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The Unacknowledged

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I have a different belief system. It’s no better or worse than your belief system, it is just different. However there does exist commonality in the midst of racial, ethnic and cultural differences.

You take a white child and rear him or her in a black family with cultural values unique to that family and neighborhood and you have a hybrid. The Legend of Tarzan is another example.  Half ape, half man. Isn’t that what the The History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” series suggested?

The obvious question is who are we as individuals, subgroups, and humanity?

Just this one question I will respond to, briefly. We are a collective like it or not, a cell within a body within an organ, within a function, a hive that serves to maintain its central protocol (DNA) at all costs and thus preserve the species.

But this is not all, there is so much more.

Who are we really? What are our origins? The jungles of a primordial planet? The cosmos? A benevolent all-powerful creator who conjured earth and its inhabitants in seven days using only Words?  In the beginning was the “Word.” Was that a programming code?

Dr. Steven Greer will either make you panic or spark you to follow the crumbs of knowledge that lead you to the Unacknowledged. His is just one voice in the desert.




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