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The truth we refuse to accept

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One of my favorite films is “The Road.” I like it because it has two of my favorite actors,  Viggo Mortensen, and Charlize Theron.

It also reminds me of the need to physically, mentally and spiritually prepare for the End of Times, whatever that means.

I have seen the film several times because I truly believe this cinematographic depiction is etched in stone, a future where only determined survivalists will live to see a new future. Billionaires will starve to death (after their underground shelters run out of food and water – they are actually prisons) while the homeless above ground will always improvise shelter, water, and food and lead us back into God’s original humanity, a humanity that later decayed into the “haves and have-nots.”

This what Christ meant when he said the first shall become the last and the last shall become the first.

I am sorry to tell you but the majority of you (50-60%) will not survive the coming upheaval. You are too dependent on external sources for sustenance, such as Public Welfare, 401 K retirement plans, the stock market, and shopping malls and online shopping where you buy things you don’t need, yet want in order to impress your bosses, parents, extended family, and co-workers. You know no other way to survive and think. Your brain is in lock-down. You are a shallow being with no depth or character.

Tell me. Can you start a fire without matches? Can you find water, filter it and sanitize it? Can you build a field shelter? Can you hunt? Can  you build a simple animal trap after you run out of bullets or arrows? Can you gut a deer, snake, pig, dog or cat, if need be, then cook it?  Do you know how to use a firearm? Do you know basic first aid, much less field surgery?

When the time comes, giggling high school girls will become the sex slaves of vicious gangs (like ISIS); wives and husbands will see each other die; families and entire communities will turn to cannibalism, just to live another day. Predators will come down from of the mountains and forests and man will lose his position at the top of the food chain.

Imagine your favorite leopard, tiger, or lion or python in the San Diego Zoo or San Francisco Zoo now stalking your family because small prey are easier to bring down, as in Africa and the aboriginal forests of the world.

You’re next boys and girls. The carousel goes around in a circle. It’s not personal, it’s just what goes around comes around! It’s also called survival of the fittest.  I do not expet to survive due to age and illnesses.  Yet I can provide counsel.


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