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Project NOLA: An effort to place surveillance cameras in every church in America

Everyone wants to make their home secure and safe from a growing criminal element roaming the streets in search of potential victims.

God sees everything. So does the NSA.

After 9/11, our government told us that with safety came the possibility we would have to relinquish some of our civil liberties. At the time, we had no idea what that meant. Later came the body scanners at government agencies, airports and even the physical searches of our bodies which became an issue when TSA personnel started invading even our private body parts for “contraband.”

Traffic cameras are mounted on a growing number of intersections in order to identify vehicle violations. Add to that, the introduction of face-recognition software that will provide a positive ID whether you are caught walking, running or driving a car.

Well, it was bound to happen. No place, whether it be in our homes, place of work, or in shopping malls will we be out of sight from surveillance cameras that are there to supposedly keep us safe? Really? How illogical is that?

Now add to this scenario, the fact that a growing number of jurisdictions are placing cameras in places of worship. Yes, you heard me right. Below is an excerpt from an article in Activist Post.

Big Brother Installing Surveillance Cameras in Places of Worship

Forget the fact, that minsters, priests, rabbis, etc., are secretly spying on worshipers. Forget the fact that places of worship want their own police force. And, finally, forget the fact that places of worship are paying the government a $100 dollars a month to spy on families. Because, now, Big Brother has convinced places of worship to install surveillance cameras to spy on their followers.

Big Brother’s surveillance of religions would make the old NKVD blush with envy.

A recent article in The Advocate, warns that Project NOLA plans to install more than 100 surveillance cameras in places of worship.

Project NOLA, an independent, nonprofit crime camera network, has been seeking — and has begun to find — financial support for a plan that would place such cameras on more than 100 places of worship… (Source)Project NOLA’s first phase is to spend $1 million dollars on surveillance cameras in places of worship.

A key component of the partnership’s $1 million first phase is a plan to expand the nearly nine-year-old Project NOLA camera network.

Every place of worship to have surveillance cameras

Big Brother wants surveillance cameras in every place of worship.

Equipping every church in New Orleans with a surveillance camera is one of the goals of the NOLA Partnership for Public Safety and Peace. (Source)Just think about that for a moment, soon every place of worship will have surveillance cameras. Even Orwell’s book 1984 wasn’t that grim.  Who needs God’s all-seeing eye, when the police can do it for him in real-time


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