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Alien Covenant (Treaty)

Most of you will laugh and smirk inwardly if I tell you that the United States along with some of its closest allies have a secret space program that involves interplanetary space travel, personnel exchanges between humans and friendly alien races, or that we have had bases on the Moon, Mars, the moons of Jupiter and elsewhere for decades.

Similarly, our technology has advanced so much that we now have the capability to defend the planet and mankind from ET races that do not have our interests at heart and could care less if we survive as a species. We are also a source of food for some and a source for ridicule for most, not all, considering our stage of development as sentient beings, barely able to cross the barriers of intergalactic travel and communication.

Of interest to those that believe in angels and demons, which I do, the practice of child sacrifice is a traditional ritual among several ET races who believe, no they actually know, that the properties of a child’s blood can give one prolonged life and also serve as a “high” particularly if the child is tortured before death to produce terror which then floods the system with high concentrations of adrenaline. The medical term is Epinephrine. Hand-in-hand with this extreme ritual is the practice of pedophilia. Pedophilia generates in the child feelings of fear, disgust then guilt which is also consumed by the vampire appetite of the alien race in question. They rape us physically and emotionally.

Trump, as you may recall, recently made returning to the moon a national objective. One can only conclude he is being kept out of the loop by the intelligence agencies that control the secret space program, or he is a willing participant in the public propaganda that keeps us ignorant of the technology that we have developed via the assistance of UFO crash retrievals and their subsequent reverse engineering.

There are also more than a couple of intergalactic treaties wherein we have agreed to exchange personnel and technology with select races, exchanges which involves genetic engineering. Our genes are apparently quite unique within the galaxy and some “contactees” and researchers claim that mankind is a strange hybrid composed of DNA from over 12 alien races who have either intermarried with man or have manipulated our DNA for their own purposes. What comes to mind is the biblical stories of the Nephilim giants who were the products of women and the “Watchers” or the research of Zechariah Sitchin on Sumerian history and traditions with its emphasis on the Annunaki translated, “those that came from the stars.”

I now have the pleasure of presenting is a 2 hour presentation by Kerry Cassidy, the founder and director of Project Camelot who I have been following for many years. Kerry is a one-of-a-kind expositor of the alien presence on earth and a magnet for whistle blowers from all levels of government, the military and science community, who have come forward to finally tell the truth about the unspeakable.

Think about it. Russia and the U.S. have a joint project in the ISS or International Space Station and have had it for decades. Trump and Putin talk frequently but it is not heavily publicized. Putin has accused the U.S. via its large bureaucracy, of listening to “men in black suits.” Now is that a reference to politicians who wear black or dark blue suits, or are we really talking of MIB, the movie, i.e., the alien presence? Believe or not human-looking aliens have infiltrated the governments of the world not just the U.S. it includes Russia. China, Germany, England and France. Incredible? Yes. True? Yes.

Time reveals all. “Hear ye hear ye!  Ladies and gentlemen, come see our bearded lady, our elephant man and man-eating snake!!! All for only 25 cents!”


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