie Sanders out of the front running position. So why is the Obama/Clinton cabal insisting on accusing Trump of ridiculous charges, so ridiculous that Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova told a CNN reporter to stop spreading lies on Thursday in Moscow. (Russian official accuses CNN of spreading fake news)

There is verifiable evidence, as you will see below, that the CIA promoted the publication and distribution Pasternak’s novel, Dr. Zhivago which resulted in Pasternak receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, although it is hard for me to fathom how a book which depicts Russia’s political history as a series of Communist revolutions and its leaders as dictators promoted peace anywhere in the world. If anything it created tensions that almost lead to nuclear war.

While the book was not well received or read in Russia, the book with the help of the CIA and MI6 it evolved into a critical piece of anti-Russian propaganda that further agitated the Cold War and international relations between both countries.

Both Dr. Zhivago and Jesus Christ Superstar are the targets of pro-nationalistic, pro-Kremlin elements within Russia, the first calling Russian author, Boris Pasternak (AKA Barry Parsnip), a CIA manipulated stooge who received U.S., British, Dutch, and Italian support to publish and distribute Dr. Zhivago outside Russia. The Kremlin views this foreign intervention as a Cold War propaganda tool designed to weaken Russia’s growing influence on the world stage.

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill with President Putin.

The rock musical, Jesus Christ Superstar, was attacked as religious “blasphemy” which was canceled although scheduled for performance by Saint Petersburg’s Rock Opera Theater which was due to open November 1 in the Musical Theatre of the City of Omsk. Again Russia has a strong tradition of Orthodox Christianity and is the prominent religion with 75% of it population being Orthodox Christians. Islam is professed by 5% of the population. Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism and Buddhism are professed by 1% of the population each.

The Russia Insider.is the source of these stories and it is useful to provide some background on its mission and purpose. The Russia Insider consists of a group of volunteer Russian expatriates with offices in both Moscow, Russia and Greenwich, CT.  Its editor/publisher, Charles Bausman, has this to say about the mission of Russia Insider.

The mission of this site is media criticism and reform. It was started in September 2014 by a group of expats living in Russia who felt that coverage of Russia is biased and inaccurate. We received a huge response from volunteers, mostly in the US and Europe.

That the media is seriously malfunctioning regarding Russia is widely evident. But the problem goes well beyond this. The problem is media control by a few corporations and interest groups, and their close ties with governments and business interests.

Instead of challenging, questioning, and fostering open discussion, they tend to promote those interests.

Charles Bausman, Editor/Publisher

JS, Jorge Salazar
Independence Day

Boris Pasternak’s “Doctor Zhivago” and His Nobel Prize – a CIA Operation

(Originally appeared at Dances with Bears)

“If you were the only person in the world who thought yourself a genius, it would be an embarrassment to be named Barry Parsnip.

Robert Zimmerman solved the nomenclature problem. He became Bob Dylan – and Hey Presto! He won the Nobel Prize for Literature for 2016.

Boris Pasternak, aka, Barry Parsnip, author of “Dr. Zhivago.”

Barry Parsnip (aka Boris Pasternak) didn’t solve the problem. But it was solved for him by a combination of the British, US and Soviet secret services, with an assist from the Dutch and Italians. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature for 1958 before his novel, Doctor Zhivago, had been read in the original Russian by more than a thousand people, counting government officials. Following the prize-giving until now, about 10 million people have read it, mostly in translation.

But time and numbers haven’t improved either on Parsnip or on Zhivago. It is still, as Vladimir Nabokov said at the start, “a sorry thing, clumsy, trite, and melodramatic, with stock situations, voluptuous lawyers, unbelievable girls, romantic robbers, and trite coincidences.” Kornei Chukovsky, Pasternak’s neighbor and comrade, thought the novel was “boring, banal.” Yevgeny Yevtushenko said it was “disappointing”. Anna Akhmatova told Pasternak to his face that Zhivago was a bad novel “except for the landscapes.” She was being ironic – there are no landscapes in the book.

The film based on the book.

Not to Pasternak’s face, Nabokov went for Pasternak’s jugular – his vanity. Nabokov called Pasternak’s composition “goustrous (stormy and rude) and goggle-eyed.” That turned out to be the perfect picture of a victim, and MI6 and the CIA were able to provoke the Soviet authorities into the persecution of Pasternak the victim. That operation, codenamed AEDINOSAUR, confirmed what the West wanted the world to believe – that Russians are bad by a standard no one else in the world is held to.

Pasternak’s story, when it happened and still today, is also confirmation of the readiness of some Russians to believe that however crapulous and despised they are at home, there will always be love for them across the frontier, in the West.

In prose Parsnip, er Pasternak was, as Americans used to call them, a poor Johnny One-Note.

He knew a small section of old Moscow, where Tverskaya Street ran into Brest (now Belarus) railway station. His countryside was restricted to the banks of the Kama River, around Solikamsk, in Perm region, where he spent World War I, disqualified from military service on account of a leg injury. He also spent World War II in the relative safety of Chistopol, in Tatarstan, 800 kilometers east of Moscow.

Left to right: Pasternak’s father Leonid Pasternak, a portrait painter; his mother Rozalia Kaufman, a pianist; and Boris Pasternak, aged 26, in 1916.

As a youngster, he tried drawing and painting but was never as promising as his father, the portrait painter Leonid Pasternak. He tried music but was never as adept as his mother, Rozalia Kaufman, a pianist.

Alexander Scriabin, a visitor to his parents’ dacha, persuaded him to drop university studies in music and law, in favor of philosophy. After a term in Germany, he graduated with a thesis on “Hermann Cohen’s Theoretical Philosophy”. He then decided on literature for a career. He went to soirees where he distinguished himself presenting papers with titles like “Symbolism and Immortality.”

The year was 1913, and there was a surplus of that. Pasternak knew little else. He didn’t follow birds, cats or dogs. He didn’t hunt or fish; collect mushrooms; drink vodka or champagne; play cards; cultivate a garden; ride horses, drive cars. His experiments with women were limited to those making few demands — household servants and prostitutes, not his fellow students. He didn’t join university clubs or run in political demonstrations. His only autobiographical recollections of the 1905 student riots and general strike in Moscow were of a drawing by his father of a wounded student; of his father’s meetings at the time with Maxim Gorky; and of “stray bullets whistling down the empty streets”. Pasternak was absent. He was also absent at the Bolshevik Revolution and the civil war, after which his mother, father, and sisters emigrated to Berlin, and then on to England.

What Pasternak knew from experience, and what he imagined, he repeated in print every five years or so. The Childhood of Luvers appeared in 1922; Safe Conduct was written between 1929 and 1931; The Last Summer in 1934. In 1956, when he recapitulated the same life stories, he conceded the earlier effort “was spoiled by its affected manner, the besetting sin of those days”. That’s vintage Pasternak – blame was always elsewhere.

As he repeated the stories, Pasternak’s lack of experience began to show in the increasing strain of his imagery. He became the master of the mixed metaphor. A cat “flaps its wings at aprons and plates”; a bulldog raises his head “like a slobbering old dwarf with sagging cheeks”; a blackbird whistled “as if blowing through a clogged flute”; rye before harvest in the field has “such a sinister dark brown, the colour of old, dull gold”; an engine releases steam “with a singsong burble, as if it were milk coming to the boil in over a spirit lamp in a nursery.” Snow, which ought to be the specialty of every Russian imagist, turns out, for Pasternak, to “pour with the convulsive haste of some white madness”. On another occasion, it flew “obliquely…as if trying all the while to make up for something”. And then again, “over the blue line of the snowdrifts the snow greedily absorbed the pineapple sweetness the sun poured into it.”

Leon Trotsky called Pasternak in for a 30-minute meeting in August 1922, but Pasternak didn’t let him get a word in edgeways. Except for this question: “Yesterday I began struggling through the dense shrubbery of your book. What were you trying [sic] to express in it?” Pasternak replied that Trotsky should decide for himself, whereupon Trotsky closed the conversation and sent Pasternak off.

Joseph Stalin committed a great many sins but deconstructing Pasternak wasn’t one of them.

Although most consider Stalin simply a ruthless dictator and murderer, he was nonetheless, a highly intelligent and well-read politician.

Stalin, a voracious reader, collector, and annotator of books, considered Pasternak so unexceptional, unserious and unthreatening, he didn’t think he was worth reading. For what Stalin did read, click here.

In December 1935, Stalin publicly declared that Vladimir Mayakovsky “was and remains the best and most talented poet of our epoch”. Earlier Pasternak had been envious of Mayakovsky’s acclaim, and resented Mayakovsky’s criticisms; they included the recommendation that two of Pasternak’s early books of poetry should not have been published at all. When Pasternak said he liked Mayakovsky, it was after he “discovered certain unexpected points of similarity in our technique.”

Mayakovsky’s suicide in 1930 was Pasternak’s chance at put-down. “Mayakovsky shot himself out of pride,” Pasternak wrote years later, “because he condemned something in himself, or close to him, to which his self-respect could not submit”. But when Stalin spoke more positively of Mayakovsky, Pasternak wrote this to Stalin: “Your lines about him had a saving effect on me. Of late, under the influence of the West, [people] have been inflating [my significance] terribly and according [me] exaggerated significance… they began suspecting serious artistic power in me. Now, since you have put Mayakovsky in the first place, this suspicion has been lifted from me, and with a light heart I can live and work as before, in modest silence, with the surprises and mysteries without which I would not love life. In the name of this mysteriousness, fervently loving and devoted to you, B. Pasternak.”

This was false modesty; Stalin wasn’t fooled. More than a decade later, in 1949, Stalin told a prosecutor to take no action against Pasternak. “Leave him,” Stalin said, “he’s a cloud dweller”.

To his fellow writers and colleagues in the Writers Union, the cloud on which Pasternak sat himself was so puffed up with vanity and self-seeking, he had almost no peers for supporters. When he started reading excerpts of Doctor Zhivago, as he composed them, there were a handful of acolytes, but no professional endorsements. By the time Stalin died in 1953, Pasternak knew that no one in Moscow took his work seriously. Still, in December 1955, after he had written the last lines of the book, Pasternak told an acolyte: “You cannot imagine what I have achieved! I have found and given names to all this sorcery that has been the cause of suffering, bafflement, amazement, and dispute for several decades. Everything is named in simple, transparent, and sad words. I also once again renewed and redefined the dearest and most important things: land and sky, great passion, creative spirit, life, and death.”

The declassification of CIA files on Operation AEDINOSAUR enabled Peter Finn (right), a Washington Post reporter on defense and security, and a Russian-speaking collaborator, Petra Couvee, to publish their research into how Pasternak’s book was first published outside Russia. AE in the operation’s code name stood for the CIA’s Soviet Russia division; DINOSAUR wasn’t meant as the agency’s assessment of Pasternak, as close as it was to Stalin’s and Trotsky’s. According to Finn, the cryptonym was generated randomly.

The book on the operation appeared in 2014. Although Finn and Couvee applied to MI6, they report that the British intelligence agency refused to release its Pasternak files. The CIA records indicate that the British probably hatched the idea of promoting the novel as a propaganda strike against Moscow before the Americans thought of it.

In May 1956, five months after Pasternak had finished Doctor Zhivago, he gave a copy of the manuscript to an Italian for relay to the Milan publisher, Giangiacomo Feltrinelli. Pasternak had already submitted the work for publication in Russian, and there had been an anticipatory notice of its appearance in April 1956. But Pasternak told the Italian “in the USSR the novel will not come out.” The reason, he said, was that “it doesn’t conform to official cultural guidelines.” The more often Pasternak repeated that line to foreign visitors, the more he believed it, the more foreigners showed up to request the manuscript – and the more certain the outcome became.

By the summer of 1956, Pasternak had given a copy to Helene Peltier for publication of a French translation in Paris. Days later, he gave Isaiah Berlin a copy for an English translation and publication. Berlin is described in the Finn book as an Oxford don and an academic scholar. Omitted was Berlin’s wartime service with British intelligence and the Foreign Office, and his ongoing links with the Soviet operations branch of MI6 at the time Berlin was meeting with Pasternak. Berlin was one of the first of fluent Russian-speaking Britons to receive the manuscript from Pasternak. There were others. It was not until December 1957 – eighteen months after Berlin received Pasternak’s manuscript — that MI6 sent its copy of the book in Russian to the CIA. What was happening in the interval was that the news of MI6’s interest in the book leaked to the KGB, and the British decided to withhold what they had from the Americans.

Here is the declassified CIA document. The implication on the British side is that this was the first time Pasternak’s book had been sent to the CIA. The implication in the CIA document release is that the agency had thought Pasternak was a “cloud dweller” and hadn’t thought of Doctor Zhivago for literary merit or info-warfare before.

Declassified CIA document referencing plans to distribute Pasternak’s book, “Dr. Zhivago.”

Berlin wrote later that as soon as he had read the manuscript in mid-1956, he recognized its value. Spot Berlin’s qualifications: “Unlike some [sic] of its readers in both the Soviet Union and the West I thought it was a work of genius. It seemed – it seems – to me to convey an entire range of human experience, and to create a world, even if it contains only one genuine inhabitant [sic], in the language of unexampled [sic] imaginative power.” Apparently, Berlin kept shtum in front of Americans.

In August of 1956, a few weeks after Berlin had launched Pasternak’s book in London, a KGB general, Ivan Serov, reported to the Kremlin that Feltrinelli was preparing the book to appear in Italian and that Pasternak was trying to get the book out in France and the UK. That is the Feltrinelli version. Exactly how, and from how many sources, the KGB had learned of the book’s publication plan in the West isn’t known. What is certain is that publication of Doctor Zhivago was interpreted in Moscow as an operation by hostile foreign intelligence agencies for anti-Soviet propaganda. At this point, the Soviet Central Committee decided on a quiet reaction – they would try to block the Italian edition through their Italian Communist Party links to Feltrinelli; and they would ask the Writers Union to stop Pasternak’s unexpurgated version from appearing in Russian.

If possible, the Soviet Central Committee calculated, it might get Pasternak to agree to edit his manuscript, so that the Russian edition would lack the anti-Soviet propaganda elements. Who then would be able to tell where they came from? This under-estimated Pasternak’s conviction that his genius would brook no editing of the book at all.

When the foreign blocking moves failed, and it appeared Feltrinelli would be followed by editions in French and in English, the Soviets escalated, to match what they believed the western campaign was escalating against them. Just five paragraph-long excerpts from the 700-page book were repeatedly cited; in the Vintage Classics paperback edition of 2011, they can be found at pages 267, 285, 362, 365, and 460. “What was conceived as ideal and lofty,” Pasternak had concluded in the third last paragraph of the book, “became coarse and material. So Greece turned into Rome, so the Russian enlightenment turned into the Russian revolution”. After quoting lines from an Alexander Blok poem of 1910, he added: “now all that was metaphorical has become literal, and the children are children, and the terrors are terrifying…”

Pasternak did not object to the attention, but his amour propre was offended that so little of his masterpiece was being read, at home or abroad. Late in 1957, he told a German visitor: “Everybody’s [sic] writing about it but who in fact has read it? What do they quote from it? Always the same passages – three pages, perhaps, out of a book of 700 pages.”

In retrospect, Soviet officials have also conceded this was all they had read of Doctor Zhivago; no one wanted to bother with the rest. But the crackdown on all of Pasternak’s works, his wife, lover, and friends commenced in earnest. What he had actually written in the pages of Doctor Zhivago became as irrelevant to the Soviet campaign against its anti-revolutionary excerpts as the evidence of Pasternak’s genius meant to the promotion of Doctor Zhivago in Milan or in London. For a year the campaign succeeded with almost no readers.

Just 3,000 copies of the Italian translation were printed in November 1957 and subsequently sold. On December 12, 1957, the Psychological and Paramilitary Staff branch at CIA headquarters recommended that Doctor Zhivago “should be published in a maximum number of foreign editions for maximum world distribution and acclaim and consideration for such honor as the Nobel prize.”

In mid-January 1958, in two letters to the Swedish Academy from US professors Ernest Simmons and Harry Levin (above), Pasternak was nominated for the Nobel Prize although neither American had read Doctor Zhivago in the original, nor in Italian.

A fortnight later, in mid-January 1958, in two letters to the Swedish Academy from US professors Ernest Simmons and Harry Levin (right), Pasternak was proposed for the Nobel although neither American had read Doctor Zhivago in the original, nor in Italian. Levin claimed the persecution of Pasternak was his qualification for the prize.

“Perhaps [sic] the most extraordinary fact about his (Pasternak’s) career is that, under heavy pressures forcing writers to turn their words into ideological propaganda, he has firmly adhered to those esthetic values which his writing so richly exemplifies. He has thus set an example of artistic integrity well deserving of your distinguished recognition.”

Since no one at the CIA had twisted Levin’s arm into saying this — not even his wife, Elena Zarudnaya, translator of Leon Trotsky’s “Diary in Exile” — Levin’s promotion of Pasternak has never been qualified as manufacturing propaganda.

Six months later, though, in July 1958, that is exactly what John Maury, head of the CIA’s Soviet Russia Division and director of AEDINOSAUR, saw as Pasternak’s value through Russian and translation printings of the book, culminating with the Nobel Prize. Pasternak’s message, Maury wrote in a memo to Frank Wisner, the agency’s head of operations, “that every person is entitled to a private life…poses a fundamental challenge to the Soviet ethic of sacrifice the individual to the Communist system. There is no call to revolt against the regime in the novel, but the heresy which Dr. Zhivago preaches – political passivity – is fundamental.”

The CIA has revealed that Zhivago for Kremlin regime change was proposed by Maury to get Wisner’s approval for money to implement Operation AEDINOSAUR. Even today the CIA has censored the amount from the declassified document. Finn and Couvee report that several million dollars – about $20 million in current dollars – were spent on paying for Dutch personnel, printing and distribution costs for the first thousand copies of a Russian edition, produced by the Dutch intelligence service in Amsterdam. It appeared in the first week of September. About 500 copies were then smuggled into the USSR over the following weeks. On October 22, 1958, the Swedish Academy announced Pasternak had been awarded the Nobel.

Suppose the KGB knew what the MI6 and CIA were up to, in league with the Italians and Dutch. Kim Philby, the KGB agent inside MI6, was no longer working in London when Berlin brought Pasternak’s book in; Philby was in Beirut, Lebanon, but he was still connected. If Philby read Pasternak, it’s still secret.

In short retrospect, Pasternak got what he thought he deserved. “I would have hidden it away,” he wrote in a letter to the Central Committee in August 1957, “had it been feebly written. But it proved to have more strength to it than I had dreamed possible – strength comes from on high, and thus its fate was out of my hands.”

In longer retrospect, the Central Committee and the KGB over-reacted. It was from on high that the fate of Doctor Zhivago was sealed, but not from Pasternak’s divinity. Had Soviet officials done less or nothing — had they encouraged Pasternak’s critics and rivals in the Writers Union to make light of the work, or poke fun of Pasternak’s obvious weaknesses, the Anglo-American intelligence assessment might have let the opportunity for regime change go. Time has let the air out of the Pasternak legend – it’s now the 197 minutes of the film of the book, not the book which western audiences recall. In Russia, the audiences have evaporated. It’s a standing joke among Russian literary critics to say they haven’t read Pasternak but feel strongly about Doctor Zhivago and what happened in 1958.

Zurab Tsereteli has offered to turn a maquette into a monument to Pasternak, but for several years in a row, the Moscow city government hasn’t agreed to a site.

In Washington Maury’s Operation AEDINOSAUR was one of the very few he managed at the Soviet Division which was a success on its own terms. Maury was rewarded with a promotion to Athens, Greece. There he was the CIA station chief during the military putsch of 1967. That’s the only regime change operation at which Maury succeeded, though not for long.

Russian Theatre Cancels “Jesus Christ Superstar” performance After ‘Blasphemy’ Accusations

Originally appeared at Pravoslavie.ru

The Last Supper in the musical, Jesus Christ Superstar. Rock songs combined with contemporary clothing. Sacrilegious? You be the judge.

A Siberian theatre triggered a storm today by canceling a staging of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Jesus Christ Superstar after a pro-Kremlin nationalist group condemned it as blasphemy.

The touring production by Saint Petersburg’s Rock Opera theatre was due to open November 1 in the Musical Theatre of the city of Omsk, but the organizers canceled it this week following protests by conservative activists.

In a report from Omsk, Regnum news agency wrote today that the scandal “has prompted a major public reaction”.

It quoted art critic Vadim Klimov as saying: “Today you cannot say that Russia is a secular state.”

An obscure group called Family, Love, Fatherland had appealed to regional authorities to stop the staging and applied to hold a demonstration, accusing the long-running musical of “non-stop blasphemy” and “mockery of faith”.

The closure comes as relatively small numbers of nationalist activists with Orthodox beliefs are voicing their views more and more stridently, supported by some officials.

Amnesty International called the cancellation of the show “the latest example of interference in Russian cultural life by nationalist ‘activists’.”

The region’s culture ministry distanced itself from the decision to stop the show, with a spokesman saying the promoter canceled the show “for some reasons of its own,” RIA Novosti state news agency reported.

The Omsk diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church also denied any “interference” in the theatre’s repertoire.

Last year a director and the head of another Siberian theatre in Novosibirsk went on trial for “desecrating religious symbols” over a staging of Richard Wagner’sTannhauser opera. The case was dropped, but the theatre’s head was sacked.

Rossiya-24 state television reported the decision to close Lloyd Webber’s “legendary rock opera” was most likely taken by the theatre “fearing to repeat the fate” of the Tannhauser staging.

The musical was first staged in Russia in 1990 during Mikhail Gorbachev’s perestroika reforms.

In 2012, a Russian judge sentenced three women from the punk band Pussy Riot to two years in prison after finding them guilty of hooliganism for staging an anti-Kremlin protest on the altar of Moscow’s main cathedral. Russia made offending religious believers a criminal offense after the Pussy Riot punk band performed a song slamming President Vladimir Putin in a Moscow church in 2012.

Mainstream Media’s accusation of Russian/Trump collaboration is “fake news” even by their own standards.

Claire Bernish, February 15, 2017

Corporate media pulled off the previously impossible yet again in reports from the New York Times and CNN claiming aides and associates of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign maintained close contact with Russia throughout his campaign — but the accusatory tone of the report simply isn’t backed by evidence.

“Phone records and intercepted calls show that members of Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and other Trump associates had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election, according to four current and former American officials,” the Times reported Tuesday, adding, “it is not unusual for American businessmen to come in contact with foreign intelligence officials, sometimes unwittingly, in countries like Russia and Ukraine, where the spy services are deeply embedded in society.”

And, even further to the point, “It is also unclear whether the conversations had anything to do with Mr. Trump himself.”

Liar, Liar, newsroom on fire.

CNN adds, “Both the frequency of the communications during early summer and the proximity to Trump of those involved ‘raised a red flag’ with US intelligence and law enforcement, according to these officials. The communications were intercepted during routine intelligence collection targeting Russian officials and other Russian nationals known to US intelligence.”

Incidentally, CNN notes, “The communications were gathered as part of routine US intelligence collection and not because people close to Trump were being targeted.”

Notice the stultifying ambiguity — so typical of similar mainstream media reports on other topics without basis — where unnamed officials cite alleged reports unavailable for the public and press to vet; and bluster replaces solid evidence.


Wolf Blitzer, a German-born American journalist who is a senior anchor for CNN’s “Situation Room” program. If you study his method of “interrogation’ he does his very best to make what he considers to be politically incorrect politicians and advocates look like buffoons. Professional? No. Objective? No. Paid off? Yes.

Each outlet casts sufficient doubt on their reports as to make one wonder how editors at the New York Times and CNN gave their publication the green light — that is, until further examination reveals the actual motivation for doing so.

After all, this is not journalism. This is propaganda.

Fake news at its most manipulative — reigniting Americans’ fears from the last Cold War to ensure a constant state of suspicion, bolster the case for continued stockpiling of military weapons (guess who makes money here?), and a solid enemy beyond our own government to whom we can point the finger of blame.

“All of the current and former officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because the continuing investigation is classified,” the Times declared.

Sources: Buzzfeed, NYT, CNN
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Emails Reveal CNN Debate Question Scandal Deeper Than Originally Reported

DNC staffers wrote questions for CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer when he interviewed  Trump, new batch of 8,000 WikiLeaks emails reveals

Is it so hard to believe that our government is controlled by nefarious, evil factions willing and able to murder the President of the United States?

In my last post, I explore the possibility that Donald Trump, the new president of the United States, will not live long enough to take the Oath of Office on January 20, at 5 PM local time, GMT.

While some of you will roll your eyes and conclude that I am definitely a crazy conspiracy theorist, who is looking to find ill intent behind every act or event that is reported in our mainstream media, I, nevertheless, believe that President Elect Donald Trump is in serious danger due to his refusal to follow the rules in the “Gamebook” of Washington politics.

Kennedy was assassinated by a conspiratorial group of hardened fascists (Fascism: A way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people) within the CIA, FBI, and corrupt Congressmen which desired nothing less than to continue to bleed the America public much like a vampire that requires the blood of its victims in order to survive. John Kennedy and his brother, Robert Kennedy, were determined to rid our nation of the secret shadow government (Kennedy’s speech about secret societies) that sought to expand its tentacles beyond America’s shores to every “nook and cranny” of the world. They, the Shadow Government, not the temporarily elected president and congress, make the decisions – end of story.

Donald Trump, although not shy about his desire to become wealthy or powerful, is nonetheless not catering to the existing power elite and has clearly stated his disdain for the major media outlets and the political establishment of the two-party system wherein a few power brokers make the decision of who will become a candidate for office as well as which ones will win.

I have below a video that re-opens a theory about the Kennedy assassination, one in which George H.W. Bush plays a more prominent role.

George H.W. Bush, the godfather of the Bush Family Crime Syndicate, has been a cancer that has spread through the “body politic” (a politically organized body of people under a single government) of America for decades. It manifested itself is the subsequent election of George W. Bush, his son and progeny, and their recent attempts to get Jeb Bush elected as president, which gratefully was unsuccessful.

The video is a bit long-winded and talks about the relationship of the prominent media and the CIA during the time leading up to the assassination, but it eventually lays the case for a major conspiracy, one engineered by the duly un-elected Shadow Government, a government whose members met secretly, remain carefully hidden, yet in control of every facet of American society. You are no longer free, my friend. The shackles are in place but you see them not.

It is the federal government which now dictates what you can do, or not do. Everything from the bearing of children, to where you reside, how much you must pay for food, water and utilities and soon whether you may own a gun or not.


The Good, Bad and the Ugly

Clint Eastwood stated that Democrats exploited Khizr Khan’s family in attacking Donald rump. Not so good, really bad and ugly.

1images(Photo: Getty Images)

Did you know that Khan, the father of a “gold star solder” supports radical Muslim Sharia?

Further more, when and where did the term “Gold Star officer and family” become a description of Army personnel, non-commissioned or commissioned?

I only remember that the Army in Vietnam were mostly based in.secured locations, heavily hunkered and surrounded by artillery and air cover.

Boy could I tell you some stories..

Marines were continually called upon to regain key territories lost by cowardly, soft Army personnel. I was in the Tet offense as a platoon commander as both an infantry officer and company commander in the 3rd Recon Bn in Northern Vietnam. I saw blood – too much. You have to understand those in the Army were mostly drafted, Those in the Marine Corps, like me, mostly volunteered.

Khan’s son was in a military intelligence unit (paper pushers), not a in combat unit. I provided the intelligence (field intelligence)  and the Intelligence units “analyzed” the information.

Further more, Captain Khan’s father co-founded a Pakistani journal that promoted radical Sharia law in Western nations. “How do you like them apples?”

The father of a Muslim soldier killed in Iraq has been embroiled in a feud with Donald Trump ever since he spoke at the Democratic National Convention. After he spoke, Trump criticized the family and asked why the mother wasn’t also allowed to speak — implying it was because of female subservience expected in traditional Islam.

Do You Think The Democrats Exploited The Khan Family?

  Yes         No

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“I think he made a mistake by making fun of the guy’s dead son, but that’s his business,” Eastwood told a TMZ photographer Wednesday night. “I don’t think you have to be too politically correct, but you don’t have to be rude to somebody.”

“But also, the guy was being exploited by a political party. That’s no good either. Whether either party does it, exploitation shouldn’t take advantage of some poor slob.”

(RELATED: Clint Eastwood On Hillary Clinton: ‘It’s A Tough Voice To Listen To For Four Years)


Yes No

Completing this poll entitles you to Daily Caller news updates free of charge. You may opt out at anytime. You also agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

“I think he made a mistake by making fun of the guy’s dead son, but that’s his business,” Eastwood told a TMZ photographer Wednesday night. “I don’t think you have to be too politically correct, but you don’t have to be rude to somebody.”

“But also, the guy was being exploited by a political party. That’s no good either. Whether either party does it, exploitation shouldn’t take advantage of some poor slob.” (RELATED: Clint Eastwood On Hillary Clinton: ‘It’s A Tough Voice To Listen To For Four Years)

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/08/04/clint-eastwood-democrats-exploited-the-khan-family/#ixzz4GQ9xO1fs

Editor’s Notes

Remember the movie,”Unforgiving” where Eastwood convinces his friend Morgan Freeman to go on one last job, to be able to support their families? Eastwood (portrayed as common farmer who only wants to earn a decent living but are unable due to a scarce economy.) loses his best friend to a sadistic bastard (the Illuminati) sheriff, Gene Hackman, who Clint subsequently kills along with his cowardly associates.

 The ultimate scene is where Clint Eastwood, kills the bastard sheriff and threatens to kill the whole town if they do not give his black friend a proper burial.
We must also be unforgiving with rich elite which sacrifice our our existences for their benefit. In my opinion, the democrats have done more to damage this country than any terrorist or anti-American group found inside or outside the United States.

Dear, the kids are fighting again! What does this have to do with Orlando FL?

You know Donald and Hillary think we are fools or stupid. They criticize each other and expect us to take sides. O.K. who started the fight? Why can’t we just get along? Don’t listen to your uncle Barack, he’s just as crazy as your aunt Michelle.

It’s a dysfunctional family, without a doubt.

Nonetheless, once in a while you have to be objective and take a side.

Barack Obama is a Muslim, pure and simple, and he refuses to use the term “radical Islam” or calls a terrorist attack a “hate crime” or a “domestic dispute.” Dispute, my ass, shit head!. It’s your ISIS buddies, who the U.S. created and continue to fund that are behind this false “War on Terror.”


Omar Mateen, the Orlando Shooter

So when Donald Trump says the following according to the New York Times, you have to wonder. Now, if in fact ISIS is targeting gays (the Islamic religion hate gays, actually they behead them), they may very well start with Obama and his wife “Michael” because they are not what they pretend to be. Their children are adopted. Unusual?

By the way, Omar Mateen, the shooter in the Orlando case was on the FBI’s radar for over two years. It is consistent with the FBI’s strategy of allowing terrorists to fulfill their mission to support Obama’s and his predecessors” goals of total gun control,

In other words, a false flag. Hell, the FBI provides them with the weapons then arrests them later. We saw that in San Bernardino, Oklahoma, Boston and it goes on and on.


After Orlando Massacre at gay bar, Donald Trump Says criticizes Obama for not being tough on terrorist


Assault rifle used in Fla. shooting drives gun control debate (Do you think?)

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures during a campaign rally in Tampa, Fla., June 11, 2016.

© Scott Audette Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures during a campaign rally in Tampa, Fla., June 11, 2016.

WASHINGTON — Donald J. Trump on Sunday pounced on the news of the massacre at an Orlando gay nightclub to underscore his presidential campaign’s central message — that the United States needs to be tougher to combat Islamist terrorism.“When will this stop?” Mr. Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, wrote in a Twitter post shortly before noon. “When will we get tough, smart & vigilant?”Sign Up For NYT Now’s Morning Briefing NewsletterAbout an hour later, he amplified that point, writing: “Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don’t want congrats, I want toughness & vigilance. We must be smart!”
With the federal authorities describing the shooting as an act of terrorism and identifying the gunman as an American citizen born to Afghan parents, Mr. Trump demanded that President Obama portray the deadliest mass shooting in American history as an example of homegrown jihad.“Is President Obama going to finally mention the words radical Islamic terrorism?”
Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter shortly before Mr. Obama’s remarks Sunday afternoon. “If he doesn’t he should immediately resign in disgrace!” (Mr. Obama called the assault “an act of terror,” but focused his remarks chiefly on the loss of lives.)
A tragedy in the middle of a presidential race would typically force restraint on candidates. But this tradition has disappeared in the era of the superheated social media news cycle, where mass shootings immediately set off debates about access to guns and, if the perpetrator is Muslim, Islamist terrorism.Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, responded on Sunday to the attack with this post on Twitter:
“Woke up to hear the devastating news from FL. As we wait for more information, my thoughts are with those affected by this horrific act.”Her rival for the nomination, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, called the killings “unthinkable” on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” He quickly added, “I believe that in this country, we should not be selling automatic weapons which are designed to kill people.
”The Orlando massacre could also test how willing candidates and their supporters are to pursue partisan attacks in the aftermath of horrific violence.Both Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton were expected to lacerate each other in major speeches planned for Monday. Mr. Trump was expected to focus on what he sees as the Clintons’ ethical lapses, and Mrs. Clinton was preparing remarks on what she deems as Mr. Trump’s dangerous demagogy. They did not indicate on Sunday afternoon that they intended to postpone those speeches, and Mr. Trump issued a media advisory noting that he will deliver an address Monday in New Hampshire.
Mr. Trump pays little heed to the conventions of politics, whether it is on how campaigns are waged or on the kinds of positions his party embraces.He has made his hard line against Muslims central to his campaign, and, even after claiming the Republican nomination and turning to a broader electorate, he has refused to back off from his call to temporarily ban Muslims from traveling to America.
He has faced heavy criticism for this stance from both Mrs. Clinton and numerous Republicans, but Mr. Trump has repeatedly used language similar to his Twitter post in declining to soften his position.“We have to be vigilant,” he said last month in an NBC interview after claiming the Republican nomination. “We have to be strong. We have to see what’s going on.”Find out what you need to know about the 2016 presidential race today, and get politics news updates via Facebook, Twitter and the First Draft newsletter.

Donald Trump was questioned about 9/11 and the secret 28 pages of Congressional investigation/report that was never released by George W. Bush due to the implications. What was Trump’s answer?

Trump briefly flirted with the “9/11 Truth” movement in the past with his comments claiming he witnessed Muslims celebrating the attack but I personally saw that situation as more of a smokescreen.

As many readers may know, it was not Muslims who were actually seen dancing and celebrating on camera but a group of dancing Israelis (who my opinion worked with the Saudis to “drop the Twin Towers – a controlled demolition. There is evidence for this, but will CNN or Fox News tell you?)

Trump had many opportunities to clarify his comments and to call out the Israeli agents but instead chose to keep fanning the flames of Islamophobia.

Now Trump is making waves by discussing the “secret papers” and references to the Saudi government’s possible role in funding the 9/11 attacks.

At a recent campaign event in South Carolina Trump called out former president George W. Bush for the Iraq war and referenced “very secret” papers about the Saudi government and 9/11. It was not Iraq that was behind 9/11, it was our closest ally, Saudi Arabia, with whom the Bush family has had “incestuous” economic ties for decades.

(See “Cut Throat” gesture by George H.W. Bush)

By the way, Trump’s insistence to focus on 9/11 and the Bush Administration role in this “”terrorist” attack, has marked him as a target for assassination by the Clinton/Bush cabal.

Trump is a racist and totally selfish but claims that Black and Latinos “love him” – not true – but what White politician is not a racist and bigot? They recognize not the homeless, poor, working poor and unemployed.

Where is Gandhi, Mother Teresa and our Lord, Jesus Christ when you need them? Just wait a bit longer, dear reader, the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s will be pleading for their lives.

Trump will not make it to the finals (this is a prediction), and if he does, he will be murdered in office like JFK before within his first 100 days in office. HE WEARS A BULLET PROOF VEST – Yes, ask him.

If they can assassinate JFK, his brother, Robert Kennedy, and Justice Scalia in front of your face they can assassinate Donald Trump, and pull it off, because you, my friend, are stupid, stupid. Think, think, think or don’t – or you will die. Do you know the most stupid animal in nature? No it is not the wolf, rat, cockroach or mosquito, it is mankind.

“It wasn’t the Iraqis that knocked down the World Trade Center, we went after Iraq, we decimated the country. Iran’s taking over, okay. But it wasn’t the Iraqis, you will find out who really knocked down the World Trade Center, ‘cause they have papers in there that are very secret, you may find it’s the Saudis, okay? But you will find out,” said Trump.

The “secret pages” Trump is referencing is more than likely the classified 28-pages of the Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001 (not the 9/11 Commission Report). Although the final report amounts to over 800 pages, the 28 pages were classified by former President George W. Bush shortly after the report was released in 2002. The 28 pages make up the bulk of a section titled “Part 4: Finding, Discussion and Narrative Regarding Certain Sensitive National Security Matters.”

Officials (several congressmen who have security clearance) who have seen the documents have stated that the information relates to financing of the suspected terrorists, and points a finger at members of the government of Saudi Arabia, Bush family friends.

Upon seeing the pages himself, Kentucky Republican Congressman Thomas Massie said there will be “anger, frustration, and embarrassment when these 28 pages finally come out.”

Currently there is pressure on the House and Senate to declassify the 28 pages, and there are resolutions urging President Obama to release these documents to the public.

In a recent phone conversation with Truth In Media’s Joshua Cook, former Democratic Senator Bob Graham, who headed the Congressional Joint Inquiry into the deadly 9/11 attack back in 2002, said he was “very pleased that Trump made the 28 pages a national issue.” Graham reiterated that the information in the 28 pages shows who financed the 9/11 hijackers, and it points to the Saudi government. Last year, Graham told Cook that “the U.S. government doesn’t want the public to know that the Saudis financed the 9/11 attacks because we provide the Saudis with billions in military aid.”

So what do you think? Does Trump know that the official story of 9/11 is a complete lie? Is he ready to call out not only the Saudis but all foreign nations and domestic agents who may have had a hand in the attack?

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Childish, immature, throws tantrums, an uncontrollable bully – That’s Donald Trump – Does it remind you of some else in history?

This is an ad by Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Sure it’s political, but how much truth does it contain? Is this the kind of president you want representing us to the world?

“Kick the Mexicans out,” but not the ones who service my hotels and real estate empire at sub-minimum wage. Pretty selective, don’t you think? “The Mexican people love me he says!!!” Ya right asshole. I’m a “Mexican” and I definitely do not love you.

The “Donald” and I don’t mean Donald Duck

Here is a humorous video of one of Donald Trump’s ventures into the world of “let’s have fun!” Saturday Night Live!!!

Of course, I still think Ted Cruz would make a better president, but wouldn’t it be great if Trump became Secretary of State? He could travel the world and sell America as “The Greatest Nation in the World” while making deals to increase his fortune at the same time.

“Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth, The American Circus! It will scare you, awe and shock you, make you laugh and cry, all at the same time. Don’t forget to buy your popcorn, ice cream cones, cotton candy, and peanuts on the way out!”

Here are a few more dreams. Ben Carson, for Secretary of Health and Human Welfare (He could then get rid of Obamacare). Fiorina in charge of the Food and Drug Administration (she’ll fire anyone who doesn’t follow the rules of not poisoning the American people, or is it the other way around?), and Jeb Bush for Undersecretary of NADA/DT, the Special Commission for secret Drug Trafficking (nada is Spanish for no-thing, zip, nada). Get my drift?

And oh yes, Bernie Sanders for Ambassador to the United Nations, Vice-President or both at the same time to promote peace in the White House and the world. Lastly, Hillary as Secretary for the new Department of Prisons for the Incarceration of Blacks and Latinos in America (DPIBLA).

She and Bill did just a great job of increasing the prison population mostly for misdemeanor marijuana offenses, illegal immigrants who should have been deported not housed to increase the revenues of privatized Correctional facilities like Corrections Corp. of America, and Blacks who don’t know their place.

“Hey Boy, I’m talking to you!!” Bang, Bang .. no video.

Bill and Hill really deserve to be rewarded for their “War Against Drugs” even though they still get a “cut” from the cartels.

Presidential “wanabees” – still

Can you find Ben, Donald, Hillary, Bernie, Barack, Jebbie, and Fiorina ?

Can you find Ben, Donald, Hillary, Bernie,Barack, Jebbie, and Fiorina ?

JS – (just seemed like the right thing to say.)



What is more surprising than Donald Trump leading in the polls? It is Bernie Sanders drawing tens of thousands of supporters to his campaign speeches

100,000 people have come to recent Bernie Sanders rallies. How does he do it?

100,000 people have come to recent Bernie Sanders rallies. How does he do it?

Bernie Sanders does not deny he is a Socialist. He is proud of saying that in progressive countries around the world, like Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Norway and New Zealand, socialism has resulted in model healthcare systems, near full employment and a lack of the social problems that plague capitalist societies.

There is much talk about Trump and Sanders being a contest between Capitalism and Socialism. But I see it more that they are genuine and sincere about their beliefs and are not the run-of-the-mill professional politician that will tell you whatever you want to hear just to get elected (then forget you, baby!).

I find Trump funny and entertaining and even intelligible sometimes, but I find Sanders serious and committed to a life-long philosophy of true democracy. One in which the wealth is shared not hoarded (a supply or accumulation of wealth that is hidden or carefully guarded for preservation, future use, etc.) by the ruling elite.

Trump is only in it for the money and the attention (all actors are) – and one-liners do not a president make. Compassion, knowledge and wisdom are necessary, not just publicity for the next “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Here is my preference for the Republican Party candidate – Senator Ted Cruz. He is not afraid of the establishment, but works within it.

For the Democratic Party candidate – Bernie Sanders.  He is anti-establishment and hopes to change business as usual. He has a proven record and his life is an open book.

Now, that would be a real contest, a real challenge to our belief system, because no matter who you think you are, you will be required to become involved to prove it. Either way, we would wind up winning for once.

If you like Hillary Clinton, the Wicked Witch of the West, you are a fool. If you like Jeb Bush, the Wolf who ate Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother, you are an imbecile. How could the Bush Crime Family Syndicate believe we would ever accept another German-Nazi crook in the White House? They think they are sharp? My Marine K-bar is a lot sharper.

My only advice to these two current presidential candidates, one Republican and the other Democrat is, if elected, get rid of your secret service and hire a totally new security mechanism (to avoid assassination); require the resignation of every cabinet member upon election and put trusted Americans in positions of influence (this will get rid of the neocons and hawks from positions of power); remove every foreign ambassador from the State Department and replace them with seasoned, capable diplomats who know what they are doing (currently, ambassadors are appointed based on how much they contributed to the campaign of the current president).

Further establish a judicial court higher than the Supreme Court to decide if an action that is questioned by the American people, is contrary to the will of the people or in support of the corporate oligarchy and demand reparations (repayment for damages, physical or psychological) to those abused by government entities and the corporate oligarchy that object.

It should be called the America’s International Court of Justice, Fairness and Equality.

I just call them as I see them.


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The newest reality show: Republican debates on Fox News

I live in a “lite red” state where much of what you hear on the AM Radio or see in newsprint and view on television is a conservative perspective (Republican, if you are confused); however, certain sections of the state have voted democratic in the last three elections, therefore this state might be considered a ” mild swing state.”

Now, I want you to know that I am not Republican or Democrat. You might say I am a man without a party (country?), as for me both parties are like Siamese Twins joined at the hip. The same blood system provides oxygen to two seemingly separate bodies.

Mark Levin, a conservative that hates the leadership of the Republican Party

Mark Levin, a conservative that hates the leadership of the Republican Party

I have discovered that many of your conservative talk show hosts are harder on the Republican party and its leadership than even the Democrats.

Conservative talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and Mark Levin are like pit bulls attacking a poodle that happens to cross its territory. The surprising thing, is that I agree with most of what they have to say, with perhaps the exception of grey areas such as immigration policy and police abuse issues. Why? Because you can never deny that Blacks were slaves and Jews were massacred because they were not Aryan, and Mexicans cross the border because they are starving due to political corruption. Those in power are the white and “pure” race with blue eyes, who have no inkling of what it is to be of color, poor and  taken advantaged of.

What police abuse the Republicans might say? Or, send them all back to Mexico and Central America! America racist? Never, we love Mexicans (so long as they clean our toilets!)

When it comes to Obama, you can almost visualize them with pounding fists and flushed faces, they sound so angry. Obama the dictator, out-of-touch, out to destroy America, incompetent and totally insincere!!

Here, these hard core Republicans and I are definitely in agreement. Obama will destroy America. Not because of his incompetence but because of his intention.

Thom Hartman, the darling of the progressive liberals.

Thom Hartmann, the darling of the progressive liberals.

There are however, some liberal democratic talk show hosts, and I am thinking of Thom Hartmann, a progressive political commentator, who kisses Hillary Clinton’s ass every chance he gets. The man must be blind or on the payroll for Hillary’s campaign.

He sounds intelligent, is a good debater, a great historian, but he supports a party that has ignored the disenfranchised in American for decades.

Instead of being the champion of the poor that keep them in power time after time the Democratic Party caters to to corporate power brokers, exactly like the Republican Party. That is why I call them Siamese Twins – joined at the hip.

Below is a video of a Mark Levin diatribe (attack, or criticism) on Fox News’ first Republican presidential debate. God, I wish I was as passionate and eloquent as some of these guys.




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