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“Q-Anon”, a modern day prophet or a disinformation agent?


You may never have heard of “Q.” But you must consider this source because it does not belong to pro-Trump forces, anti-Trump or neutral forces. It is an anonymous source with ties with the highest levels of the intelligence community. You could say that it is a Snowden expose but with a secret twist or tweet.

The “Q” Anon Postings: A examination of the traitorous Marxist Left Democratic Party

Much has been happening this past week since the Parkland school shooting in Florida. The criminal cabal consisting of the Clintons, Obamas and elements within the Department of State, DOJ and FBI has essentially failed in its attempts to impeach or kill Donald Trump. They certainly failed miserably to prevent his election as president. The Secret Service and military forces loyal to the Trump Administration have been on high alert for the past few weeks. Behind the scenes, indictments and arrests have occurred worldwide targeting the m13 Mexican gang and pedophile rings. Fortunately, the coup lead by Hillary Clinton and friends has been met by a counter-coup lead initiated by Trump.

What the mainstream media has failed to report is that the Florida school shootings involved more than one shooter(student witnesses), further that the FBI was full aware of the danger Nikolas Cruz presented due to his violent behavior at the school and his social media postings and the fact that like many other psychopathic shooters was heavy medicated and by all indications was a victim of the CIA’s MK Ultra mind control program. You cannot make this stuff up! The official story of the Mandalay Bay shooting in Las Vega show similar inconsistencies. Essentially the FBI could have prevented these atrocities but chose to ignore them to push their agenda.

The “Deep State,” still controlled by Obama and Clinton, is becoming desperate and using every possible trick in the book of domestic terrorism to divert attention from the travesties of justice they have sponsored at the expense of Donald Trump. Many are not aware that there have been attempts to kill Trump using poisons and drug inducted heart attacks in order to keep themselves from being exposed and possibly sent to prison.

If you are not aware of the “Q” postings on the Internet you should start to tune in now. A good source that digests the coded messages from an anonymous military intelligence team is the YouTube channel of Dr. Jerome Corsi. Below is one of his most recent analysis’ of the “Q” postings.

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