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Alien Covenant (Treaty)

Most of you will laugh and smirk inwardly if I tell you that the United States along with some of its closest allies have a secret space program that involves interplanetary space travel, personnel exchanges between humans and friendly alien races, or that we have had bases on the Moon, Mars, the moons of Jupiter and elsewhere for decades.

Similarly, our technology has advanced so much that we now have the capability to defend the planet and mankind from ET races that do not have our interests at heart and could care less if we survive as a species. We are also a source of food for some and a source for ridicule for most, not all, considering our stage of development as sentient beings, barely able to cross the barriers of intergalactic travel and communication.

Of interest to those that believe in angels and demons, which I do, the practice of child sacrifice is a traditional ritual among several ET races who believe, no they actually know, that the properties of a child’s blood can give one prolonged life and also serve as a “high” particularly if the child is tortured before death to produce terror which then floods the system with high concentrations of adrenaline. The medical term is Epinephrine. Hand-in-hand with this extreme ritual is the practice of pedophilia. Pedophilia generates in the child feelings of fear, disgust then guilt which is also consumed by the vampire appetite of the alien race in question. They rape us physically and emotionally.

Trump, as you may recall, recently made returning to the moon a national objective. One can only conclude he is being kept out of the loop by the intelligence agencies that control the secret space program, or he is a willing participant in the public propaganda that keeps us ignorant of the technology that we have developed via the assistance of UFO crash retrievals and their subsequent reverse engineering.

There are also more than a couple of intergalactic treaties wherein we have agreed to exchange personnel and technology with select races, exchanges which involves genetic engineering. Our genes are apparently quite unique within the galaxy and some “contactees” and researchers claim that mankind is a strange hybrid composed of DNA from over 12 alien races who have either intermarried with man or have manipulated our DNA for their own purposes. What comes to mind is the biblical stories of the Nephilim giants who were the products of women and the “Watchers” or the research of Zechariah Sitchin on Sumerian history and traditions with its emphasis on the Annunaki translated, “those that came from the stars.”

I now have the pleasure of presenting is a 2 hour presentation by Kerry Cassidy, the founder and director of Project Camelot who I have been following for many years. Kerry is a one-of-a-kind expositor of the alien presence on earth and a magnet for whistle blowers from all levels of government, the military and science community, who have come forward to finally tell the truth about the unspeakable.

Think about it. Russia and the U.S. have a joint project in the ISS or International Space Station and have had it for decades. Trump and Putin talk frequently but it is not heavily publicized. Putin has accused the U.S. via its large bureaucracy, of listening to “men in black suits.” Now is that a reference to politicians who wear black or dark blue suits, or are we really talking of MIB, the movie, i.e., the alien presence? Believe or not human-looking aliens have infiltrated the governments of the world not just the U.S. it includes Russia. China, Germany, England and France. Incredible? Yes. True? Yes.

Time reveals all. “Hear ye hear ye!  Ladies and gentlemen, come see our bearded lady, our elephant man and man-eating snake!!! All for only 25 cents!”


The truth will not set you free but it will scare the sh__! out of you.

From time to time, I have posted information regarding the alien presence on planet earth, and by “alien” I don’t mean undocumented workers from Mexico. Most of you are too busy watching “winning-is-everything” sports, idiotic game shows, and Kim Kardashian’s “assets” on television to even consider the possibility that we have been manipulated as a species by technologically advanced extraterrestrials over many centuries whose agendas are entirely self-serving and not in the best interest of mankind.

Kerry Cassidy and Capt. Mark Richards

Actually, polls show that the majority of people do believe there are UFOs in the skies and many have had their own sightings of unidentified flying objects in the sky, but beyond the sightings we have no knowledge and only a slight interest in pursuing a full understanding of the implications their presence on earth means for mankind’s future.

Over the years, I have read about and listened to a select few researchers whom I consider experts in their fields of interest. High on the list is Kerry Cassidy who founded and maintains Project Camelot.  She has interviewed hundreds if not over a thousand government insiders, intelligence whistle blowers, physicists, military personnel involved in black operations, and others who have preferred to remain anonymous as revealing their identities would most likely result in their deaths under strange circumstances. In fact, I am surprised that Cassidy is still alive, given her passion for the truth and relentless search for information worldwide.

One particular series of interviews Kerry has conducted is with a former military pilot by the name of Mark Richards, USN. These interviews are noteworthy due to the unusual circumstances of his current location, California State Prison at Vacaville.

Captain Richards has been in prison for over 30 years and during that time has been the target of assassination by fellow inmates and covert operatives who still worry that he will reveal information concerning his involvement in the U.S. Secret Space Program (Essentially an off-planet operation that involves interaction, negotiation and, yes, even war with extraterrestrials some of whom are attempting to enslave mankind, if not genetically modify human DNA for their own selfish reasons.)  Sound fantastic? Well, keep an open mind and keep reading and watch this video in its entirety.

The video below is the 7th interview that Kerry has conducted with Captain Richards. Since prison authorities do not allow cameras or paper and writing tools, all the interviews are recorded based on Kerry’s recall of the time spent with Richards, hence the term “Total Recall.”

The Phoenix Lights, UFOs and a ranch infested with alien greys.

This lengthy video is for “believers.” There is a connection between what is called by many as the “alien presence” and geopolitics. When you are ready, I can explain those connections.

March 13 1997: The Phoenix Lights phenoomena

March 13 1997: The Phoenix Lights phenomena

John Edmonds, the owner of the Stardust Ranch in Rainbow Valley north of Phoenix, AZ (where the now famous sightings of triangular UFOs over the city were witnessed by thousands of people) is a psychiatric therapist and takes in abandoned and sick horses, as well as Macaws, dogs and whatever type of animal needs attention. His wife is a former employee of the FBI and now works with mental health clients.

When he and his wife bought this ranch in an isolated region of the Arizona desert 19 years ago, he had no idea.

Here is his story.

X-Files: The Truth is out there!

This following video interview is conducted by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. If you have delved into “The Truth is Out There” phenomena, you know she is the cutting edge of what is happening in the UFO community, government secret black projects and the paranormal.

Her guests in this particular video are quite usual, almost unbelievable, but if you know Kerry you know she does not lightly invite guests that are obvious frauds or just seeking attention. The guests are Tommy Hawksblood, a co-host of Project Camelot’s Internet new TV network show, and John Edmonds, a close friend of Hawksblood. Listen and judge.

I have to warn you, after seeing this audio/video (which is quite long – 2 hours), and you decide to visit the ranch where all of this is taking place (Rainbow Valley, Arizona), you may want to reconsider because many who have visited John Edmond’s ranch over the last 19 years have left after only one night. UFOlogists, psychics, even MIB plus all the alphabet federal agencies have been out there, and still, the phenomena continues unabated.


America’s strengths are also America’s weaknesses

Within every society there are individuals who are viewed as mavericks, rule breakers, defiant, and simply a pain in the proverbial butt. However, they are also usually successful entrepreneurs, leaders (and I don’t mean Washington politicians), and artists.

Most of us will seek acceptance and “go along with the crowd” whether that crowd is a committee, a community or a family unit. It may even be your fellow bus passengers, if you use public transportation. Few will step forward in a crisis to assume leadership because we are unsure of our abilities.

a1I think I can safely say this quality, that is, of seeking acceptance and approval by peers is natural and we are almost unaware that it pervades our every thought and action. In fact, we spend most of our waking hours thinking of ways to gain approval. What should I say or do? Will this outfit draw compliments? Do I have bad breath? How do I impress that girl or boy or the boss. Some would call this kissing the proverbial ass.

Nonetheless, this quality served a purpose in earlier civilizations, especially in the begining of recorded history (cave paintings were recorded history) in terms of societal security and protection. Without compliance in certain areas, we would not be able to defend ourselves from enemies or predators (the creation of armies or fortresses), the harsh elements (shelter and the storage of food requiring organization and control) and, of course, to protect ourselves from ourselves (civil and criminal laws). But compliance has it limits. It’s a delicate balance within and open and free society.

Well, when it comes to certain topics, like UFOs, most of us will rarely admit we believe that UFOs exist and that abductions by aliens take place. Yet I cannot tell how many times these individuals privately admit to me that they really believe the government is hiding the existence of extraterrestrials, but in the absence of “solid proof” they will not commit to saying so publically, especially after having described to them my own experiences.

They are also afraid of being called “conspiracy nuts,” or “tin foil hat” wearers, you know, individuals that construct hats out of aluminum wrap to neutralize mind control radio waves that come from alien space ships overhead. (There is even a Tin Foil Hat Wearers Association, believe it or not, that unabashedly and proudly proclaims its legitimacy, and they may well be right, but you be the judge.)

We are a highly suggestible species, and even if we believe we are being lied to by our spouses, friends or the media and our own government, we would rather avoid the truth than be uncomfortable and out of compliance. Are you with me so far?

O.K., so what does this have to do with the current price of gasoline? Maybe not much directly, but it does have a lot to do with the geopolitical, climactic and economic events that are dominating our consciousness today, everything from climate change, an increase in natural disasters (earthquakes, storms, tsunamis), constant wars, terrorism, and a general feeling of fear and panic that is gripping not only our nation, but nations across the planet. Stay with me on this.

What I am about to share with you are a series of videos by one of the most knowledgeable researchers, film makers, and interviewers that I am familiar with and I have followed her for years. Her name is Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. Its contents are anything but conventional, it is unbelievable (unless you are familiar with the topic already and are a “believer”), unnerving, and absolutely true (however, no one is infallible or completely right). If just one half of 1% of you derive some insight into the global confusion we are going through, it will have been worth exposing you to it.

The truth is no longer “out there,” it is “right here” in front of us, but we fail to pull back the curtains to see for ourselves. We all have what I call a “rebel gene”. In some of us it is active and strong, in others it is dormant or just awakening. Stimulate that gene by keeping an open mind and “boldly going where no man (or woman) has gone before.”

Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot

Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot

There are three interviews and I have presented them in reverse order because the third or most recent one is probably the most mind blowing. They are long, so pace yourself and take one at a time. Please understand that the information from Kerry is from notes and recall of the interviews that were conducted at the California State Prison at Vacaville, where Captain Richards is serving an indefinite sentence – he has served 30 years already. Visitors are not allowed to record or take videos in state prisons as those of you that have visited one know, so essentially you will only see Kerry as she reads from her notes and recalls the discussions she had with a member of the Earth Defense Unit, commonly called the Secret Space Program. I know is sounds like the Stargate movie and TV series of the same name, but essentially that’s what it is. Remember, the truth is stranger than fiction.

At the end, I present a transcript of the third interview with Captain Mark Richards and I do this for a reason.

JoAnn Richards, wife of Captain Mark RIchards, taken in the prison at Vacaville, CA

JoAnn Richards, wife of Captain Mark RIchards, taken in the prison at Vacaville, CA

In most of my posts I usually provide links to primary and secondary sources mentioned in my articles, but instead as a good teacher would do, I am giving you an assignment – it is due at the end of the semester, so you have plenty of time. Kerry and Mark mention a number of other experts, military officers, scientists and organizations during the course of their conversations. Look up the spellings of these sources from the transcript and look them up on the Internet to at least see they are seemingly legitimate sources, do exist and have some relation to the topic at hand.

You will get more out of it than me telling you the who, what and where of everything. I promise to give an “A” if you just research a few of them, but I guarantee you will go farther than that.

Good luck and bon voyage.


LIVE INTERVIEW —NOTES FROM MARK RICHARDS III == 11/1/14 Compiled by Jo Ann Richards and Kerry Cassidy
-Mark and Robin went to College together. They were good friends and up until his current wife stopped him, he kept up a steady correspondence with Mark in prison. Robin was never suicidal … as depressed as he got.
-Robin was not the kind to “go to bed mad”
-He quietly financially backed SETI project – He knew a few of the secrets -So much of his death doesn’t add up…
-His image was important to him and if he was going to commit suicide would have done something like jump off the golden gate bridge… but he wouldn’t do this to his children
-His death had to have been a hit… likely an illuminati hit to keep him quiet
Others in the know: Lauren Bacall — knew some of the secrets. She and Humphrey Bogart were friends of Mark’s father. Mark danced with her when he was six at the Mark Hopkins.
-AI (Artificial Intelligence) can infect things even if not mechanical -MINERVA – is a biological creation, created in act of need (presumably from some race of beings in “need” of AI.
-Government keeps wraps on it, they doesn’t think the public can cope with ramifications of it.
-Mark believes it is not an immediate threat on a mass scale -for example if an energy field comes down and infects a car. A modern car with onboard computer can be infected and send info back to the AI source.
—Yes, agrees with CG re ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: BATTLE OF THE AI’s is probably going on… Note: this is something I already tapped into psychically and wrote about in my article about the AURORA COLORADO SHOOTING called “Dark ‘Night’ the Battle of the Robots”: Link to my article:

—If there’s an intelligence based intergalactic storm it can flow over our planet and study it —the natural protections over Earth are pretty fierce – i.e. the Van Allen Belt —Mark doesn’t believe at this time that a superior intelligence of this type is a big threat
SUPERWAVE / GAS CLOUD — A gas cloud containing photo planets being swallowed by Galactic Center which is aka SAG A (Sagittarius A) …
BLACK GOO / Falklands War — doesn’t know much about this because it was right around time he left the program
—Mark wanted to retire right around the Falklands war — Wanted to retire from space program, exhausted and wanted out but they wouldn’t let him
—He had lost a child and great love to the SSP (Secret Space Program) — There is wreckage… evidence on planets such as Mars, Moon and others that prove that incidents had happened there —Government counts on masses to forget what they see because of fear and fear of not fitting in.. being seen as crazy
—CIA counts on drive to “fit in” don’t even need much mind control electronically speaking… Note: however movies, TV and lies in news clearly supports this amnesia and fear based paradigm
—Raptors are funding movies and tv and latest Australian Dinosaur traveling event — “Walking with Dinosaurs”) contains real raptors (the small dinosaurs) mixed in with fake… they are trying to reverse the bad reputation that Dinosaurs — dragons have had over time
— August 28, 1953 — Major UFO sighting in San Rafael — raptors “a sort of christening ceremony” to celebrate Mark’s birth (they believe first 2 months of life the spirit/soul is not present)… So they waited until this date to have a ceremony around Mark’s birth.
—Why did Raptors choose Mark and his family? They appreciate humans with raptor-like courage. Mark’s father, Ellis (the Dutchman) Lloyd Richards was a combination of highly admirable qualities).. courage intelligence, honor etc
—Mark’s father was his role model and still considers him superior to himself — Dragon leader (Raptor) met Ellis Richards (the Dutchman) at Hamilton Air Force base in August 1952. They were impressed with the honorable military leader.
—Raptors rent castles in UK … Home office negotiates with them… they choose ones that are in out of the way places or heavily guarded. Even guards don’t see them — don’t know who they are guarding.
Their “sorcerers” can cloud the human mind so they forget what they’ve seen. — Raptors don’t like going inter dimensional… they are very much here in this dimension.
— Earth is home planet (homeworld) to the Raptors. 65 million years ago they left Earth to colonize space using stolen technology. They didn’t totally understand the tech they were using. They ended up in the Draco galaxy because they lost communication with their homeworld. They were caught on the edge of the inner ring of the Galactic Center or Sag A and stayed there in a ship poised on the edge for thousands of years (our time) … finally figured out they needed to voyage further…
—Their homeworld now in Draco constellation is called by us Dragonworld… we haven’t “found” the actual planet yet.
—The Princess of the Raptors… Mark believes is the only reason we are still in existence because she has decided to align her race with ours.. (this seems to contradict other beings that are perhaps operating from higher densities and dimensions that have more to do with keeping worlds and beings such as us alive…). I have not had a chance to ask Mark about his more spiritual beliefs…
—4 species of REPTILIANS 1. Ciakar — have wings, considered to
be royalty 2. Humanoid type — no tails 3. Lizard-like 4 legs but can stand on 2
feet and have a tail 4. Raptors from Earth (Reptoids / and Raptors)
Our germs are very deadly to reptilians… anyone on Earth has developed some immunity
4 species that live on Earth have been here a very long time.. most will be friendly if we live them alone
BLUE GREYS NEAR NEW ZEALAND… — not robots — live normally undersea — currently have positive relationship with us
REPTOIDS — descended from Raptors —developed on their own on bases on Mars and Moon —look like tall basketball players
— royal bloodlines, can hide tails or have none —they eventually left for further out in space (from Mars and Moon)
—they now have several planets and moons — more susceptible to human germs than Raptors
—Serious agenda behind Ebola; Believes Ebola all about eradicating large numbers of Reptoid species. Believes exist in MALI and WEST AFRICA … large base decimated by Ebola…
—Reptoids backed Hitler, Japanese and ISIS —Breaking treaties —still involved in Dulce Base —They have 1 base in Iran, 3 bases in Africa — Meet at Grottos under Vatican — which is an alien ambassadorial colony — under protection of the Vatican and Swiss Guard — no weapons allowed —They use agents within human race to weaken humans — A tsar bomb was used in 1961 to blow up alien base in Russia and the Arctic… —Hiroshima and Nagasaki blown up because of huge Reptoid bases beneath the cities
—Japanese believe their royal bloodline came from Stars… related to Reptoids — Mark doesn’t believe Reptoids are involved in US military (note this is because he has been out of the loop for 30 years during which the infiltration of Nazis (with reptoid ties) increased)..
—Von Braun was a devoted Nazi — never severed ties with them
—Reptoids didn’t get involved with missile tech the Nazis had because it was old technology… Only with flying saucers and the Nazi “Bell”.
—By the time we cleared Nazi scientists (ala Paperclip) to work on the Manhattan project — it was already done — Many Nazis didn’t leave the prison camps in Europe until December 1944.
—Germans would not have been told what the nukes were for.. they were only involved later with mass producing bombs not creation of original 3.
—Japanese couldn’t continue war without superior help from Reptoid groups. They desperately needed fuel, nuclear power etc.
—During WWII: 3 countries had deals with the Reptoids: Italy, Germany and Japan
—Reptoids had bases above and below ground.
FUKUSHIMA —Japanese and North Korean are involved with “many groups” including Reptoids… Mark will not say more about this at this time because this is current secret info.
RE CHINA—Chinese are working with 3 groups —There are a group of Chinese trying to save their country
—The price for alien help is high. They want humans for food, breeding, work and use them to fight off planet.
—Human soldiers are recruited to fight off planet. They are given basically paradise in space in exchange… beautiful cities, all luxuries, etc in exchange for farming, mining and fighting
—Was hesitant to say if that is why US and Israel hit Fukushima… but did say that Japanese royal family related to Reptoids and may still be aligned with them.
—RE Gordon Duff claim that Africa is being “given” to the race from Aldebaran (who worked with Nazis) because he says they destroyed their home planets and need a place for their people to go.
Mark’s reaction: —says we aren’t giving all of Africa just large bases in Africa and Siberia — they look Nordic — Kerry mentions secret witness claiming they are already landing and immigration can’t account for large numbers of well educated black men and women and so this contact thinks the Aldebaran are camouflaging themselves as “black Africans” but Mark thinks although we have the tech ourselves to change our skin color temporarily that the Nordic race from Aldebaran wouldn’t maintain this for very long after arriving…
— According to Mark we have beat them back from our shores before… Africa has been the site of several battles with off planet races… —Much violence in South Africa is alien- induced due to mind control or buying off people
— Mark says our Earth is very easy to mine in large quantities, resource rich
has gravity, oxygen, food and gold and temperatures not to harsh —Makes for a good solid base for mining —It’s easy to “relax” here
VENUS — is a great place in 65 other dimensions but not in this one (3-4D). — Val Thor came from Venus in other dimension.. was a legit visitor from space — Mark met a female from that group… They wanted their species to come here and colonize. However, from Mark’s experience their intentions were not necessarily aligned with our best interests.
— UN — UNESCO — Has been since 1947 has been an organization to negotiate with aliens regarding setting up bases on Earth —Certain international corporations demand to be represented in those meetings such as Bechtel.
—No one person knows everything.. constantly changing picture.
SECURITY OATH — DISCLOSURE — Most security agreements state that if
the info is on the internet and known by the public— it is ok to talk about. GARY MCKINNON — SOLAR WARDEN
— Also known by the name PINE… —Gary did find evidence of fleet-to-fleet transfers and non-terrestrial officers — Mark says the security would have been that lax because of the arrogance of the Pentagon and Nasa officials —thinking back then that the public wouldn’t be able to figure it out. —Early military computers were unreliable —Ellis Richards (Mark’s father) was involved with setting up internet relays to universities
—Mark knew Bill Cooper, they went to the same naval class in Hawaii —Mark spoke very highly of Bill Cooper.. did not believe John Lear’s story about him having “ufo disease” in other words that Cooper did not loose it and begin telling false stories…
—Cooper and Mark stopped communicating in 1989. —Mark said Cooper’s reversal on the ET question was probably result of mind control toward the end of his life… — William Cooper was set up and killed. —Cooper knew a lot… was very astute and dedicated. Mark says as a whistleblower started out carefully and as time went on began revealing more and more… recognizing his duty to serve the human race.
Note: Mark Richards knew of Phil Schneider but didn’t know him personally. MJ-12
—made up of existing power structure.. sometimes they give orders to other organizations but MJ12 has people above it.
—Mark says Truman actually established in 1947 something called “IS” to be a fast acting international organization to deal with the alien situation (off-world threat). Mark did not call this org MJ-12 for some reason…. seemed to infer that it was a different organization.
MOONDUST == crash and ET retrieval and reverse engineering
— Mark was involved — a lot of reverse engineering is handled by corporations, not controlled by Congress. —Mark was involved in tracking ETs and securing them similar to Torchwood/ our witness Tony Dodd info
DANNY CASOLARO – Promis Software – Trail of the Octopus — Mark knew Danny Casolaro — and knows he was killed.
CORPORATIONS SUPPLYING “PARTS” FOR MILITARY — can’t always be sure the parts don’t have back doors and aren’t designed to fail at some critical juncture (built-in obsolescence) by ET contacts in civilian/corporate world
— there are numerous electro-magnetic entities that are vast and seem to run things on Planet Earth.. He did not seem to be referring here to “AI”… need more info on this.
—Mark knew Ben Rich of Skunkworks and worked for him ARCHONS
ET that ran Dulce Base talked about in Sean David Morton’s book SANDS OF TIME compiled from whistleblower testimony… Mark has read 1st book and liked it and says its mostly accurate…
I asked him about the ET that Sean’s book says ran the Dulce base being an ARCHON
(or from Aldebaran)… Archons are described in the Nag Hammadi texts and elsewhere. He agreed it was from a race of that kind. That being claimed to be from 1 of 2 Royal houses that claim to run the Solar System…
—Mark talked about the lumping of several species under one name does injustice to many species
— Mark knows of the tall whites and agrees they are not related to the Nazis or from Aldebaran group that backed them. —Tall Whites referred to in Charles Hall material keep to themselves and are not threatening to humans unless provoked. They do work with our military from time to time.
—Mark was present at the Interstellar Treaty Conference — but as a soldier didn’t know all the ET races and committees present.. See Exeter conference report by Mark Richards on EDH website.
—There is a threat from Androids replacing people in power —say Joint Chiefs “give up biological material” and are checked weekly.
—knew about atomic destruction of Amarna to hide evidence of Akhenaton and Nefertiti’s kingdom.. Both were from ET races.. 2 different.
—Agreed that King Tut was not their legitimate biological heir.
— Said NWO destroys and covers up ET evidence from before 10,000 years ago all over Earth to keep humans in the dark about their history
ZEP TEPPI — system of stargates (almost undisturbed gate system)
— Carvings depict beings from various planets, many not human, some in full space suits and gear. —Raptors depicted on pillars — one has Raptor suited up in full regalia
—Was buried 8000 years ago by humans… might be buried again to cover it up.. If that happens humanity will be set back significantly.
— “Gate complex” not a temple… active gates leading to multiple off planet destinations homeworlds of various races depicted in full armor on the carvings at entry points. Governments and NWO do
not want people to know about this place. — Many important ancient sites in Turkey NWO wants destroyed or hidden… contains great deal of important knowledge for humanity.
SIRIAN BLUES — aquatic type beings There are 2 different races from Sirius:
1. Blue humanoids — positive 2. Reptilians — can be difficult but helped the Babylonians (these sound like a branch of the Anunnaki)..
All were “read in” on the secrets and wrapped them into their novels. Mark’s father knew all three. Mark knew Arthur C. Clarke. DIMENSIONAL TRAVEL THROUGH PORTALS — WORMHOLES
—We have the tech to travel (humans) but more difficult with ships to go QUANTUM TELEPORTATION because our intelligence interacts with the wormhole to assist in reconfiguring our body and self… atomic structure…
—Time shifting or sliding— we take the body
PHOBOS IS IN NON-HUMAN HANDS — 2/3rds artificial.. hollow — some
humans there but in security or sub positions
— the recent Comet flyby on Mars was shot at and pushed…
—it was targeted at Mars base but didn’t succeed.
Those two races are at odds and will wrap humans into fighting their battle… soon.
Mark didn’t want to name the race backing Israel — being careful. (indications are this is the Sitchin Anunnaki race)
Misc items… Zimbabwe ruins of alien origin…
Large non-human ruin in France a distance from Paris… has 90 foot walls. They tell people it is a “roman ruin” …it is from an OFF PLANET RACE.
ISIS is being backed by NWO and Reptoids. We are attacking Syria due to active Gate there… Israelis bomb the gates to close them including one in Iraq.. Saddam was using to allow humans to jump…
Agrees U.S. military will never leave Iraq… must secure gates.. also gate complex in mountains between Iraq/ Iran and Syria.
THE 9 pyramids that were built outside city of St. Petersburg.. WHY? what is the real reason? He says are is run by Female head of FSB and she is the mother of one of his children. Yes she could get him released from prison but he would have to join the FSB and his loyalty is with the U.S. and believes in democracy not communism as a way of life.. (philosophical difference). – Mark will check on answer to this question.
His life is often being threatened inside the prison… many attempts but he is “hard to kill”… one of those efforts may one day succeed. But they always send “boys to do a monster’s job”…
Mark is considering one offer right now that looks interesting and could result in his release in exchange for going back to work for some faction of the SSP.
Acknowledges there could be more offers coming… as part of an effort to re- recruit him and shut him up.
But he says they know no one except his
father “Ellis Lloyd Richards” THE DUTCHMAN has ever been able to control him.
Says he has been told “they will kill his entire family if he tries to escape prison”… and it won’t be quick.
Told him about my offer to Bobby Ray Inman to interview him.. says that he is one of the most in the know people on the planet… much on the level of The
Says he worked for him and knows him well.
Mark says he is very well known within the SSP (Secret Space Program).
Said he is occasionally doing jobs for SSP… NWO in order to keep them happy and himself and his family alive…
Mark is skeptical that a commanding officer would be supporting the disclosures of Randy Cramer / Captain Kaye…
Acknowledges huge problem with VA and
soldiers in large numbers not accounted for years of service not reflected in those ‘on the books” as having served in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places on Earth.
Many likely were mind wiped multiple times, very skewed up as a result and were actually based off planet but don’t realize it.
Recently crash or space shuttle and other vehicles are interfering with public attempts at a space program and will create fear in the masses reaction against having a public space flight program… In other words these crashes likely purposeful.
MH 370 — was pushed into dimensional shift because of 4 people on board.. one in particular building a time shifting software that was “too accurate” … and had to take them out because didn’t want them to get into the hands of the Chinese.
They consider it worth the collateral damage of other humans on board to take out a commercial jet.
If Mark gets out of prison would never fly COMMERCIAL says it’s too easy for them to take him out.
He says 6 commercial planes were taken out in last few years including “Swiss Air” and John-John – Kennedy was killed by nearby plane that had laser tech on board. His death was not due to his ineptness or any other personal disinfo put out there.
Hadron Collider in Japan — there because they are paying to build it because they want the jump technology…
There have been more cases of botched up ‘First Contact” scenarios with alien races than people would imagine… example coming into a car lot late at night.. just being friendly wanting to meet the humans… and ending up in a shoot out… Ruining our relations with that race… happens many times.
Banking collapse — after 2008 all small banks taken out because they keep records… and NWO doesn’t want evidence of alien investment in banks to surface. More alien money than drug money… sometimes as much as 300 million a day coming into banks. /END.

The U.S. and its allies are funding terrorism worldwide

This is 3-hour interview of SCOTT BENNETT, author of the book SHELL GAME: A Military Whistleblowing Report to the U.S. Congress Exposing the Betrayal and Cover-Up by the U.S. Government of the Union Bank of Switzerland-Terrorist Threat Finance Connection to Booz Allen Hamilton and U.S. Central Command.

Bennett was Officer-in-Charge, Adjutant General, S-1, Psychological Operations, US Army Armypsyop for several years. He is an expert in terrorist financing and currently works as a consultant, after being fired from Booz Allen Hamilton for being too effective in identifying funding sources for ISIS and al-Qaeda.

His research led to the discovery of over 1,900 hidden Swiss bank accounts that funneled millions, if not billions of dollars to terrorist groups, many of which came from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait and Qatar, known CIA front companies, and disguised Muslim religious charities. Does it seem as if the war on terror is contrived?

If you want to know how and why America is at risk, you must listen to this riveting interview in its entirety. If even just 10& of the American people become aware of its contents, it would free the world from the yoke of war madness that the powerful elile have placed around our necks. It discusses why, for example:

1. Eric Holder is suddenly resigning
2. the Obama administration went ahead with allowing homosexuals to openly join the military – this has to do with the Muslim hatred of homosexuality, thus increasing the recruitment of radical jihadist against the “immoral” American infidels
3. Hillary Clinton refuses to testify about Benghazi
4. ISIS became so powerful, so quickly
5. the military and Congress have failed to protect and serve the American people
6. the Department of Justice treats whistleblowers as criminals rather than patriots
7. Booz Allen Hamilton, a private military contractor, has essentially become overlord of the Pentagon and key military intellgence agencies within the military/industrial complex

Pictured above left to right: James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence and a former Booz Allen Hamilton senior executive; Edward Snowden, whistleblower and formerly employed by Booz Allen Hamilton; Booz Allen Hamilton cyber lab facility; Booz Allen Hamilton Headquarters in McClean, Virginia

Pictured above left to right: James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence and a former Booz Allen Hamilton senior executive; Edward Snowden, whistleblower and formerly employed by Booz Allen Hamilton; Booz Allen Hamilton cyber lab facility; Booz Allen Hamilton Headquarters in McClean, Virginia

The interview was conducted by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, published October 2, 2014. For those of you who would rather not view the entire interview you can download a summary report in PDF format that will essentially give you a synopsis of Bennett’s book, “Shell Game.” Click here to link to the PDF file.


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