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One world citizen’s opinion: A perspective on mankind’s stupidity and ignorance

Let me put some of the posts I have recently published into some perspective.

8db7be984cfb21b5c6701dd9b6a1bb62_400x400Subjects like immigration, refugees, the New World Order (NWO), globalization (UN), the current presidential elections, secret operations like Chemtrails, the growing problem of Autism and exotic virus-carried diseases like Ebola and Zika (which are patented), the collusion of government with major corporations, the Supreme Court’s decision (Citizens United) allowing corporations to make almost unlimited contributions to politicians who support their agenda, etc., etc., and etc. Well, here’s an overview.

There are about five families, descendants of the old royal bloodlines who control most of the money, resources and power on the planet. These people, I will call them globalists or Illuminati, have been concerned for some time now that the concepts of a Democracy and a people’s Republic; and that which goes along with it, i.e.sovereignty and independence; will rid them of their monopoly on wealth and power.

They are the prime ministers, legislators, bankers, CEOs, intellectuals, and managers of Wall Street, and they could care less about the masses of poor ignorant world citizens who only want to be able to care for themselves and family. Humble people, not overly ambitious just people who need security, physical and financial. These globalist are the elitist of this world, elitist meaning the selfish of this world.

8db7be984cfb21b5c6701dd9b6a1bb62_400x400You may have heard the term “Oligarchy.” An oligarchy, is a society that is controlled by a select few major corporations, plain and simple. To draw an analogy, it’s like the OCP in the movie “Robo Cop,” the corporation that took over the Detroit Police Department due to the rising crime rate by using robotized weapons. Sound familiar? It is also similar to the theme of George Orwell’s “1984,” where a corporation monitors and controls an entire continent in order to spread its influence and control. These are Oligarchies. Today examples are the CDC, Monsanto, BP Oil, and the Federal Reserve which controls all the money, yet they are a private corporation refusing audits or accountability.

Now when people are no long able to self-govern, the oligarchy controls everything from health, jobs, education welfare, illness (in some cases creating illnesses and panhandling their expensive treatments), and grows to such a proportion that even minor bureaucrats seem like dictators. Government bureaucrats act like the money or service they give you belongs to them not you, so they treat you like shit. Welfare, motor vehicle departments, the IRS, police, city councils, state legislatures, etc., etc., and etc.

Like me say a few things about the presidential elections.

As you may have learned if you are following the Trump versus Republican Establishment Party, elections are rigged both at the voting booth by using electronic voting machines which can be hacked easily (I know, I was an Elections Officer) and in the party political system where “delegates” ultimately control who becomes their candidate.

Boy, do Trump and Bernie Sanders know this and so should you.

Since both parties, i.e., Democrats and Republicans, depend exclusively on corporate contributions that means that major corporations control the world. Are you with me so far? Oligarchies, that’s right.

_67278977_67278976So where does the issue and problem of immigration and refugees come in? Chaos, the elimination of national sovereignty, the kinds of things that oligarchies want in order to establish their control over your lives – martial law. Obama is one of the key players in establishing a globalist New World Order. He would be King.

Sorry, I have to stop. The guy next to this paragraph who has a crown, makes me want to vomit,


Army Major General speaks to CNN from inside Ebola quarantine area in Italy

Major General Darryl Williams

Major General Darryl Williams

It seems like the Pentagon and the White House are ar odds with regard to Ebola containment procedures. Link: Darryl A. Williams: The Man Who Will Lead the War on Ebola

Washington (CNN) — They’re just back from the Ebola hot zone, they can’t have any physical contact with family or loved ones and their plastic forks are being burned after each use.

But American troops quarantined in Italy (the new center for Ebola treatment within Ebola suspect areas) have good morale and are proud of their work against the “silent enemy” of Ebola, according to Major General Darryl Williams, who is being isolated alongside his men at the Army base in Vicenza.

U.S. Army personnel will continue to be placed in 21-day quarantine as they return home to their base in Italy, according to Williams, commander of US Army forces in Africa, who spoke to CNN from within the isolation area by military video conference.

He said he and his initial team of about a dozen American personnel are in day three of what the Army calls ‘controlled monitoring’ at the American military base in Vicenza, Italy. He said none of his team so far are showing any symptoms.

 Obama: U.S. leading way against Ebola. Will nurse still sue New Jersey?

“The morale is high and very comfortable with the contribution we made,” said Williams, who added that 75 more service members will return this week to quarantine on the Vicenza base.

Williams emphasized Ebola “is a silent enemy” for the US military and noted the military mobile labs for Ebola testing on the ground are the front line of the Pentagon’s effort to help. U.S. troops in ‘controlled monitoring’ Renowned AIDS activist on

Ebola quarantines

The quarantine procedure is meant to reassure both military families and the Italian government that the U.S. is doing everything it can to protect troops, the families and the surrounding communities, Williams said. He noted the Italians had expressed concerns about troops returning to Vicenza after serving in Liberia for 30 days on the initial mission to set up a military effort there to aid in the Ebola crisis.

No outside contact, food utensils burned

Williams outlined to CNN the quarantine conditions in detail. He said food is left in a room by a team that departs before the soldiers in isolation enter the room. Then Williams and his team come in to eat and leave. After that the utensils – generally plastic ware – are collected and burned. The troops are taking their own temperature twice a day.

There is no physical contact with the outside world, but there is access to phones and the internet. And Williams said the entire team is remaining busy with regular military business and physical fitness.

“The team provided us the ability to have exercise equipment, so the folks are eating well, they are exercising and I am currently talking to you from one of my smaller headquarters, and I have the ability to get on computers and interface with my family,” Williams said. “I am a grandfather, I talk to my daughter and granddaughter on Skype.”

Ebola: Who is patient zero?

Quarantine adds logistical challenge to deployment

All the military members are well aware of the controversies and uncertainties about Ebola back in the United States, Williams said, noting at one point he even had to discuss protection measures with his mother.

As the initial U.S. military commander in Liberia, Williams traveled extensively in Liberia, but said numerous precautions were taken for all the troops. He noted he never came into direct contract with people ill with Ebola but did tour some Ebola testing areas. He said he generally kept a three foot distance and constantly washed his hands. At one point during his time in the hot zone his temperature was taken eight times a day.

The Army is the only service so far requiring mandatory controlled monitoring of its personnel. A senior U.S. official told CNN that a recommendation on what type of monitoring should take place for all troops is expected to go to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel this week and a decision could be made fairly soon.

There are more than 1,000 U.S. troops on the ground in Africa, with as many as 3,000 more set to deploy, and many of them may not come into contact with local citizens or military on ground.

The major complication however may be the sheer logistics of keeping such a large number of people in 21 day isolation.


Ebola can enter lungs through airways not just direct contact, according to Purdue University expert

Link: Purdue professor says Ebola ‘primed’ to go airborne


International Disaster Assistance and Rescue Teams put on alert for major Ebola outbreak in the U.S. in October


Members of a DART team from Singapore responsing to an emergency in Vietnam.

Several alternative news sources (but none of the mainstream media, i.e., CNN, ABC, CBS or Fox) have issued reports about a tweet by Goldenstate Fire/EMS, a major U.S. supplier of medical emergency equipment, stating members of the Disaster Assistance Response Teams were told months ago to prepare to be activated in the month of October – months ago?

This suggest someone knew the Ebola virus would be reaching the U.S. this month – coincidence?

The Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (DART) is an elite team within the Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF), formed in 1990 to handle complex rescue and firefighting incidents (the Asian countries have been hit hardest by earthquakes, sunamis and infectious diseases), such as urban search and rescue; prolonged firefighting; height and confined space operations; and water rescue.

It is an elite disaster unit that often is called out to provide assistance to countries who lack the expertise or manpower to combat major emergencies. These emergency team members maybe smaller than US&R teams in America, but most of them can approach the one-minute mile, and they train 24/7.

In October 2005, a 44-member DART was sent to Pakistan to help in the relief and rescue operations following the 2005 Kashmir earthquake. The DART were also sent to Bandar Aceh in Indonesia during the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake which claimed almost 150,000 lives. Ever since then, the DART has received international recognition and are regarded as one of the best USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) teams in the world.

One alternative news source, http://www.shtfplan.com/, reports the following tweeter exchange between Goldenstate Fire/EMS and Future Money Trends, which follows the tweets of Goldenstate:

Twitter exchange:


Thomas Eric Duncan, Ebola infected Liberian now in a Texas hospital is not doing well and is too weak to talk to relatives on the phone. He may not survive.

UPDATE: The number of people being monitored in Texas for possible exposure to an infected Ebola patient has been increased to 100, with 10 of those believed to be at “high risk” for exposure, Texas health officials said today (ABC News).

Numerous reports state that Duncan spent time with children at a local school so now school officials are “very infectious disease conscious.” Really? How stupid are we? Are we talking about a ISIS recruited African who received payment to his family once he died if he would go to America?

In an interview, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, described Duncan, the man who entered the U.S. with Ebola, as an “angry” man who lied to customs officials about being exposed to Ebola.

She apologized to the U.S. for this unfortunate situation. It is probable he will be prosecuted if he survives and returns to Liberia, according to President Sirleaf.

More ABC news videos | ABC Entertainment News


The current Ebola epidemic is a manufactured outbreak

0ee9ed2b-06d4-4c41-9754-1ad51c31f5f4More information is coming to light that the Ebola epidemic in West Africa is a manufactured outbreak and that the virus itself has been genetically modified by bioweapon experts to spread faster, as evidenced by the recent claims that it is now out of control. Unconfirmed reports suggest that this new strain was produced in a secret biological lab in Sierra Leone that wanted to study, in real time, the effects of the Ebola virus on specific genomes (races).

The objective is to appareantly study how the African races can be infected and other races retain their immunity. Don’t you consider it strange that the US would bring it’s infected doctors back to America, then claim a new vaccine helped cure them while African doctors and hospital staff continue to die?

Here is a video from a very reliable source, DABOO7, who may not be a genetic scientist or even a professional journalist, but who has an almost infallible intuition and an extensive underground information network about what the Illuminati globalist are planning.



UPDATE: The following article, “West Africa: What are US Biological Warfare Researchers Doing in the Ebola Zone?” (Global Research, article by Jon Rappoport, August 2, 2014) appeared in the Centre for Global Research, The Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) is an independent research and media organization based in Montreal. The CRG is a registered non-profit organization in the province of Quebec, Canada.

0-melting-ice-sheets101The following is an excerpt. For the full article go to http://www.globalresearch.ca/what-are-us-biological-warfare-researchers-doing-in-the-ebola-zone/5394582.

This is a call for an immediate, thorough, and independent investigation of Tulane University researchers (see here and here) and their Fort Detrick associates in the US biowarfare research community, who have been operating in West Africa during the past several years.

What exactly have they been doing?

Exactly what diagnostic tests have they been performing on citizens of Sierra Leone?

Why do we have reports that the government of Sierra Leone has recently told Tulane researchers to stop this testing?

Have Tulane researchers and their associates attempted any experimental treatments (e.g., injecting monoclonal antibodies) using citizens of the region? If so, what adverse events have occurred?

The research program, occurring in Sierra Leone, the Republic of Guinea, and Liberia—said to be the epicenter of the 2014 Ebola outbreak—has the announced purpose, among others, of detecting the future use of fever-viruses as bioweapons.

Is this purely defensive research? Or as we have seen in the past, is this research being covertly used to develop offensive bioweapons?

For the last several years, researchers from Tulane University have been active in the African areas where Ebola is said to have broken out in 2014.

These researchers are working with other institutions, one of which is USAMRIID, the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, a well-known center for biowar research, located at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

In Sierra Leone, the Tulane group has been researching new diagnostic tests for hemorrhagic fevers.

Note: Lassa Fever, Ebola, and other labels are applied to a spectrum of illness that result in hemorrhaging.

Tulane researchers have also been investigating the use of monoclonal antibodies as a treatment for these fevers—but not on-site in Africa, according to Tulane press releases.

Additional Links: “CDC warns Ebola epidemic in West Africa is outpacing current response.”

CDC Director highlights US government response; calls for vastly increased and accelerated international response in West Africa,” CDC News Room

CDC Case Counts *

(*Case counts updated in conjunction with the World Health Organization updates)

Total Cases

Updated: August 28, 2014

Suspected and Confirmed Case Count: 3069
Suspected Case Deaths: 1552
Laboratory Confirmed Cases: 1752
Cases by Country


Suspected and Confirmed Case Count: 648
Suspected Case Deaths: 430
Laboratory Confirmed Cases: 482


Suspected and Confirmed Case Count: 1378
Suspected Case Deaths: 694
Laboratory Confirmed Cases: 322


Suspected and Confirmed Case Count: 17
Suspected and Confirmed Case Deaths: 6
Laboratory Confirmed Cases: 13

Sierra Leone

Suspected and Confirmed Case Count: 1026
Suspected and Confirmed Case Deaths: 422
Laboratory Confirmed Cases: 935

Congo reports the spread of Ebola


Click to enlarge map

A Reuters update on the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, dated August 24, 2014, reported that the Democratic Republic of Congo declared an outbreak in its northern Equateur province on Sunday involving two cases that came back positive for Ebola and approximately 10 others suspected due to symptoms or possible exposure.

This is yet another country in West Africa that has the potential to spread Ebola to other African countries or possibly Europe and adjoining regions.

To read the Reuters’ article, go to “Congo declares Ebola outbreak in northern Equateur province.”

The video below by an independent researcher seems to contradict the extent of the Ebola outbreak in the Congo and in fact suggests the virus may be a new strain and more virulent.  The estimates of infections from local sources range from 13 to 120 cases.


29 Ebola infected patients break quarantine and angry crowds destroy hospital infirmary putting Liberian capitol at risk

Some hundreds of demonstrators protesting in the Liberian capital Monrovia from employees of the health authorities. | © John Moore / Getty Images

Some hundreds of demonstrators protesting in the Liberian capital Monrovia. | © John Moore / Getty Images

Source: Zeit Online Gesundheit (German news outlet)

In Liberia, 29 Ebola patients have escaped from a quarantine area. Outraged citizens, some armed, stormed the hospital in a poor neighborhood near the capital Monrovia on Saturday evening, a reaction to the health ministries decision to quarantine the entire community of West Point. The rioters had broken the doors and destroyed the infirmary in the capital Monrovia, eyewitness Rebecca Wesseh said on Sunday.

The head of the Liberian nurses association, George Williams, confirmed the events. The slum West Point, where the incident occurred is a densely

Affected countries in West Africa

Affected countries in West Africa

populated area and is very close to the center of Monrovia, a district of about 75,000 people. Now there are fears that the escaped patients could infect other people. The health ministry had previously announced its intention to make the whole slum under quarantine to prevent the inhabitants to travel from there to other areas. “We are bringing food and other goods to West Point before the measure comes into force,” it said. Many citizens reacted angrily to the announcement.

The West African country of Liberia is one of the worst of the Ebola epidemic countries concerned. 413 people have already died of the virus, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). 380 people died in Guinea, 348 in Sierra Leone and four in Nigeria. 0ee9ed2b-06d4-4c41-9754-1ad51c31f5f4

Liberia has been the first to use an experimental drug although it has not been thoroughly tested. Previously, two U.S. doctors and a Spanish priest were treated with the serum. Several hospital staff were also infected in Liberian hospitals. The condition of two Americans has improved since they received the serum, however, the 75-year-old Spaniard died.

Kenya decides to close its borders

Kenya wants to temporarily deny entrance to people from the three countries affected by Ebola. Citizens of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia would not be allowed to enter, said the Kenyan Ministry of Health. This step is in line with the call to take extraordinary actions in the fight against the often fatal disease.

Nigeria also recorded its first death, but is not affected by the travel ban.

The airline Kenya Airways announced it will suspend its flights to Liberia and Sierra Leone. This seemed to end a debate as to whether the airline Kenya should risk of spreading the virus. Still on Friday, Kenya Airways, one of the largest African Airlines, announced it will continue their flights to West Africa.

Critics were quick to accuse the airline of putting profit before caution.

JS Comment and opinion – The recent discovery that the Ebola virus can be airborne, albeit for short distances, explains why so many hospital medical staff have contracted the disease. (see my post regarding three feet contagion area) Sources that are following the World Health Organization’s investigation see signs that the virus may have been modified to use it as a biowarfare weapon.

Apparently, unbeknownst to the West African governments having the greatest infection rates, Tulane University researchers and their Fort Detrick associates in the US biowarfare research community, have been operating in West Africa during the past several years. It now appears that facility has closed and is under lock and key.

Ebola investigations seek to identify ground zero or the original infectant.  In this cas, the outbreak began almost simultaneously in several major cities in West Africa. Usually Ebola will begin with animal to human transfer in isolated village areas, giving health officials time to isolate the areas in need of greater control and screening before it spreads to congested urban area.

Is this another genocide of poor, powerless people that stand in the way of the NWO agenda of resource control while at the same time reducing the world’s population in preparation for the New World Order? I can’t prove it, but my reason suggests this may be a possibility.

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