The evolution of the FBI and CIA from intelligence gathering agencies into worldwide secret cabals accountable to no one.

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A recent article in reports that FBI emails subpoenaed by a House Judiciary Committee hearing show a collusion between high officials within the FBI to prepare a contingency plan should Donald Trump win the 2016 Presidential elections. Quote, “I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office — that…

In thirty years Germans will be a minority within their own country. Germany is becoming an occupied country; their women raped and laws violated

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There is fear among the German people that their country is no longer safe but rather an open-border society where unrestrained Muslim immigrants are allowed to sexually harass and even rape German women without severe consequences. More than 1 million migrants and asylum seekers arrived in Germany in 2015. No doubt 2016 will see an…

Germany might begin counter-espionage measures aimed at the U.S.

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Ever since Edward Snowden’s revelations about U.S. spying on German officials and German Companies, not to mention their taps on German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s personal cell phone, German authorities have submitted requests to U.S. Intelligence representatives and Congressional oversight committees to disclose the extent of their surveillance activities and documentation guiding their intelligence activities on…

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