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Obama found guilty of real estate fraud and tax evasion but FBI nor DOJ never pursued it.

The lies that come out of politician’s mouths

“There is beauty in truth, even if it’s painful. Those who lie, twist life so that it looks tasty to the lazy, brilliant to the ignorant, and powerful to the weak. But lies only strengthen our defects. They don’t teach anything, help anything, fix anything or cure anything. Nor do they develop one’s character, one’s mind, one’s heart or one’s soul.”
― José N. Harris

The hype for Kamala Harris as a possible presidential candidate began almost from the moment she won election to the U.S. Senate last fall, and so far she’s done little to halt it other than saying pro forma that she hasn’t considered the possibility.

At 52, she’s considerably younger than other Democrats now running “non-campaigns” for the nation’s highest office. She makes speeches to high-profile audiences and appears on talk shows regularly. Her office cranks out statements and press releases the moment anything of significance happens in the nation or world.

There are also parallels to Barack Obama, another candidate with a somewhat unusual first name.

Harris’ first name has never hurt her politically, just as it didn’t harm Obama. Like Obama, too, if she runs for president in 2020, Harris will have served less than four years in the Senate.

Like Obama, the first black man elected to the Senate from Illinois, Harris is the first black person elected to the Senate from California. Her mixed heritage also makes her the first Indian-American and first Jamaican-American elected to the Senate anywhere…

San Diego Union-Tribune

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