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The greatest con in American political history

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Bill Clinton was a crook, a rapist, and a con artist (still is). He, like his wife, had developed the ability to lie convincingly to the America public and their Democratic base. Promises never kept. He was so good at it that he was called the “First Black President” by many minority voters who mistakenly thought he had their interest at heart. What a sham! The truth be told, they were the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics.

In reality, Bill and Hillary Clinton were involved in moving drugs from third world countries using a secret airport in Mena, Arkansas located in the mountainous region of West Arkansas.

There was also the White Water scandal in which Hillary played a major part.

I will not even begin to list the multiple murders for which the Clintons are the prime suspects, murders that continued into Hillary’s campaign for the presidency (case in point – Seth Rich of the DNC). Related:

BREAKING: Trey Gowdy’s missing Investigators found murdered on way to serve warrents to Clinton residence

Additionally, both Bill and Hillary were participants in the CIA’s MK-Ultra, a secret mind altering program that created virtual robots that served as couriers, sex slaves and assassins for political administrations. Read Cathy O’Brien’s book and expose about this clandestine project which the CIA continued even after the U.S. Congress, through investigations by the Church Committee called for its closure. Ms. O’Brien was a sex slave that “serviced” Hilllary Clinton as well as many other high government officials in the Bill Clinton Administration. (MKULTRA Victim Testimony)

You can read her book, “The Trance Formation of America” in its entirety at https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/transforusa/transformation.htm.

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If you doubt the drug sales and distribution orchestrated by two former presidents, research “Mena Airport” and “CIA”. This scandal occurred during Clinton’s tenure as Govenor of Arkansas.

The Mena Airport scandal was masterminded by then-Vice President George H. W. Bush at the behest of President Ronald Reagan. Reagan was told it was to support the Contras rebels in Nicaragua but in effect, it became a drug and gun running operation that escalated crime in America beyond anyone’s imagination.

“Good old boy” Bill Clinton was also the architect of the 3 Strikes, You’re Out Law” , that imprisoned tens of thousands of Black and Latino youth for mere possession, sometimes for as little as an ounce of Marijuana.

This is the exact same thing that our new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions or as I like to call him “Elmer Fudd” wants to re-establish. To his credit, Clinton later admitted that this law did more to fill jails and prisons and further did little to reduce the incidence of violent crime. The damage, unfortunately, has already been done and our prison system is the most overpopulated, cruel and dehumanizing system in American history. Prisons have become universities for career criminals who are angry at the system. Why else do you think the there are more police being killed than ever before?

It reminds me a bit of the so-called “war on terror.” For every jihadist that we kill, a dozen more take his place.

The ironic reality is that Bill Clinton sponsored this bill to put violent repeat offenders away for life yet it was the poor non-violent Black and Latino youth that suffered from its implementation. The sons and daughters of poor disinfranchised minority groups are the true victims of this emphasis on “law and order.”

Marijuana possession which is classified a “victimless” crime remained a felony and became the focus of this totally unfair and racist bill.

How would you like to go to prison for life for having a joint in your glove compartment?


The irony goes further. As a former Deputy Probation Officer, I was witness to parole officers, probation officers, and police officers, my peers, confiscate marijuana and subsequently keep it for their own use. What a bunch of hypocrites!

There is a faction in America that wants to get rid of people of color and the best way to do that is to pass laws that are unjust and without compassion.

Let the punishment fit the crime. If that were the case, a hell of a lot of white collar thieves and corrupt businessmen would go to prison for life.


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