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The secret agenda: The extraterrestrial alien presence, and the human traitors who help them remain in the shadows

Linda Moulton Howe is among the most respected television, radio and documentary film journalist this century has produced. He has decades of experience and expertise regarding the highly secret government programs that deal with captured alien technology and the ET races that are in competition with each other for control and manipulation of earth’s population and resources. Her film documentary,…

Planetary Invasion: A hidden agenda

The alien presence on earth has been conducting an elaborate experiment of hybridization involving genetic manipulation and artificial intelligence (AI) for centuries. The intended result is Transhumanism, a bastardization of mankind combining a healthier, stronger, longer-living human entity with robotic characteristics programmed to obey the “prime directive.” The “Terminator” movies were not a fantasy but a warning of things to…

Deceptive, unjust and corrupt – The American political system and governance

On of the ways the “Secret World Government,” (that apparatus which manipulates the puppets on the world scene, the “hidden black operations,” and reality as we know it) keep us from the knowledge of the extraterrestrial presence is to associate the mere mention of UFO and aliens to “tin hat” ridicule and negative propaganda and denial. That veil of misinformation…

Edgar Mitchell, the last astronaut to walk on the Moon has died.

Edgar Mitchell was one of a handful of astronauts who testified publicly that aliens (ETs) have visited earth for thousands of years and have bases on the moon and earth. After having experienced some rather psychic experiences while in space, he dedicated the rest of his life to exploring not only outer space but inner spirituality, He founded an institute…

The Phoenix Lights, UFOs and a ranch infested with alien greys.

This lengthy video is for “believers.” There is a connection between what is called by many as the “alien presence” and geopolitics. When you are ready, I can explain those connections. John Edmonds, the owner of the Stardust Ranch in Rainbow Valley north of Phoenix, AZ (where the now famous sightings of triangular UFOs over the city were witnessed by…

Earthquakes, hurricanes and winter storms: A new form of warfare?

Was Fukushima a man-caused disaster? More than a few think so. Secret Technologies, War Crimes and the Establishment of a New World Government You may have heard, or even suspected based on your own observations, that technologies associated with society’s infrastructure (communications, transportation, energy, etc.) are at a minimum half a generation behind the secret technologies that are reserved for…

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