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Joe Biden is a not-so-secret pervert and pedophile. The U.S. Congress is second only to the Catholic Church in the number of protected child molesters.

The public face of politics. A smile, a lie, a cover for greed and corruption.

Joe Biden, who has a reputation as a bungling, foot-in-your-mouth politician, is much creepier than you would ever imagined. The videos you will see, public videos, show Biden touching the breasts of children as young as nine years old while their parents desperately try and put themselves between Biden and their children.

Ex-Secret Service agents assigned to the Bidens tell of Weinstein-level behavior including Biden walking around naked in the Vice-Presidential mansion and inappropriately touching female agents assigned to protect him. Who protects the female agents from Biden, is the question?

In 2009, a Secret Service agent allegedly shoved Biden after he cupped his girlfriend’s breast while the couple was taking a photo with him. According to former Bernie Supporter turned Trump fanatic and political insider Cassandra Fairbanks, the situation with the Secret Service agent and Biden got heated enough that others had to step in to prevent the agent from hitting the then-Vice President.

The agent was suspended for a week.


Guess what folks? Biden is no doubt going to be the Democratic Nominee for President in 2020. Hey why not? We had a rapist whose wife was a member of a pedophile ring, then a homosexual married to a transgender all from that party. The party of the poor and downtrodden. Ya right!

Sexual predators roam the studios of Hollywood looking for victims

Kevin Spacey, an award winning actor who has been exposed as a pedophile.

On November 3, 2017, Tyler Durden, contributing writer for the well respected Zero Hedge alternative news outlet, wrote an article providing additional details of Kevin Spacey’s proclivity for very young men some as young as 14 years of age. In fact, many consider him to be a pedophile..

“Though Netflix pulled the plug this week on House of Cards after actor Kevin Spacey admitted to sexual assault on a 14-year old, it appears that Spacey’s character Frank Underwood – a Machiavellian figure who wielded power by any means possible – may be a truer reflection of Spacey’s actual personality and behavior than many in the film industry would care to admit.
Yesterday multiple cast and crew members of the now defunct Netflix series came forward to tell CNN that Spacey created a “toxic” atmosphere on set in which his aggressive sexual behavior was something, as one camera assistant said, “everybody saw” – but which few formally complained about for fear that their careers would end.

The CNN story was published the same day that yet another man has come forward to say he had a sexual relationship with Kevin Spacey at the age of 14 – which included an attempted rape – while Spacey was an adult working on Broadway. Similar to now substantiated allegations against powerful movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, the floodgate of accusations has now opened against Spacey, and it is likely that more will continue to emerge in the coming weeks. Both embattled figures, who were until very recently among the most powerful in Hollywood, now say they are “seeking treatment” in isolation as accusations are quickly turning into police investigations in different parts of the globe.”

The article went on to say that Spacey’s sexual deviancy is so well known in Hollywood and Broadway a skit in the “The Family Guy” referenced it in a 2005 episode as can be seen below.

The article went on to quote the accusations by several crew and production staff of the “House of Cards” regarding Spacey’s predatory behavior.

“Meanwhile, the testimonies from the House of Cards cast and crew couldn’t be more shocking. One detailed account given to CNN from an unnamed former production assistant appears to have taken place in Maryland, near the House of Cards filming location:

The former production assistant who spoke with CNN said Spacey sexually assaulted him one afternoon when the assistant was assigned to drive to an offsite location to pick up Spacey and bring him to the “House of Cards” set, which is located about 30 miles outside of Baltimore.

The production assistant says that when he and Spacey were just minutes away from the set and while the car was moving, Spacey, who was driving, put his hands down the production assistant’s pants. The production assistant told CNN that the touching was nonconsensual.

“I was in a state of shock,” he said. “He was a man in a very powerful position on the show and I was someone very low on the totem pole and on the food chain there.”

The production assistant asked that what happened next in the car not be described, for fear that it would identify him.

Once they had arrived on set, the production assistant says he helped the actor take his belongings from the car to Spacey’s trailer on set. While the two men were in the trailer, the production assistant says, Spacey cornered him, blocked his exit and made inappropriate contact with him.

“I told him, ‘I don’t think I’m ok with this, I don’t think I’m comfortable with this,'” the production assistant said. That’s when the actor became “visibly flustered,” fled the trailer, got in his car and left for the remainder of the day, according to the production assistant.”

What is shocking about this type of behavior, which is pervasive in Hollywood and Washington D.C., is the fact that those who should be condemning this abuse have remained silent for so long.


Pedophilia: Some claim it an incurable “disease.” Nonetheless it is a past-time for the rich and famous.

Two and a half years after his death, at the age of 84, the number of children molested by Jimmy Savile, the star performer of British television for decades, is steadily increasing. A new revelation on Monday by “BBC’s – Panorama”, the journalistic investigative arm of the British Broadcasting Corporation estimated he molested more than 500 people, including a two year old toddler .


Jimmy Savile with some of the children who took part in his series of ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ on BBC television in 1974. (Evening Standard/Getty Images)


“Saint” Jimmy?

Jimmy Savile was never a handsome man. His face, even in his early days at the BBC, was all sharp edges — the hook of his nose, the jagged-tooth grin, the boggle-eyed look of eccentricity, humor and derangement. At times, he seemed almost make believe. He had platinum hair. A fat cigar perpetually hung out of his mouth. He seemed to communicate exclusively in catchphrases: “now then, now then,” “howzabout that then,” “as it ‘appens.” The kids just loved his gags.

The increasing number of complaints registered by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, and revealed by “Panorama”, makes Jimmy Savile “one of the most prolific sexual offenders,” according to the association The National Child Protection Board. A title much less brilliant than the nickname “Saint Jimmy” that had once earned him his charitable work in recognition of the some 40 million books he had raised through his works. Nonetheless “Saint Jimmy” was a pedophile and had molested 500 victims from 1955 to 2007, aged between 2 and 49 years.


Pope Paul II with Savile. From one pedophile to the leader of 410,000 Catholic priests around the world, most of those pedophiles.

There was always something off about Savile, who hosted the BBC’s “Jim’ll Fix it,” palled around with the royal family, reportedly spent holidays with the Thatchers and was knighted not only by Queen Elizabeth but by Pope John Paul II.

But most forgave his idiosyncratic nature. He was, after all, a great man. He raised $5.2 million for a hospital in Leeds, one of the United Kingdom’s largest. He volunteered countless hours as a hospital aide, busing patients to and fro. He helped scores of young doctors get their starts.

“Panorama” revealed that most of the sexual abuse perpetrated by Savile was committed at the BBC offices, of which he was one of the most popular celebrities, as well as in hospitals and children’s homes that he visited. Most of the victims were young adolescents aged 13 to 15, mostly girls, but also more than 50 boys. The first recorded incident occurred in 1955 and the last in 2007. His youngest victim would have been two years old, and his oldest 49 years.

This look back at the history of one of the most prolific pedophiles in modern day history is significant not because pedophilia is abhorrent and should be stamped out like a cigarette that causes cancer but because Jimmy was honored by the kings and queens of the world, would-be presidents and prime ministers, in essence, their friend, mentor and solicitor. Yes, solicitor. Whenever the queen or her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh needed a young child to satisfy their more occult sexual desires, who you gona to call? Not Ghost Busters, babe, You’re going to call “Jimmy!!”


Queen Elizabeth, the queen “lizard” according Princess Diana who outed out the royal family as belonging to a hybrid “reptilian” ET race; seen here after knighting “Sir” Jimmy Savile. Search “David Icke” to read about the amazing stories and controversies surrounding the royal family. Believe it or not, you owe it to yourself to be informed no matter how ridiculous it seems.

If my previous posts have not convinced you there is a well-organized global ring of child pornography, sexual abuse and satanic child sacrifice that crosses international boundaries, nothing will convince you so you can go on your merry way watching the sick Kardashians, shopping for trivial gadgets at discount stores that get their wares from countries that use child labor; oh yes, and chatting on Facebook and Twitter.

Hell, people walking without a smart phone in their hand is about 11% of the general population.

The only time you will say or do anything close to demand the arrest, conviction and sentencing of these predators is when your own child becomes a victim of sexual abuse. By then it will be too late, mon ami. Or perhaps you have been victimized as a child?

Pedophiles seek to work or volunteer in places where children congregate like public schools, scouting organizations, boys and girls clubs, youth team sports, Catholic elementary schools and summer camps. Do not trust anyone and report suspicious activity immediately.


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Corey Feldman on Elijah Wood Hollywood Pedophilia Controversy: “I Would Love to Name Names”

Pedophiles are an abomination. They invade our churches, schools and youth sports looking for victims.

Critics of the homosexual lifestyle have long claimed that once it became acceptable to identify homosexuality as simply an “alternative lifestyle” or sexual orientation, logically nothing would be off limits.

“Gay” advocates have taken offense at such a position insisting this would never happen. However, psychiatrists are now beginning to advocate redefining pedophilia in the same way homosexuality was redefined several years ago.

Pizzagate: The Bigger Picture. Published on Dec 1, 2016, YouTube.com. The Alex Jones Channel

An International Pedophile ring has been fully operational for decades. Plummeting down the rabbit hole you will eventually discover the Franklin Cover up, The Jimmy Saville Scandal, The Hampstead Cover up, The Elm Guest House Scandal, Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Island and many others that were eventually buried by a colluding media and the fact that the general public loses interest because the reality of high profile pedophilic predators is an alien world and completely repulsive to the average person.


PIZZAGATE: The Bigger Picture

PIZZAGATE: The Bigger Picture


Pedophilia advocacy organizations by country


Ipce (formerly International Pedophile and Child Emancipation, changed its name in 1998 to disassociate with the full name). Founded in the early 1990s; in 2005, it had 79 members in 20 countries. The organization is active and has websites available in English, French, German,and Spanish.


Australian Man/Boy Love Association (AMBLA)

Australian Paedophile Support Group (APSG). Founded in 1980 or 1983 according to other sources. It was succeeded by the Boy Lovers and Zucchini Eaters (BLAZE), another group dismantled by police


Dokumentatiedienst Pedofilie.
Centre de recherche et d’information sur l’enfance et la sexualité (fr), 1982–1986. Founded by Philippe Charpentier. The group published the magazine L’Espoir. Fach Und Selbsthilfegruppe Paedophilie.Founded at the early 1970s.


Studiegroep Pedofilie. Defunct.


Coalition Pédophile Québécois. Fondation Nouvelle. Defunct


Danish Pedophile Association (DPA), 1985–2004. One of the most important pedophile associations in Europe.


Groupe de Recherche pour une Enfance Différente (GRED), 1979–1987. The group published the bulletin Le Petit Gredin (The Little Rogue).


See also: 1970s and 1980s pedophilia debate (in German)

AG-Pädo. Founded in 1991 by the association Arbeitsgruppe des Bundesverbandes Homosexualität.

Aktion Freis Leben (AFL)

Arbeitskreis Päderastie-Pädophilie (APF). Active in the early 1980s.

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Humane Sexualität (de) (AHS).

Arbeitsgemeinschaft “Schwule, Päderasten und Transsexuelle” (“working group ‘gays, pederasts and transsexuals'”). Faction of the German Green Party involved in pro-pedophile activism. See de:Pädophilie-Debatte (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) (“Pedophilia Debate (Alliance ’90/The Greens”)

Deutsche Studien- und Arbeitsgemeinschaft Pädophilie (DSAP). 1979–1983

Fach und Selbsthilfegruppe Paedophilie


Active from the 1970s through the mid-1980s.[10] Self-defined as children’s liberation commune, strongly identifying as pedophile, active late 1970s-late 1980s; according to some authors there are several independent local groups active in Germany today.

Kanalratten. Offshoot of the Indianerkommune but for female pedophiles.


Krumme 13 (K13), 1993–2003.

Pädoguppe, Rat und Tat-Zentrum.

Pädophile Selbsthilfe- und Emanzipationsgruppe München (SHG).[23] Founded in 1979.[24] Starting in 2003, police began raiding its members, resulting in more than half a million items of child pornography seized and multiple arrests.

Verein für sexuelle Gleichberechtigung. Founded in Munich. 1973–1988


Gruppo P. Founded in 1989 by Francesco Vallini. Despite its legitimate status, Vallini spent three years in prison for running a criminal association. Despite this, the well-established gay magazine Babilonia continues to employ Vallini, and to support his ideas, although Gruppo P as such may be no more. The group published the bulletin Corriere del pedofili.


Enclave Kring. Founded in the 1950s by the psychologist Frits Bernard.

Jon. Founded in 1979 by the Dutch Society for Sexual Reform

Party for Neighborly Love, Freedom, and Diversity, 2006–2008. Dutch political party that advocated lowering the legal age of consent to 12 years old and legalizing child pornography.

Vereniging Martijn. Founded in 1982. The most important pedophile association in Europe. On 27 June 2012 a Dutch court ruled that the group was illegal and ordered it to disband immediately. However this decision was overturned by a higher court in April 2013. The judge motivated his or her decision by stating that the club did not commit crimes and had the right of freedom of association.[32] The group published the bulletin OK Magazine.[33]
Werkgruppe Pedophilie.[34]


Norwegian Pedophile Group.

Amnesty for Child Sexuality.


Schweizerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Pädophile.


Pedofila Arbetsgruppen. Defunct.

United Kingdom

Paedophile Action for Liberation, 1974, merged with PIE in 1975.
Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), 1974–1984. It was affiliated to the National Council for Civil Liberties, now known as Liberty, between 1978 and 1983, the year in which it was expelled. It published the magazines Magpie, Understanding Paedophilia and Childhood Rights.

Un052912pedophilessueited States


Pedophile symbol: small heart within a larger heart. Logo used on Good Humor ice cream trucks that go neighborhood to neighborhood selling ice cream to children.

See also: FBI pedophile symbols (hosted by WikiLeaks)

Childhood Sensuality Circle (CSC). Founded in 1971 in San Diego (California) by a student of Wilhelm Reich.
North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). 1978–present. Considered to be largely defunct.

Pedophile Information Society.
Project Truth. One of the organizations which was expulsed from ILGA in 1994 as a pedophile organization.  Defunct.
René Guyon Society. Possibly fictitious. Its slogan was “sex before eight, or it’s too late”.

Editor Comment: Do you really known who your child is talking to on the Internet?



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The Clintons, the Obamas, the Bushes and Congressional leaders are aware of and/or have participated in pedophilia rings and child trafficking

The information contained in this video is known to the FBI, the Joint Chiefs of Staff within the military, the CIA and Department of Justice. It will soon be the subject of various news conferences to be given by the NYPD and FBI. Prepare yourselves for the backlash and possible violence that may result. The FBI in its investigation into child molestation charges on the part of Anthony Weiner have uncovered Clinton ties with known child molesters and Satanic organizations that practice “Spirit Cooking,” witch coventry and child pornography.

It is well known within the ranks of the New York Police Department that such a disclosure will take place as they have threatened the FBI with a press conference where their evidence and documents will be available for public inspection. The NYPD considers the FBI’s refusal to pursue a prosecution of Hillary Clinton as evidence that Hillary Clinton is considered above the law in Washington circles.

As far back as the Reagan years, then Vice President George H. W. Bush was implicated in similar charges surrounding the “Franklin Coverup” which was known to use children from the Boy’s Town Catholic charities located in Lincoln Nebraska for the sexual pleasure of visiting D.C. international dignitaries, congressmen, and as far up the ladder as the White House. According to disclosed emails found in Weiner’s laptop, Hillary has described Obama as a “meth-head’ while nearly all of Washington is aware of his homosexual history, his association with Marxists and domestic terrorists (Weather Underground Organization) and his continued use of cocaine. And while they publicly praise each other, they in actuality despise each other. The Clinton’s have confided in friends that if they go down, Obama will go down as well.

We are truly a nation that is falling apart at its very foundation. If you agree, please go to your local jurisdictions and demand a return to moral family values. Our nation was built on religious freedoms and moral values, they are taking a segment of history and twisting it to their benefits while taking our rights to worship. I hope everyone reading this sees the manipulation these groups are using against our values.

Prayer is being taken out of schools and soon will allow Satanic rituals into our schools. We already have transgender toilet facilities in schools, malls and public places. Obama and Hillary are pushing to have open borders that will flood our shores with illegal voters. The jihadist Muslim Brotherhood has become an infestation in the White House and Department of Justice. What is happening? I will tell you. Our leadership worships Lucifer not Christ. Our leadership is without conscience or empathy. Our leadership is evil, the product of selfishness, ego and narcissism.

You may or may not know but Obama and Hillary Clinton are both ardent admirers and proponents of Saul Alinsky, author of the book, “Rules for Radicals.” In that book, Alinsky dedicates his book to Lucifer, the “original” radical who gained his own kingdom. Clinton made Alinsky the subject of her senior thesis at Wellesley College, whereas we all know that Obama started his career as a community organizer. Further, while a young teacher at the University of Chicago Law School, he taught the principles of Saul Alinsky to young impressionable university students.

Those principles dealt with the idea of power analysis and relationships built on self-interest between corporations, banks and utilities.


Source: DoYouSeeWhatEYESee In a hypocritical move authorities on December 19, 2015 allowed the Satanic Temple to preform a religious ceremony on the State Capital steps of Lansing Michigan. As you might recall Federal Judges proclaimed separation of State and Religion back in July of 2015. Meaning no Religious ceremonies on Public Properties.

The Catholic Church has been and still is a collection of sexual perverts and masochistic hypocrites

Pope Francis just finished his visit to the United States. With the full pomp and ceremony only afforded a king, he accepted the adulation and love of thousands, not only Roman Catholics but protestants and atheists, those that are fooled by false communications, in other words, propaganda.

As I watched his demeanor, his body language and listened to his words, ever so carefully, I realized, I was watching and listening to Satan himself.

“And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.” 2 Corinthians 11:14

As predicted in the New Testament, the Anti-Christ would lie, just like your elected officials, just as your Catholic priests. Do you know that a pacifier, which gives no milk or nourishment will eventually become a dependency?

The Catholic Church has a shocking history of torture (The Inquisition), persecution of scientific thought (The Age of Reason), a recently discovered practice of Native American genocide (First Nation Indian children), particularly in Canada (extensively documented), and even more recently, evidence that pedophilia is rampant among the Catholic clergy from local parishes halls to papal chambers within the Vatican, involving Cardinals and Popes.

If you listen to this video in its entirety, you will be shocked again. Sister Charlotte died in 1983 under suspicious circumstances, after she began to give testimony to her experiences as convent nun for over 22 years.

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