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The truth will not set you free but it will scare the sh__! out of you.

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From time to time, I have posted information regarding the alien presence on planet earth, and by “alien” I don’t mean undocumented workers from Mexico. Most of you are too busy watching “winning-is-everything” sports, idiotic game shows, and Kim Kardashian’s “assets” on television to even consider the possibility that we have been manipulated as a species by technologically advanced extraterrestrials over many centuries whose agendas are entirely self-serving and not in the best interest of mankind.

Kerry Cassidy and Capt. Mark Richards

Actually, polls show that the majority of people do believe there are UFOs in the skies and many have had their own sightings of unidentified flying objects in the sky, but beyond the sightings we have no knowledge and only a slight interest in pursuing a full understanding of the implications their presence on earth means for mankind’s future.

Over the years, I have read about and listened to a select few researchers whom I consider experts in their fields of interest. High on the list is Kerry Cassidy who founded and maintains Project Camelot.  She has interviewed hundreds if not over a thousand government insiders, intelligence whistle blowers, physicists, military personnel involved in black operations, and others who have preferred to remain anonymous as revealing their identities would most likely result in their deaths under strange circumstances. In fact, I am surprised that Cassidy is still alive, given her passion for the truth and relentless search for information worldwide.

One particular series of interviews Kerry has conducted is with a former military pilot by the name of Mark Richards, USN. These interviews are noteworthy due to the unusual circumstances of his current location, California State Prison at Vacaville.

Captain Richards has been in prison for over 30 years and during that time has been the target of assassination by fellow inmates and covert operatives who still worry that he will reveal information concerning his involvement in the U.S. Secret Space Program (Essentially an off-planet operation that involves interaction, negotiation and, yes, even war with extraterrestrials some of whom are attempting to enslave mankind, if not genetically modify human DNA for their own selfish reasons.)  Sound fantastic? Well, keep an open mind and keep reading and watch this video in its entirety.

The video below is the 7th interview that Kerry has conducted with Captain Richards. Since prison authorities do not allow cameras or paper and writing tools, all the interviews are recorded based on Kerry’s recall of the time spent with Richards, hence the term “Total Recall.”

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