The problem is not Harvey Weinstein’s improper sexual behavior but the way the news media and film executives protect each other – That’s the real story!

The problem is not Harvey Weinstein’s improper sexual behavior but the way the news media and film executives protect each other – That’s the real story!

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The self-righteous attitude of the media with regard to the Weinstein scandal has also brought on a sense of ridiculousness given how long this lewd sexual behavior has characterized Hollywood.  Nonetheless, it still begs the question, why has the New York Times, (who broke the story), decided to now attack this sexual predator, a member of the political left with ties to the DNC and the equally lecherous Clintons? Of all the mainstream media, the New York Times prostituted its news and editorial power behind the Obama and Clinton campaigns to the point of having a key reporter submit his stories to the Clinton campaign for prior approval.

Strange timing don’t you think?  I will cover this angle in a future post but to give you a hint it has to do with Trump’s well known reputation as a womanizer. The Clinton Cabal will do anything to dump dirt on Trump, even sacrifice one of their own.  Last I read, the New York Times and Washington Post are now airing a private conversation (from a “hot” microphone) that Trump had with Billy Bush where both were laughing and having a “good old boy” moment having to do with “hitting on married women.” No matter that this conversation took place in 2005, over 12 years ago. It is obvious that Trump is no saint, far from it, but neither is he a blatant rapist like Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein.

The number of women who Harvey Weinstein has sexually harassed, raped and intimidated is growing exponentially just like it did for Bill Cosby who was once viewed as a father figure for every American family only to be exposed as a lecherous rapist who drugged his victims first then sexually violated them.

Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein – two peas in a pot.

Bill Clinton is perhaps the most prolific sexual predator in modern times but due to his positions of power held in Arkansas and Washington D.C. the press and law enforcement agencies have been reluctant to expose his behavior. His wife, Hillary, is certainly not going to go against her own husband since she was part of the effort to keep his accusers at bay through intimidation and buyoffs not to mention her own history of bisexuality, Luciferian practices, and financial fraud via the “pay-to-play” tactics of the Clinton “charitable” Foundation. What the Clintons did to Haiti after the devastation of the 2010 earthquake is akin to genocide. Instead of using the millions they collected for the victims of the quake (food, medicine, water, a hospital and shelter), they pocketed the money. Don’t think the Haitians didn’t notice.

For the Clintons, murder is not out of the question to guard their tightly held secrets.

Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby

Remember Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News who was fired for lying about his exposure to enemy fire in the Middle East?  What a brave war correspondent, right? Lies. Well, he is back again as if nothing happened reporting fake news to satisfy the desires of media mongols who control everything we hear and see.  Bill O’Reilly of Fox News is another example. A known sexual predator he is now back on the airwaves after a brief absence from Fox News for sexual harassment.

It’s a corrupt system folks and you swallow it hook, line, and sinker every time you watch CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS. Let’s not forget the numerous allegations brought against Trump as he campaigned for President; however, many of his wounds were self-inflicted. He is his own worse enemy.  The more I see Melania Trump and the disdain with which she looks at Donald Trump, the more I am convinced that Donald Trump has not changed his attitude toward women at all.  He is just going to be more careful so as not to get caught. Trump may be the first president divorced by his wife and well would he deserve it.

Below is a partial list (in reality you could almost double or triple the number and still be in the ball park) of the rich and famous who have been publicly accused of sexual harassment or rape. Some are heterosexual, others are homosexual. Many are pedophiles.

Alex Da Silva, choreographer
Bill Cosby, actor and comedian
Bill O’Reilly, TV anchor
Bryan Singer, producer
Catholic priests, number in the thousands worldwide
C.J. Spillman, former NFL player
Cee Lo Green, singer
Charlie Sheen, actor
Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court justice
Darren Sharper, former NFL star
Dennis Hastert, former Speaker of the House
Derrick Rose, NBA player
Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former head of the International Monetary Fund
Dr. Luke, record producer
Jameis Winston, NFL player
James Deen, porn star
Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys’ owner
John Travolta, actor
Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks
Kobe Bryant, former NBA All-Star
Mark Foley, former Florida congressman
Mark Salling, actor
Mike Tyson, boxer, actor
Nate Parker, director, producer
NFL players who have been accused of sexual assault or domestic violence number in the hundreds if not thousands
R. Kelly, singer
Rob Lowe, actor
Robert Packwood, former senator, current lobbyist
Roger Ailes, former CEO of Fox News, current Trump advisor
Shane Sparks, choreographer
Shaun White, Olympian
Stephen Collins, actor
Terrence Howard, actor
Terry Richardson, photographer
Woody Allen, director, producer

So you want to be rich and famous? Be prepared to pay the price.

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