This is my personal opinion and you are welcome to it

This is my personal opinion and you are welcome to it

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Something interesting is happening in the world of “news” reporting.

Many of us will get our news from iPhone apps like “Top Stories,” or we might get our news from television networks like CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC (the “alphabet” news channels), and believe it or not, “The Late Night Colbert Report,” a comedy show featuring Stephen Colbert, a graduate of the The Daily Show with Jon Stewart which was an Emmy and Peabody Award-winning program that looked at politics, pop culture, sports and entertainment – “news analysis” tempered with satire and ridicule.

Let us not forget, and which have major news components.

These are mostly liberal, Democratic Party-oriented outlets that are on the band wagon of “Let’s Get Trump Out of Office.”

These are usually called by the more conservative outlets as the MSM or the “Mainstream Media.” Rush Limbaugh, the bane of liberal politics, has given them the nickname of “The Drive-By Media.” Include the New York Times and Washington Post in this definition.

On the reverse side of the coin is the ever controversial Internet.

Let me first say that the news reporting from the hundreds, if not thousands of blogs (my own included), YouTube channels and private citizen postings on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit, while lacking the resources of a major news network are more than compensated by sincere, passionate individuals who do not have journalism degrees but do have the ability to tell the truth from “Fake News.”  True investigative journalism is coming back. No more scripted reports or teleprompters. These people are reporting from their bedrooms and living rooms. All they need is a computer.

These “alternative news” sources give us credit for being able to distinguish lies from the truth. The mainstream media thinks you are stupid since you have believed, until now, that what they tell us is gospel.

Fox News is another matter entirely. They do support Republican, conservative views, but they tend to get off track when it comes to objective reporting. They’re funny, their anchors are absolutely beautiful and they have a growing audience. Trump has given Fox News more access than CNN.

OK. So what does this mean?

It means that the manner in which Americans are receiving their “news” is changing. We are seeing news media outlets that report the truth. I am happy to see OAN or the One American News Network up and running again. RT, a Russian sponsored television news network may provide a foreign perspective, but they have a host of American patriotic spokespersons that “tell like it is.” Larry King, Jesse Ventura, Sean Stone (son of Oliver Stone) and many others.

My recommendation is that you digest the news from three major news channels, i.e., Fox News, OAN, and RT. They will change how you view the world. Sure, visit CNN and the alphabet soup outlets just to see how they are trying to poison your mind, but do not trust what you hear, see and touch. Discernment people.


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