Terrorists in France fail to dampen the world’s human Spirit

Millions said, "Not Afraid!

Millions said, “Not Afraid!

Something wonderful happened in Paris, France yesterday. The forces of love and unity have given notice to the cabal of greed, hatred and war that we shall not allow them to control the world any longer.

peace and loveI was so close to giving up, but I am now hopeful that change is still possible. I can now die with dignity and hope. Love, JS

The United States has been criticized by the world for not participating in the million person plus demonstration calling for unity and acceptance of all cultures and faiths.

Of course, if you read my posts you will know that, in my opinion, the U.S. administration and intelligence agencies are behind a number of false flag events in order to push for the realization of a New World Odor (sorry, Order). See article “French Police Commissioner Suicided After Attempting To Issue Murder Warrant Against President Obama.

The leaders fraudulently put into office in America have made us, the real Americans, bullies rather than examples of freedom and democracy.

The effort to create a single world government and religion run by the elite took a step back with the outpouring of compassion and love rather than hate and retaliation. The time is ripe for the people of the world to stop this madness. I am a Jew, I am a Muslim, I am a Christian. I am God’s and Jesus’ Love, humbled and proud.

Heads of State the world over showed up hand-in-hand to show support for unity and fearlessness. Obama had the French embassador represent his office. What is wrong with that picture?

Heads of State the world over showed up hand-in-hand to show support for unity and fearlessness. Obama had the French embassador represent his office and our country. Now, what is wrong with that picture? He should return the Peace Prize that he received in America’s name!

Update: The following CNN broadcast from Paris the day of the now estimated 2.3 million rally is becoming viral and very controversial, especially because Jake Tapper, a relatively new CNN host criticized the U.S. for not having high ranking representation at this almost earth shattering social event-demonstration that included over 50 world leaders, presidents, prime ministers and religious leaders from all faiths. Don’t expect him to continue with CNN if Obama has anything to do with it.

You will note in the clip that Christiane Amanpour, a more seasoned reporter is very uncomfortable with Tapper’s comments. Why? Because she was bought off soon after joining CNN with promises of advancement and increased benefits in exchange for “cooperating” with the party, firm, cabal line – whatever you call that group of incestuous insiders that demand totally loyalty.

I have to admit to a cetain admiration of both reporters when I started to hear their opinions and analysis of Middle Eastern and world issues, but it became apparent very soon, that they were given a choice, i.e, do what we say or say goodbye.

How do I know this? Simple, that’s what I would do to buy your loyalty, give you money, prestige and exposure on international media platforms. The next step would be intimidation and the last step … guess? Do you get my drift?


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