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Syrians did not use chemical weapons on civilians according to UN weapons inspector

Before it’s News:
By John Rolls, Monday, April 30, 2018 12:58

Weapons Inspector Refutes US Syria Chemical Claims

In the 1980’s, Scott Ritter was a commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps, specializing in intelligence.  In 1987, Ritter was assigned to the On-Site Inspection Agency, which was put together to go into the Soviet Union and oversee the implementation of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty.  This was the first time that on-site inspection had been used as part of a disarmament verification process.

Ritter was one of the groundbreakers in developing on-site inspection techniques and methodologies. With this unique experience behind him, Ritter was asked in 1991, at the end of the Gulf War, to join the United Nations Special Commission, which was tasked by the Security Council to oversee the disarmament of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.  From 1991 to 1998, Ritter served as a chief weapons inspector and led a number of teams into Iraq.

Weapons Inspector Refutes U.S. Syria Chemical Claims

Dennis J. Bernstein  /  Strategic Culture

According to Ritter, in the following Flashpoints Radio interview with Dennis Bernstein conducted on April 23rd, US, British and French claims that the Syrian Government used chemical weapons against civilians last month appear to be totally bogus.

Dennis Bernstein:  You have been speaking out recently about the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Could you outline your case?

Scott Ritter: There are a lot of similarities between the Syrian case and the Iraqi case.  Both countries possess weapons of mass destruction. Syria had a very large chemical weapons program.

In 2013 there was an incident in a suburb of Damascus called Ghouta, the same suburb where the current controversy is taking place. The allegations were that the Syrian government used sarin nerve agent against the civilian population. The Syrian government denied that, but as a result of that incident the international community got together and compelled Syria into signing the Chemical Weapons Convention, declaring the totality of its chemical weapons holdings, and opening itself to be disarmed by inspections of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.  Russia was chosen to be the guarantor of Syria’s compliance. The bottom line is that Syria had the weapons but was verified by 2016 as being in 100% compliance. The totality of Syria’s chemical weapons program was eliminated.

At the same time that this disarmament process was taking place, Syria was being engulfed in a civil war which has resulted in a humanitarian crisis.  Over a half million people have died. It is a war that pits the Syrian government against a variety of anti-regime forces, many of which are Islamic in nature: the Islamic State, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda.  Some of these Islamic factions have been in the vicinity of Ghouta since 2012.

Earlier this year, the Syrian government initiated an offensive to liberate that area of these factions.  It was very heavy fighting, thousands of civilians were killed, with massive aerial bombardment. Government forces were prevailing and by April 6 it looked as if the militants were preparing to surrender.

Suddenly the allegations come out that there was this chemical weapons attack.  It wasn’t a massive chemical weapons attack, it was dropping one or two so-called “barrel bombs,” improvised devices that contained chlorine gas canisters.  According to the militants, between 40 and 70 people were killed and up to 500 people were made ill. The United States and other nations picked up on this, saying that this was proof positive that Syria has been lying about its chemical weapons program and that Russia has been behind Syria’s retention of chemical weapons.  This is the case the US made to launch its missile strike [on April 14].

There are a lot of problems with this scenario.  Again, why would the Syrian government, at the moment of victory, use a pinprick chemical attack with zero military value?  It added nothing to the military campaign and invited the wrath of the West at a critical time, when the rebels were begging for Western intervention.

Many, including the Russian government, believe that this was a staged event.  There has been no hard evidence put forward by anyone that an attack took place.  Shortly after allegations of the attack came out, the entire town of Douma was taken over by the Syrian Army while the rebels were evacuated.

The places that were alleged to have been attacked were inspected by Russian chemical weapons specialists, who found zero trace of any chemicals weapons activity.  The same inspectors who oversaw the disarmament of Syria were mobilized to return to Syria and do an investigation. They were supposed to start their work this past weekend [April 21-22].  They arrived in Damascus the day after the missile strikes occurred but they still haven’t been out to the sites. The United States, France and Great Britain have all admitted that the only evidence they have used to justify this attack were the photographs and videotapes sent to them by the rebel forces.

I have great concern about the United States carrying out an attack on a sovereign nation based on no hard evidence.  The longer we wait, the longer it takes to get inspectors onto the site, the more claims we are going to get that the Russians have sanitized it.  I believe that the last thing the United States wanted was inspectors to get on-site and carry out a forensic investigation that would have found that a chemical attack did not in fact take place.

DB: It is sort of like cleaning up a police crime scene before you check for evidence.

SR: The United States didn’t actually bomb the site that was attacked.  They bombed three other facilities. One was in the suburbs of Damascus, a major metropolitan area.  The generals said that they believed there were quantities of nerve agent there. So, in a building in a densely populated area where we believe nerve agent is stored, what do we do?  We blow it up! If there had in fact been nerve agent there, it would have resulted in hundreds or even thousands of deaths. That fact that nobody died is the clearest evidence yet that there was no nerve agent there.  The United States is just winging it, making it up.

“The United States didn’t actually bomb the site that was attacked.  They bombed three other facilities. One was in the suburbs of Damascus, a major metropolitan area.  The generals said that they believed there were quantities of nerve agent there.

So, in a building in a densely populated area where we believe nerve agent is stored, what do we do?  We blow it up! If there had in fact been nerve agent there, it would have resulted in hundreds or even thousands of deaths. That fact that nobody died is the clearest evidence yet that there was no nerve agent there.  The United States is just winging it, making it up.”

One of the tragedies is that we can no longer trust our military, our intelligence services, our politicians. They will manufacture whatever narrative they need to justify an action that they deem to be politically expedient.

DB: Isn’t it also the case that there were problems with the allegations concerning Syria using chemical weapons in 2013 and then again in 2015?  I believe The New York Times had to retract their 2013 story.

SR: They put out a story about thousands of people dying, claiming that it was definitely done by the Syrian government. It turned out later that the number of deaths was far lower and that the weapons systems used were probably in the possession of the rebels. It was a case of the rebels staging a chemical attack in order to get the world to intervene on their behalf.

A similar scenario unfolded last year when the Syrian government dropped two or three bombs on a village and suddenly there were reports that there was sarin nerve agent and chlorine gas wafting through the village, killing scores of people.  Videotapes were taken of dead and dying and suffering people which prompted Trump to intervene. Inspectors never went to the site. Instead they relied upon evidence collected by the rebels.

As a weapons inspector, I can tell you that chain of custody of any samples that are to be used in the investigation is an absolute.  You have to be at the site when it is collected, it has to be certified to be in your possession until the laboratory. Any break in the chain of custody makes that evidence useless for a legitimate investigation.  So we have evidence collected by the rebels. They videotaped themselves carrying out the inspection, wearing training suits that would not have protected them at all from chemical weapons! Like almost everything having to do with these rebels, this was a staged event, an act of theater.

DB: Who has been supporting this particular group of rebels?

SR: On the one hand, we have the actual fighters, the Army of Islam, a Saudi-backed fundamentalist group who are extraordinarily brutal.  Embedded within the fighters are a variety of Western-trained and Western-funded NGOs such as the White Helmets and the Syrian-American Medical Society.  But their primary focus isn’t rescue, in the case of the White Helmets, or medical care in the case of the Syrian-American Medical Society, but rather anti-regime propaganda.  Many of the reports that came out of Douma originated with these two NGO’s.

DB: You mentioned “chain of custody.”  That’s what was most ridiculous about sending in inspectors. The first thing you would want to do is establish chain of custody and nail down the crime scene.

SR: I was a participant in the Gulf War and we spent the bulk of that war conducting a massive aerial campaign against Iraq.  I was one of the people who helped come up with the target list that was used to attack. Each target had to have a purpose.

Let’s look what happened in Syria [on April 14].  We bombed three targets, a research facility in Damascus and two bunker facilities in western Syria.  It was claimed that all three targets were involved with a Syrian chemical weapons program. But the Syria weapons program was verified to be disarmed. So what chemical weapons program are we talking about? Then US officials said that one of these sites stored sarin nerve agent and chemical production equipment.  That is a very specific statement. Now, if Syria was verified to be disarmed last year, with all this material eliminated, what are they talking about? What evidence do they have that any of this material exists?  They just make it up.


OPCW inspectors in Syria 2013. (UN Photo)

England, like the U.S., is funding terrorist groups while pretending to fight them.

Now the terrorists are donning white helmets, have a facebook account and Paypal is helping ISIS raise cash to stop Russia and Syria from freeing Aleppo from their monstrous grasp.

Under the guise of foreign aid, the United Kingdom (UK) has been funding terrorist “Councils,” “Police,” And “White Helmets.” These groups might not normally be viewed by English tax payers as terrorist organizations but, in effect, are a front for terrorist groups in Syria and have received millions of pounds in English tax payer money.

The money has been awarded to groups like Adam Smith International (ASI) which is then funneled to the extremists. At the focus of the BBC expose, which was initially denied by British parliamentary leaders, is the fact that taxpayer money has been provided to the Free Syrian Police, a police force operated by “rebel” councils.

The “White Hats” was exposed in 2016 as an ISIS propaganda machine to raise money from foreign leaders like England’s Teresa May and Hillary Clinton. For more information visit this link:

White Helmets, terrorists “white hat” to cover “black deeds.”

The breaking story was published by BBC Panorama, an investigative news program that often breaks ranks from the normally pro-government BBC, which like CNN in America, supports the government’s position on Syria.

Below is an excerpt from the article, “UK foreign aid money ‘diverted to extremists’ in Syria” which appeared in the December 4, 2017 issue of BBC News.

Panorama has obtained ASI documents that show dead and fictitious people were on the police payroll. One police station in Koknaya in Idlib province was supposed to be the base for 57 police officers. But the documents show that when ASI’s staff visited in September 2016, they couldn’t find a single officer.

ASI said officers were accounted for on subsequent visits. The company has now suspended the payment of all salaries at the Koknaya police station. It said it had identified very few examples across Syria where deceased officers had remained on the salary list.

The documents also show how some police officers in Aleppo province were forced to hand over cash to the extremist group, Nour al-Din al-Zinki, in control of the area.

The Nour al-Din al-Zinki Movement has been linked to atrocities including the beheading of a young prisoner in 2016.

The war on terror, especially in the Middle East, is nothing but a sham to cover the practices of the NATO nations to usurp the sovereignty of nations like Syria who view Russia as an ally and protector of their rights. Russia up to this point has been the major supplier of oil and gas to the nations that find themselves in the deteriorating EU or European Union. This has angered the “Big Four,” also known as G4 or EU4, refers to France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom because of their desire to push through their own pipelines and by so doing increase their profits while at the same time diminish Russia’s influence in the European theater.

It seems to me that the only nation interested in destroying ISIS is Russia with the U.S. coalition forces funding them behind the scenes and even warning them of upcoming attacks on key installations and oil convoys.

How do you like ‘dem apples?

Trump, please don’t listen to the war mongers in Washington D.C.

Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars.com – April 6, 2017

Marine Veteran Warns Trump: “You’re Being Duped” on Syria

A Marine veteran warns Donald Trump that he is being “duped” on Syria and that the vast majority of the president’s supporters will not endorse regime change.

Pro-Trump Democrat, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Turns on Obama’s Policy of Arming ISIS

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, waits for a photo with Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio, in the Rayburn Room of the Capitol after the new 113th Congress convened on Thursday, Jan. 3, 2013, in Washington.  (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Tulsi Gabbard (/ˈtʌlsi ˈɡæbərd/, born April 12, 1981) is an American politician and member of the Democratic Party who has been the United States Representative for Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district since 2013.

She was also a vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee until February 28, 2016, when she resigned in order to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. Elected in 2012, she is the first American Samoan and the first Hindu member of the United States Congress. She served in a combat zone in Iraq.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard recently met with Trump, drafted the Stop Arming Terrorists Act, led a fact finding mission to Syria and met with Syria’s president Bashir Al Assad. This is what leadership looks like:


Russia and U.S. preparing for war

Russia is ordering all of its officials to fly home any relatives living abroad amid heightened tensions over the prospect of global war, it has been claimed.

Politicians and high-ranking figures are said to have received a warning from president Vladimir Putin to bring their loved-ones home to the ‘Motherland’, according to local media.

It comes after Putin cancelled a planned visit to France amid a furious row over Moscow’s role in the Syrian conflict and just days after it emerged the Kremlin had moved nuclear-capable missiles nearer to the Polish border.

Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has also warned that the world is at a ‘dangerous point’ due to rising tensions between Russia and the US.” Daily Mail, UK.

Additionally, Putin has ordered a shelter drill for 40 million Muscovites. There is little doubt that Russia is bracing for war with the West.


Moscow is preparing for WWIII.

If you follow the rhetoric coming from both the U.S. and Russia you will know that Russia is doing everything it can short of war to avoid a confrontation. Putin’s speeches at the UN accuse the U.S. of supporting terrorists in Syria and sabotaging the peace process and proposed cease fires, all merely to oust President Bashar alAssad of Syria. The U.S. takes seriously its self-appointed role as the world’s policeman.

Putin has offered to participate in a regional coalition to explore non-military solutions to the conflicts in the Middle East, not just Syria. Obama, like the Bushes before wants to get rid of Assad because he supports Russia’s right to funnel oil into European markets.Russia’s economy depends on selling oil and gas to winter ravaged Europe, so to defend Syria is to defend its economic stability.

On the other hand, the U.S., and its allies are eager to run their own gas and oil pipeline through Syria and neighboring countries. Assad is an obstacle to that objective.


U.S. Fleet has carriers in Europe and the Middle East

As we all know, the CIA has a reputation of creating civil disturbances in oil rich countries to oust democratically elected governments. Latin America and Africa know a little about U.S. imperialism.

The CIA supplies anti-government forces with arms and ammunition and put into place a U.S. friendly government that does its bidding. It’s the typical CIA modus operandi.

Hillary Clinton, like Obama, is an extremely hawkish politician. With Hillary its shoot first and ask questions later. That became evident during her tenure as Secretary of State. She constantly finds excuses to blame Russia leaving nothing off the table, including a nuclear first strike. She is basically unstable, divisive and power hungry. Hillary will bring death and destruction to American soil. We are no longer isolated. Enough of the world hates us so any war will not be limited to Russia and the U.S. but will have to include China, Israel, and North Korea, all nuclear powers.

The Price of American Imperialism


A wounded Syrian child looks out from inside a vehicle following a reported attack on Aleppo

The city of Aleppo in Syria has become a symbol. A symbol of East meets West, between U.S. sponsored terrorists, and Syrian allied forces determined to retain Syrian sovereignty. The combatants include the U.S. military, moderate and radical rebels/terrorists on the one side, and Russia and its allies (Iran’s Royal Guard, Hizbollah fighters, Iraqi militiamen and Afghan mercenaries on the other.)

Regardless of whom you support, the obvious victims are the Syrian civilian population; men, women and children who only want peace to continue their lives without the threat of carnage and death. Estimates for the number of dead in the post-2002 Iraq war have ranged from 242,000 (from the Iraq Body Count project) to 655,000 (from an especially controversial 2006 Lancet study)


President Assad of Syria

Everyone knows that the U.S. and its Western allies want Assad out of the way so they can build oil and gas pipelines through Syria and provide Europe with much needed oil – oil which Russia currently provides. Assad has an agreement with Putin to maintain Russia’s access to European markets, a situation that the Obama Administration finds unacceptable.

The war has a tree-fold purpose. To neutralize Russian economic interests by flooding the market with cheap oil which would decimate the Russian economy, position NATO weaponry at the border of Russia and Syria, and provide the international cartel of oil producers an opportunity to control the world energy market and thus profits.

The problem is that Bashar al -Assad doesn’t wish to go along with a proposed Iran/Iraq/Syria pipeline as presented in the second map below. Syria thus becomes the only barrier to control the Middle East.

The empire is diligently at work providing profits to the globalists and would-be rulers of the world (NWO).



Obama is a liar or confused about “boots on the ground” in Syria – more likely a liar

Obama Admin Denies Saying “No Boots on the Ground” in Syria After Saying It 16 Times

By Claire Bernish, Activist Post April 30, 2016

What does a government do when it’s caught in a flagrant lie? If you are the U.S. government, you simply tell another lie — and laugh at anyone who tries to call out your hypocrisy.

Seymour Hersh

Setting aside his oft-parroted no-boots-on-the-ground imperative, President Obama announced Monday the U.S. would be quintupling the number of special forces troops deployed to Syria to fight Daesh (the so-called Islamic State). In fact, the announcement was made later on the same day Obama claimed to have “ruled out” the deployment of ground troops.

Though this reneging on stated foreign policy has become somewhat par for the course, State Department spokesman John Kirby not only missed the hypocritical move, he flatly and bafflingly denied the Obama administration’s repeated claim there would be “no boots on the ground.”

In fact, instead of taking responsibility for initiating military maneuvers the public might find displeasing, the Obama administration has developed an apparent affinity for nitpicking semantics.

In a press conference, this farcical denial of reality reached stupefying proportions when Kirby was asked by an Associated Press reporter about this stark reversal of policy. All emphasis has been added to highlight the absurdities.

“I’m just curious if this is, like, part of some kind of devious grand strategy to say one thing and then do the complete opposite of it,” the reporter queried.

“I just — I don’t see it that way,” Kirby responded. “There was never this ‘no boots on the ground.’ I don’t know where this keeps coming from.”

Pressing the point, the reporter expounded, “For months and months and months, the mantra — from the President and … everyone else in the Administration — has been ‘no boots on the ground,’ and now —”

“That is not true,” Kirby interrupted.

“What?!” the reporter exclaimed — apparently as baffled as the rest of the press, heard murmuring in similar disbelief around the room.

“It’s just not true,” Kirby persisted, appearing almost smug, leaning on the podium. “It’s just not true.”

Of course, it is true — and Kirby’s semantic gymnastics to justify such a brazen lie added an Orwellian twist to the already Kafkaesque press conference. And that truth is written in black and white — even on the White House website, at least as far back as August 2013, when Obama stated:

[I]n no event are we considering any kind of military action that would involve boots on the ground; that would involve a long-term campaign.

On August 31, 2013, Obama asserted from the Rose Garden:

After careful deliberation, I have decided that the United States should take military action against Syrian regime targets … We would not put boots on the ground.

Then, on September 10, 2013 — once again, as found in print on the White House site — he reiterated:

First, many of you have asked, won’t this put us on a slippery slope to another war?

My answer is simple: I will not put American boots on the ground in Syria.

On September 3, 2013, he again said:

[The U.S. involvement in Syria] does not involve boots on the ground.

September 9, 2013, brought the same statement from the president, in an interview with PBS Newshour:

Tomorrow, I’ll speak to the American people. I’ll explain this is not Iraq; this is not Afghanistan; this is not even Libya. We’re talking about — not boots on the ground.

Again, Obama repeated on September 7, 2014, as the Intercept noted:

In Syria, the boots on the ground have to be Syrian.

Though after the last statement, Obama’s characterization of ‘no boots on the ground’ began a subtle shift in language — evidencing mission creep — he sustained the narrative troops would not be deployed on the ground.

At the White House on February 11, 2015, reported USA Today, Obama remarked:

The resolution we’ve submitted today does not call for the deployment of U.S. ground combat forces to Iraq or Syria.

It’s arguable the United States populace could handle an honest statement outlining policy many may not agree with — such as the deployment of boots on the ground — if the plan were forthrightly presented.

But for Obama and other officials to repeatedly claim as much, and to then have the State Department act as if the people, themselves, have collectively lost their minds when pointing out the mendacious gaffe, is downright laughable — if not profoundly insulting.

It has become clear the United States mission to fight Daesh — with the secondary goal to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad — will involve boots on the ground. But it’s questionable whether the Obama administration with ever manage to admit to as much.

This article (Obama Admin Denies Saying “No Boots on the Ground” in Syria After Saying It 16 Times) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Claire Bernish and theAntiMedia.org. Anti-Media Radio airs weeknights at 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific. Image credit: Afghanistan Matters. If you spot a typo, email edits@theantimedia.org.


The United States of America no longer exists.

The article reprint from Veterans Today reproduced below clearly exposes the Obama’s administration’s hidden agenda of providing arms and ammunition to ISIS and, further, has been protecting ISIS leadership and troops through a false bombing campaign that is destroying civilian targets (hospitals and power plants) rather than ISIS military targets.

Several U.S. pilots have confirmed that the U.S. Air Force under rules of engagement have blocked 75% of Islamic State strikes.

According to Alternet.org, a reputable Washington political observer, the Obama administration dropped over 23,000 bombs over on ISIS identified targets in 2015, but only claimed 6 civilian death with no confirmed terrorist leadership kills.US-Bombs-Dropped-in-2015-300x184

Barack Hussein Obama, the psychopath. A psychopath is defied as a chronic liar (he has failed to deliver on all his promises), lacking in compassion or remorse (killing civilians with drones and jet aircraft), anti-social behavior (he hates conferences or strategic meeting, preferring golf), extremely egotistic (his staged photos tell all).

Barack Hussein Obama, the psychopath. A psychopath is clinically defined as a chronic liar (he has failed to deliver on all his promises), lacking in compassion or remorse (killing civilians with drones and jet aircraft), anti-social behavior (he hates conferences or strategic meeting, preferring golf), extremely egotistic (his staged photos tell all). They are also highly charismatic in order to fool their public.

In other words Obama has been lying to the American people, U.S allies and Russia for more than two years, ever since ISIS became a credible threat.

You may remember that when Obama announced he was going to war with Syria a few years ago, the American people responded with a resounding “NO.”

Even Congress, usually cowardly in face of presidential threats declared he had no right to go to war without Congressional approval. Obama backed off – but only temporarily.

Nonetheless, Obama has managed to pursue his insane goal of toppling Assad of Syria. Why?

Obama is now, in effect, a dictator, no longer representing the will of the American people.

Read on and come to your own conclusions.


Sickening: US Evacuating ISIS/Israeli Military Commanders from Ramadi

By Gordon Duff, Senior Veterans Today Editor, December 24, 2015.

U.S. Saving Israeli and perhaps American commanders of ISIS brigades…again.

ISIS is a western created and supported terrorist group

ISIS is a western created and supported terrorist group

Popular Forces’ Commander Reveals U.S. Plots to Evacuate ISIL Leaders from Ramadi in Iraq

[ Editor’s note: We begin with a report of American helicopters ferrying ISIS commanders out of Ramadi as Iraqi Army forces close in. To this, we add our previous reports which place this act in context.

We have more than strong evidence, we can say “inexorable proof” (unalterable) that the US and Israel are commanding ISIS operations in Iraq. Those who have been ordered to participate in this are not happy about it…Gordon Duff ]

TEHRAN  – A commander of volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) disclosed that US plots evacuated ISIL leaders from the city of Ramadi as Iraqi army and popular troops are completing victory over the terrorist group.

“The delay in operations to liberate Ramadi and Fallujah cities in al-Anbar province is the result of the US interference,” Commander of Imam Khamenei Battalion Haidar al-Hosseini al-Ardavi told FNA on Thursday.

“It seems that the US intends to evacuate the ISIL terrorist group’s infamous ringleaders secretly (with helicopters) from Ramadi to unknown places,” he added.

His remarks came as Iraqi security forces continue to gain ground in Ramadi, and opened their way to the central parts of the strategic city where hundreds of ISIL terrorists are trapped under siege. The Iraqi forces made a considerable advance in the strategic city of Ramadi in Anbar after they reached the Tigris River and are preparing to enter the city center after crossing al-Khor bridge, a senior commander of volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) announced on Wednesday.

“The Iraqi forces have reached al-Khor region and they are preparing to cross this bridge and the Tigris River,” Raed Raisan said.

The commander said that the ISIL has planted mines all over al-Khor bridge, adding that the bridge will lead the Iraqi forces directly to the city center. Raisan reiterated that only the Hashd al-Shaabi forces are helping the Iraqi army in the Ramadi operations.

On Wednesday, the Iraqi security forces continued to gain ground in Ramadi city, and opened the path to the central parts of the city where hundreds of ISIL terrorists were under siege.

Sunni fighters stand guard as Islamic State militants advance into the city

Sunni fighters stand guard as Islamic State militants advance into Ramadi city

Confirmed reports tell of the “exfiltration” (military extraction) of an American general, a “household name” a network television military affairs correspondent who has been inside Syria and Iraq for some weeks, commanding Islamic State military operations in both Syria and Iraq.

The American, thought by Syria to be a CIA contractor, was discovered to belong to an extreme fundamentalist religious sect that shares beliefs tied to “End Times prophesies” with ISIS, in a tale right out of Indiana Jones. The Fox News regular traveled to “the Holy Land” in September 2014 and disappeared.

It was the morning of Saturday, May 16, 2005, when two successful raids were launched, albeit at cross purposes:

  1. An American raid destroying evidence of CIA involvement with ISIS and killing witnesses; and
  2. A Syrian raid on a fleeing ISIS convoy.

The American general in the Al Amr district of Deir en Zor, a command and control facility between Mosul and the ISIS military headquarters in Syria, al Raqqah, was discovered by the NSA through intercepts of encrypted communications, to be the target of a Syrian Spetznaz team. The Syrians were working with intelligence received by a Saudi officer captured two weeks before near Idlib, a town outside Aleppo.

If Syria could capture a senior American military official inside its borders, with inexorable proof of American complicity in the operational command of ISIS military forces, the Russians and Chinese would no longer be able to ignore the nature of the attack on Syria, according to high level sources in Damascus.

In a report confirmed in Syria and Iraq, the Delta Force team flew out of a secret base in Western Anbar, only a short distance from the Euphrates River, executed in extraction of the highly embarrassing CIA operative and “sanitized” the ISIS compound, leaving nothing alive but goats and chickens.


The recent US raid in Syria said to have been staged to grab ISIS “moneyman” Tunisian Abu Sayyaf happened, just not where said and for reasons given. Everything the American people were told is a lie. Around the world, even in Syria and Moscow, there was rejoicing among those who though America had finally, almost three years late, entered the war against ISIS. As we will see, this is hardly the case, far from it.

In the “Zero Dark Thirty” hours of Saturday, May 16, 2015, two Special Forces units headed across Syria, one from the East, the other from the West. One was American, Delta Force and the other Syrian Spetznaz. They were heading the same place, an ISIS command compound between Deir en Zor and Al Mayadin, looking for the same target.

Syrian commandos, coming off a series of successful raids against Al Nusra commands, killing and capturing Saudi, Turkish and Qatari officers in the process, had received unimaginably valuable intelligence from a prisoner taken in a raid near Idlib, between Aleppo and the Turkish border. They were told that an American retired general, US Army, had been employed by a UK based CIA contractor as operational commander for the Islamic State military.

Recent Syrian Army advances in Hasaka, to the north, threatened to cut off ISIS supplies from Turkey and Mosul and leave the force now slaughtering civilians in Palmyra dependent on sporadic drops of ammunition and supplies from Israel and Jordan by C130 cargo aircraft. It was this threat that brought the ISIS’ American operational commander back to Syria from Ramadi. It was then that he became vulnerable to Syria’s elite commandos.

American ISIS commander had relocated to a highly exposed compound along the Euphrates River, simultaneously commanding the two front war, Palmyra on the West and Ramadi on the East, both big wins for ISIS, rumored to no longer be able to stage this kind of comeback after months of what was supposed to have been an intensive bombing campaign by the American led “coalition.” Though these successes have electrified the world, the capture by Syria of key transit routes outside Hasaka was troubling.

A major command unit nearby escaped the American attack and fled south by vehicle convoy toward the Iraqi border. It was there, at Al Mayadin, that Syrian Special Forces intercepted them, killing one of ISIS top oil and economic “diplomats” and recovering a number of laptop computers.


The Iraqi Army “meltdown” at Ramadi is credited to a number of factors not taken into account, in an interview with former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki. According to Maliki, Iraqi Army units deployed in Ramadi included not only ISIS sympathizers and strong opponents to the Baghdad government, but key commanders long known to be corrupt. It was as though “the worst possible units were poised to hand ISIS its greatest prize.”

Further complicating the situation, the United States used political, economic and “other” means to blackmail Iraqi president Haider al Abadi into keeping the powerful Iranian trained Shiite militias from moving into Ramadi against ISIS, and bolstering the retreating army. The militias had assembled at the Habbaniya Air Base, 30 miles east of Ramadi where they were held while ISIS took the city. Now the militias are all that stand between advancing ISIS brigades and Fallujah, followed by Baghdad.

It is not unreasonable to assume that the same organization that placed an American general in command of ISIS military forces was also instrumental in the combined State Department, White House and Pentagon move that led to the rout at Ramadi.

The Delta Operation

The American operation was launched from Ain al Assad Air Base in Western Anbar Province. Flight time for the operation was an hour and fifteen minutes each way. Ospey rotor/tilt fixed wing aircraft and Blackhawk helicopters were used. The Iraqi government had been informed that this would be a “demonstration of American special operations capability.” The Iraqi government quickly approved though no details were given out of need for secrecy. Little did the Iraqi government guess how secret the operation was to be.

Details on the action were reported by the Department of Defense to the media. There is no confirmation if any of the details given are accurate with the count of ISIS and/or collateral dead given between 14 and 60, highly divergent figures.

ISIS’ “Indiana Jones” Conquest of Palmyra

From a White Paper covering the analysis of documents discovered in the convoy wreckage at al Mayadin:

A laptop computer seized in a raid on an ISIS stronghold last Saturday may well have exposed a bizarre plot right out of Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones.

Analysis may yield evidence of a strange “brotherhood” connecting cults within not only Israel but the US and European Freemasonry to the planned destruction of two religious sites, one very real, the al Aqsa Mosque on the Holy Mount in Jerusalem and the second, the mythological Second Temple of Suleiman or Solomon, son of King David of Israel.

The story encompasses more than a minor dose of the supernatural, armies of demonic genies building temples and a melding of Masonic-Templar myth with Zionist expansionism and Christian “Dominionists” end times prophesies.

The Fall of Palmyra

The ISIS drive on the ancient city of Palmyra has a special significance, according to documents seized on May 16, 2015 by Syrian Special Forces units in a near dawn attack on al Mayadin, along the Euphrates River.

The al Mayadin attack, simultaneous to an American attack only a few miles further north along the Euphrates, brought both nations a trove of vital intelligence. Documents found on a laptop used by a top ISIS commander showed direct communications via “social networks” with Israel, but that isn’t all that surprising nor is it what is of real significance. The message received from Israel had several startling elements:

Orders for the ISIS drive that took Palmyra came from Israel but also reference “the Freemasons,” a group whose historical origins are tied to the Knights Templars, a religious and military organization believed to have discovered the First Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem and to have looted its gold and artifacts.

The document orders ISIS to find and destroy the Second Temple of Solomon to be found in Palmyra, long the subject of “fringe” archaeology, and thought to be a mythological site built by superhuman beings or even extraterrestrials.

The document goes further, indicating that Israel will destroy the al Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site in Islam that has been under attack by Israeli settlers in recent weeks.The ISIS drive on Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage site and an incomparable archaeological treasure was carefully coordinated with a drive that took the Iraqi city of Ramadi and a Turkish backed drive on Aleppo by Al Nusra. All three operations were totally unhindered by US and “coalition” air attacks, curiously so. Moreover, reports from Ramadi of American C130 aircraft resupplying ISIS units have multiple confirmation despite US denials. When questioned about this, US Army Special Forces representatives blamed Iran for spreading the rumor as part of a psychological operations ploy despite the fact that the US had previously admitted to “accidentally” resupplying ISIS forces near the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani. The Kobani “accidents” happened several time over a period of days during the height of the battle there.


American special operations units had been advocating operations against ISIS for many months. They had been stonewalled, no reasons given for the stand down of America’s finely tuned and massively expensive capability built over the two plus decades of continual war in the Middle East and Africa. This operation, supposedly against the ISIS “oil minister” was a strange duck indeed.

Cutting off ISIS oil sales and the incumbent cash influx would be easy, bombing the Turkish pipeline, using drones over the transit roads to the Turkish refineries or sanctioning anyone involved along the way, which could and most likely does include American and European oil companies and dozens of banks. Sanctions are a way of life for American foreign policy and strangely absent in dealings with Al Qaeda and ISIS, as absent as military special operations with two exceptions.

One is the strange tale of the killing of bin Laden, carefully resold by Seymour Hersh, carefully wrapped in appropriate contrived controversy, that raid and this one.

Though this one may not involve a frozen corpse dropped into the sea, the idea of the Delta Force spiriting a religious crazed TV pundit “Napoleon” away from Syrian forces may well make the best story of all. Better still, this one is true.

What Israeli general’s number is 34356578765Az231434 ?

It is none of those above, it is Brig. Gen. Yussi Elon Shahak, and his ID number is 34356578765Az231434

US-Russia showdown imminent but postponed – Zionists within the US Administration fiddle behind the scenes – Israeli officer captured by Iraqi popular army via DESI Intel.

…by Nahed Al Husaini VT Damascus Bureau Chief October 19, 2015

The skies over Aleppo turn dark as US bombs hit civilian targets.

The skies over Aleppo turn dark as US bombs hit civilian targets. Its almost as Obama wants to create recruits for ISIS by terrorizing the general population.

Editor’s note: Since this report, Israel now claims Shahak is only a colonel. We believe that this may not be true as Israel is currently in negotiations to free General Shahak and that claiming he is only a colonel may well be a ploy to push the price down. What is it that Jim Dean so often says? “You just can’t make this stuff up?”

Another power plant that feeds the city of in Aleppo was struck by US fighter jets. Reliable source, who spoke with VT, said “ hidden hands within the Administration have an ax.”

German hospital forced to hire security to protect nursing staff from desperate and violent immigrants


The emergency hospital Sigmaringen must be guarded by security guards because of assaults by refugees on hospital staff. Photos: Thilo Bergmann

In Sigmaringen, Germany, which is a region in central Germany, north of the Danube River, commonly known as Swabia due to their unique dialect, the German publication, Schwaebische reports that due to the behavior of recently admitted immigrants from Syria and other war-torn Middle Eastern countries, security guards now patrol the hospital grounds to protect nurses and other staff from verbal an physical abuse such as biting.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing significant blowback over her refugee policies.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing significant blowback over her refugee policies.

While initially, the German people, to include Chancellor Angela Merkel, welcomed the immigrants, that generosity is quickly turning into a scared resentment. See Spiegel Online.

Reports of young German women being sexually assaulted, riots, and general disregard for Germany’s regulations have led to a political backlash that threatens to oust Chancellor Merkel, not a good sign for the New World Order globalists who orchestrated this entire mess.

They are running out of of time, because timing is everything. Cosmic calendars, numerology, and time portals. It’s all part of the occult magic process (Satanism). Drills, projections of success and propaganda (media). To understand why the NWO is in a hurry to mind control the entire world, see the related link at the end of this post.

Angela Merkel of Germany is part of that global insider group that wants establish a one world government, which is why Germany has led the fight for the establishment of the European Union (EU) which fortunately for us and unfortunately for them, is not succeeding.

The West’s (UN, NATO and the US) insistence, actually just Barack Obama’s insistence (you know that wannabe king who wears no clothes), that Syrian President Assad must go, has caused a major catastrophic instability in the region, flooding Europe, and soon the U.S., with desperate poor, uneducated residents, all because we, the West, failed to help them become self-sufficient and culturally intact robbed them of their sovereignty and independence.

The U.S. controls the world’s financial markets (it is now losing this key status on the International Exchange), it has the most powerful military capacity in the history of mankind (it is now losing this key status to Russia), and through the NSA has more dirt on not only congressman, but every world political leader in the world.

That’s what global surveillance gets you. The ability to blackmail everyone who disagrees with you.

Russia seems to be the only one with common sense and is leading the fight against ISIS (which most political observers know is a U.S. created and supported terrorist group just like Al Qaeda was created in Afghanistan to fight the Russians). Russia’s most recent action has been the commitment of 150,000 Russian troops to help Syria fend off ISIS. You see when Russia goes to war, there are no “rules of engagement.” You either go in to win or forget it.

The U.S. military forces, on the other hand, are inundated with rules of engagement regarding “who, when, and how,” we can take out an enemy. When we do go in, it usually means we kill more civilians than “known terrorists,” which of course is why they hate us – well, not US citizens like you and I, but the “American Imperialist Forces.”

Now tell me, how in the hell does Obama or his military lackeys know they have killed a terrorist leader when what is left is total devastation – charcoal, burned bodies, demolished builds? You don’t. Does the U.S. go in after a bombing and take DNA samples to prove its claims? The U.S. military reports that “most likely” the master-mind terrorist was killed yet hundreds of innocent civilians were killed. Is that considered acceptable collateral damage? I would not make that call.

The U.S. historically – well at least under the Bushes and Obama, limits its own military’s ability to defeat an enemy. Why? Because prolonged war makes the ship builders, arms creators, high tech companies, oil companies and military contractors richer and richer. Let’s not forget our own congressmen who allow this to continue. Guess who funds their campaigns for re-election? The military weapons experts and manufacturers.

I know that because of my experience as an infantry officer and later as a reconnaissance company commander within the United States Marine Corps in Vietnam where we were constantly told NOT to pursue the enemy for “strategic political” purposes. The result was the North Vietnamese Tet Offensive which resulted in the slaughter of thousands of U.S. military Army soldiers, Navy personnel, Marines, and Air Force pilots.

This massacre was not the by the North Vietnamese government’s soldiers but by our own government. Shit, we could have won that war, and should have, consequently ending the war early enabling many of our boys that did not come home to come home. You have Nixon, McNamara and the military/industrial complex to thank for that.

Then there is Senator John McCain of Arizona, the fake POW and enemy collaborator in Vietnam- I won’t start. But what a fucking ASSHOLE!, and yet the mainstream media still seeks him out. Well, that tells you that the drive-by-media only wants confuse and deflect you from the real news, that you my friends are a bunch of cattle.

Even Michael Savage of the Savage Nation, a nationally syndicated conservative radio talk show host in response to Russia’s decision to send in 150,000 troops against ISIS describes “those brave and courageous Russian soldiers” as true fighters against terrorism. He describes Obama’s efforts to defeat ISIS similar to having a slapping fight.

Who do you know who slaps others rather than punch them in the face?  Gays and women, except Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm, of course.

Savage was most angered when reports that American jet fighter planes, reportedly having taken out over 116 ISIS oil trucks, did so only after they had dropped leaflets on the convey warning ISIS drivers to get out as they were about to get bombed.

My God, who is Obama fighting for? – America or Islamic terrorists? Again, I say, “GET THIS NUT AND HIS WIFE MICHAEL OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!

Shit! Merde! Caca Poppo. Pardon my French and Spanish.


I am OK with Obama being a closet Muslim and homosexual, gutting our patriotic military senior officials and their budgets, but when he protects and supports ISIS and jumps at every opportunity to sympathize with Muslims at the expense of Christians in a Christian country, I draw the line

It’s been all over the Internet, on radio talk shows, in print and reported by the alphabet soup networks. What you ask?

Ahmed Mohamed, a Muslim high school student in Irving TX.

Ahmed Mohamed, a Muslim high school student in Irving TX.

A young high school student in Irving, Texas named, Ahmed Mohamed, was arrested by police for having in his possession a modified digital clock, apparently a science experiment he created over the weekend to show his teacher as he had previously stated ambitions of being an engineer.

Of course, it begs the question, would this boy have been suspected of bringing a “bomb” to school if his name was Jimmy Jones and a member of a Christian church choir?

What followed next added fuel to the fire. Almost immediately after the news broke, officials in the White issued a statement that more students should show the initiative of young Mohamed and invited him to visit the White House and President Obama.

Obama was indoctrinated and taught as a Muslim.

Obama was indoctrinated and taught as a Muslim.

Obama has continually denied ever being a practicing Muslim, yet the record shows otherwise. Here is a photo from an earlier post where I discuss his religious upbringing, and that fact most of his family is, in fact, Muslim and Communist.

Then there is the incident of a Muslim cleric citing a prayer during memorial services for Seal Team 6 that all died in a “freak” helicopter crash.

The prayer had references to “infidels” going to hell for fighting against Islam. The parents of the Seal members who died in that suspicious crash were livid with anger and accused Obama of insensitivity and not supporting loyal American troops. If you don’t know the truth of the Bin Laden raid conducted by Seal Team 6, you won’t understand and I don’t have the time or inclination to explain it again.

Then there is the lack of response from the White House upon hearing that three American soldiers on leave in Paris, subdued a Muslim terrorist about to randomly shoot passengers in a Paris commuter train. The president of France gave all three soldiers the highest award France could, The Legion of Honor, first given by Napoleon.

Obama’s initial response: “they were very brave.” This heroic act happened in mid-August of this year, but only today did I read that Obama has invited the soldiers to attend a White House ceremony. Mohamed, the young Irving TX student got a call from the White House the day after his arrest by local police. What does this tell you? It should tell you we have a practicing Muslim in the White House.

Here we come to the crux of this post. When Obama first suggested he was going to send American fighter planes and possibly “advisers” to take out Assad, the president of Syria, the American public, tired of the sacrifice of American lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, protested and he backed off, a rare feat for this president who rules by executive order not congressional cooperation.

However, he came up with another plan to get what he wanted. Create, fund and fully support ISIS in Syria to topple Assad. Did you know that ISIS has American made, state-of-the-art military tanks, missiles and small arms rifles? ISIS is essentially a U.S. Army Division, but the troops are terrorist who are killing civilians and Syrian soldiers causing the current refugee crisis in Europe.

The Syrian war has killed 250,000 people and driven half of Syria’s 23 million people from their homes. Many have traveled to European countries, particularly Germany and Sweden thus creating a refugee crisis there, but don’t forget Obama has authorized the immigration of 10,000 Syrians to the U.S. but others are pushing for the U.S. to accept 100,000. My question is, how many of those are ISIS infiltrators?

The Russian Foreign Affairs minister, Sergey Lavrov, recently accused the United States of refusing to target known ISIS training camps and in fact, supporting them with equipment and money, like the U.S. did with al Qaeda. Assad has made the same claims and asked the Europeans nations that are currently inundated with Syrian refugees to help him defeat ISIS. Russian has begun building a forward airbase in Syria and plans to target ISIS forces wherever they find them.

World War III is in the making. All because this most recent New World Order puppet, Barack Obama, is at the helm of the most power country in the world.

According to those close to Pentagon sources there exits a secret Pentagon report that reveals the U.S. “created” ISIS as a “tool” to overthrow Syria’s President Assad.

Wake up America. What do you think Benghazi was all about? It was an Obama policy of taking over the Middle East using Hillary Clinton’s deviousness to accomplish the goal.

When Secretary of State Clinton received calls for reinforcements to protect the Libyan U.S. Embassy, they fell on deaf ears. Clinton and Obama colluded to murder Ambassador Stevens and the few defending guards present. Why? To cover up that fact that our Embassy in Libya was funneling former Libya President, Muammar Gaddafi’s military arsenal to ISIS terrorists.

It is time for Obama & Friends to be taken out of power, even if that makes it necessary to incarcerate and  isolate the vermin. They are too dangerous.

Fact: The U.S. supports terrorist groups worldwide to destabilize governments in order to establish control

McCain called them moderate rebels but in fact they were ISIS and al Qaeda

McCain called them moderate rebels but in fact they were ISIS and al Qaeda

According to medium.com, a declassified secret US government document obtained by the conservative public interest law firm, Judicial Watch, shows that Western governments, but principally the U.S., deliberately allied with al-Qaeda and other Islamist extremist groups to topple Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad.

Remember, the American people vocally objected their government engage in another war in the Middle East and the Obama Administration backed down. But not really. They were determined to oust Assad.

011615_0641_MoreFalseFl1The document reveals that in coordination with the Gulf states in the Middle East, and
Turkey, the West intentionally sponsored violent Islamist groups to destabilize Assad. These Western powers desired the emergence of a “Salafist Principality” in Syria to “isolate the Syrian regime.” The reason? To put in an oil pipeline through Syria that would destroy Russia’s energy dominance in Europe. It seems that the only barrier to world dominance for the New World Order globalists is Russia, and Putin, in particular.

According to the newly declassified U.S. document, the Pentagon foresaw the likely rise of the ‘Islamic State’ as a direct consequence of this strategy, and warned that it could destabilize Iraq, which is now a reality if you follow the news about how nothing has changed in Iraq. War and more war.

Despite anticipating that Western, Gulf states and Turkish support for the “Syrian opposition” (which included al-Qaeda in Iraq) — could lead to the emergence of an ‘Islamic State’ in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the document provides no indication of any decision to reverse the policy of support to the Syrian rebels. On the contrary, the emergence of an al-Qaeda affiliated “Salafist Principality” is described as a strategic opportunity to isolate Assad, at whatever cost.

Obama took us further into the war with Afghanistan, sought to invade Syria and the to the latter, the American people say NO! So Congress, not to anger their constituencies refused to approve the president’s request send our military to Syria, How many wars can you fight at the same time and where is the money coming from?

Yet here he is, funding terrorists to do what we said he should not to do. Dictator? I would say so. Un-American. I would say so. Devious? I would say so. Darn right stupid? Ditto.

The New World Order, behind which is the Bilderberg Group, a non-elected, unaccountable international coalition of world leaders, who meet yearly in plush hotels through out Europe and who decide world policy with regard to who gets what, when and how, is the impetus for this Middle East policy.

It’s like a Congress but its constituency are not citizens but large corporations that control everything from energy to baby diapers. Constitutional law is clear, our government cannot participate in international policy making bodies in secret and must allow the people through its representatives to approve any such policies. Yet Bilderberg meetings are never publicized, do not allow press to be present, and are surrounded by armed security.

For a list of politicians, corporate CEOs, nobility and others who attend these meetings, go to Wikipedia. For an insight into the real purpose of these meetings go to “The true Story of the Bilderberg Group.”

The bottom line is that the elite get the wealth by exploiting the poor, and the minorities in Africa, Asia and the U.S. get to serve them in order to survive.

Those that don’t serve the elite (via a pervasive banking and taxation system established by the international banks) are expendable and not worth caring about. You saw that happen in the last depression where banks indiscriminately repossessed homes, even from home owners who were current in their payments.

Disease, low wages, pandemics, a bribed congress, secret assassinations, the muzzling of journalists that expose the truth and ignoring citizens that still believe America is a Constitution Republic are the strategies for submission – anyone who disagrees with this plan is subject to isolation and political assassination, if not actual assassination.

It is a common strategy among dictatorial, fascist and communistic governments. Everything belongs to the state and private citizens have no rights other than to serve the state.

If you doubt our government currently has a Marxist president (Mr. Obama) who intends to take over the world at the behest of the globalists, just watch these videos.


Why has the United States become an enabler for terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda and ISIS? What’s the real agenda?


The Benghazi scandal, hidden email records not accessible to the public, the Clinton Foundation scandal that involves failure to disclose the receipt and use of funds, yet Hillary Clinton claims to be totally transparent and should be elected president. Why? She’s a woman and the glass ceiling must be broken. Obama is a Black person and has he improved the status of the Black community? I think not.

The following story which appeared in Infowars.com on May 18, 2015 was written by someone I consider to be one of their best writers and researchers, Steve Watson, While Mr. Watson was only reporting on the discovery by Judicial Watch of documents through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that pulls the veil on what really happened at Benghazi,  it nonetheless will get little attention by the mainstream media because they are a highly censored, corporate and government controlled medium – no longer a free and independent press, if Brian Williams and George Stephanopoulos  are any indication.  (Williams lied about his war correspondence experience and Stephanopoulos  failed to report his almost million dollar contribution to the Clinton’s supposedly charitable foundation, now under scrutiny. He was Bill Clinton’s former speech writer.)

What it clearly shows is that the United States, in its desire to destroy the al Assad regime in Syria, was funneling arms and ammunition from Libya, through Turkey and ultimately into the hands of ISIS. It also clearly shows that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama knew about the planned attack and allowed it to happen to cover their illegal support of a terrorist organization.

The State Department went as far as to describe the attack as a spontaneous reaction by Libyans to an anti-Muslim video, knowing fully at the time it was a total deception. Yet another example of the lies and spin coming out of Washington D.C., particularly the Obama regime.

You be the judge.


Administration knew about gun running, knew attack was planned, not spontaneous, knew rise of ISIS was a threat

by Steve Watson, Infowars, May 18, 2015

Judicial Watch has obtained and released documents today that conclusively prove that the Obama administration lied and engaged in spin over the Benghazi attack on the US consulate on September 11, 2012.

Fox News reported on the documents, obtained via FOIA request, noting that they reveal three key facts.

  1. The US had full knowledge of gun running from Benghazi to Syria before the attack.
  2. The Obama government knew shortly after the fact that the attack was planned at least 10 days in advance, deliberately to coincide with 9/11, and was in retaliation for a drone strike that killed an Al Qaeda strategist.
  3. The rise of ISIS and the establishment of a caliphate was predicted by US intelligence in 2012.

The three facts are key, because they reveal that the Obama administration lied and deliberately attempted to spin the facts concerning the Benghazi attack, during which four Americans were murdered.

“The Obama administration says it was a coincidence that [the Benghazi attack] occurred on 9/11. In fact, their intelligence said it wasn’t a coincidence, and in fact, specifically the attack occurred because it was 9/11,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said.

A Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) memo dated Sept. 16, 2012, and shared with the National Security Council, the State Department and the CIA, stated that “The intention was to attack the consulate and to kill as many Americans as possible to seek revenge for the [U.S.] killing of Aboyahiye (Alaliby) in Pakistan and in memorial of the 11 September 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center buildings.”

Despite this knowledge, the President and countless administration officials lied and said that the attack was a spontaneous response to a viral YouTube video about the Prophet Muhammad.

Another DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) memo from around the same time predicted the rise of radical militants who would eventually form ISIS. This information was disseminated in intelligence circles almost a year and a half before Obama played down the extremist threat, referring to ISIS as the “jay-vee” squad – (meaning they were insignificant and not worth worrying about – Independence Day editor edits).

A third DIA memo, dated Oct. 5, 2012, conclusively proves US intelligence agencies were fully aware weapons were being transferred from Libya to Syria before the attack, a fact that Hillary Clinton denied having any knowledge of under oath.

Clinton was questioned by Senator Rand Paul about the gun running program in January 2013, more than three months after the DIA memo was issued.

Clinton told Paul “I do not know. I don’t have any information on that.” when Paul, rightly as it turns out, accused the Obama administration of running guns to Syrian rebels.

Yesterday, Paul again repeated sentiments that Clinton’s role in Benghazi attack should “forever preclude her” from running for the presidency.

As highlighted in the Fox News piece, former CIA Director Mike Morell recently dodged questions about the gun running, saying he “Can’t talk about it,” but suggesting that CIA agents were tracking the movement of weapons, and that the US government was supporting the program.


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.com and Prisonplanet.com. He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.

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ISIS Unveiled – Mercenaries recruited by westerners to continue the “war on terror”

Are these the faces of Arabic Muslim radicals, no they are westerners, mercenaries hired and paid by whom? Since we are in the business of false flags, I would guess our own government

Are these the faces of Arabic Muslim radicals, no they are westerners, mercenaries hired and paid by whom? Since we are in the business of false flags, I would guess our own government, like we did with with al-Queada

In the eyes of many countries and several highly respected academic political scientists of considerable repute (Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn are at the top of the list, but the list is long), the United States is the largest and most agregious (outragious) terrorist organization in the world- by definition and by its unilateral actions, meaning we use military aggression without the consent of the Amrerican people or Congress.

Confusion over who we are training and for what purpose has been a commonly shared frustration by congressional and world leaders for several years, which coincide with the Bush and, subsequently the transition to the Soetoro (Obama) administration.

President Soetoro’s (Obama’s) United Nations Ambassador, Samantha Power, told Chuck Todd of NBC’s “Meet the Press” last Sunday, the real purpose of the fight against ISIS is to overthrow al-Assad, the President of Syria and his government because of his affiliation with Putin’s Russia who the U.S. is trying to isolate.

(I will no longer will use “Obama” as it is a slap in the face to 9/11 victims. If he wants to be identified as a Muslim, fine, I will define him as such) Soretoro is his real name and it reminds us that he was a foreign student who later lied abour his birthplace to become a U.S. Senator)

At the same time, reports coming out of Iraq and other middle eastern nations indicate that ISIS, al-Nusra and the FSA have merged forces, they are now one and the same.

In the NBC interview, Ambassador Power flatly admitted that FSA (or the Free Syrian Army), described by the U.S. Media as a moderate rebel force in Syria, will receive a major “infusion of support” (now that the hell does that mean? pistols, nuclear bombs or what?) from the United States.

I think she said more than she cared to admit. That is the problem when you answer questions and do not have a teleprompter in front of you. Have you noticed President Soetoro, AKA Obama, has been taking fewer questions after a press conference these days? He does not do well with “off the cuff” questions because it requires intelligence, full knowldege of the issues and quick thinking. Everything “Barry” does is scripted, that is, read the cards.

That means, anyway you look at it, that the United States is funding ISIS. These terrorist are not Arabs or Middle Easterners, they are Westerners (U.S., English, Canadian and Australian citizens, our core partners in crime) with ski masks to hide their ethnicity. We seem to “create” terrorists to justify the “War on Terror” and the loss of our personal freedoms where nothing you say or do is not known by the Soetoro’s government, via NSA’s global reach.

In effect, we are intimidating the American public (which doesn’t know enough to see the deceptions and lies) and Congress (which was bought off or blackmailed decades ago) into authorizing another major military initiative against terrorists organizations in the oil rich Middle East.

Why? Well, take a wild guess.

The military/industrial/media complex that makes trillions at the expense of the American tax payer and the CIA, the major drug distributor of heroin and legalized opiates in America, i.e., pain killers (Just Say Yes! Because it started with the Reagan Administration, Nancy Reagan’s pet project, the Republican hero or actor, you decide.)

Meanwhile, as we are asking the American public to support a forced “coalition” to fight ISIS, we are increasing the military capabilities of ISIS to gain control of Syria, Iraq, Afganistan, and only God knows what other countries in the Middle East upon which the U.S. has well laid plans and hidden agendas of U.S. control.

This whole set-up is like playing poker with yourself. You have stacked the deck and you will win every hand you are dealt. If you have been to Las Vegas, NV, with any degree of frequency, you know the House has the advantage – no the House has more than the advantage it has your soul and addiction.

The real enemy; however, is you, the big guy and little gal in the back row of the classroom – the citizen who does nothing, just the minimum of civic responsibility, who is apathetic, who cares not enough to complain or question their leaders.

I remember as a college student getting into trouble and a lower grade in my graduate classes because I used to question and challenge the teacher all the time, after all, they told me not to accept anything on blind faith. Did they not mean it? Of course, they didn’t. It was like your boss telling you he or she had an open door policy.

When martial law is declared by President Soetoro, and it will be, and food and water are scarse do not come to my isolated mountain retreat where I have access to a water well, dried food supplies and and a knowldge of wild life hunting and trapping, because I will shoot you once you step onto my property, not becasue I am not caring enough to share my supplies, but because some of you did nothing to protect this country when you had the chance. I trust only those I know.

You, dear apathetic reader, are sacrificing the future and safety of your children, your grandchildren and future generations to come. Get a “real life” and experience pain and suffering without the ridiculous conveniences of modern day ‘consumerism’ because being comfortable is not going to guarantee your spiritual salvation when the day of soul judgement comes. Your apathy is your ticket to mindless slavery and hell – to a cruel and unforgving daily controller who will make you wish you were not born.

A number of Washington-based political news sources to include Counterpunch, Buzzfeed and the Daily Beast have discovered that U.S. allies in the region are providing direct aid to ISIS, cash and even jets parts no to mention buying ridiculously cheap oil from the oil fields they took from Iraq.

Jets? how many radical Muslims know how to fly a jet or use tanks and conduct chemical/biological warfare? No dear friend, these false flag terrorist are operating with the approval and support of the United States government, specifically the Soetoro adminstration.

This includes Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Jordan. By implication, this can only mean that the U.S. is the primary source ISIS’ rapid and deadly rise and success. I was a Marine Captain in Vietnam and and participated in over 20 combat search and destroy operations in Northern Vietnam and I know a U.S. trained unit when I see it.  ISIS is a U.S. trained unit – very sophisticated.  How could they have made so much progress in the Middle East if they were not supported by the Western allies who only seek to justify their takeover of the the world – a one world order?

Later I will, present substantial documentation that Saudi Arabia and Israel were the principal architects of 9/11 with the help of the Bush Administration and former FBI drector Feech, an Israeli sympathizer who Soetero attempted to assassinate recently in order to remove any connection to his administration.

The evidence is already present in Congressional reports after 9/11 but which the Soetoro (AKA Obama) administration refuses to disclose. So, call your legislator (see my right column on how to contact your representative) and ask them to authorize the declassification the “missing 28 pages,” Subject: Congressional Investigation into 9/11. That is all you have to say.

You may have heard that these countries are now part of the U.S. led coalition, but that is just PR, because if you examine what they are providing, it is mostly hyperbole (exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally).

Congress and the American public must be totally naive to continue to believe that the Soetoro Administration is not behind this new false flag they call ISIL.

By the way have you noticed that the mainstream media and certainly the alternative media (like me!) continues to call this organization ISIS and yet Soetoro and his spokespersons refer to them as ISIL? I’ll tell you why.

Egyption goddess, ISIS

Isis was the ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility. Isis is what Christians would call a pagan idol

ISIS is another name for the pagan goddess, Columbia, a key diety for members of Skull and Bones (you know that Yale secret society that Bush and Kerry belonged to and still belong to – you don’t resign), the Illuminati and other secret societies.

Given the penchant for secret societies to hide their intentions in plain sight, it is no mistake that ISIS is associated with this mysterious deity. If you ‘google’ Columbia, liberty goddess, you will find that the statue of liberty was originally given as a Masonic gift from a French Masonic Lodge to the American Masonic Lodge headed by George Washington.

My personal belief is that Washington was a not in agreement with the English Masonic traditions, but nonetheless, was required to follow it’s precepts to continue his establishment of America as a potentially more democratic form of government. It was a compromise.

The majority of our founding fathers, like it or not, were Masons of the highest order and many of our symbols and architectural structures in Washington are Masonic in nature and meaning. I do not have the time to describe them all, but they are in the thousands and even include our currency.

We have the wool pulled over our eyes and because we are too busy watching Sunday night football, The Talk, Big Brother and the rest of the idiotic line up of shows that occupy our thoughts we can no longer think for ourselves.

Zombies have a better grasp of global politics than the American public. How do you like “dem” apples, preppy?


Ukraine – another Syria?

ukraine-mapThe Syrian Fiasco

There is something vaguely familiar about President Obama’s calls for Ukraine self-determination. The similarity is Syria’s recent “revolution,” where the U.S. called for military intervention due to the alleged use of chemical weapons against protesters by the Assad regime. The only problem with that justification is that it was an internal struggle within a sovereign state and as it turns out, the U.S. was funding Al Qaeda terrorists who themselves were using chemical weapons and blaming the Syrian government. Furthermore, the backdrop to this conflict was the murder of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens and the mysterious role of the CIA in Benghazi. In fact, we all heard a recording as a CIA agent asked permission to protect the U.S. Embassy but ordered to stand down by U.S. officials. What were they trying to hide? The weapons cache hidden in a CIA warehouse adjacent to the embassy? Benghazi will forever remain in the shadows until we finally get a president and administration that does not use national security as a cover for violations of International Law.

Exploitation of the Ukraine

Vitali Klitschko, former champion heavyweight boxer turned politician

Vitali Klitschko, former champion heavyweight boxer turned politician

Recent revelations concerning the Ukraine rebellion suggest the U.S. is providing funding to the leaders of the revolt. Russia’s Putin has made this allegation several times but little support for this claim is forthcoming from either the U.S. mainstream media or other observers. Aides to Putin say their intelligence has determined the U.S. is spending 20 million per week on weapons and support for the militants. In a leaked phone conversation, a Department of State official claims the total amount of rebel support has been in the vicinity of 5 billion.

While these accusations may never be proven, the U.S.’s involvement with both sides is clear from a recently leaked phone conversion between Victoria Nuland, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, and U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt on February 4th on YouTube.  If not a hoax, it shows the extent to which the U.S. is manipulating the outcome of the Ukrainian conflict which would put opposition leader, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, in power.  Vitali Klitschko, a former heavy weight champion boxer, turned politician and also part of the coup would be neutralized because of his questionable allegiances.  The neutralization could be in the form of a low level post within the Ukrainian government, a considerable amount of money or some form of exile.


Ukrainian girl in traditional garb


A banner of two equally sized horizontal bands of blue and yellow color, which symbolize the clear blue sky over yellow wheat field.

It is again, the American public that is not being told the truth while the internal struggles of unstable countries are being manipulated, sometimes caused, by U.S. interventionist policies. We have chosen to become the world’s police force to satisfy the ambitions of a select few who fancy themselves leaders of a new world order, an order that insists on compliance, secrecy and the absence of dissention.

Why is the Ukraine such an important country that two superpowers would go toe-to-toe to keep as an ally?

U.S. and Russia:  The New Cold War

For one, it is a strategic location for the United States to place anti-missile bases (at Russia’s border), a move not welcome by the Russian military and, secondly, the change in regime from Russian-backed Yanukovych to opposition forces means the Ukraine will join the EU or European Union and become indebted to the International Monetary Fund, an economic leash for the banksters who control most of the world with their promises of aid and development and, oh yes,  high interest rates.  In essence, the Ukraine would lose its ability to act independently and, like so many nations, do the bidding of the real masters of the world – bankers.

For the Ukrainian people this is a lose-lose situation that leaves them with either an authoritarian and unstable government or one controlled by the globalist.


In a subsequent post I will go into reports that 30% of the rebel groups are neo-Nazi with elements of race supremacy (anti-Jewish).  In fact, the swastika and other Nazi symbols have been prominently displayed by this particularly violent group suggesting a show-down with more moderate groups in the formation of a new government.  If you care to read further now, go to the AlterNet article, Is the U.S. Backing Neo-Nazis in Ukraine?

In more recent developments, a leaked conversation between a EU official and a deputy minister in Estonia alludes to the fact that the sniper that triggered the rebellion was firing on both protesters and Ukrainian police forces.  It seems that someone wanted to make sure the powder keg blew up. Leaked call raises questions about who was behind sniper attacks in Ukraine.

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