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Trump states he will defend abused, sexually victimized and helpless children in U.S. and worldwide

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Below is an article written by a Russian blogger, Sorcha Faal, who has extensive links with Russian government authorities as well as dissent Russian leaders. This source of information while seeming to report yet unconfirmed events (other sources report these events but the mainstram media in the U.S. does not) is nonetheless a true Christian organization (“What does it Mean?”). There is  a growing Christian Orthodox religious awareness in Russia, one that Putin has recognized as a expression of the Russian people and away from the  traditional agnosticism and party controlled society of prior Russian leaders.Change is slow.

The Russian people and government want a positive relation with the U.S., yet the Democratically controlled mainstream media and party leaders and sinister leaders like the Clintons, the Bushes and some elements within the Republican Party want to belittle Trump and put themselves at the trough of power and control again. Like hogs they eat everything in their path leaving nothing for the poor and helpless. They are rabid at the success of Trump and will refuse to credit any gains he makes.


July 4, 2017

Trump Prepares Daring Rescue Of British Baby Sentenced To Death By EU Court After Vatican Abandons

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A stunning new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) has informed the Security Council (SC) that an advance US Secret Service (SS) security contingent protecting the life of President Donald Trump were “located/spotted” in the environs of London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital just hours ago suggesting that America’s new leader may be attempting a daring rescue of Baby Charlie Gard who has been sentenced to death by the European Union’s highest court—and who has now been abandoned by the Catholic Church too. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

11-month-old Baby Charlie Gard sentenced to death by British and European Human Rights Courts

According to this report, with the British government having confirmed within the past hour that President Trump may, indeed, “drop in” between the global G-20 summit and a confirmed meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron on 14 July for France’s Bastille Day celebrations, the timing of this unprecedented “flash/sudden” visit by him to London, coupled with his Secret Service forces being “located/spotted” at Great Ormond Hospital, strongly suggest that he’s preparing to visit Baby Charlie Gard immediately prior to his EU death sentence being carried out—and that President Trump appeared to cryptically confirm just hours too by his Tweeting: “If we can help little #CharlieGard, as per our friends in the U.K. and the Pope, we would be delighted to do so.”

President Trump, this report explains, has previously displayed his most raw emotions when knowing of the suffering of innocent babies when this past April he ordered his military forces to strike Syria with a bombardment of cruise missiles at the mere hint that defenseless infants and children might be in danger—and who stated at the time: “I will tell you that attack on children yesterday had a big impact on me – big impact”.

Equally as emotionally impacting President Trump as the plight of defenseless babies in Syria, this report continues, was his learning this past week that the European Human Rights Court (EHRC) had ordered the immediate execution of Baby Charlie Gard before his parents could bring him to the United States for treatment—and that we reported on in our 1 July article titled “Enraged President Trump To Unleash Global Trade War After EU Sentences Baby To Death”.

As the MoFA had previously reported too, the EU sentencing of Baby Charlie Gard to death was one of the first recorded instances since Adolph Hitler’s October, 1939, euthanasia “Action T-4” programme (that called for the elimination of the incurably ill) was unleashed by Nazi Germany killing tens-of-thousands of defenseless human beings and innocent babies—and was so repugnant to the Germany people, in fact, that on 24 August 1941, Adolf Hitler himself was forced to end it.

In the European Union’s diabolical master plan to assert that it, not the parents, are the “owners” of all children and babies under its satanic control, this report grimly states, Baby Charlie Gard now joins Baby Olivia Stanca—who on 19 February 2015, died after these same EU courts ordered her lifesaving blood pressure drugs to be stopped, with her devastated parents only being able to post on Facebook: “With the greatest sadness and broken hearts we have to tell you that our baby girl Olivia became an angel this evening. Thank you so much for your support.”

Baby Olivia Stanca sentenced to death by EU and British courts died on 19 February 2015

Being born on 4 August 2016, this report details, Baby Charlie Gard became only the 16th infant in the world discovered to have a mitochondrial depletion syndrome called TK2 that is caused by a disruption in the mitochondria (the part of the cell that provides energy to his muscles, kidneys and brain) and that a new treatment in the US is available for called nucleoside bypass therapy which could potentially repair his mitochondria DNA and help it synthase again by giving him the naturally occurring compounds that his body isn’t able to produce—and is an oral medication so nothing invasive or harmful would occur in his treatment.

With doctors in America agreeing to treat Baby Charlie Gard, this report notes, his parents desperately pleaded to the world for help by writing:

“If Charlie receives this treatment and it does work like the Dr in America thinks, it won’t be just Charlie’s life that has been saved, it will be many more children in the future, who are born with this horrible disease and it will open up other trials on other mitochondrial depletion syndrome’s.

We need to change things and show how determined parents can forge a path for other families encountering similar obstacles. We need to find treatments for incurable diseases. We need to give other people hope. We need to start saving lives…hopefully starting with Charlie.”

Who will save Baby Charlie Gard?

In responding to Baby Charlie Gard’s parent’s desperate plea, this report continues, the world responding by donating over $1.7 million so that this precious infant could be flown to America to receive treatment—but that the British government, on 11 April, responded to by a high court judge ruling that Baby Charlie Gard’s parents be stripped of their parental rights and further ordering that his baby be refused all treatment.

Even more shocking than both British and EU courts ordering the death of Baby Charlie Gard, this report shockingly states, is that exactly like they did in supporting Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Germanys mass killing of innocent peoples in the 1930’s and 1940’s, so too is the Catholic Church outrageously today supporting the execution of this innocent baby—with Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Academy for Life stunningly stating:

“We must also accept the limits of medicine and avoid aggressive medical procedures that are disproportionate to any expected results or excessively burdensome to the patient or the family.”

Contrary to the Catholic Church making such an outrageous statement supporting the EU’s satanic execution order for Baby Charlie Gard, this report says, the facts prove that the “limits of medicine” are never reached as new lifesaving discoveries being made every year, there are no aggressive medical procedures” needed to aid this infant as he only needs to get to American and receive an oral drug, that the “expected results” may, indeed, save this babies life, but even if not would expand the knowledge of this rare disease so others might be saved, and that nothing could be further from the truth that anything is “excessively burdensome” to either the parents or baby involved as everything has now been put into place to maybe save this little babies life if only he can reach the United States.

With yet another American hospital offering to treat Baby Charlie Gard for free and Charlie’s Army” of supporters flooding the streets of London, this report concludes, it now rests with President Trump and his daring rescue attempt of this innocent baby to stop the evil darkness spreading over Europe—but if failing would show yet another grim example of how morally corrupt that entire continent has now truly become.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”                                                Jeremiah 1:5

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