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What is a “False Flag”?

Hey, I know most Americans don’t believe that our own government would kill its own citizens to promote their secret agendas.

Sorry, Charlie, they do and they’re doing it with more frequency.

The Truthstream Media, an alternative news outlet, is one of my favorite sources of real news, not the propaganda, paid for  lies of corporate America who seem to want to have it all. The bastards!

Watch one of their videos below.

It is fear that keeps mankind in bondage and it is a warrior’s fearlessness that liberates him

Here’s the real purpose behind the beast and his demonic armies – the truth about the councils of government and why they will never stop growing until all of mankind’s creatures bow to their will.

The global elite, a bunch of rich psychopaths who want to rule the world, insist on instilling within us fear and hatred so they can convince us that rules and prohibitions are absolutely necessary, and an effective police state required to insure societal security. They are the so-called experts (lawyers, politicians, officials) the “leaders,” the “protectors” who will take care of us, raise our children, provide our food and shelter – that is so long as we do not critically think or question their authority, do as we’re told and move in lock-step like robots or zombies.

We will eventually become helpless and vulnerable like sheep that need a shepherd to protect us from the wolves and predators. Never mind that our ultimate fate is the slaughter house, slavery and ignorance and that the wolves are paid thugs controlled by the rich and powerful. False flags, lies, broken promises, terrorism, mayhem and murder. That my friend is our destiny. We deserve it for having surrendered our individual sovereignty, our liberty and soul.

But wait, is there an alternative? Yes. Read about it below.

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The real truth about Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma Bombing. False flags are how our government strikes fear into the hearts of American citizens.

Terrorist attacks are mostly false flags and media propaganda for martial law

National Defense Resources Preparedness Order

In 2012 Obama signed an order called National Defense Resources Preparedness giving himself explicit control over the nation and declaring a permanent state of Martial Law in the U.S.  The very same year, Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which gave the U.S. Government the right to detain anyone for anything indefinitely. He has renewed that order every year since then. The Obama administration was even able to get a court ruling overturned after the ruling had successfully removed the Indefinite Detention provision from the NDAA.

ndaaA provision buried in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2013 would strip the U.S. of its anti-propaganda laws (the NDAA must be reviewed and passed every year), which limit the ability of the government to domestically disseminate pro-American informational material dispersed overseas.

A bipartisan duo of House representatives introduced a provision to nix the law, claiming internet hampers the ability of the U.S. government to disseminate information worldwide, while at the same time keeping in line with legislation that does not allow for the same material to reach its domestic audience. The Smith Mundt Act of 1948, which NDAA 2013 would overturn, was initially created to protect Americans against communist propaganda and to prevent propaganda as a tool for fascism, as seen in Nazi Germany.

The House version NDAA 2013, which included the propaganda provision, passed with wide support – that’s your congressman dear citizen. Similar provisions cleared the Senate and President Barack Obama’s desk, the U.S. government could be allowed to disseminate the same propaganda it distributes overseas within the U.S. — a move some claim could be dangerous for a free society and others say will close loopholes that don’t always allow Americans full disclosure on what information is being distributed overseas.

sandy hookNow this new provision within the NDAA legally allows the federal government to create “theater” and claim it to be real. In other words, a false flag like the Orlando, Sandy Hill shootings and even 9/11 can be termed to be actual attacks but are in really are “propaganda.”

As you may recall, there was an almost identical military exercise of planes hitting skyscrapers going on at the same time that 9/11 was taking place. In fact, the reason NORAD did not respond in time due to the confusion of whether the attack on the twin towers was an exercise or the real thing. There is also evidence that the Sandy Hill shooting in Connecticut was a drill which was later publicized as a real shooting. San Bernardino is a similar situation. In the case of Sandy Hook several representatives of the Department of Education admitted to the fact that no children were killed and it was a drill; however, none of the mainstream media covered this at all.

Persuading The Public – How The US Plans To Authorize Domestic Propaganda
By Trisha Marczak @TrishaMarczakMP | May 23, 2012

People you are being lied to and you still don’t get it. Wake up!

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Terror is a template for world domination

Ole Dammegård

Ole Dammegård

Ole Dammegård, a Swedish investigator who has for the past 30 years been studying the phenomena of mass murders, shootings and bombings, i.e., “terrorist attacks” refers to these events as the “Age of the False Flag,” an acceptable and often used government strategy (in the U.S. and internationally) known to all empires going back to the Roman Empire and beyond.

In fact, Ole has developed a unique profile of false flag events that includes the following:

  1. The “terrorists” are almost always are shot at the scene, thereby eliminating the possibility of subsequent interrogation. There is no attempt to capture them, although the recommended military protocol is to capture enemy combatants for their intelligence value. If you shoot first, you cannot ask questions later, n’est–ce pas?. There are such things as shot gun bean bags, sound weapons, rubber bullets, mace, stun guns, and much more. The plan, however is to make the public believe what the government wants you to believe.
  1. There is usually an official “drill” going on at the same time that the event takes such as during 9/11, the Boston Marathon Bombing and Sandy Hook.
  1. Key witnesses or relatives of the “victims” are usually interviewed immediately and characteristically show little trauma or emotion. In other words, crisis actors. Background checks have confirmed this, especially during Sandy Hook and Boston. Sometimes the same actors are used for more than one event. Click here to see two examples of this stupidity.
  1. Eye witness who came forward later often gave conflicting reports from the official statements by local authorities and the FBI. San Bernardino, the most recent radical Islamic attack, is a good example. Several eye witnesses saw three individuals with bullet proof vests, black clothes, run to the black van after the shootings, yet the FBI official report say there were only two shooters.

    Where is the third shooter? Why cover this up?

    Then there was the violation of an associated crime scene in Redlands, CA where the shooters lived (Redlands is about 12 mile from San Bernardino), permitted by the apartment manager. That means that when this shooting goes to court to determine the motivation of the shooters and ties to ISIS it will not be admissible as evidence. Where was the FBI in securing this crime scene? HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?

Obama wants so desperately to distance this incident from Islam that his first words about San Bernardino were that this might be an incidence of workplace violence. Why? Because he wants to import into American cities, hundreds of thousands of Muslims from the Middle East.

In addition, it would put pressure for him to really do something to destroy ISIS instead of supplying them with arms and ammunition. Did you know that Obama ordered U.S. fighter pilots to drop leaflets on ISIS oil convoys to abandon their vehicles as they were about to be bombed? Unbelievable. Several mainstream publications carried the story.

False flag events committed by governments and blamed on foreigners “who hate America or Democracy,” are a means of implementing policies that the public would not normally support or accept, like going to war in Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria. Gun control is another major reason. See “Create the Crisis.”

Gun confiscation is a prelude to martial and Obama has already stated, more than once, he will use “executive privilege” to override our constitutional right to bear arms. Hillary has said the same thing if elected.


Government and major media manufacturing “disasters” to create fear and establish controls: See hired “Crisis Actors” in action on CNN

The Pete Santilli Show has caught this actor at four separate disasters, starting with Sandy Hill.

For additional background information on crisis actors go the following Independence Day posts:

What is a False Flag Crisis Actor?
Create the crisis, blame it on your enemies, provide a solution, get a dictatorship

Create the crisis, blame it on your enemies, provide a solution, get a dictatorship


Tyrannical governments never tell the truth, always blaming others for what they do. Stalin did it, Hitler did it, some of our own presidents did it and life goes on for the sheeple.

For centuries, dictators have used “false flags” to tighten their control. It comes from the days of pirates and nation states that flew their enemy’s flags on ships to either get close enough to fire upon them or to blame their enemies for their own misdeeds, usually to justify going to war.

Here are a couple recent examples.

The picture below is that of the children supposedly the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting where 20-year-old Adam Lanza was alleged to have fatally shot 20 children on December 14, 2012.

Look closely at the photo in the first column on the left, the second row. That cute little boy is labeled “Noah.”

Sandy Hook Elementary School victims

Sandy Hook Elementary School victims

Now look at the picture below. It is from the terrorist attack on the Army Public School in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar on 16 December 2014, two years after Sandy Hook, where 9 gunmen affiliated with the Taliban allegedly entered the school and opened fire on school staff and children, killing 145 people, including 132 schoolchildren, ranging between eight and eighteen years of age.

Whose picture do you see as a “Pakistani” child on the right? Noah. Same clothes, same smile – same false flag.

2014 Perhawar School shooting in Pakistan. Pakistani woman holding pictures of victims

2014 Perhawar School shooting in Pakistan. Pakistani woman holding pictures of victims

There are so many false flags being conducted worldwide that they are using the same victims over and over again, at least their pictures, and Noah is not the only example, but one of many. The Boston Marathon Bombing had numerous actors that are professionally know as “crisis actors.” One woman at the Boston incident, Sarah Bajc, was supposedly the girlfriend of a passenger on Malaysia Flight 370, Phillip Wood. She was also photographed laying on the street in the Boston Bombing incident. See my post, WHAT IS A FALSE FLAG CRISIS ACTOR? for additional information.

This is extremely important.  Boston was placed under martial law after the “bombing.” It was actually a dress rehearsal for the coming declaration of martial law across the entire United States before 2016 ends (it coincides with Obama’s last term). Ferguson was to be another martial law rehearsal, but CIA agitators were not able to cause enough chaos to justify it. At the last minute the governor of Minnesota recalled the National Guard.

The following video is an interview with Ole Dammegard, who has spend 30 years studying false flag events to include most recently Charlie Hebdo in Paris, Sandy Hook in Connecticut, the Aurora shooting in Colorado, the Boston Bombing and even as far back as JFK and John Lennon.

3444544eDid you know that the Rothschilds purchased Charlie Hebdo, the magazine where the shootings took place months before the Paris incident? The leader of the globalist NWO doesn’t invest in small time businesses without good reason. After the shooting circulation of the magazine went from thousands to millions. Crass but true. Money is the motivation for much of what is done by the Illuminati .

This video will blow your mind.


We are in the dark about global politics: False flags – Part II

What are “false flags” and what role do they play in creating a one-world government?

The standard upon which true terror is measured

The standard upon which true terror is measured

An examination of the term “false flag,” has both a historical connotation and a modern-day perspective. Historical false flags did not have the “twist” or identification with the terrorism of today – true terrorism being a somewhat more vile act as innocent men, women and children are the primary targets.

In case you are not aware of the term’s origin, pirates used “friendly” false flags to get closer to the cargo ships they wanted to loot (by the way the the cargo ships that the pirates, I would call them the poor and down trottened of that time, wanted to loot were British, Spainish and French galleons of the imperialist super powers) then when within shooting range, they flew their true colors, skull and bones, just before their broad-attack and boarding.

Lies and deception are the foundation of a false flag. I enjoyed Erroll Flynn in the classic movie, “Captain Blood,” a pirate of the high seas. Billy the Kid was another oulaw, loved by the common people. Will those oppressed and their oppressors ever see common ground? Doubtful. In modern times, false flags took on a completely different motivation.

Let me stop here to give you some examples of governmental “setups,” one by Hitler as he rose to power and the others by U.S. presidents. Hitler claimed that on February 27, 1933 the parliamentary “Reichstag” building was burned down by Communist hoodlums that were plotting against Germany. If that were to occur today it would be the equivalent of burning down the Capitol Building.  If I recall correctly, he told the public they were caught red-handed and executed. Hitler, who had recently been elected as chancellor of the German state, used this lie to arrest communist sympathizers throughout Germany. It was the beginning of an ethnic purge that would end with the death of 6 million Jews in Germany.

Pro-Russian forces watchover the wreakage in Ukraine on Friday

Pro-Russian forces watch over aircraft debris in the Ukraine as of Friday

Because governments can easily control media outlets (try looking at the number of journalist that have been fired for being too critical of political administrations or read Noam Chomsky) the general public is only told what the propagandists want them to hear. Where does the “impartial” investigation lead if the government is the guilty party? Where are the “let’s not rush to judgment” calls?

Granted some do question what their goverment says, but who would not if loved ones died because of those lies? Humans have this characteristic shared by most animal herds, its called follow the leader or public opinion. If you believe the mainstream media is not under the censorship of the federal government or their corporate sponsors, then you believe that NSA is a benevolent protector, the CIA is not above the law, and Wayne Johnson is really the Tooth Fairy. In all fairness to the “Rock,” I don’t know his politics, but I love his movies.

Even today, as President Obama goes on national television denouncing the shooting down of a Malaysian airliner over the Ukraine by Russian-made missiles, one must pause to consider what we know. For example, were you aware that a video taken by a local resident showed an explosion on the ground and a plume rising, a characteristic not consistent with a airliner being shot out of the sky by a powerful ground-to-air missile? Other reports indicate the Malaysian airliner may have been purposely diverted to fly over the border area or that the Ukrainian government in Keiv had ordered 27 anti-aircraft (Russian-made) missile defense systems to the Ukraine/Russia border. Remember the snipers that were at first attributed to the ousted Keiv government and then later to the rebel forces that took over the government with I might add, U.S. support and approval? Nothing is as it seems at first glance and the media plays a big role in that deception. The major networks are looking more and more like singing choirs saying the same thing at the same time.  Rather like a memo that went out from cabal headquarters to outline the talking points.

Japanese Zeros over Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (from the movie)

Japanese Zeros over Pearl Harbor during WWII (from the movie)

Another historical false flag event involves our own entry into World War II, although this “advance knowledge conspiracy theory” has as many detractors as it has believers. Many of you may have never even heard about it until now. Germany, after its march of conquest through Western Europe, started to become a serious threat to England. The British Crown realizing that without American’s help, England could be occupied by German forces, pleaded with President Roosevelt to convince the American people to stop being an isolationist world power. At the time, “no more wars” was America’s attitude. While I agree that without America’s participation in both the European and Pacific theaters of World War II, we would have a different global power structure today, it is difficult to know what would have resulted because global politics are always fluid and cannot be predicted. Allegedly what happened, according to some high ranking miitary officials who were involved and were in a position to know, U.S. encryption specialists’ intercepted coded Japanese communications with regard to the imminent attack on Pearl Harbor. Thus both Churchill and Roosevelt were aware the attack was coming and when. In other words, while their might have been some casualties on our part, the “surprise” attack on the U.S. Pacific Fleet could have been largely avoided. Roosevelt alledgedly decided to allow the attack to take place in order to bring the United States into the war and to stop Hitler’s attempt to establish a one-world government – decidedly German.

It reminds me of the neoconservative slogan the “without another Pearl Harbor …” referring to American’s “exceptionalism” as described in the Statement of Principles of the Project for the New American Century (1997), something of a “manifesto” of neoconservative philosophies, one signed by Cheney, Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld and Richard Pearle, among other “neocons.” It also reminds me of how eloquently Colin Powell spoke to the United Nations with “indisputable” evidence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and how it was our moral duty to save humanity. With realizing it, these neocons spoke to the greatest false flag in American history.  Can you guess? Few know years before the Bushes took power, there were already plans to militarily control the Middle East, i.e., Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Afganistan and I am sure more have been added to the list. Doubt it? Do a little research and start with General Westley Clark – “Seven countries in five years.”

Where an alledged North Vietnamese torpedo boat attacked the U.S. destroyer, USS Maddox

Where an alledged North Vietnamese torpedo boat attacked the U.S. destroyer, USS Maddox

Another less questionable but generally accepted false flag event is the “Gulf of Tonkin” incident that pushed us into a full scale war with North Vietnam – my war. Many historians now admit that the attack on one of our Navy destroyers never took place and that President Johnson was fully aware of this at the time he called on Congress to support his decision to send troops. Research the “Tonkin incident” and you will see that ultimately it was NSA that declassified documents attesting to the intelligence, both ours and North Vietnam’s that the attack never took place. Rather than admitting the mistake, the Johnson administration continued its folly and push for war. Presidents don’t look as patriotic once you start studying history.  More than 50,000 American soldiers died in that war and millions more subsequently went without treatment because of beauracratic mismanagement. Why? Because Johnson was an ego maniac and war was good for business.

Here are some questions for you, reader. Do the ends justify the means? Is it O.K. to lie for a good cause? Is war a good cause? Is there merit to being honest with the American public and trust in their inherent wisdom? There is such a thing as “manufactured consent” wherein political leaders use lies and deceit to get public support for their own selfish reasons.  Again, read Chomsky. My discussion of global politics will continue in Part III, currently in development.

It will touch on 9/11 and other attacks on the U.S. from the point of view of a globalist. The very last section will deal with the forces behind this New World Order.

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