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The Power of Christ invoked by Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin invokes “Power of Christ” during ancient Epiphany ritual baptism on 19 January 2018 as global war nears

Putin invoked the “Power of Christ” on the eve of Turkish forces that have declared war on U.S. bases in Syria. The ritual of the Power of Christ is a Christian Orthodox prayer calling upon Christ’s saving power.

Russia is a multi-ethnic and multi-faith nation. Orthodox Christianity is Russia’s largest religion with 75% of the population belonging to the Orthodox Christian denomination. Islam is professed by 5% of the population. Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism and Buddhism are professed by 1% of the population each.

President Erdoğan of Turkey has vowed to rid the presence of U.S. intervention in Syria and consequently the Middle East, under any pretext.

Currently the U.S. has a 30,000 strong army across the border from Turkey under the pretext of fighting ISIS; however, both Russia, Turkey, and other nations to include Iran and Iraq have claimed that ISIS has been pushed out of Syria. The U.S. is in violation of international laws that prohibit foreign nations from occupying sovereign territories when there is no immediate threat or justification.

The imminent clash of forces between Turkey and potentially the U.S. is almost biblical in its origin, as a number of prophesies talk about the clash of kings from the North and South.

I personally do not believe the Trump administration wants to see another war in the region but the as I have discovered by studying international politics, the military/industrial/Intelligence complex in America has its own agenda and these policies are a carry over from the Obama administration who’s unofficial policy was to create and support ISIS. As I have mentioned many times before, the Deep State and Shadow Government that controls Washington are extremely entrenched and not even the “Commander-in-Chief” has the power to redirect our resources as he sees fit.


Trump states he will defend abused, sexually victimized and helpless children in U.S. and worldwide

Below is an article written by a Russian blogger, Sorcha Faal, who has extensive links with Russian government authorities as well as dissent Russian leaders. This source of information while seeming to report yet unconfirmed events (other sources report these events but the mainstram media in the U.S. does not) is nonetheless a true Christian organization (“What does it Mean?”). There is  a growing Christian Orthodox religious awareness in Russia, one that Putin has recognized as a expression of the Russian people and away from the  traditional agnosticism and party controlled society of prior Russian leaders.Change is slow.

The Russian people and government want a positive relation with the U.S., yet the Democratically controlled mainstream media and party leaders and sinister leaders like the Clintons, the Bushes and some elements within the Republican Party want to belittle Trump and put themselves at the trough of power and control again. Like hogs they eat everything in their path leaving nothing for the poor and helpless. They are rabid at the success of Trump and will refuse to credit any gains he makes.


July 4, 2017

Trump Prepares Daring Rescue Of British Baby Sentenced To Death By EU Court After Vatican Abandons

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A stunning new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) has informed the Security Council (SC) that an advance US Secret Service (SS) security contingent protecting the life of President Donald Trump were “located/spotted” in the environs of London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital just hours ago suggesting that America’s new leader may be attempting a daring rescue of Baby Charlie Gard who has been sentenced to death by the European Union’s highest court—and who has now been abandoned by the Catholic Church too. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

11-month-old Baby Charlie Gard sentenced to death by British and European Human Rights Courts

According to this report, with the British government having confirmed within the past hour that President Trump may, indeed, “drop in” between the global G-20 summit and a confirmed meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron on 14 July for France’s Bastille Day celebrations, the timing of this unprecedented “flash/sudden” visit by him to London, coupled with his Secret Service forces being “located/spotted” at Great Ormond Hospital, strongly suggest that he’s preparing to visit Baby Charlie Gard immediately prior to his EU death sentence being carried out—and that President Trump appeared to cryptically confirm just hours too by his Tweeting: “If we can help little #CharlieGard, as per our friends in the U.K. and the Pope, we would be delighted to do so.”

President Trump, this report explains, has previously displayed his most raw emotions when knowing of the suffering of innocent babies when this past April he ordered his military forces to strike Syria with a bombardment of cruise missiles at the mere hint that defenseless infants and children might be in danger—and who stated at the time: “I will tell you that attack on children yesterday had a big impact on me – big impact”.

Equally as emotionally impacting President Trump as the plight of defenseless babies in Syria, this report continues, was his learning this past week that the European Human Rights Court (EHRC) had ordered the immediate execution of Baby Charlie Gard before his parents could bring him to the United States for treatment—and that we reported on in our 1 July article titled “Enraged President Trump To Unleash Global Trade War After EU Sentences Baby To Death”.

As the MoFA had previously reported too, the EU sentencing of Baby Charlie Gard to death was one of the first recorded instances since Adolph Hitler’s October, 1939, euthanasia “Action T-4” programme (that called for the elimination of the incurably ill) was unleashed by Nazi Germany killing tens-of-thousands of defenseless human beings and innocent babies—and was so repugnant to the Germany people, in fact, that on 24 August 1941, Adolf Hitler himself was forced to end it.

In the European Union’s diabolical master plan to assert that it, not the parents, are the “owners” of all children and babies under its satanic control, this report grimly states, Baby Charlie Gard now joins Baby Olivia Stanca—who on 19 February 2015, died after these same EU courts ordered her lifesaving blood pressure drugs to be stopped, with her devastated parents only being able to post on Facebook: “With the greatest sadness and broken hearts we have to tell you that our baby girl Olivia became an angel this evening. Thank you so much for your support.”

Baby Olivia Stanca sentenced to death by EU and British courts died on 19 February 2015

Being born on 4 August 2016, this report details, Baby Charlie Gard became only the 16th infant in the world discovered to have a mitochondrial depletion syndrome called TK2 that is caused by a disruption in the mitochondria (the part of the cell that provides energy to his muscles, kidneys and brain) and that a new treatment in the US is available for called nucleoside bypass therapy which could potentially repair his mitochondria DNA and help it synthase again by giving him the naturally occurring compounds that his body isn’t able to produce—and is an oral medication so nothing invasive or harmful would occur in his treatment.

With doctors in America agreeing to treat Baby Charlie Gard, this report notes, his parents desperately pleaded to the world for help by writing:

“If Charlie receives this treatment and it does work like the Dr in America thinks, it won’t be just Charlie’s life that has been saved, it will be many more children in the future, who are born with this horrible disease and it will open up other trials on other mitochondrial depletion syndrome’s.

We need to change things and show how determined parents can forge a path for other families encountering similar obstacles. We need to find treatments for incurable diseases. We need to give other people hope. We need to start saving lives…hopefully starting with Charlie.”

Who will save Baby Charlie Gard?

In responding to Baby Charlie Gard’s parent’s desperate plea, this report continues, the world responding by donating over $1.7 million so that this precious infant could be flown to America to receive treatment—but that the British government, on 11 April, responded to by a high court judge ruling that Baby Charlie Gard’s parents be stripped of their parental rights and further ordering that his baby be refused all treatment.

Even more shocking than both British and EU courts ordering the death of Baby Charlie Gard, this report shockingly states, is that exactly like they did in supporting Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Germanys mass killing of innocent peoples in the 1930’s and 1940’s, so too is the Catholic Church outrageously today supporting the execution of this innocent baby—with Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Academy for Life stunningly stating:

“We must also accept the limits of medicine and avoid aggressive medical procedures that are disproportionate to any expected results or excessively burdensome to the patient or the family.”

Contrary to the Catholic Church making such an outrageous statement supporting the EU’s satanic execution order for Baby Charlie Gard, this report says, the facts prove that the “limits of medicine” are never reached as new lifesaving discoveries being made every year, there are no aggressive medical procedures” needed to aid this infant as he only needs to get to American and receive an oral drug, that the “expected results” may, indeed, save this babies life, but even if not would expand the knowledge of this rare disease so others might be saved, and that nothing could be further from the truth that anything is “excessively burdensome” to either the parents or baby involved as everything has now been put into place to maybe save this little babies life if only he can reach the United States.

With yet another American hospital offering to treat Baby Charlie Gard for free and Charlie’s Army” of supporters flooding the streets of London, this report concludes, it now rests with President Trump and his daring rescue attempt of this innocent baby to stop the evil darkness spreading over Europe—but if failing would show yet another grim example of how morally corrupt that entire continent has now truly become.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”                                                Jeremiah 1:5

Russia’s secular society is still affected by a tradition of Orthodox Christianity, pro-nationalistic and pro-Kremlin attitudes.

What does the acclaimed book, “Dr. Zhivago” and the musical “Jesus Christ, Superstar” have in common? Besides being the source of two very popular movies they share a common bond of being major media productions that the artistic, cultural community in Russia disdains for their anti-Russian religious values and political stereotypes.

I present these comments in light of the current accusations by the Democratic political left and the CIA that Trump conspired with Putin to sway the American electorate away from Hillary Clinton and in favor of Donald Trump. In actuality, the U.S. has a long history of promoting anti-Russian propaganda, spying and hacking their institutions in both the private and public sectors in order to isolate Russia from the world community.

President Obama meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington on Sept. 30, 2013. (Associated Press) According to the Washington Times Obama authorized $350,000 to anti-Netanyahu groups to affect the Israeli election outcome.

In addition, it spies on many other nations, even close allies like Germany. Under the Obama Administration, U.S. tax dollars were used to affect the Israeli elections to keep Benjamin Netanyahu from being re-elected as prime minister.

According to an L.A. Times article, “The U.S. is no stranger to interfering in the elections of other countries,” the U.S. has a long history of attempting to influence presidential elections in other countries – it’s done so as many as 81 times between 1946 and 2000, according to a database amassed by political scientist Dov Levin of Carnegie Mellon University.

These accusations on the part of the Obama/Clinton “cabal” are like the “pot calling the kettle black.” WikiLeaks has already admitted that the hacked emails of the DNC were not “hacks” at all but copies that a Democratic insider had provided them due to his disgust of the nomination process which cheated Bernie Sanders out of the front running position. So why is the Obama/Clinton cabal insisting on accusing Trump of ridiculous charges, so ridiculous that Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova told a CNN reporter to stop spreading lies on Thursday in Moscow. (Russian official accuses CNN of spreading fake news)

There is verifiable evidence, as you will see below, that the CIA promoted the publication and distribution Pasternak’s novel, Dr. Zhivago which resulted in Pasternak receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, although it is hard for me to fathom how a book which depicts Russia’s political history as a series of Communist revolutions and its leaders as dictators promoted peace anywhere in the world. If anything it created tensions that almost lead to nuclear war.

While the book was not well received or read in Russia, the book with the help of the CIA and MI6 it evolved into a critical piece of anti-Russian propaganda that further agitated the Cold War and international relations between both countries.

Both Dr. Zhivago and Jesus Christ Superstar are the targets of pro-nationalistic, pro-Kremlin elements within Russia, the first calling Russian author, Boris Pasternak (AKA Barry Parsnip), a CIA manipulated stooge who received U.S., British, Dutch, and Italian support to publish and distribute Dr. Zhivago outside Russia. The Kremlin views this foreign intervention as a Cold War propaganda tool designed to weaken Russia’s growing influence on the world stage.

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill with President Putin.

The rock musical, Jesus Christ Superstar, was attacked as religious “blasphemy” which was canceled although scheduled for performance by Saint Petersburg’s Rock Opera Theater which was due to open November 1 in the Musical Theatre of the City of Omsk. Again Russia has a strong tradition of Orthodox Christianity and is the prominent religion with 75% of it population being Orthodox Christians. Islam is professed by 5% of the population. Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism and Buddhism are professed by 1% of the population each.

The Russia Insider.is the source of these stories and it is useful to provide some background on its mission and purpose. The Russia Insider consists of a group of volunteer Russian expatriates with offices in both Moscow, Russia and Greenwich, CT.  Its editor/publisher, Charles Bausman, has this to say about the mission of Russia Insider.

The mission of this site is media criticism and reform. It was started in September 2014 by a group of expats living in Russia who felt that coverage of Russia is biased and inaccurate. We received a huge response from volunteers, mostly in the US and Europe.

That the media is seriously malfunctioning regarding Russia is widely evident. But the problem goes well beyond this. The problem is media control by a few corporations and interest groups, and their close ties with governments and business interests.

Instead of challenging, questioning, and fostering open discussion, they tend to promote those interests.

Charles Bausman, Editor/Publisher

JS, Jorge Salazar
Independence Day

Boris Pasternak’s “Doctor Zhivago” and His Nobel Prize – a CIA Operation

(Originally appeared at Dances with Bears)

“If you were the only person in the world who thought yourself a genius, it would be an embarrassment to be named Barry Parsnip.

Robert Zimmerman solved the nomenclature problem. He became Bob Dylan – and Hey Presto! He won the Nobel Prize for Literature for 2016.

Boris Pasternak, aka, Barry Parsnip, author of “Dr. Zhivago.”

Barry Parsnip (aka Boris Pasternak) didn’t solve the problem. But it was solved for him by a combination of the British, US and Soviet secret services, with an assist from the Dutch and Italians. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature for 1958 before his novel, Doctor Zhivago, had been read in the original Russian by more than a thousand people, counting government officials. Following the prize-giving until now, about 10 million people have read it, mostly in translation.

But time and numbers haven’t improved either on Parsnip or on Zhivago. It is still, as Vladimir Nabokov said at the start, “a sorry thing, clumsy, trite, and melodramatic, with stock situations, voluptuous lawyers, unbelievable girls, romantic robbers, and trite coincidences.” Kornei Chukovsky, Pasternak’s neighbor and comrade, thought the novel was “boring, banal.” Yevgeny Yevtushenko said it was “disappointing”. Anna Akhmatova told Pasternak to his face that Zhivago was a bad novel “except for the landscapes.” She was being ironic – there are no landscapes in the book.

The film based on the book.

Not to Pasternak’s face, Nabokov went for Pasternak’s jugular – his vanity. Nabokov called Pasternak’s composition “goustrous (stormy and rude) and goggle-eyed.” That turned out to be the perfect picture of a victim, and MI6 and the CIA were able to provoke the Soviet authorities into the persecution of Pasternak the victim. That operation, codenamed AEDINOSAUR, confirmed what the West wanted the world to believe – that Russians are bad by a standard no one else in the world is held to.

Pasternak’s story, when it happened and still today, is also confirmation of the readiness of some Russians to believe that however crapulous and despised they are at home, there will always be love for them across the frontier, in the West.

In prose Parsnip, er Pasternak was, as Americans used to call them, a poor Johnny One-Note.

He knew a small section of old Moscow, where Tverskaya Street ran into Brest (now Belarus) railway station. His countryside was restricted to the banks of the Kama River, around Solikamsk, in Perm region, where he spent World War I, disqualified from military service on account of a leg injury. He also spent World War II in the relative safety of Chistopol, in Tatarstan, 800 kilometers east of Moscow.

Left to right: Pasternak’s father Leonid Pasternak, a portrait painter; his mother Rozalia Kaufman, a pianist; and Boris Pasternak, aged 26, in 1916.

As a youngster, he tried drawing and painting but was never as promising as his father, the portrait painter Leonid Pasternak. He tried music but was never as adept as his mother, Rozalia Kaufman, a pianist.

Alexander Scriabin, a visitor to his parents’ dacha, persuaded him to drop university studies in music and law, in favor of philosophy. After a term in Germany, he graduated with a thesis on “Hermann Cohen’s Theoretical Philosophy”. He then decided on literature for a career. He went to soirees where he distinguished himself presenting papers with titles like “Symbolism and Immortality.”

The year was 1913, and there was a surplus of that. Pasternak knew little else. He didn’t follow birds, cats or dogs. He didn’t hunt or fish; collect mushrooms; drink vodka or champagne; play cards; cultivate a garden; ride horses, drive cars. His experiments with women were limited to those making few demands — household servants and prostitutes, not his fellow students. He didn’t join university clubs or run in political demonstrations. His only autobiographical recollections of the 1905 student riots and general strike in Moscow were of a drawing by his father of a wounded student; of his father’s meetings at the time with Maxim Gorky; and of “stray bullets whistling down the empty streets”. Pasternak was absent. He was also absent at the Bolshevik Revolution and the civil war, after which his mother, father, and sisters emigrated to Berlin, and then on to England.

What Pasternak knew from experience, and what he imagined, he repeated in print every five years or so. The Childhood of Luvers appeared in 1922; Safe Conduct was written between 1929 and 1931; The Last Summer in 1934. In 1956, when he recapitulated the same life stories, he conceded the earlier effort “was spoiled by its affected manner, the besetting sin of those days”. That’s vintage Pasternak – blame was always elsewhere.

As he repeated the stories, Pasternak’s lack of experience began to show in the increasing strain of his imagery. He became the master of the mixed metaphor. A cat “flaps its wings at aprons and plates”; a bulldog raises his head “like a slobbering old dwarf with sagging cheeks”; a blackbird whistled “as if blowing through a clogged flute”; rye before harvest in the field has “such a sinister dark brown, the colour of old, dull gold”; an engine releases steam “with a singsong burble, as if it were milk coming to the boil in over a spirit lamp in a nursery.” Snow, which ought to be the specialty of every Russian imagist, turns out, for Pasternak, to “pour with the convulsive haste of some white madness”. On another occasion, it flew “obliquely…as if trying all the while to make up for something”. And then again, “over the blue line of the snowdrifts the snow greedily absorbed the pineapple sweetness the sun poured into it.”

Leon Trotsky called Pasternak in for a 30-minute meeting in August 1922, but Pasternak didn’t let him get a word in edgeways. Except for this question: “Yesterday I began struggling through the dense shrubbery of your book. What were you trying [sic] to express in it?” Pasternak replied that Trotsky should decide for himself, whereupon Trotsky closed the conversation and sent Pasternak off.

Joseph Stalin committed a great many sins but deconstructing Pasternak wasn’t one of them.

Although most consider Stalin simply a ruthless dictator and murderer, he was nonetheless, a highly intelligent and well-read politician.

Stalin, a voracious reader, collector, and annotator of books, considered Pasternak so unexceptional, unserious and unthreatening, he didn’t think he was worth reading. For what Stalin did read, click here.

In December 1935, Stalin publicly declared that Vladimir Mayakovsky “was and remains the best and most talented poet of our epoch”. Earlier Pasternak had been envious of Mayakovsky’s acclaim, and resented Mayakovsky’s criticisms; they included the recommendation that two of Pasternak’s early books of poetry should not have been published at all. When Pasternak said he liked Mayakovsky, it was after he “discovered certain unexpected points of similarity in our technique.”

Mayakovsky’s suicide in 1930 was Pasternak’s chance at put-down. “Mayakovsky shot himself out of pride,” Pasternak wrote years later, “because he condemned something in himself, or close to him, to which his self-respect could not submit”. But when Stalin spoke more positively of Mayakovsky, Pasternak wrote this to Stalin: “Your lines about him had a saving effect on me. Of late, under the influence of the West, [people] have been inflating [my significance] terribly and according [me] exaggerated significance… they began suspecting serious artistic power in me. Now, since you have put Mayakovsky in the first place, this suspicion has been lifted from me, and with a light heart I can live and work as before, in modest silence, with the surprises and mysteries without which I would not love life. In the name of this mysteriousness, fervently loving and devoted to you, B. Pasternak.”

This was false modesty; Stalin wasn’t fooled. More than a decade later, in 1949, Stalin told a prosecutor to take no action against Pasternak. “Leave him,” Stalin said, “he’s a cloud dweller”.

To his fellow writers and colleagues in the Writers Union, the cloud on which Pasternak sat himself was so puffed up with vanity and self-seeking, he had almost no peers for supporters. When he started reading excerpts of Doctor Zhivago, as he composed them, there were a handful of acolytes, but no professional endorsements. By the time Stalin died in 1953, Pasternak knew that no one in Moscow took his work seriously. Still, in December 1955, after he had written the last lines of the book, Pasternak told an acolyte: “You cannot imagine what I have achieved! I have found and given names to all this sorcery that has been the cause of suffering, bafflement, amazement, and dispute for several decades. Everything is named in simple, transparent, and sad words. I also once again renewed and redefined the dearest and most important things: land and sky, great passion, creative spirit, life, and death.”

The declassification of CIA files on Operation AEDINOSAUR enabled Peter Finn (right), a Washington Post reporter on defense and security, and a Russian-speaking collaborator, Petra Couvee, to publish their research into how Pasternak’s book was first published outside Russia. AE in the operation’s code name stood for the CIA’s Soviet Russia division; DINOSAUR wasn’t meant as the agency’s assessment of Pasternak, as close as it was to Stalin’s and Trotsky’s. According to Finn, the cryptonym was generated randomly.

The book on the operation appeared in 2014. Although Finn and Couvee applied to MI6, they report that the British intelligence agency refused to release its Pasternak files. The CIA records indicate that the British probably hatched the idea of promoting the novel as a propaganda strike against Moscow before the Americans thought of it.

In May 1956, five months after Pasternak had finished Doctor Zhivago, he gave a copy of the manuscript to an Italian for relay to the Milan publisher, Giangiacomo Feltrinelli. Pasternak had already submitted the work for publication in Russian, and there had been an anticipatory notice of its appearance in April 1956. But Pasternak told the Italian “in the USSR the novel will not come out.” The reason, he said, was that “it doesn’t conform to official cultural guidelines.” The more often Pasternak repeated that line to foreign visitors, the more he believed it, the more foreigners showed up to request the manuscript – and the more certain the outcome became.

By the summer of 1956, Pasternak had given a copy to Helene Peltier for publication of a French translation in Paris. Days later, he gave Isaiah Berlin a copy for an English translation and publication. Berlin is described in the Finn book as an Oxford don and an academic scholar. Omitted was Berlin’s wartime service with British intelligence and the Foreign Office, and his ongoing links with the Soviet operations branch of MI6 at the time Berlin was meeting with Pasternak. Berlin was one of the first of fluent Russian-speaking Britons to receive the manuscript from Pasternak. There were others. It was not until December 1957 – eighteen months after Berlin received Pasternak’s manuscript — that MI6 sent its copy of the book in Russian to the CIA. What was happening in the interval was that the news of MI6’s interest in the book leaked to the KGB, and the British decided to withhold what they had from the Americans.

Here is the declassified CIA document. The implication on the British side is that this was the first time Pasternak’s book had been sent to the CIA. The implication in the CIA document release is that the agency had thought Pasternak was a “cloud dweller” and hadn’t thought of Doctor Zhivago for literary merit or info-warfare before.

Declassified CIA document referencing plans to distribute Pasternak’s book, “Dr. Zhivago.”

Berlin wrote later that as soon as he had read the manuscript in mid-1956, he recognized its value. Spot Berlin’s qualifications: “Unlike some [sic] of its readers in both the Soviet Union and the West I thought it was a work of genius. It seemed – it seems – to me to convey an entire range of human experience, and to create a world, even if it contains only one genuine inhabitant [sic], in the language of unexampled [sic] imaginative power.” Apparently, Berlin kept shtum in front of Americans.

In August of 1956, a few weeks after Berlin had launched Pasternak’s book in London, a KGB general, Ivan Serov, reported to the Kremlin that Feltrinelli was preparing the book to appear in Italian and that Pasternak was trying to get the book out in France and the UK. That is the Feltrinelli version. Exactly how, and from how many sources, the KGB had learned of the book’s publication plan in the West isn’t known. What is certain is that publication of Doctor Zhivago was interpreted in Moscow as an operation by hostile foreign intelligence agencies for anti-Soviet propaganda. At this point, the Soviet Central Committee decided on a quiet reaction – they would try to block the Italian edition through their Italian Communist Party links to Feltrinelli; and they would ask the Writers Union to stop Pasternak’s unexpurgated version from appearing in Russian.

If possible, the Soviet Central Committee calculated, it might get Pasternak to agree to edit his manuscript, so that the Russian edition would lack the anti-Soviet propaganda elements. Who then would be able to tell where they came from? This under-estimated Pasternak’s conviction that his genius would brook no editing of the book at all.

When the foreign blocking moves failed, and it appeared Feltrinelli would be followed by editions in French and in English, the Soviets escalated, to match what they believed the western campaign was escalating against them. Just five paragraph-long excerpts from the 700-page book were repeatedly cited; in the Vintage Classics paperback edition of 2011, they can be found at pages 267, 285, 362, 365, and 460. “What was conceived as ideal and lofty,” Pasternak had concluded in the third last paragraph of the book, “became coarse and material. So Greece turned into Rome, so the Russian enlightenment turned into the Russian revolution”. After quoting lines from an Alexander Blok poem of 1910, he added: “now all that was metaphorical has become literal, and the children are children, and the terrors are terrifying…”

Pasternak did not object to the attention, but his amour propre was offended that so little of his masterpiece was being read, at home or abroad. Late in 1957, he told a German visitor: “Everybody’s [sic] writing about it but who in fact has read it? What do they quote from it? Always the same passages – three pages, perhaps, out of a book of 700 pages.”

In retrospect, Soviet officials have also conceded this was all they had read of Doctor Zhivago; no one wanted to bother with the rest. But the crackdown on all of Pasternak’s works, his wife, lover, and friends commenced in earnest. What he had actually written in the pages of Doctor Zhivago became as irrelevant to the Soviet campaign against its anti-revolutionary excerpts as the evidence of Pasternak’s genius meant to the promotion of Doctor Zhivago in Milan or in London. For a year the campaign succeeded with almost no readers.

Just 3,000 copies of the Italian translation were printed in November 1957 and subsequently sold. On December 12, 1957, the Psychological and Paramilitary Staff branch at CIA headquarters recommended that Doctor Zhivago “should be published in a maximum number of foreign editions for maximum world distribution and acclaim and consideration for such honor as the Nobel prize.”

In mid-January 1958, in two letters to the Swedish Academy from US professors Ernest Simmons and Harry Levin (above), Pasternak was nominated for the Nobel Prize although neither American had read Doctor Zhivago in the original, nor in Italian.

A fortnight later, in mid-January 1958, in two letters to the Swedish Academy from US professors Ernest Simmons and Harry Levin (right), Pasternak was proposed for the Nobel although neither American had read Doctor Zhivago in the original, nor in Italian. Levin claimed the persecution of Pasternak was his qualification for the prize.

“Perhaps [sic] the most extraordinary fact about his (Pasternak’s) career is that, under heavy pressures forcing writers to turn their words into ideological propaganda, he has firmly adhered to those esthetic values which his writing so richly exemplifies. He has thus set an example of artistic integrity well deserving of your distinguished recognition.”

Since no one at the CIA had twisted Levin’s arm into saying this — not even his wife, Elena Zarudnaya, translator of Leon Trotsky’s “Diary in Exile” — Levin’s promotion of Pasternak has never been qualified as manufacturing propaganda.

Six months later, though, in July 1958, that is exactly what John Maury, head of the CIA’s Soviet Russia Division and director of AEDINOSAUR, saw as Pasternak’s value through Russian and translation printings of the book, culminating with the Nobel Prize. Pasternak’s message, Maury wrote in a memo to Frank Wisner, the agency’s head of operations, “that every person is entitled to a private life…poses a fundamental challenge to the Soviet ethic of sacrifice the individual to the Communist system. There is no call to revolt against the regime in the novel, but the heresy which Dr. Zhivago preaches – political passivity – is fundamental.”

The CIA has revealed that Zhivago for Kremlin regime change was proposed by Maury to get Wisner’s approval for money to implement Operation AEDINOSAUR. Even today the CIA has censored the amount from the declassified document. Finn and Couvee report that several million dollars – about $20 million in current dollars – were spent on paying for Dutch personnel, printing and distribution costs for the first thousand copies of a Russian edition, produced by the Dutch intelligence service in Amsterdam. It appeared in the first week of September. About 500 copies were then smuggled into the USSR over the following weeks. On October 22, 1958, the Swedish Academy announced Pasternak had been awarded the Nobel.

Suppose the KGB knew what the MI6 and CIA were up to, in league with the Italians and Dutch. Kim Philby, the KGB agent inside MI6, was no longer working in London when Berlin brought Pasternak’s book in; Philby was in Beirut, Lebanon, but he was still connected. If Philby read Pasternak, it’s still secret.

In short retrospect, Pasternak got what he thought he deserved. “I would have hidden it away,” he wrote in a letter to the Central Committee in August 1957, “had it been feebly written. But it proved to have more strength to it than I had dreamed possible – strength comes from on high, and thus its fate was out of my hands.”

In longer retrospect, the Central Committee and the KGB over-reacted. It was from on high that the fate of Doctor Zhivago was sealed, but not from Pasternak’s divinity. Had Soviet officials done less or nothing — had they encouraged Pasternak’s critics and rivals in the Writers Union to make light of the work, or poke fun of Pasternak’s obvious weaknesses, the Anglo-American intelligence assessment might have let the opportunity for regime change go. Time has let the air out of the Pasternak legend – it’s now the 197 minutes of the film of the book, not the book which western audiences recall. In Russia, the audiences have evaporated. It’s a standing joke among Russian literary critics to say they haven’t read Pasternak but feel strongly about Doctor Zhivago and what happened in 1958.

Zurab Tsereteli has offered to turn a maquette into a monument to Pasternak, but for several years in a row, the Moscow city government hasn’t agreed to a site.

In Washington Maury’s Operation AEDINOSAUR was one of the very few he managed at the Soviet Division which was a success on its own terms. Maury was rewarded with a promotion to Athens, Greece. There he was the CIA station chief during the military putsch of 1967. That’s the only regime change operation at which Maury succeeded, though not for long.

Russian Theatre Cancels “Jesus Christ Superstar” performance After ‘Blasphemy’ Accusations

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The Last Supper in the musical, Jesus Christ Superstar. Rock songs combined with contemporary clothing. Sacrilegious? You be the judge.

A Siberian theatre triggered a storm today by canceling a staging of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Jesus Christ Superstar after a pro-Kremlin nationalist group condemned it as blasphemy.

The touring production by Saint Petersburg’s Rock Opera theatre was due to open November 1 in the Musical Theatre of the city of Omsk, but the organizers canceled it this week following protests by conservative activists.

In a report from Omsk, Regnum news agency wrote today that the scandal “has prompted a major public reaction”.

It quoted art critic Vadim Klimov as saying: “Today you cannot say that Russia is a secular state.”

An obscure group called Family, Love, Fatherland had appealed to regional authorities to stop the staging and applied to hold a demonstration, accusing the long-running musical of “non-stop blasphemy” and “mockery of faith”.

The closure comes as relatively small numbers of nationalist activists with Orthodox beliefs are voicing their views more and more stridently, supported by some officials.

Amnesty International called the cancellation of the show “the latest example of interference in Russian cultural life by nationalist ‘activists’.”

The region’s culture ministry distanced itself from the decision to stop the show, with a spokesman saying the promoter canceled the show “for some reasons of its own,” RIA Novosti state news agency reported.

The Omsk diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church also denied any “interference” in the theatre’s repertoire.

Last year a director and the head of another Siberian theatre in Novosibirsk went on trial for “desecrating religious symbols” over a staging of Richard Wagner’sTannhauser opera. The case was dropped, but the theatre’s head was sacked.

Rossiya-24 state television reported the decision to close Lloyd Webber’s “legendary rock opera” was most likely taken by the theatre “fearing to repeat the fate” of the Tannhauser staging.

The musical was first staged in Russia in 1990 during Mikhail Gorbachev’s perestroika reforms.

In 2012, a Russian judge sentenced three women from the punk band Pussy Riot to two years in prison after finding them guilty of hooliganism for staging an anti-Kremlin protest on the altar of Moscow’s main cathedral. Russia made offending religious believers a criminal offense after the Pussy Riot punk band performed a song slamming President Vladimir Putin in a Moscow church in 2012.

A Tale of Two Christmases

A Tale of Two Christmases: Putin Prayed to God, Obama Hit the Links

Vladimir Putin helps a child light a candle during the 2016-17 Christmas service

Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama both kept up their Christmas traditions this year, showing that they are indeed two very different kinds of men.

Just as they did last year, Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin chose to spend Christmas 2016, their last sharing the world stage together before Obama leaves office, in strikingly different ways.

Obama elected to utilize the last of his days of taxpayer-subsidized travel by taking his eighth and final all-expenses-paid deluxe Hawaii “Christmas” vacation.

Did you see that ball fly?

There was no lack of top-level entertainment for the Obamas as they spent over a fortnight marking the holidays in style, as the Washington Times reported:

“Golfing on ocean side courses, dining at high-end restaurants and frolicking on stunning white-sand beaches where security guards keep other tourists at bay, the president and his family are in the midst of a 17-day holiday that requires dozens of Secret Service agents, military personnel and other government employees to guarantee their safety and ease of travel around Oahu.

Video from the Obamas’ final Xmas-splurge shows the family visiting Island Snow ice cream parlor before the soon to be ex-president walks over to San Lorenzo bikini shop to sign autographs, wave and generically tell the crowd, “Merry Christmas.”

All told, the Obama family has spent over $35 million of taxpayer funds over 8 years celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth…”

But since, after all, it’s easier for a rich man to go through the eye of a needle, than enter the kingdom of God, maybe Barry just wanted to help out by spreading the wealth around a little.

However, in a land far far away, Russian President Vladimir Putin marked the nativity in a rather simpler fashion.

In Russia, Christmas is an almost exclusively religious holiday, since the atheist Soviet government transferred gift-giving, the Christmas tree and other customs traditionally associated with Christmas, to New Year’s Day. Russians celebrate Christmas on January 7th, which is December 25th according to the 2000-year-old Julian calendar still used by the Russian, and many other Orthodox Churches to determine Holy Days.

Heralding the coming of the Messiah starts at midnight, when churches are packed for a marathon 3-4-hour Divine Liturgy (i.e. mass).

President Putin has established a tradition during his years in office of celebrating each Christmas in a different local church around Russia. This year he attended Spassky Cathedral at Yuriev Monastery in the ancient Russian city of Veliky Novgorod.

According the Russian president’s website, after the service he toured another cathedral, St. George’s, where he visited the tombs of saints and Russian princes, as well as ongoing archeological excavations. He then had a meal with clergy and some local fishermen.

A Christmas breakfast with the locals

Of course, the United States is constitutionally a secular state (so is Russia, legally speaking) and neither president is under an obligation to openly practice a religion.

But Barack Obama has, like his predecessors, spent the last 8 years preaching to the world about America’s superior moral values – values which make America “exceptional” and give it the right re-order the affairs of the world as it sees fit, no matter what the cost in human death and suffering.

Vladimir Putin’s Russia has never claimed such a right in theory, nor exercised it in practice.

Barack Obama has not only been an abysmal failure as a policy maker and political leader, he has also failed totally at even that most basic quality which a leader should possess – setting a moral example as a person.

Suffice it to say, Vladimir Putin is very different kind of man from Barack Obama.

And when I ask myself whose word and deed in this world I trust more, that counts for me more than anything else.

Source: Russia Insider, A Tale of Two Christmases: Putin Prayed to God, Obama Hit the Links.

Putin refuses to expel US diplomats from Russia. ‘This is kitchen diplomacy’ according to Putin

30.12.2016 | Source: Pravda.Ru

Putin refuses to expel US diplomats from Russia. 'This is kitchen diplomacy'. 59542.jpeg

AP photo

Russian President Vladimir Putin has refused to expel US diplomats from Russia in response to the US sanctions that the Obama administration imposed on the Russian Federation on December 30.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov suggested Russia should respond accordingly and expel 35 American diplomats from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

However, President Putin stated that the Russian side would not be creating problems for American diplomats. “We will not expel anyone,” Putin said.

The Kremlin saw “the new unfriendly steps of the outgoing US administration as provocative moves to further undermining the Russian-American relations.”

“Reserving the right to responsive measures, we will not fall to the level of “kitchen,” irresponsible diplomacy,” Putin said. The next steps of the Russian administration to restore the Russian-American relations will be based on the policies of the new administration of Donald Trump,” President Putin said.

“We will not create problems for American diplomats. We will not expel anyone,” he added.

To crown it all, the Russian side will let diplomats’ families and children use their common recreation places to enjoy New Year holidays in Russia.


– See more at: http://www.pravdareport.com/news/russia/politics/30-12-2016/136558-russia_usa_diplomats-0/#sthash.WODE38Kd.dpuf

Related Article: US Notifies Russia Of Redeployment To Mexican Border Of Tactical Nuclear Weapons.


On Friday night, CNN reported that Russia was going to close the Anglo-American School in Moscow in response to the latest sanctions. According to US officials, the school in Moscow works for American and foreign citizens, in particular for children of American, British and Canadian  embassy officials.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry subsequently denied the information.

Maria Vladimirovna Zakharova is the Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation from August 10, 2015. She has a degree of Candidate in Historical Sciences.

“US officials have anonymously briefed their media about Russia’s move in response to US sanctions to close the American school in Moscow. This is a lie.

It appears that the White House has gone completely mad and started inventing sanctions against its own children,” Russian FM spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote on Facebook.


It will be a miracle if Trump makes it to the Inauguration

The recent controversy surrounding the probability that Russia hacked into Democratic party computers in order to have damaging emails released by WikiLeaks just prior to the General Election is really quite interesting.

Interesting due to the Democratic Party’s opposing contention that Trump, in fact, was in collusion with Putin as a means of keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House and Obama’s contention that his administration knew about the Russian efforts months beforehand and no serious damage was done that would have changed the outcome.

Hillary, as you may have read, is adamant that she was the winner due to the popular vote (difficult to verify at best). That combined with the “fake news” spewed by the Alternative-Media (Infowars, Drudge, etc., see Independence Day Sources of Alternative News in side bar) attacking her character, “pay for play” finances, and poor health all of which had a negative impact in the minority and patriot communities along with the undecided voter. She, no doubt, is livid with rage at Obama’s lukewarm defense of her candidacy. Considering her racist remarks in the past about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the character of the Black community it a wonder she did not just physically attack Obama as she was known to do with Bill Clinton when he was president.

She openly stated to the mainstream media that she was supporting the recount movement initiated by Jill Stein in some of the borderline states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Obama on the other hand, seemed to urging that the whole issue of hacking and the recount be put behind them and we should proceed with the orderly transition of power to a new administration.

One thing is for sure. Freedom of Speech is in danger. Both sides want no rebellious factions interfering with their agenda regardless of their ideologies, promises and intentions. The Internet has become a double edged sword. It gives the masses a voice but it also draws attention to their activities and sources of information. The pen might be mightier than the sword but many will suffer a fate worse than death if we allow them to intimidate us.

Pandora’s box: A process that generates many complicated problems as the result of unwise interference in something.

Wow! In my mind this controversy tells me that “Obama and friends” saw Hillary as a liability and/or they did not want to open Pandora’s Box which a congressional investigation with regard to Russian influence would tend to do. Remember however, Obama never says what he means or means what he says. He may be just awaiting his time until the delegates start to change their support of Trump. There are a lot of back door deals being made right now, as well as the calling in of “IOUs.”

There is also the likelihood that it gives Obama’s puppet masters time to plan and execute a “termination with extreme prejudice” under the guise of false flag domestic terrorism event or another “Lee Harvey Oswald” or “Sirhan Sirhan” setup via the CIA’s mind manipulation project, MK Ultra.

Let’s face it my friend, it won’t be the first time that the ends justifies means and a president is murdered.

Such is the nature of the Globalist mentality.

JS (Jorge Salazar), Editor of Independence Day.

Valentina Lisitsa is a virtuoso concert pianist and not afraid to speak her mind


Valentina Lisitsa, pianist, born in the Ukraine currently under pressure to restrict her political views.

Valentina Lisitsa is an Ukrainian-born virtuoso pianist.

As talented as she is beautiful, she has played at major and prestigious concert halls throughout the world; however, Lisitsa now finds herself in an international controversy due to what some “establishment-types” consider “offense political comments” she made on her Twitter page. It was apparently so disturbing to Canada’s Toronto Symphony Orchestra board of directors that they cancelled all her scheduled performances. Ouch!

I should note that more and more the citizens of the world are we losing their freedom of speech and suffering reprisals for speaking their minds. If it is not in line with prevailing political thought it is considered inappropriate, unpatriotic and almost illegal. Canada is no exception. As a political puppet of the former British Empire, it still maintains its loyalty to the British Crown and, of course, their “Western Allies” which include the United States, another puppet of your majesty. For additional perspective on Canada’s rising oligarchical rule see, “The New World Order is making its move – some are fighting back.”

So what was so offensive that the Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO – sounds like TSA, No? Yes?) decided to cancel Valentina Lisitsa’s scheduled concerts? She merely stated that there were two sides to the current Ukrainian crisis and that the Ukrainian government’s disregard for the safety of the Eastern Ukrainian people caught in the middle of a war between pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian forces was unacceptable and would not easily be simply labeled as unavoidable “collateral damage.”

If you have followed my posts regarding the Ukrainian conflict you will know that the recent coup that replaced the previously Russian-allied government of Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych with the more pro-NATO/Western Allies government headed by Arseniy Yatsenyuk was supported by the United States which provided armaments, even jets to the Kiev headquartered government of the Ukraine.

The Ukraine was formerly part of the Soviet Union (see “The beginning of World War III? Ukraine pits U.S. against Russia”) and many still identify with the Russian culture and speak the Russian language as opposed to the native Ukrainian dialect. As a country divided culturally and politically, it was bound to have its conflicts and possibly a civil war, but as many political observers note, what business is it of the Western powers, specifically the United States, to interfere with what essentially is a family matter?

I will go a step further and suggest it is the U.S. through its clandestine CIA that goes around fomenting civil unrest to dispose legitimately elected governments due to its desire to control resources and put into place governments that support U.S. policies.

So why is the Ukraine so important to U.S. strategic purposes?

Let me try and explain. The United States and its global partners which include England, Canada, some NATO countries (although Germany and Spain, important European Union members, are starting to move away from the dangerous and aggressive stance of the United States and NATO allied countries), want desperately to punish and isolate Russia.

Putin has politically outmaneuvered many of his enemies and this angers the Western Block to the point of total frustration and stuttering, if not saliva spitting.

The new BRIC economic banking network which Russia, China, Brazil and several African countries have formed have put into peril the control the International Monetary Fund (the IMF), the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and the World Bank’s hold over the emerging and Third World countries. These financial institutions are the equivalent of mafia-style loan sharks who will kill you as soon as look at you. This tactic by the U.S. led international banks is well documented by John Perkins’ “Confessions of an economic hitman.”

Just as JFK did not want Russian missiles in Cuba during the Cold War which brought us to to brink of nuclear disaster, neither does Russia’s Putin does not want U.S. missiles positioned across its immediate border, within the Ukraine.

The other issues that complicate the standoff in the Ukraine are the oil routes which Russia depends on to service its European customers, and the desire of the United States to control the Middle East oil reserves as well as Israel which has become the one that bites the hand that feeds it. There is no lost love between Obama and Netanyahu and “Bibi” is more popular among Congress members than is Barry Soetero, aka Barack Obama. The Congressional invitation for Netanyahu to address congress and the undermining of  Obama’s attempt to negotiate a nuclear treaty with Iran (with which I totally disagree) are glaring examples of how this regional conflict could escalate into World War III. The final bell has rung and both fighters need a knockout to win; however, in this case a knockout is a preemptive nuclear strike.

So as not to lose the focus of this post, Valentina Listsa is no one’s fool. She has called a spade a spade and the powers that be do not like it. Their rebuttal? Pressure the Toronto Symphony Orchestra to ostracize Listsa for her opposition to the creation of the New World Order that requires the subjugation of Russia and its former satellite nations.

So I say, “You go, Valentina!” I am going to buy some of your music and listen to it’s delicate delivery even as the world goes to hell in a hand basket!

“In the space of five years she has gone from almost quitting the business to being one of the Internet’s most watched classical musicians, dubbed ‘the Justin Bieber of the classical world’ for the reported 43 million visitors to her YouTube channel.”  The UK Telegraph.

9/11 questions will simply not go away to the dismay of those who were responsible

The Twin Towers were designed to withstand aircraft crashes, major earthquakes, yet within minutes were pulverized as if by high energy explosions.

The Twin Towers were designed to withstand aircraft crashes, major earthquakes, yet within minutes were pulverized as if by high energy explosions.

I have always thought that exposing the real culprits behind 9/11 would wake people enough to take matters into their own hands and rid themselves of the greedy and corrupt politicians in our nation’s capitol.

Spiritual leaders continually remind us of biblical prophecy with its trials and tribulations, Judgement Day and the Anti-Christ; political scientists tell us that American Democracy is in its last throes and capitalism no longer works; and informed observers see the slow and continual erosion of our Constitution, that once revered document that since July 4, 1776, Independence Day, has guided our country but is no longer defended or respected. George W. Bush in a rare moment of candor  while lobbying for the Patriot Act after 9/11 said of the U.S. Constitution, “It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!” When cautioned by his GOP advisors that certain provisions of the bill might further alienate conservatives on the hill he replied, “I don’t give a goddamn. I’m the President and the Commander-in-Chief. Do it my way.”

Nonetheless, I always believed or hoped we would eventually see the light and change ourselves and society for the better. This personal blog, Independence Day, is a reflection of that hope.

I am not so sure anymore. The more I see of our citizenry’s apathy, its dependence on creature comforts, its addictions and excesses, its need to be entertained rather than informed, and most importantly its lack of critical thinking skills, the more I am convinced that America has lost its will to survive as a democracy. It was Benjamin Franklin, a Founding Father, who said, “Those who would trade their freedom for their protection deserve neither.”

I have come to the conclusion that America does not deserve freedom or security.

So applying this truism to American citizens who are quite content to have their government control their lives in exchange for just the promise of protection, I have come to the conclusion that America does not deserve freedom or security. Any nation that does not see freedom as a civic responsibility that requires work and diligence and pursues entitlement is doomed to become enslaved, enslaved by the predators, the wolves that continually circle their prey awaiting for every opportunity to attack and devour their productivity. They are stealing you blind and you do nothing. They are turning your children into wards of the state and you do nothing. They are sending your sons and daughters into harms way, not to save or protect America, but to line their own pockets, and still you do nothing.

Ebenezer Scrooge, a mean rich psychopath who looks very much like a vice president under a previous administration

Ebenezer Scrooge, a mean rich psychopath who looks like a former vice president

The integrate system of taxation, easy credit and deficit spending make us little more than cattle before the slaughter maintaining the rich in their elaborate life styles while we live pay check to pay check. It is all reminiscent of Charles Dickinson’s Ebenezer Scrooge, a cold-hearted miser who pays poverty wages to his employees in the English classic, “A Christmas Story.”

The evidence supporting the conclusion that 9/11 could have only been orchestrated by elements within our own government is overwhelming yet nothing happens. Other countries, less blinded by the lies and deception see it almost immediately and here I present just another indication that 9/11 was an inside job. It reminds me of my days as a probation officer, where I dealt with children and women who were physically, sexually and psychologically abused by their spouse or parent yet continued to deny their mistreatment out of some sort of displaced loyalty or “love.”

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, President of Russia since 7 May 2012. Putin previously served as President from 2000 to 2008.

It seems that Putin has threaten to reveal satellite photos taken on 9/11/2001 that will show among other things that 1) none of the passenger airliners allegedly used as weapons on 9/11 actually crashed where we were told they did; and 2) the World Trade Center demolitions were conducted using extremely high-energy weapons. Now the details are not yet available and will undoubtedly await the public disclosure of Russian intelligence data on this matter. I hope Putin follows through on his threat of disclosure.

I will say this, Russia did disclose satellite photos of the Malaysian Flight MH17 (a scheduled international passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur that crashed on 17 July 2014) that was shot down over Ukrainian territory and it clearly showed two Ukrainian fighter aircraft intercepting the commercial airliner. The U.S. and Ukrainian government had insisted it was a Russian jet that downed the airliner and killed 283 passengers on board. The Telegraph UK newspaper called the photos fake, but it is interesting to note that as soon as Putin authorized the release of these photos, the stories and controversies surrounding flight MH17 disappeared from mainstream media almost immediately and this is after weeks of intense coverage and debate by the usual pundits. Did they decide it was bringing too much attention to their false flag? Just a thought.

By the way, it might behoove (duty or responsibility) you to re-read my blog on false flags at “Create a Crisis.” It includes the story of Noah, a child “victim” in two separate school shootings two years apart (U.S. and Pakistan). He “died” in the first shooting and died again in the second shooting. You might also review, “What is a Crisis Actor?”

To read the entire story along with the video go to Veterans Today.

The Media and 9/11 Coverup.

Brian Williams of NBC interviews Edward Snowden

Based on a previously recorded interview, a primetime television special was aired on May 28, 2014 wherein TV journalist Brian Williams of NBC interviews Edward Snowden, NSA whistleblower, now in political asylum in Moscow, Russia.

NBC roughly condensed four hours of conversation into a 60-minute time slot, approximately a quarter of the entire interview which covered a wide range of topics to include comments by Snowden about 9/11 which unfortunately NBC saw fit to exclude. During an analysis of the full interview afterwards, the network showed portions of the interview that didn’t make it into the prime-time broadcast, including remarks from the former National Security Agency whistle blower in which he questioned the American intelligence community’s ability to stop terrorist attacks including 9/11. Snowden was quite clear that the NSA and other intelligence agencies knew in advance of the twin towers plot but failed to do anything about it. What was not clear is whether he meant the government let it happen intentionally or the NSA just didn’t have the ability to connect the dots. As you know, NSA’s policy is to collect every communication possible, phone, electronic and otherwise; however, having the information recorded and archived, and being able to transform the data into usable information is quite a different matter.

GWB sat for seven minutes after hearing that 9/11 was happening

GWB sat for eight to nine minutes after hearing that 9/11 was happening. After finishing his story to the children he lingered in the classroom for several more minutes. His reasoning? He didn’t want to alarm the children. Remember the story of Nero fiddling while Rome burned?

Of course, many of you may know my position on 9/11. In my opinion, 9/11 was planned, executed and covered-up by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and his Neocon buddies who filled the halls of Capitol Hill and still do under Obama. Papa Bush had no small role to play in its implementation.

What sticks in my mind and will forever, is the look on “W’s” face when he was informed by his aide in that Florida elementary school classroom that America was under attack. He froze for what seemed an eternity, no doubt, saying to himself, “Oh shit, we really did it. No turning back now.”

It strikes me as irresponsible that a major network and a news anchor of Brian Williams’ experience would not pursue the matter of 9/11, which they apparently did to some degree, but failed to inform the public of Snowden’s insight regarding one of the most horrendous attacks on U.S. soil in our entire history by cutting that segment out. Of course, Williams does not control the editing of pre-recorded interviews, so the burden rests on NBC’s top brass.

Williams was recently suspended for six months by NBC for lying about his journalistic war time experiences. It seems his has a penchant (strong or habitual liking) for embellishing his war time experiences. He is one who loves the spotlight as his appearances on Saturday Night Live and the talk show circuit have demonstrated. Actually, I like Brian Williams and he is a rather funny guy, his lying aside. The alphabet soup news networks in the U.S. work exactly like the propaganda machine led by Paul Joseph Goebbels in Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1945. The government does most everything in secret and the media tells the public how transparent the administration is, apple pie and Mother Goose. When a government can tell the media what to cover and not to cover it is called a dictatorship, plain and simple. If you are a journalist that works for a prime-time news network and you value your career (as well as your life), you tow the line. See my post, “Freedom of the Press is Gone,” for additional insight into the media and the current administration.

Another glaring example of how the main stream media participated in the U.S. sponsored false flag operation was a BBC report on the collapse of Building 7, which was not hit by an aircraft, a full 23 minutes before the obviously controlled demolition. The BBC reporter can be seen reporting the earlier collapse of Building 7 with a video of Building 7 still standing in the background! Holy skyscraper, Batman!

See the video below and click on this link to read the accompanying article. Premature Announcement by BBC. The BBC has never provided a logical or believable reason for this discrepancy. They might as well have  blamed it on a time warp due to a passing meteor that temporarily took them into the future.


P.S.  My next post will give you a behind the scenes look at Brian Williams’ research into 9/11 and the recent deaths of three of his associates, all award winning authors and journalist to include Bob Simon of 60 Minutes and David Carr, a NYT reporter. They all had something in common.

The beginning of World War III? Ukraine pits U.S. against Russia

Ukraine in relation to the rest of Europe

Ukraine in relation to the rest of Europe

Most of you are not fully aware of the real dynamics behind the conflicts in the Ukraine and why it is considered as a possible battle field for the beginning of World War III.

You have on one side the non-elected government headed by Arseniy Petrovych, the appointed Prime Minister of Ukraine and, of course, the United States which almost immediately recognized the rebel’s legitimacy after the takeover of the previously elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych, a close ally of Putin.

Ukrainian Army soldiers with Swastika symbol

Ukrainian Army soldiers with Swastika and clip of German TV story on Nazi influence in Ukraine

Evidence suggests the Ukrainian rebels that took power had support from the Obama Administration. In fact, a bill (Ukraine Support Act, H.R. 4278) was later introduced to the Senate, and passed, to provide Ukrainian forces and their Neo-Nazi allies with $350 million in military aid in addition to further economic sanctions against Russia. According to a Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Commander: “The US is training and funding us.”

If you visit the battle lines in Ukraine today you will see some of the Ukrainian army forces wearing helmets with the Nazi swastika symbol stamped on their helmets.


Ukraine provinces or states

On the other side politically, are the eastern provinces in Ukraine, most of which are old mother Russia, speaking Russian and culturally identical to Russia, leaning toward Putin’s goal of keeping the Ukraine out of the NATO military block and within the Russian sphere of influence. Among the states which have affiliated themselves with Russia are the independent province or oblast (administrative regions) of Crimea, the peninsula bordered by the Black Sea and Azov Sea at the southern tip of Ukraine.

Crimea is a key area due to its use by the Russian naval fleet and is thus a key location to any future conflicts between the Ukraine and Russian aligned eastern provinces. The Ukraine is an energy corridor for Russian oil and gas going to Europe and Russia stands to lose much if the U.S. has its way and brings the Ukraine into the NATO community.

There were referendums (public votes) held last year in two eastern provinces, i.e., Donetsk and Luhansk that affirmed their sovereignty (basically their independence) from the Ukraine thus opening the possibility of an even closer affiliation with Russia as opposed the Ukrainian government which is becoming increasingly unpopular due to its strong arm tactics. The Ukrainian government have called the referendums “illegal” and suspect. One wonders if the killing of the civilian population in those provinces, particularly in Donbass (the subject of the video at the end of this post), by Ukrainian Army forces is in retaliation for having voted to be a separatist state.

It all boils down to a U.S. determination to make Ukraine pro-Western, a NATO member and having control of the oil and gas routes in Europe. Russia on the other hand, sees this a direct military threat to its western borders, a loss of revenues due to insecure trade routes and a move by the United States to control the world’s resources.

While Russia is not the super power it once was, it nonetheless possesses the military and economic clout to be a major player on the world stage. Putin is asking that a new paradigm be established wherein countries work together to prevent future wars and conflicts. He openly questions the United States’ ability and legitimacy as a “unipolar” power that dictates to everyone describing that role as a dictatorship not a democracy. Nonetheless, Russia’s determination to protect its borders and spheres of interest may lead to a U.S./Russian military conflict (Russia has a history of not bluffing) and with the availability of nuclear weapons on both sides, it looks bleak. Millions of people could die and who is to say many of those wouldn’t come from the U.S. mainland.

0 (1)The video below is a documentary (Russian with English subtitles) of the Ukrainian people in eastern provinces who have suffered much from the military bungling and incompetence of the Ukrainian government as they seek to repress rebels that support Russian objectives. It is a picture of a government that is less concerned with the civilian population’s safety and security than making their enemies disappear, collateral damage or not. It is reminiscent of the U.S. drone attacks that the Guardian UK estimates are far higher than reported by the Obama Administration. In Pakistan alone, attempts to kill 41 suspected terrorists resulted in the deaths of an estimated 1,147 innocent civilians, as of 24 November 2014.

In a recent article by the 4th Media, a Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Commander states, “the US is training and funding us.” In essence the U.S. is funding the murder of innocent civilians in eastern Ukraine, especially in Donbass. It is not the first time the Obama Administration has aided and abetted terrorists in their indiscriminate killing of innocent men, women and children, an impeachable offense and violation of the UN Charter, but like Congress, the UN is spineless when it comes to enforcing any violations by the all powerful bully of the world, Obama. Notice I did not say the U.S. as presently constituted by law and precedent as we are still a democracy but with a fascist dictator as president.

Sweden’s award to Obama of the prestigious Peace Prize is akin to having Hitler receive the medal for killing millions of Jews. To be fair to the Peace Prize committee, they recently asked Obama to return the medal as his promise of a peaceful world was replaced by the most aggressive pursuit of war and destruction the world has ever seen since Hitler started his campaign of world domination over eighty years ago.

The original article accompanying this video can be read at Veterans Today: Powerful Documentary on the People of Donbass and why NATO will be in a Tough Fight Should it Invade the Region.

Putin sheds real tears for his people in the Ukraine, but psychopaths like Obama are incapable of empathy or compassion. Psychopaths know only deception through lies and manipulation.





Nukes in the Ukraine?

mushroom cloudA giant explosion a few miles from the Ukrainian city of Donetsk have some wondering if it was a tactical nuke due to the mushroom shape of the cloud and the shockwaves that reached Donetsk. Other say it was a chemical plant that exploded as the result of Ukrainian military shelling of the area, but it raises fears that the possibility of a nuclear confrontation is imminent. The video below was a cell phone video taken by a resident of Donetsk.

Update, 2/12/2015: Obama along with key senators in the U.S. Congress, i.e., Republican John McCain and Democrat Robert Menendez along with John Kerry and Chuck Hagel, are advocating “lethal military aid” to the Ukrainian government. Remember they have already authorized $350 million in non-lethal aid to fight the separatists).

Wow! Let’s cut the BS.  Just like the Bush family during World War II supported Hitler, Obama is supporting a fascist government with a strong Neo Nazi influence in the Ukraine to promote the New World Order agenda using NATO’s blatant use of military force in Europe and the Balkan states (Serbia being the most recent example) and the United Nation’s Agenda for the 21st Century (an effort to bring all countries under one rule of law, their law). It seems Russia is the only nation standing in their way of a complete global transformation from sovereign nation states to an authoritarian system of  centralized government.

Are the Illuminati real?

Many of you may still have reservations about the existance an elitist group called by many names, globalists, Illuminati, secret societies, royal bloodlines, but is there proof of their existence?

I say yes, because I have researched and read hundreds of sources, if not thousands, that not only show their footprint, but that lead to whistleblower testimony from former members within the Illuminati families (Leo Zagami being a good example but not the only one- his video below courtesy of Project Camelot) and others by victims that have undergone torture and mind control.

This video below is from Infowars.com and Alex Jones, probably the most controversial advocate for their existence, ever. As I have said before, the mainstream media always describes him as a “conspiracy theorist” but he is any thing but that. If you listen to his broadcasts, you will soon determine for yourself that he is using facts and realiable sources, not opinion or fiction, to get his message across.

Below is a brief history of the establishment of the Illuminati Order in Bavaria in 1776 according to some secret society historians.

Adam Weishaupt

Adam Weishaupt

The Bavarian Illuminati was a secret society that existed in the so called ‘enlightenment era’ of eighteenth century Europe. It was founded on May 1st 1776 by Adam Weishaupt in Ingolstadt, Upper Bavaria with an initial membership of only five. Coming from a family of Orthodox Ashkenazi Jews who had converted to Roman Catholicism, Weishaupt already had previous educational ties with the Jesuit Order (another secretive organization), before he graduated the University of Ingolstadt aged 20 and became a professor of canon law.

The official definition of the Bavarian Illuminati is that is was simply a collection of ‘free thinkers’ that gathered to exchange ideas regarding enlightenment and higher knowing, yet the vow of secrecy its members had to take suggests that more nefarious objectives were really the societies aims.

Wieshaupt adopted the themes of the Jesuit Oath (1) for his order and modeled it on the freemasons; members were divided into three categories containing several degrees each more advanced and secretive that the preceding ones. Many influential figures and intellectuals of the time regarded themselves as members of the Bavarian Illuminati, including Ferdinand of Brunswick, Johann Wolfgang Von Goeth, Johann Gottfried Herder and the Grand Duke of Saxe-Wiemar-Eisenach.

The truth is that as with any secret society that are apparently the proponents of ‘illuminism’ and enlightened thinking, the Bavarian Illuminati was most likely the complete opposite. Adam Weishaupt and his members, or co-conspirators as would be more appropriate, set about shaking up Europe to establish Illuminati control and strongholds.

Members were placed into all areas of society in order to purposely engender conflict and problems that then required some solution that could be brought forward by them and which suited the secret societies agenda perfectly. The Bavarian Illuminati were essentially the conspirators behind the French revolution, which as an undertaking of theirs was designed to give the people the illusion of freedom and equality while it really served to allow a new group of Illuminati figures to take control and begin pulling the political and financial strings for their own ends.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Although Adam Weishaupt is ‘officially’ known as the founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, the true leader and controller of the order was Mayer Amschel Rothschild. The Rothschilds and the Jesuits had long been closely interconnected and so it comes as no surprise that with Weishaupt’s history with the Jesuits, the Rothschilds were behind the formation of this new secret society and likely placed Weishsaupt at the forefront of it to keep the fact they were the true leaders hidden from both new, lower level initiates.”

(1) To be balanced, the Catholic Church has “debunked” this version of the Jesuit Oath as extreme and presents it own version of the oath through a chuch supporter, Victor Claveau.

(JS Note: While the interview of Erin “Rothchild” below seems very genuine and the interviewer, Kerry Cassidy has excellent references in the arena of secret societies, there is one small item that disturbs me and is it Erin’s reference to a .357 Magnum that belonged to Jessie James.

Based on my research, the .357 magnum cartridge was not introduced until 1934 and Jessie James died in 1882, more than 50 years later.

Either she was mistakenly referring to the .38 Long Colt a precursor to the .44 magnum and .357 magnum or another bandit who was more comptemporary; nonetheless, I include her interview here because mind control subjects are subject to a certain degree of confusion and disorientation when talking about their programming. At a minimum she is suffering from disassociation or bi-polar syndrome).

– See more at: http://www.illuminatiagenda.com/bavarian-illuminati/#sthash.OKtyEkdx.dpuf

Here is a short clip on the Jesuit Oath from a video series, The Fuel Project.

Monsanto banned in Russia

Monsanto has a powerful lobby in Washington

Monsanto has a powerful lobby in Washington

GMOs or geneticaly modified organisms/foods are a perfect example of a corporate promise of future benefits for mankind being a cover for simple greed and global market control. Monsanto, which manufactures agricultural pesticides (including Agent Orange for the Vietnam War) has developed a series of genetically modified plant foods that it claims are resistant to climate variations, disease, bug infestation and any number of benefits that will improve and increase farm yields.

The reality is that Mother Nature is an inventive overseer and already nature’s insects and diseases are becoming resistant to GMO defenses. Additionally, the pesticides that make their way through the food chain to ultimately affect the health and well being of humans and animals that depend on nature’s products are an experiment in quantity versus quality. Anyone who has ever grown his or her own vegetables can notice the difference in taste and quality over store bought vegetables.

It is true that pesticides have enabled farmers to increase their yields, but so have the rash of diseases that were unknown prior to the age of pesticides. All kinds of new illnesses are showing up in medical journals. Many of them are caused by the immune deficiencies causes by toxins and poisons in the foods we eat and the water we drink. Cancers, diabetes, neurological conditions and respiratory diseases are on the increase, yet we have few long terms studies that show the impact of pesticides or the effect of genetically modified foods on the human body in the long term. There is even evidence that GMOs may play a role in Autism. Even old diseases deemed eradicated are reviving all due to the weakening of our immune systems which are under constant attack from the food, water and air we consume.

What is being almost totally ignored is the recent finding that pesticides are a major cause of the bee hive mortalities.


Putin has banned Monsanto in Russia

Without bee pollination, we are facing a crisis in food production that could dramatically increase hunger worldwide and at a minimum double or triple food prices in the United States. Russia’s president, Putin, has called Obama to demand that he stop promoting GMOs and certainly GMOs in the Ukraine which, Putin claims, would infect the agricultural production in Russia.  President Putin’s meeting this past week with US Secretary of State John Kerry reveal the Russian leader’s “extreme outrage” over the Obama regimes continued protection of global seed and plant bio-genetic giants Syngenta and Monsanto in the face of a growing “bee apocalypse” that the Kremlin warns “will most certainly” lead to world war. If the president of Russia sees the issue serious enough to warrant world war, why doesn’t Obama?

Few are aware that in March of this year, Obama quietly signed into law the “The Monsanto Protection Act” which protects Monsanto from legal action or accountability, even if millions of people fall ill or die as the result of using genetically modified products. It is known as HR 933. Both Obama and Congress have been bought and paid for by Monsanto. This is like a decree of not guilty for murders not yet committed.

We should and must call for a moritorium on GMOs until we have validated scientific evidence that they are safe or not safe and I do not mean studies conducted by Monsanto and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a federal agency that has a poor track record of reviewing and approving products that are safe for public consumption due to the influence of large corporations. In May of this year, over 50 cities worldwide involving over 2 million protesters let their disatisfaction with Monsanto be known, yet little publicity was given this event, almost as if there was a deliberate attempt by the media to protect Monsanto’s reputation by not alluding to their unethical and fascist behavior.

For centuries corn has been a staple for countries in Latin America and worldwide. Corn seed no longer is a free product, you must buy the seed from Monsanto and what is even more unimaginable, Monsanto has an internal investigative unit that will find any farmer who is using their product without having bought the seeds first. The problem is that due to cross pollination (bee and wind) Monsanto corn can infect regular corn yields such that a farmer will not even know they are planting GMOs. Monsanto’s invasion of worldwide food markets in also protected in the recently proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty which is nothing more than corporate takeover of world economies. And as you may know, treaties supercede a national’s laws. A very subversive move to control what should be a sovereign right in a most basic economic activity, food production.

Unstopped, there will eventually be only one food producer in the world and that will be Monsanto. There will also only be one religion and that will be the Catholic Church which is aggressively reforming its structure to absorb other religions starting with the Orthodox Church. And there will only be one government and that will be the New World Order. Orwellian enough?

The video below is to demonstrate that it is still not too late to halt this atrocity, but it requires action on the part of citizens like you, no matter your country of origin.


U.S. in a hurry to legitimize new Ukrainian government

President Obama will welcome Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk of Ukraine to the White House on March 12. The tensions between the Russian aligned Eastern Ukraine the new Kiev government have not nearly been resolved, yet President Obama is already rolling out the red carpet to Yatsenyuk. Why?


Russian Trans-Siberian Pipeline

To answer that question one must study the history of the Trans-Siberian Pipeline. Some 33 years ago, President Reagan warned that allowing Russia to establish a pipeline from its oil fields would weaken the Western influence in Europe and Middle East. They did not want Russia to regain its superpower status, one of Putin’s major goals.

In fact, it could be argued that the Obama Administration purposefully supported the coup in the Ukraine to limit Russian economic expansion into the European Union countries and, of course, Ukraine which shares a border with Russia. Now all of that is well and good, but using false flag operations to ignite a coup is not diplomacy but rather deceit and disregards the sovereign right of countries to determine their own future without external intervention.  Put another way, would we want Russian spies killing U.S. soldiers and innocent civilians in order to start a civil war?

Below is a leaked conversation between two officials, the EU external affairs head and the Estonian Foreign Affairs Minister.  Toward the end of the conversation, it alludes that the sniper that triggered the violence were hired by opposition forces (the sniper fired on both opposition forces and government police forces) not the former president of Ukraine.

Ukraine – another Syria?

ukraine-mapThe Syrian Fiasco

There is something vaguely familiar about President Obama’s calls for Ukraine self-determination. The similarity is Syria’s recent “revolution,” where the U.S. called for military intervention due to the alleged use of chemical weapons against protesters by the Assad regime. The only problem with that justification is that it was an internal struggle within a sovereign state and as it turns out, the U.S. was funding Al Qaeda terrorists who themselves were using chemical weapons and blaming the Syrian government. Furthermore, the backdrop to this conflict was the murder of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens and the mysterious role of the CIA in Benghazi. In fact, we all heard a recording as a CIA agent asked permission to protect the U.S. Embassy but ordered to stand down by U.S. officials. What were they trying to hide? The weapons cache hidden in a CIA warehouse adjacent to the embassy? Benghazi will forever remain in the shadows until we finally get a president and administration that does not use national security as a cover for violations of International Law.

Exploitation of the Ukraine

Vitali Klitschko, former champion heavyweight boxer turned politician

Vitali Klitschko, former champion heavyweight boxer turned politician

Recent revelations concerning the Ukraine rebellion suggest the U.S. is providing funding to the leaders of the revolt. Russia’s Putin has made this allegation several times but little support for this claim is forthcoming from either the U.S. mainstream media or other observers. Aides to Putin say their intelligence has determined the U.S. is spending 20 million per week on weapons and support for the militants. In a leaked phone conversation, a Department of State official claims the total amount of rebel support has been in the vicinity of 5 billion.

While these accusations may never be proven, the U.S.’s involvement with both sides is clear from a recently leaked phone conversion between Victoria Nuland, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, and U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt on February 4th on YouTube.  If not a hoax, it shows the extent to which the U.S. is manipulating the outcome of the Ukrainian conflict which would put opposition leader, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, in power.  Vitali Klitschko, a former heavy weight champion boxer, turned politician and also part of the coup would be neutralized because of his questionable allegiances.  The neutralization could be in the form of a low level post within the Ukrainian government, a considerable amount of money or some form of exile.


Ukrainian girl in traditional garb


A banner of two equally sized horizontal bands of blue and yellow color, which symbolize the clear blue sky over yellow wheat field.

It is again, the American public that is not being told the truth while the internal struggles of unstable countries are being manipulated, sometimes caused, by U.S. interventionist policies. We have chosen to become the world’s police force to satisfy the ambitions of a select few who fancy themselves leaders of a new world order, an order that insists on compliance, secrecy and the absence of dissention.

Why is the Ukraine such an important country that two superpowers would go toe-to-toe to keep as an ally?

U.S. and Russia:  The New Cold War

For one, it is a strategic location for the United States to place anti-missile bases (at Russia’s border), a move not welcome by the Russian military and, secondly, the change in regime from Russian-backed Yanukovych to opposition forces means the Ukraine will join the EU or European Union and become indebted to the International Monetary Fund, an economic leash for the banksters who control most of the world with their promises of aid and development and, oh yes,  high interest rates.  In essence, the Ukraine would lose its ability to act independently and, like so many nations, do the bidding of the real masters of the world – bankers.

For the Ukrainian people this is a lose-lose situation that leaves them with either an authoritarian and unstable government or one controlled by the globalist.


In a subsequent post I will go into reports that 30% of the rebel groups are neo-Nazi with elements of race supremacy (anti-Jewish).  In fact, the swastika and other Nazi symbols have been prominently displayed by this particularly violent group suggesting a show-down with more moderate groups in the formation of a new government.  If you care to read further now, go to the AlterNet article, Is the U.S. Backing Neo-Nazis in Ukraine?

In more recent developments, a leaked conversation between a EU official and a deputy minister in Estonia alludes to the fact that the sniper that triggered the rebellion was firing on both protesters and Ukrainian police forces.  It seems that someone wanted to make sure the powder keg blew up. Leaked call raises questions about who was behind sniper attacks in Ukraine.

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