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Sun Flare to hit earth tonight

BPEarthWatch, a source of excellent intell on earthquakes and solar activity is warning us of a major solar flare coming tonight at about 11:00 PM., East Coast time.

Solar flares and earthquake connection

thPJH2OIUAFirst of all an 8.0 magnitude earthquake has hit Chile. what follows is more information from a source I go to whenever major quakes hit.

I have found that amateur scientists have as much validity and possibly more so than mainstream professionals since they are not restricted by the establishment norms and biases.  The following video is from one such individual, simply known as DAHBOO77 on YouTube.com.  His analysis of the correlation of Sun flares to the earth’s magnetic shield and the tetonic plates seems sound and logical.

I do know for a fact that our government would not tell us that an earth shattering event is about to occur until the last minute just to avoid a panic and a disruption in their routine of business activity.  They would call it collateral damage, pick up the pieces later and start again the charade of honest government and transparency.  Of course you can bet they have their shelters ready and supplies enough to weather any contingency, be it earthquakes or nuclear war.

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