The Afghan tunnel system the US just bombed — “They were built by The CIA” according to Wikileaks tweet.

Activist Post article.

By Jack Burns

As the Trump administration is flexing its military muscles, having stood up to Syria and its ally Russia, and while it’s now relishing in the news it has dropped the nation’s largest most-powerful non-nuclear bomb on a cave complex in eastern Afghanistan, one critic was quick to point out a little-known fact.

WikiLeaks tweeted a simple but true statement concerning the origin of the cave complex the Americans are so proud to have reportedly destroyed. “Those tunnels the U.S is bombing in Afghanistan? They were built by the CIA,” WikiLeaks tweeted.

Those tunnels the U.S is bombing in Afghanistan? They were built by the CIA (via )

Closing comments by JS:

Perhaps, Trump took appropriate action in bombing a tunnel system used by the mujahadeen rebels, but what has that to do with Syria or terrorist bombings in the U.S.? The mujahadeen in Afghanistan were mostly fighters in the war against Russia, a grassroots movement to remove foreign occupation. Afghanistan, while still a theater of war is not where the current crises are occurring. It seems that Trump was just trying to be “presidential” by kicking ass half way around the world.

What is significant is that the CIA has had so much of an influence on rebel forces within countries that are not under the control of the United States government. The CIA fosters dissent and rebellion in a subversive manner under the banner of human rights and freedoms. “Poor mistreated Arabs, let us help them by deposing their leaders.”
That formula just doesn’t work in real life. That is an imperialistic philosophy not a democratic one.

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