» The FBI, CIA, NSA, Hillary Clinton, and Obama conspired to keep Trump out of office and once elected they conspired to impeach him INDEPENDENCE DAY

The FBI, CIA, NSA, Hillary Clinton, and Obama conspired to keep Trump out of office and once elected they conspired to impeach him

Is James Comey a “dirty cop?”

James Comey, the recently fired Director of the FBI, is beyond a doubt suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), also known as multiple personality disorder (MPD). On the one hand, he readily admits that Clinton violated the law by her actions relating to the email scandal and on the other he acted like a prosecutor (not his role or responsibility) by stating she would not be charged with any crimes or infractions.

Abadin, Comey, Lynch, Rice

This near treasonous violation of national security by Hilary Clinton is further substantiated by almost non-stop revelations by WikiLeaks and the confiscated computers and documents that were found in Hillary’s chief aide’s residence. (WikiLeaks reveals the real Huma Abedin)

It is noteworthy that Humna Abadin has close ties with major terrorist organizations giving credence to the allegation that the Obama Administration aided and abetted ISIS.

It has also become evident that former CIA officials had spied on Trump as ordered by former President Barack Obama. It is only a matter of time before Obama’s former law enforcement officials cop a plea to avoid prison by implicating Obama and those with whom he conspired.

The first indication was the testimony of the Obama administration’s national security adviser, Suan Rice, who played a central role in “unmasking” several Trump campaign officials who had been swept up in U.S. surveillance operations against foreign targets during last year’s presidential election campaign, according to current White House officials and sources on Capitol Hill.

Further, Comey in his testimony before Congress stated Loretta Lynch, Obama’s former Attorney General, asked Comey not to refer to the surveillance of Trump and his campaign as an “investigation” but rather a “matter.” A matter?

Both NSA and CIA officials forwarded information about Trump’s conversations and actions to a network of intel agencies some of which leaked that information to the mainstream media, a violation of unmasking Americans and could be interpreted as treason.

FBI Agents Are Coming Forward To Expose “Dirty” Truth About Comey’s Career. Exposed as a “Dirty Cop.”

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