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The truth about the alien presence on Earth is stranger than science fiction

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Some species of Reptoids can shape-shift into more human-like forms, but most are Reptoid-Human hybrids. There is a high degree of Reptilian DNA in the British Royal Family. Research David Icke for reptilian bloodlines.

This post is a continuation of the last post dealing with an incredible saga of UFO coverup, intergalactic exploration, and the very small but significant role mankind on Earth plays in the colonization of other planets by advanced beings, some who originate in neighboring solar systems and beyond, yet others who live in adjacent parallel dimensions, i.e., the Fourth Dimension. These sentient beings all have technologies far superior to ours and the treaties we have established with some of these races are rather precarious, and not alway to our advantage. Research “Eisenhower, aliens and 1954 Grenada Treaty.”

The Third Dimension (our Earth) is denser and materialistic in form and beings from this dimension are easily tempted to follow one’s baser instincts (the base chakra).  Nonetheless, we are a unique race, as we possess DNA from 12 other humanoid extraterrestrials (research Alex Collier). Our existence was determined eons ago by a group of advanced extraterrestrials who sit on a council called The Galactic Federation.

We are also unique due to the element of free will which make us the ultimate decider as to our individual future, and collectively, the future of mankind. We are a stubborn, rogue humanoid race; nonetheless, our evolution as a uniquely different humanoid species is pre-set. Nothing is accidental in the universe.

Please do not confuse beings from the higher dimensions (4th and beyond) as being more advanced spiritually as many are from warrior cultures, especially the Reptilians (Anunnaki). In fact, many UFO researchers and historians of ancient civilizations see the many “demons” of biblical reference as ETs who have crossed over to our dimension from “hell,” a temporary 4th Dimension confinement until they can permanently cross over. The link between the Biblical “serpent” and the Reptilian Alien Race is inescapable.

The link between the Biblical “serpent” and the Reptilian Alien Race is inescapable. Some accuse CERN, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Europe as being a portal (a temporary black hole) to allow this transfer of 4th Dimensional aliens and their tools of conquest. It is also not a coincidence that the Catholic Church is reporting increasing rates of possession and exorcism.

You need to be aware Earth is in the process of being re-engineered to make the planet more suitable for extraterrestrial species other than the planet-friendy humans who insist on a small carbon base and oxygen rich fauna. Strong substantial evidence is found in the policies regarding the development of nuclear energy which is very unstable; the spraying of our lower atmosphere with “chemtrails,” no longer a “conspiracy theory” but fact considering the analysis of the toxic mix that has been studied by numerous federal and private agencies that are concerned with its longer term effects us, plant and animal life. It is incredible that The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster is still not capped and spewing its radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding environment. Don’t forget the westerly winds and ocean currents from the Far East all eventually land in the Western United States.

Dangerous pesticides produced by Monsanto (they produced Agent Orange during the Vietnam War and currently produce Round Up weed killer which has unusual amounts of glyphosate, a dangerous carcinogen that is suspected of playing a role in Autism and mental illness) and others are poisoning our food products, our water sources and soil runoff that drains to the sea. Recent reports indicate Fukushima nuclear reactor radiation at the highest level since 2011 meltdown (The Guardian, 2/3/2017).

These planetary modifications along with unprecedented advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Genetics, and mapping of the Genome which determines not only physical biological characteristics but IQ and creativity or lack of it. In a society where there everything is highly organized (like a hive community), spying on everyone is critical, ergo the NSA worldwide campaign to spy on every country in the world.

For some ET races, human flesh is considered a delicacy (that’s right food, baby!!) and blood sacrifice required, all a part of their intricate socio-religious structure and history. This explains the obsession the Aztecs and Mayans, who were tutored by the “visitors” with regard to sacrificing captives, virginal young men, and women, as an offering to the “gods,” a practice not unique to then dominant cultures, as lesser tribes also warred with each other for similar purposes. Favor with the gods.

Pleiadians are usually fair-skinned, blond, blue or light colored eyes and will have six toes or fingers.

In the 4th Dimension, telekinesis, telepathy, and time travel are a reality. For the most part, other ET races (at least in the Milky Way Galaxy) are humanoid in appearance (we are like distant poor cousins who they tolerate) although it is not unusual to see “visitors” from planets where insectoids (Preying Mantis’, ants), and reptilians predominate. Our closest “relatives” are from the Pleiades star cluster. For more information on this particular ET species (Pleiadians), research the “Billy Meiers UFO case.”

One last note: ET’s have been on planet Earth for thousands of years – have genetically modified us, ruled us, and are intimately involved in the hybridization of mankind. You might say we are in the process of becoming Homo Sapien, Version 2.0. Why? Good question. When you find out give me a call.

Enjoy. To see Part I of this interview series go to the previous post, “A hidden elite cabal that controls the world (Illuminati)”

JS – Jorge Salazar aka as George Martinez

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