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The origins of evil and corruption in man

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If you were a time traveler and decided to visit Europe during the Dark and the Middle Ages you would basically find a Europe characterized by unending wars and a society where the descendants of royal bloodlines would essentially abuse and tax the poor (in those days known as “commoners”) in order to maintain their luxurious life styles which included servants, castles and vast stretches of land. It is no secret that the Royal British family is the richest family in the world. The crusades were nothing more than looting, plunder and rape expeditions by the Pope’s Order of Knight Templars to increase the wealth of this sacrilegious order, its sponsor, the Vatican, and armies from the most powerful royal dynasties in Europe at the time.  It had absolutely nothing to do with reclaiming the Holy Lands instead everything to do with greed.

There has been a long tradition for royalty predominantly to intermarry those of their own class. As a result, the ruling houses of Europe have tended to be closely related to one another, and descent from a particular monarch will be found in many dynasties – all present European monarchs, and a great many pretenders, are genealogical descendants of William the Conqueror (1028–1087), for example, and further back in time of Charlemagne (742/747/748–814). Through Charlemagne, some researchers have even speculated on descent from antiquity.

Religion is hatred under the guise of love.

The practice of restrictive marriages (and incest) has been noted as increasing over the years until the 20th century: the passage of time strengthened the conviction that royalty only allied with royalty, and from the 16th-century marriages between royalty and commoners became rarer and rarer. This is one reason why descent from more recent monarchs is rarer amongst commoners than from monarchs further back.

If one were to construct a genealogical chart plotting the lineage of United States presidents and their spouses one would find a family tree that traces its origins back to the European dynasties that dominated Europe during its heyday. Key players in this “Game of Thrones” were Popes, the Knight Templars, the Jesuit Order, Islamic Empires and literally hundreds of secret societies to include the Freemasons, Illuminati, Rosicrucians, Scottish Rite Masonry, and the Elders of Zion. More recent secret societies are Skull and Bones, the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, and P2.

Why am I telling you all this?

Simply, the rulers of this planet are still the psychopathic in-breeders known as “Blue Bloods.” It is noteworthy that our first president, George Washington, was concerned that the wealthy elite of Europe referred by him as the “Illuminati,” would take hold in the new colonies. His personal correspondence to fellow colonists, now archived in the Library of Congress, mentions this organization by name..

What do Barack Obama, Thomas Jefferson, George W. Bush and the other past U.S. presidents have in common? It appears that all of them but one (Martin Van Buren) are cousins. The remarkable discovery was made by 12-year-old Bridge Anne d’Avignon’ of Salinas, California, who created a ground-breaking family tree that connected 42 of 43 U.S. presidents to one common, and rather unexpected, ancestor: King John of England.

The Bushes, the Clintons, the Obamas and every president in U.S. history, except one (Martin Van Buren), can trace their bloodline to one common, and rather unexpected, ancestor: King John of England. The royals considered themselves as demi-gods and direct descendants of the ancient pagan gods, particularly Osiris and Isis from the Egyptian pantheon of gods.

Of significance are the family crests & coats of arms of many royal bloodlines which include ancient occult symbols such as the dragon, serpent, lion, unicorn, salamander, and fleurdelis. In the bible, the serpent and dragon is a representation of the devil and as the Bible describes, seduced Eve, and subsequently Adam.

True to form, the devil is still lying to humanity and seducing him with false promises of immortality and wealth.

While at this point you may be wondering what these facts have to do with the origins of evil, I invite you to research the Knights Templars and the Retilian species.”

Italian sport’s car, Alpha Romeo, with a long tradition of road racing. The Templar red cross and the serpent swallowing a man while a crown adorns the serpent’s head.

Look up the ancient Sumerian writings and their reference to the “Anunnaki” or reptilians. A good source is the research of Zecharia Sitchin and David Icke. Every major civilization has mythology describing the serpent species that devours mankind and makes of him aslave.

The medical caduceus is one example of the pervasiveness of the serpent in all cultures. Where there is need for healing, the serpent brings only death deceit.





Medical science has mapped a part of our brain coined the “reptilian brain.” Our reptilian brain includes the main structures found in a reptile’s brain: the brain-stem and the cerebellum. The reptilian brain is reliable but tends to be somewhat rigid and compulsive. You might say it directs our aggression and instinct for survival.

Reptilian/human hybrids or shape-shifters.

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