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The truth about the Dick Cheney, Mike Pence, John Brennan and John McCain controlled Deep State that is seeking to either neutralize or kill Trump

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Trump has been blindsided by a neocon viper nest that seeks to make America a second rate power, in fact, to destroy it entirely. Trump is virtually surrounded by false-face advisors, many of whom he appointed believing they were acting in his and America’s behalf. A judge of character Donald Trump is not.  In fact, Trump has a problem with his own personal ethics and character but he is a lesser of two evils.

Pedophilia is the glue what holds the tyranical Deep State together. Former Scretary of State Hillary Clinton; the current Director of National Security for Trump, General Herbert MacMaster; former Director of the CIA, John Brennan; former Vice President Dick Cheney; Senator John McCain and others have all contributed to the establishment of a mind controlled, blackmail operation that feeds on the innocence of children. To demonstrate the evil that exists in our halls of government, it was Cheney that coordinated the planning, execution, and subsequent coverup of 9/11 for the criminal Bush family. He is the devil incarnate.

What is sickening is that Mike Pence, Trump’s Vice president is a traitor who is now secretly raising funds via a political PAC Committee that will sponsor Pence’s run for President if Trump is still in office in 2020. They hope that a “lone gun man” will assassinate Trump before his first term is over. The CIA has been behind every politically motivated assassination to include John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, John Kennedy, Jr., and many more lower level government officials. This radicalization of the CIA began with Project Paper Clip and the infusion of Nazi scientists, spies and propaganda experts into key government positions after WWII.

It is evident that satanic forces are behind the corruption in Washington D.C. Many of the Luciferian followers in the highest political offices believe that the drinking children’s blood lengthens their life span. Not only do they sodomize and rape children, they torture them to adrenalize their blood for full euphoric effect. If you think I am exaggerating or crazy, you had better wake up and soon. Hundreds of thousands of children mysteriously disappear every year. Pizzagate is not fake news. It is cold hard fact and Hillary, Bill and their staff (i.e. John Podesta and Huma Mahmood Abedin) have been at the center of this sick pedophilia network for years. The Catholic Church is no small partner in this crime against humanity

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