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Mueller is running out of people to prosecute so he is indicting everyone who had unpaid traffic tickets in 2014 (Ha! Gotcha!) Satire?

National Public Radio (NPR) the jewel of liberal progressive news? I don’t think so!

Despite its mandate to be unbiased and serve the public interest, NPR steers clear of that in its one-sided kind of “journalism.” It’s careful to shy away from all controversial topics that may be sensitive to corporate interests that include those providing it funding support or might wish to.

Africa is the new U.S. focus of defense spending for tribal disputes, I mean foreign policy, sorry guys!

Here a new Moment of Clarity video by Lee Camp.  He does like to place emphasis on key issues.

So why is the U.S. increasing its military “footprint” in Africa all the while claiming the opposite?

“For years, the US military has publicly insisted that its efforts in Africa are small scale. Its public affairs personnel and commanders have repeatedly claimed no more than a “light footprint” on that continent, including a remarkably modest presence when it comes to military personnel. They have, however, balked at specifying just what that light footprint actually consists of. During an interview, for instance, a US Africa Command (AFRICOM) spokesman once expressed worry that tabulating the command’s deployments would offer a “skewed image” of US efforts there.

It turns out that the numbers do just the opposite.

Last year, according AFRICOM commander General David Rodriguez, the US military carried out a total of 546 “activities” on the continent—a catch-all term for everything the military does in Africa. In other words, it averages about one and a half missions a day. This represents a 217 percent increase in operations, programs and exercises since the command was established in 2008.

In testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee earlier this month, Rodriguez noted that the ten exercises, fifty-five operations and 481 security cooperation activities made AFRICOM “an extremely active geographic command.” But exactly what the command is “active” in doing is often far from clear.” (Source: The Nation.com and Tom’s Dispatch.com)

What is the Neoconservative Movement we hear so much about?


William Kristol (born December 23, 1952) is an American neoconservative political analyst and commentator.

By the way, in case you are wondering what a “Neocon” is, as referenced by Lee Camp, the term “neoconservative” refers to those who made the ideological journey from the anti-Stalinist left to the camp of American conservatism.

Neoconservatives frequently advocate the “assertive” promotion of democracy and promotion of “American national interest” in international affairs including by means of military force. The movement had its intellectual roots in the Jewish monthly review magazine Commentary. C. Bradley Thompson, a professor at Clemson University, claims that most influential neoconservatives refer explicitly to the theoretical ideas in the philosophy of Leo Strauss (1899–1973).

Neoconservatives peaked in influence during the presidency of George W. Bush, when they played a major role in promoting and planning the invasion of Iraq, although many would argue that Obama is merely finishing what Bush started – the creation of a New World Order.

Hide your wealth 1% !! It’s becoming too obvious

A Moment of Clarity by Lee Camp

You’re not smart enough

Global Awakening: A Moment of Clarity

How corporations create animal cruelty

Lee Camp

Lee Camp’s official website is leecamp.net

Large corporations and factory farming are responsible for more animal cruelty than just about anything else. Just wait until they get their hands on free range chickens and their eggs. Learn more about this at http://www.humanesociety.org/issues/confinement_farm/

Real evil people plan like shit!

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